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Hunger; Desire


Smoke curled around my face. I stole one of his cigarettes. I don't think he'll really mind. It's his fault I'm still alive anyways. It had been so long since I'd first tried smoking. I sat in the chair that was next to his bed stand and ashtray. Staring at his wispy black hair, I felt anger. I had wanted to die so badly… oh well.

I reached up to touch where my "magic" was supposed to be. Empty. It was the way I felt now. It was an odd sensation to lose and eye and to "die" all in the same day. I stared at Kurogane again. He had shifted in his sleep to turn away from me. A pang in my stomach reminded me that I hadn't eaten in hours. Funny how your body doesn't often notice when it's hungry until it's looking at food.

Kurogane shifted again as if he couldn't get comfortable and moaned in his sleep. My breath caught in my throat, the cigarette forgotten. I had had fantasies of him before. He was too close this time. It felt as if I had been snatched from reality and thrown into my fantasy. In it he was overtop of me and I was feeding from his throat. Yes, they had gotten more direct and violent these days. I was jerked from the fantasy by the dark-haired man sitting up. I panicked, and I quickly snuffed out the cigarette in the ashtray, the glowing embers giving me away.

"What are you doing?" Kurogane asked in a gruff, sleep-filled voice.

"Why do ask, Kuro-chan?" I replied lightly.

He looked at the smoldering embers in the ashtray then back at me. "Were you smoking?" He asked with pure curiosity.

I had been caught. I had the decency to look embarrassed. "Yes."

He cocked his eyebrow. I don't think he knew what to say. I watched with interest as Kurogane took his pack of cigarettes, removed two, and lit them. Afterwards, he handed me one. I simply smirked and took it. I inhaled properly and exhaled the deadly smoke. Perhaps he thought this was my first time, because his eyes stayed locked on me.

I proceeded to explain. "I've smoked before. I didn't have a reason to keep doing so until now."

"What reason is that?" He asked me dumbly. He already knew.

I just inhaled again, not gracing him with an explanation. He looked irked. I smiled to myself thanking the darkness for its cover. I loved his anger. I think it was what had drawn me to him in the first place. I placed my ciagette in the ashtray.

My stomach growled audibly interrupting my thoughts. I tried not to react but it was too late. Kurogane had noticed. He was going to ask me if I was hungry. I knew it before he spoke.

"When was the late time you ate?"

Okay, so not exactly the same question, but it still went in the same direction. "I can wait 'til morning," was my response, but I don't think he'd be satisfied by it.

"How long has it been?"

Persistent bastard. "Awhile."

He put his cigarette in the ashtray and closed the space between us. His eyes were so intense. I looked away so that he couldn't see just how hungry I really was. If I had continued the stare I couldn't guarantee anything. Hey, I could be honest with myself; just not with anyone else. He grabbed my chin with such force I looked into his eyes, startled. My newly acquired fangs felt like they were growing in my mouth.

My world wavered. I realized I could taste Kurogane's scent and… confusion? I tried to read his expression. He didn't know what I was doing. I was smelling things I hadn't realized I could. Though a smell couldn't be tasted could it? I was savoring him like a drowning man seeks air, desperately. When I came out of my daze I became aware of my hunger all over again. He seemed to notice the "side-effects" of my starvation.

"You need to eat," Kurogane stated.

"No… I'm fine. It's nothing."

He ignored me and sat back on the bed. He showed me his wrist. An overpowering image of tearing into his flesh flashed past my eyes. I saw the marks from the last feedings. I actually felt remorseful. "No," I said, "Another spot."

He looked puzzled by the request. "Where else, then?"

I couldn't think. My mind raced. Why the hell did I say that? My eyes were scanning his body. They locked on his neck. The pulsing vein there was far too tempting. I wouldn't have control there, though. I tore my gaze away and looked for another place.

"I… I don't know," I answered truly unsure, itching for his blood.

Kurogane grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed. He offered his neck. So he had noticed me looking at it. I inched toward it. "Are you sure about this?" I asked.

He just pulled me closer, tilting his head more. I opened my mouth, hesitating. Kurogane started to say something. I halted it and bit down. I heard, no, felt him draw in a breath. I grinned. I loved having power over him. His body tensed as I began to swallow my meal. As I wrapped my arms around his large body, I moved closer.

Kurogane bit down on his lip. I think he was enjoying it. I slid one of my hands into his soft hair and grabbed. He gasped. I felt him get hard as I continued to hold him against me. He was enjoying it. I wondered briefly if he had noticed my ecstasy. I bit harder and savored the fresh blood that rushed into my mouth. He shuttered in response, still holding back his desire. I moaned, showing my delight, pressing myself ever closer to him.

I pulled my mouth from Kurogane's bruised neck and lapped up the remaining blood. His back arched to me. I felt satisfied in one area and emaciated in another. Kurogane opened his eyes and looked at me. His heart was fluttering like some trapped thing. I knew what he wanted, but I didn't know if he'd ask.


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