Chapter 3 of Hunger; Desire

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Yaoi; Lemon; Vampirism

Still told from Fai's perspective (1st person)


Recap: "…and something passed between us. A common desire; a common hunger."

Kurogane seemed to be inwardly trying to talk himself out of what was about to happen between us. A distraction to continue was a must. I grabbed him and pressed my hungry lips to his. All thoughts in his mind must have ceased at that point because he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pressed back. Our kiss was desperate. All of our hidden feelings for each other seemed so obvious there in that dark room. I moved closer to him and he held me. He held me as we kissed.

It was so terribly intimate; I felt naked. He slid his tongue into my mouth and a new wave of passion rode us. It felt so perfect… so right at that moment. I caressed his tongue with mine. I might have called it love, but no, it was lust; only that. Yes, I had to believe that. It is only for this one night. Kurogane had caught me thinking and began to pull away. I couldn't lose this moment, damn it. I got this far!

"Are you-?"

"Shh…" I silenced him with another kiss. It was slower this time; deeper than the last. I savored his taste; I savored him. If we talked, I knew it would end. I ran my fingers through his hair. It seemed to relax the overly tight warrior. He gently pushed me to lie on his bed.

It surprised me. He took the lead and began to kiss my neck where he'd "bitten" me. He left a trail of kisses down my neck to my chest, flicking his tongue over my collarbone. I began to think again. Maybe I was wrong in thinking that I was the only one who wanted this; who wanted to keep this night. It was his turn to nip at my flesh. I softly bit the side of my bottom lip. I tried not to respond. He took my nipple in between his teeth and pressed ever so slightly. I gasped. He bit harder. I whimpered and jerked my body up into it.

I hadn't meant to do that, I swear, but it is hard to control one's body. Kurogane wrapped his arms around my torso and began to gently suck and bite my nipples. I was officially hot and bothered. But, allas, he was not done. He started to kiss down my stomach and along the fabric of the top of my pants. I began to sit up to protest when he sharply shoved me back down onto the bed. I was shaking. I was both nervous and overwhelmingly excited. He wasn't going to do it, I kept telling myself. That was until he slowly slid my pants down.

I felt strangely self-conscious. I'd never really done very much with my body in that manner. I'd "touched" myself, sure. Who the hell hasn't? But… this was new grounds for me. I wasn't wearing any undergarments. I never did when I slept. When my pants parted with my skin, I was clearly showing my feelings for him at the time. He smirked. I actually blushed. I realized I had only planned to be doing these things to him, not the other way around.

When Kurogane wrapped his hands around me, or really the extension of me, I gasped sharply. He squeezed and I moaned, "Oh god." I tell you I didn't mean to say that, but I did. He moved his hands up and down slowly. My breath increased. I arched my back and grasped the sheets. It was ecstasy. From his touch I could tell he "practiced," too.

He definitely liked this power over me, and I promised myself I would get him back. He leaned over my extension and ran his tongue down the length of me. I moaned. Noting the response, Kurogane proceeded to flick his tongue over the tip of me. I squirmed in pleasure. He suddenly grabbed my hips and wrapped his mouth around my length. I think I died. It was mind-numbing.

I bucked in response to him. He only pressed my hips to the bed and moved his head up and down, sucking. His tongue performed miraculous feats of dexterity. It would wind around my length in such a manner… I don't think I could even describe it. All the while I bucked my gripped hips and whimpered in response. I was so overtaken by him I didn't even know what to do. I believe I tore his sheets in the midst of my ecstasy.

I began to feel a familiar tickling in my belly as Kurogane began to taste it. I half believed he would stop and leave me there unfinished. Again I was wrong, he only sucked harder, faster, deeper; taking me to a level of exhilaration I'd never been to before. He drank me in as I had drunk him earlier that night. For a second, perhaps a third time that night I was breathless, truly breathless. I believe I forgot were I was in that moment; my vision hazy in the aftermath. He had the "cat-that-caught-the-canary" look. I felt like a canary.

I caught my breath and glared at him. Trust me it's hard to look menacing with your pants down and submerged in afterglow. Kurogane could only smirk. Hey, I probably wouldn't have taken me seriously either. I pulled and pushed him down to the bed and thrust his pants down. I wanted to show him my skill, only I was surprised at the size of him. My first thought, 'how the hell do I get my mouth around that?' He also surprised me with his bashfulness. I suppose I wasn't the only one who hadn't had anything in awhile.

I took hold of him and grasped, hard. He moaned and again I was powerful. I pumped my hands along him with practiced grace. Using my mouth as an aid, I worked him. He went as quickly as I had; making me feel confident again. I had thought to proceed, but not as quickly as he had. I was suddenly thrust onto my hands and knees as he pushed at my entrance. I cried out softly. I had not been prepared, in either way. Though it was slow, it was painful at first. As he slid inside of me, I felt the pain give way to unspeakable pleasure as he pressed into the deepest part of me.

I threw my head back and spoke his name, "Kurogane…" He grunted and slowly began to pull out. I whined wanting it back. It was a premature fear for he returned and returned to the inside of me, slowly then quicker. My breath increased with his. My face covered in sweat to the point that my hair stuck to it. He, too, was sweating. I moved my hips with him in a motion all our own. It was bliss. I didn't think anything in the world could be better.

Then he grabbed my length and began to rub to the rhythm of our motion. I was blinded by pleasure. I gasped and moaned his name throughout our activity. He muttered mine as well, sending shivers of euphoria down my spine. It only intensified when Kurogane dug his nails into my hip to keep his balance. The pain was categorized by my brain as pleasure, so I acted accordingly and purred at him. He muttered some question in which I snarled at him in response and pushed my body to him; causing him to go deeper. I gasped and felt I would be near.

He was as well because his pace increased. I met every thrust of his, increasing my own pace. I was starting to get even louder when I felt his final thrust and release inside of me. It caused me to follow. White tinged my vision at that moment. In an instant, it was over and he pulled out of me, both of us collapsing onto the bed. We were both gasping for air, trying to catch our breath. Strangely, I noticed my vision faltering once again as my stomach growled.

Kurogane turned to me still panting and said, "No. Not again. I'm still trying to recover after the first feeding."

I laughed in response and replied, "You started it."


Was that a decent ending? I hope so! It was fun. Hope you weren't too "bothered" by this. ;)