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The timeline of this fic is before the Tournament/Buu saga.

There aren't really "new" chapters to the story, sorry to disappoint anyone, but I broke some of the longer chapters up into smaller parts to make it easier to read, and fixed a lot of the errors that I had the first time around.


Part I

"Gohan! You're on time!" Erasa smiled.

Gohan took his seat, wearing a yellow T-shirt with a white long-sleeved shirt under it and red/orange pants. "Yea. I actually got up on time today."

"Miracles do happen." Sharpener smirked.

"Whatever." Gohan rolled his eyes. He remembered back to the previous day when he was walking home, then hid from them when they started talking about him.


"Where'd he go?!" Videl looked around, "I thought he was walking right behind us."

"Well, he was…" Erasa frowned.

"He's a geek." Sharpener smirked. "And you don't go looking for a geek when they disappear."

"He's not a geek!" Videl shouted.

Gohan was shocked from his hiding spot, not believing what he just heard.

"And he's a lot cooler than you, Sharpener!" Videl added.

Gohan smiled. He didn't know Videl thought of him like that.

***End Flashback***

"Earth to Gohan!"

Gohan blinked, "Wha…?"

"What a geek." Sharpener grinned.

"Knock it off!" Erasa glowered at him.

Videl came in and took her seat.

"Fight any crime this morning?" Erasa asked. Her usual question.

"Just a couple of thugs looking for something." Videl shrugged. "In a bank." She punched her fist into her hand, "One of them got away with it."

"What were they looking for?" Erasa gasped.

"I don't know." Videl shrugged. "When the guy got away, it looked like a small orange ball."

"An orange ball?" Sharpener frowned.

Gohan looked over.

Videl nodded. "Yea. It looked like a baseball sized glass ball or something. Wasn't very fragile, since the guy had a death grip on it."

"Anything else notable on it?" Gohan asked.

"Well…look who's taken an interest…" Videl grinned.

"Was there anything else about it?" Erasa frowned. "Like, was it a jewel or something…?"

"No. I've never seen something like it before." Videl thought. "Oh, yea! I think it had a star in the middle of it!"

"A star…?"

"Sort of like our badge?" Gohan blinked.

"No." Videl shook her head. "Much smaller. In fact…I think there were two stars. Very strange thing."

Gohan looked ahead, narrowing his eyes. Sounds like a Dragon Ball, all right. I had to make sure. I didn't think that many people knew about it. Especially now. It's been years since Shenlong has granted a wish. Who would know about it besides Bulma, Vegeta, Piccolo-san, mom, 18, Krillin, Yamcha, Tienshinhan, Chaotsu, Muten Roshi, Yajarobe, Oolong, Pu'ar, Trunks, dad, and Goten?

"Man!" Videl pounded her fist into her hand, "I really wish I could have caught that guy…!"

"There's always next time, Videl." Erasa smiled. "I'm sure it's not serious."

Videl just sighed.

Just then, the teacher walked in, "Settle down, class!"

They quieted down and got ready to start their English class.

Meanwhile, in another part of the land, on the outskirts of the city, a man was placing the two-star Dragon Ball next to the other six.

"Finally," the mysterious man stated, "It's been two years, but I've finally been able to gather all seven. Soon, my comrade will be returned. And then we can get revenge on the ones who did this to us."

He laughed. "Shenlong!"

The sky grew dark, and lightning streaked down.

The man laughed again. "To come so close…I can't believe this is really happening! Hold on, comrades! I will wish you back!"

"Is that a storm?"

English was over, and they were in their next class. Right by the windows. The sky had gone dark so suddenly, that everyone was watching it.

"Settle down!" The teacher tried to no avail.

Gohan narrowed his eyes. Definitely…that's definitely Shenlong being summoned! Then it was a Dragon Ball that guy was holding!

"Have you seen anything like it?" Erasa turned to Videl.

Videl shook her head. "No. Not one thing."

"It came too suddenly to be a storm." Erasa bit her lip. "Do you think something's wrong?"

"I don't know," Videl answered.

"Sharpener, do you know what it is?" Erasa asked.

"No." Sharpener shook his head.

"What about you, Gohan?" Erasa asked.

Gohan didn't answer, only continuing to stare out at the sky with a strangely focused look on his face. Almost like he was angry about something.

"Gohan?" Erasa frowned. She exchanged glances with Videl, who returned the puzzled glance.

Gohan gritted his teeth. I've got a really bad feeling about this…

Just then, the clouds went away, and the sun was back.

Everyone could only stare at this new change of events.

"Okay," the teacher continued, "Now that the storm is over, turn to page 78 in your books and pay attention…"

It was like trying to reason with a bull while waving a red flag.

Everyone was talking at the same time, wondering what it was.

"It was too quick to be a storm…"

"Do you think it's magic…?"

"No such thing!"

"No way it's real!"

"But I just saw it happen! Didn't you?"

"What was it?"

"I wish I knew."

Everyone was talking at once.


They all stopped and looked at the teacher.

She cleared her throat. "Thank you. Now, please turn to page 78. There is nothing wrong with the sky."

The kids mumbled under their breaths about it, but did as they were told.

The teacher started to read some of the sentences out loud.

Gohan twirled his pencil around, bored, when suddenly, it hit him. He knew the sense very well. A horrible and extremely high power was right outside the city. He gasped and stood up, his hands clenching into fists on the desk. No…but who…I can't believe it…and what a horrible power! Sweat ran down his face, and his eyes were wide.

"Gohan-kun." the teacher looked up at him. "Is there a problem?"

Gohan blinked and realized that everyone in the class was staring at him, and he was on his feet. Some were giggling or whispering to each other.

"Um…" Gohan gulped. "I…"

"Well?" the teacher demanded.

"I was…um…just feeling a little sick…" Gohan rubbed the back of his neck.

"If you feel ill, then go to the nurse and don't interrupt my class." the teacher pointed to the door.

"Yes ma'am." Gohan gathered his things and walked out of the room.

Erasa turned to Videl. "What was that about? He was fine a minute ago…"

"I don't know…" Videl narrowed her eyes. But I bet it has to do with whatever he's hiding…

Just then, Videl's watch went off. "Yes, this is Videl…"

"Videl! There's some crazed lunatic running rampage in the city! We've tried to stop him with everything we've got, but he just……AH!"

The signal went dead.

"Hello?! Hello?!" Videl shouted into it. She stood up. "Excuse me! I have to go!" She jumped down from the desks and ran out of the room.

"Y-yes…" The teacher blinked.

Meanwhile, Gohan was already up and out of the school, heading towards the power source he felt.

"Damn it…," Gohan swore. Something about one of the powers felt familiar. "One of them is making a mess of the city! I've got to get down there and lure him out now!" He pressed the button on his watch and turned into Saiyaman.

Something didn't feel right to Gohan. What is it…? One of them feels so familiar! In fact…two of them do!

Gohan concentrated. His eyes went wide under the helmet. There's a small one, and a big one, and…how come I didn't feel it before?! That third power…it's even more horrible than the other two! That must have been the guy who got the Dragon Ball! But who is he, and what do they want?

The middle power's holder laughed, "This is easier than taking candy from a baby! I wonder where he is…"

"Hold it!"

The big guy turned around. He was at least six feet tall, and was full of muscles. He was also wearing a Saiyan set of armor and had a tail going around his waist. He was bald on top, too.

"What do you want?" the guy demanded.

Gohan/Saiyaman glared at him through the helmet. "You need to stop your rampage at once and take your trouble out of the city or pay the price!" There was something disturbingly familiar about this guy…

"Yea? And who's gonna make me?" the Saiyan laughed. "A wimp like you? I've got bigger fish to fry! Out of my way!"

With that, he charged in and mixed his ki with his fist, punching Gohan in the face (actually, his helmet). Gohan went flying back and went right into a building, toppling it.

Right at the same time Videl arrived.

Videl stared. Saiyaman was just smashed in one hit! She growled. "Hey, you! Get your ass out of this town or feel my wrath!"

The guy took one look at her, and laughed. "A puny girl like you's gonna do something to me? I doubt it!"

Videl grinned and took up a fighting stance. "You'd be surprised, monkey."

"Don't insult me!" The guy growled. "Or you'll end up dead! I don't want to waste my time picking on weak humans!"

"Weak…!?" Videl started.


Videl and the Saiyan looked up and saw Gohan come out of the rubble. The watch that controlled the clothing had been demolished, so he had reverted back to his normal cloths. The helmet, though, was laying on the ground, smashed.

"So you're still alive…" the Saiyan stated.

Gohan growled angrily, ignoring the stunned stare from Videl. "I recognize you!"

"That's funny…cause I don't recognize you, kid." the Saiyan smirked. "And I don't have time for talk! I have to find someone, and I'm gonna turn this town upside down to find him!"

"No you're not!" Videl started, shaking out of her stupor. She lunged, but was caught from behind. She glared at Gohan, who was holding her by the back of her shirt. "Let go of me, Gohan!"

Gohan was a bit startled. He looked down at what he was wearing. "Uh-oh…"

The Saiyan, meanwhile, was bored of the two, and went off.

"Get back here!" Gohan pushed in front of Videl and shouted up at the Saiyan. "NAPPA!!"

The big Saiyan turned around, then landed on the ground. "How do you know who I am, kid?"

"I'm surprised I recognized you, myself," Gohan stated angrily, "Seeing as it's been over ten years since I saw you last."

Videl looked from one to the other, not comprehending this situation. Okay…back-track…I saw Saiyaman go flying through the building and get buried in rubble. Gohan came out of it, telling me to stop. Can Gohan really be Saiyaman? I guess so. Videl blinked when she heard the big lug speak.

"You don't look at all familiar." the big guy, Nappa, growled at Gohan. "So how in the hell do you know who I am?! You're too puny to be Vegeta, and you're too small to be Kakkarot. So who are you?!"

"I'll give you one guess." Gohan narrowed his eyes. "I was only five at the time when I first met you."

Nappa thought about that one.

"Thinking was never one of your strong points, was it?" Gohan stated dangerously.

It was a tone Videl had never heard him use before. It was as if he had forgotten that she was still there.

"Hmm…" Nappa blinked.

"I'll give you another hint," Gohan stated, "I was the one in purple."

Nappa thought again. "You're not the Namek…"

Videl frowned. Namek…? What's that? What is he?! She looked at Gohan.

"Last hint, then I'm just going to take you out," Gohan stated, "You won't catch me off guard like you did earlier. Here's your last clue, scumbag. One of the people you're looking for……I'm his son!"

Nappa's eyes went wide. "You're…!? You're Kakkarot's son?! You…?! You're still alive…!?"

"Finally recognized me, huh?" Gohan took up a fighting stance. "Well, I'm a lot more powerful than I was ten years ago or so. I'm not that scared little boy anymore, either…"

"I'll fight you and kill you this time, then!" Nappa fumed. "You don't have that Namek here to take the hit for you anymore!"

Gohan's eyes narrowed dangerously. His power has increased since the last time. I shouldn't underestimate him.


The two stopped and looked at Videl.

"Aren't you forgetting someone…?!" Videl glared at them. "What's going on!? Who are you…?!"

"I'm only going to say this once," Gohan said to her without taking his eyes off the other Saiyan, "Stay out of the way."


Nappa suddenly lunged at Gohan, who evaded it and came in with his own attack that sent Nappa flying through a car.

Videl could only stare at this as Nappa burst out of the car in a flare of ki.

"You want to play that way, fine." Gohan powered up without going Super Saiyan. If I go Super Saiyan here, then Videl might get hurt. I have to lead him away from her and the city!

"Eat this, kid!" Nappa powered up the same kind of attack he had done to try to finish him off when he was a little kid.

Gohan just waited.

"Die!" Nappa fired it.

The discharge of energy knocked Videl onto the ground without even touching her. She winced and looked up at the beam of death heading straight for Gohan. "GOHAN…?!?"

Gohan looked at her, then readied himself. I can't use a Kamehameha or else she'll get caught in it! Only one thing to do, then. The beam came to him, and he clenched his fist and knocked it away with his arm. It hit a building and blew it up.

"What?!" Nappa stepped back.

Gohan leapt forward and punched Nappa, then opened his hand and blasted him away from the city with his ki. Nappa landed on the outskirts where the other two powers were.

Videl looked up and shakily.

Gohan was watching the Saiyan fly away from the city from his ki blast.

Before Videl could ask, Gohan walked over to her.

"You okay?" Gohan offered his hand, his voice back to normal.

Videl nodded and accepted his hand. "What was…?"

Before she could complete the sentence, Gohan had walked over to a pay phone.

Gohan punched in a number, and waited. "Hello? Hey, Krillin! Just the guy I wanted to talk to! School…? It's a long story. Look, did you feel that raise in power? You didn't? Hmm. What? You won't believe who's back. Nappa. That's right. And I felt another familiar ki………oh, come on! This is major! I know you don't really fight anymore, but……okay, I understand. What about 18? Okay, I'll hold."

Videl frowned, wondering who he was talking to. She was going to ask, when Gohan sighed.

"Negative? Yea, I understand. She has to take care of Marron and her husband…" Gohan laughed, "Just joking, just joking! Yea, I'll call them next. Take care…thanks, I will. Don't worry. See ya." Gohan hung up, then dialed another number.

"What are you doing, Gohan?!" Videl exclaimed, "That guy could be back any minute, and you're talking on the phone…?!"

"We need help," Gohan replied, then finished dialing and waited. "Hello? Hi, Trunks. Is your father there? Oh, come on. You know it's me. Gohan. He's where? I should have known. Is your mother there? Busy? Gosh…okay, well…thanks anyway. Trouble? No…no, I just wanted to ask them something. What? No, it's nothing. Stay where you are. Bye." He hung up. "Whew. That kid would want to come. No way I'm going to face Vegeta if anything happens to Trunks…"

Videl's eyes widened. "Isn't that one of the names that Nappa guy mentioned?!"



"No, that's the name of the big lug…"

"No, I mean one of the names…!" Videl shook her head, "Vegeta!"

"Yea…what about it?" Gohan blinked.

"You know what's going on, don't you, Gohan…?!" Videl started.

"I wish I had time to explain," Gohan started off, "But I have to get into something more appropriate for fighting."


"I'm going to stop those guys." Gohan narrowed his eyes.

"You mean Nappa…?"

"There's three of them," Gohan replied, "Nappa is just one of them. There's another weaker one, and one that feels almost like Vegeta. You should go home. You'll be safe there…"

"I'm going!" Videl protested. "That guy wiped out the entire police force! I can't let him…!"

"That guy…" Gohan turned around. "…is more powerful than you can possibly imagine! Just go home! I don't want you to get hurt!"

"That's awfully nice of you," Videl said sarcastically, "But I can take care of myself! I did fine against the leader of that thug group yesterday, didn't I?"

"And if I remember correctly," Gohan replied, "It was just barely. Besides, you let a guy get…" He stopped in mid sentence.

Videl was ready with another retort, when Gohan suddenly looked at her, his eyes wide.

"…away…" Gohan blinked, "Videl…okay, I need your help."

Videl grinned. "That's more like it…"

"What did that guy who got away with the Dra…the orange-starred ball look like?" Gohan demanded.

"He was tall, with black hair that went up." Videl motioned, "Like this. And it was all spiky. He had evil-looking black eyes, and was wearing something similar to what Nappa was wearing, except his was much smaller and looked like it would provide more mobility. He also had a strange device on his face covering his left eye. Ohh~! Just thinking about it makes me mad! I should have busted him up…!"

"I'm glad you didn't," Gohan said seriously, "You could have been badly injured. Thanks for you help, Videl. You should go home now."

"What…?! That's what you wanted me to do…?!" Videl gaped.

But Gohan was already flying at top speed back towards his house.

"That…" Videl fumed, then turned towards the outskirts of town. "I'm going to take that Nappa guy down! I don't need Gohan's permission!" She ran off towards the area.

Gohan flew home light-speed, and went through the door and up into his room. He had on his fighting outfit by the time Chichi went over.

"Gohan…?" Chichi frowned.

"Sorry, mom," Gohan apologized, then opened the window, "I know you're going to try to stop me, but it's no use. Some of the Saiyans who dad defeated before have come back to life because someone who looks like Vegeta, but taller, made a wish to Shenlong. The others are busy or don't fight anymore, so I have to stop them before they kill everyone in their path."

"Gohan…" Chichi sniffled.

Gohan flashed the famous Son smile before exiting, "Don't worry, mom! I'll be fine!" As he flew away, he wished he believed his own words…