'Fuck you' Marian shoved the bitch backwards.

'Bring it' she spat.

'Do you wanna go me?' Marian yelled as the crowd congregated around them cheered and hooted. A fight was in the air and these girls were going at it.

'Bring it bitch' the blonde hissed, hopping around the circle of onlookers.

'You little shit stand still and take it' Marian roared, swinging and grabbing a fist full of the girl's extensions. The girl screamed as Marian pulled her back; she reached her hands up and digging her nails into Marian's neck. Marian pushed her forward into the dirt and threw herself on top. The struggle broke off after a few swings and half of Marians nails were ripped but she managed to yank out a good portion of the slut's hair extensions. By the time they were pulled apart it was obvious Marian had won. The blonde had tears in her eyes as she tried to push through the crowd.

'Move! Move!' she cried trying to push past.

'Finished already? Next time you pass me prepare to have your skin ripped off!' Marian screeched as the girl limped off.

'That's my girl' Robin rubbed her shoulders as Marian wiped the blood off her check. She felt his lips on her ear as his arms wrapped around her neck. 'Wanna get out of here?' The adrenaline which was soaring through her veins from the fight revived as Robin's body pushed up against her from behind.

'Yeah, let's blow this place' Marian's voice was husky and seductive. She turned grabbing his shirt and strutted forward, knowing all of the guys, including Robin, where watching her ass. She grabbed the cig out of Djac's hand as she passed, taking a quick drag. 'Thanks sweet'.

'I'll call you' Djac grinned. Marian nodded, still clutching Robin and begun leaving. 'Oi, gimmie back my ciggie bitch'.

'Sorry' Marian grinned. 'Night whore' she kissed her friends check.

'Wanna come with us Djac?' Robin raised his eyebrow.

'You wish Locksley. You wouldn't be able to keep up with us' Marian grinned. 'Come on big boy, I wanna celebrate my victory' she leaned in and laid a hot kiss on his neck.

He groaned. 'Let's get outa here before I burst something' he pulled her towards his car, cranked up TI and yanked off his shirt. He leaned in, caressing her ivory skin, smelling her scent; a mixture of vodka, lemons and cigarettes.


Yeah so obviously this story is a little rough; there'll be fights, drugs, drinking and sex scenes. Oh and lots of rude language so heads up. I'm really digging this story at the moment so let me know what you think.

I wanna dedicate this story to all my friends who give me inspiration for most of the storyline and one -liners. You guys are bloody idiots but you're my bloody idiots. Year 10, 2008 – we finally made it guys.