Marian slammed the door and glared out the windshield and crossed her legs tightly across her body. She listened to the familiar sounds of Robins key's turning and his engine coughing to life. The only sounds were from the car- struggling into life and then chugging down the suburb roads. Absent was the normal bickering conversation of the gang, Allen and Will quiet in the backseat. Eventually Marian pulled out her phone and began texting, her fingers jabbing the keypad ferociously.

She glanced to the side at Robin - how dare he undermine her authority in front of John. Besides, all she'd done was get information. And if he thought he'd be the one to deal with that backstabbing bitch Eve, he was wrong.

All three of them were surprised when Robin pulled in to the car park next to the Water Tower. He extinguished the car and they sat in silence, watching as the rest of the gang pulled up in Much' car next to them. 'Will, Allen' Robin said, his eyes still on Much's ugly white car as the boys got out. Djac caught her eyes and she shot a million silent questions at her but Marian just shook her head.

She sighed and turned to her boyfriend. He was livid. 'What?' the word came out sharper than she'd intended.

'I'm waiting' He said.

'For?' Marian glared back at him.

'An apology' he said simply. Marian scoffed and pulled on the door handle but Robin must have put child lock on because it wouldn't budge.

'Open the door Locksley' Marian demanded.

'Not until I get an apology' his voice was infuriatingly even.

She met his gaze 'Seriously open the door. You're not getting anything near an apology so open it now or I swear to god…'

He smiled a condescending smile. 'What? What'll you do?'

Marian ground her teeth then bent down and picked up the screwdriver that was under her seat in case the car broke down. She saw the understanding in Robin's eyes but didn't give him a chance to react. Instead she shut her eyes and flung the tool at the window. The sound of glass shattering came first then the shards flung down onto them.

'Jesus Marian!' Robin yelled and she heard the sound of child's lock undoing. Thank god because she didn't know what she'd do next; climb out the broken window and get glass slicing her from every angle? Um no. It must have been quite a sight for the gang when she flung open the door, climbed out and shook the broken glass off her. Robin got out two seconds later. 'What the fuck was that Marian?'

'I told you to open the door' Marian smiled at him.

'You just broke my window' Robin stormed over to her.

'You were being a jerk' Marian shrugged.

'Yeah well you're being a bitch' Robin glared at her.

Marian flinched but then rolled her shoulders back, and then she turned to Much. 'I guess that was me getting my anger out over her'

'What's wrong with you two?' Much asked.

'I guess were both a bit testy over being betrayed' Robin spoke. It felt weird, like the kids witnessing parents fighting. He squared his jaw. 'Eve'

Eve recoiled visibly and half hid her body behind Much.

'Robin I don't think I'm finished with that screwdriver yet' Marian hissed.

'What is going on here!?' Much looked between Marian and Robin to Eve.

'Tell him. Tell him or we will and then Marian will beat your face in' Robin demanded.

Eve swallowed loudly and took Much's hand. 'Please don't'

'You put the safety of the entire gang in jeopardy. You could have had Allen and Will put in jail' Marian yelled.

'What?' Djac asked, going and standing next to her best friend.

'Eve's telling secrets. There's another gang up on North. They want us gone. And she's been telling them everything about us.' Robin said.

'What?!' Much yanked his hand back from Eve. He had tears in his eyes. 'Tell them that's not true. Eve, tell them it's a lie'

Eve opened and closed her mouth but didn't say anything. 'Why!? We were nice to you, we took you in and you bloody backstab us?' Marian yelled, held back by Djac.

'Eve…they're my friends' Much whispered.

'Much, please' Eve grabbed his hand with both of her.

He shook her off. 'Shut up. Just shut up.'

Now Eve was crying. 'Much-'

'Leave her Much, she s not worth it. She's a traitorous, backstabbing bitch' Marian spat.

'Were leaving' Robin said, grabbing Much's arm.

'Wait-' Eve was sobbing now.

They all delivered perfect death stares. Robin went round the front of his car and popped the bonnet. He fiddled for a second then violently yanked out a random cord, throwing it at Eve's feet. Then with a nudge of his head, he and the gang all piled into Much's car.

'Come near us again and I'll rip your extensions out and choke you with them' Marian yelled out the window as Much cranked the engine, spraying Eve with dust ad leaving her alone at midnight with a broken car.

They rode in silence for a few minutes before Djac spoke. 'Well done Maiden, you had me going there for a second'

Marian grinned at her in the mirror from her spot on Robins lap in the front. 'why thank you my darling'

'What the fuck are they one about?' Allen grunted, beyond pissed.

Robin held Marian tighter. 'My girls quite the actress'

'Wait – you two were faking that fight?' Will asked.

'God did you see that bitchs face when Maiden broke the window? She nearly shat her pants' Djac grinned despite the situation.

'Yeah we were acting. We had to scare her into thinking we'd kill her if she crossed us again' Robin explained.

Marian grunted. 'Who was acting? I will bloody kill her'

'you ruined Rob's car' Allen said.

'It was a bomb anyway - Roy's hooking me up with a new one. Besides, Maiden needed to vent' Robin shrugged.

'So you two planned this? Planned going in separate cars to John's? Planned the fight?' Will asked.

'We had to make her think the gang was divided. We knew it was her. We needed to scare her. And we did' Marian glanced at Much. '…You're quiet'

'I just found out my girlfriend told drug dealers about my friends and conspired to have them thrown in jail. I'm pissed' Much said, never taking his eyes off the road. 'Why the fuck would she do that?'

'She's a psycho Much, not your fault' Djac said quietly.

'…I want her buried' Much said.

Robin exchanged a look with Marian. 'We have to keep our eyes on the big picture. She's just a pawn for this new gang. It's not just beatings and rivalry any more. This gang is sending kids away, targeting innocents. And they want us gone. We don't know how far they're willing to go. We need to get rid of them'

'Yeah…..but I want her buried' Much said, only Marian and Robin in the front row seeing the tears still gliding silently down his cheeks

'Ok Much' Marian nodded. 'We need to step it up a notch gang. We'll go Chernobyl on all their asses'

Ok so I think only one more chapter. The next story, when I get around to it, will be much darker. I may even have character deaths but I'll let you know. Reviews make me write faster. What are you guys thinking?? xx