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Title: The Road Not Taken
Summary: A little look at what might have been had Indy not walked away the second time. Obviously AU. 50 sentences, 1sentence themes.
Rating: PG-13/T
Author's Note: I've had this plot bunny niggling for awhile now. I just got inspired and in the mood to write it. Like I said, it's a 'what might have been' scenario.

"For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'." - Whittier

1. Comfort

The small smile and hug he gives her when he learns of the pregnancy is far more reassuring than anything he could have said.

2. Kiss

Their lips meet and they are named man and wife, fulfilling the promise long ago made by the forbidden lovers under the Cairo sky.

3. Soft

Marion marvels at the way his work-worn hands gently caress her swollen belly.

4. Pain

"So, Junior, when were you going to tell me that you're married," his father asks and the question hurts more than getting shot.

5. Potatoes

She's peeling potatoes when her water breaks, and hopes that Indy won't be late to dinner again.

6. Rain

When they discover that the sound of rain makes their son fall asleep, they try everything short of stealing the African rain stick in the museum to make it happen again.

7. Chocolate

Indy had intended to go into the bedroom and get his Valentine's Day gift for Marion, not to find little Henry with sticky finger and a chocolate goatee.

8. Happiness

Happiness was having Indy safe at home and Henry in their arms.

9. Telephone

Marion knows the life — hell, she's lived it herself — which is why she can't help but dread when strangers call asking for the help of a certain Dr. Jones.

10. Ears

Henry doesn't know what the words 'late' and 'trust' mean, but he's knows his Mommy's angry voice anywhere.

11. Name

They visit Chicago for their third anniversary, and are surprised that some of the older professors still can remember their days at the University, and the scandal that tore them away.

12. Sensual

Her lips brush against his latest wound and Indy is taken back to a night on the ship not so long ago.

13. Death

They are shopping for Christmas gifts when they hear that the Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor.

14. Sex

The night before he leaves, they make love with a furious passion to last the duration of the war.

15. Touch

He rests his hands on her stomach as they settle to sleep, and Marion feels a small stirring, and wonders if it means anything.

16. Weakness

Indy finds it much harder to leave the warmth of home for the cold trenches than he did in the first war, but he has much more of a reason to fight.

17. Tears

Marion doesn't cry when they reach the train station, nor does she when his kisses her goodbye one last time; however, the tears freely fall when Indy places his battered fedora on their son's head.

18. Speed

Well, it didn't take them long to replace me, Indy muses when he gets words of the newest addition to his family — a puppy called Mutt.

19. Wind

While walking the dog, Marion feels a cold chill that she cannot blame on the wind when she sees a soldier solemnly approach her neighbor's house.

20. Freedom

As some of the younger cadets set off in search of the nearest brothel, Indy finds pleasure in rereading letters from home.

21. Life

Anna Marie Jones, weighing six point five pounds and already with a mass of dark hair, was born on October 12, 1942.

22. Jealousy

Marion spends half an hour apologizing to Mrs. Peters next door after Henry tried to sell her his sister.

23. Hands

When the war gets rough on his spirit and mind, Indy imagines what it would feel like to hold his newborn daughter in his hands and to teach his son how to throw a baseball.

24. Taste

The whiskey burns, but calms her after she hears about the death and destruction on the shores of Normandy an ocean away.

25. Devotion

Indy doesn't write to her every day like other women's husbands or young girls' beaus, but what little he does write means more than any note detailing his day-to-day life would.

26. Forever

When the War ends, and he returns home, he never wants to leave again.

27. Blood

Marion cursed a litany that would make a sailor blush when she sliced her palm washing a knife, and hates Indy for choosing that moment to bring Anna into the kitchen for a snack — what does that word mean?

28. Sickness

He'd been shot, tortured, and pushed way past his limits, but none those compared to the pain he felt when Henry blamed him for having to mercy kill their sick dog.

29. Melody

"The way you look tonight," Indy softly crooned as he twirled Marion around their den.

30. Star

"Daddy, you're famous!" Anna squeals when she sees his face in the paper, coupled with an article detailing his latest find.

31. Home

They spend the summer of '52 on a dig in Egypt for the first time as a family, and while Anna loved every minute, Henry spent the duration longing for baseball diamonds back in the states.

32. Confusion

Indy couldn't seem to grasp why Henry decided to change his name Mutt, while Marion couldn't grasp why Indy couldn't see that he did the same thing so many years ago.

33. Fear

She doesn't worry when he starts calling himself Mutt or wearing a leather jacket, or even when he begins to play with a switchblade, because in all honesty it was something so Indy that it wasn't strange, but Marion draws the line when he begins to look fondly at the motorcycles lining the streets.

34. Lighting/Thunder

Things turn to hell when Indy and Mutt have an explosive encounter: Indy accusing his son of disobedience to both him and his mother, and Mutt accusing Indy of not being there enough to be a person to be obedient to.

35. Bonds

The night of the fight, Indy goes to father looking for some form of guidance, only to be sent away with the words, "you were the same way at his age; this too, shall pass."

36. Market

Indy highly doubts that there is a position in the Kama Sutra that Marion could offer him with that would make up for the hell he spent taking her daughter shopping for a new skirt to wear to the sock hop.

37. Technology

Marion takes his hand in silent reassurance as they gather around the television listening about the Russian satellite called Sputnik.

38. Gift

He sleeps on the couch for a week after he buys Mutt a motorcycle for a birthday/olive branch present.

39. Smile

"You're turning into Abner!" Marion teases when Indy asks if they can house his newest student and soon-to-be assistant.

40. Innocence

When he introduces his family to archaeologist-in-training Jack Ryan, he notices the flash of jealousy in Mutt's eyes, but misses the spark of attraction in Anna's.

41. Completion

Indy turns to the bottle when Mutt announces he taking off a semester to 'find America' on the damn bike, and it's Marion who has to pull him away.

42. Clouds

"That cloud looks like your hat," Marion remarks as they walk hand-in-hand across campus, pretending to be young again.

43. Sky

Indy thinks nothing of it when Jack idly wonders aloud how he met his Marion, and wistfully recounts the tale of the archeologist, the professor's daughter, and the possibilities that seemed as infinite as the universe itself.

44. Heaven

Mutt returns still in one piece and for some reason Anna seems to be smiling more, and things have never seemed better.

45. Hell

When the penny drops, and he finds Jack and Anna in an embrace, the words fall easy — "pervert" and "sick" — and it's only when Marion reminds him that those were exact words that Abner had said to him that fateful day in 1926.

46. Sun

He tells Marion that the sun is in his eyes when he tips the hat low over his eyes, when in reality he made the motion because he didn't want to see his student teach his daughter how to ride a camel.

47. Moon

"See, I'm not your father," Indy grouses to his wife as they trail a respectable distance behind Jack and Anna on a moonlight walk around the dig, "I let him stay!"

48. Waves

Marion pushes Indy into the Nile and screams when he pulls her in with him.

49. Hair

As Marion fretted in the Marion over the newfound strands of gray, Indy can't help but think she never looked more beautiful.

50. Supernova

Indy plays with the ring on his finger, and wonders how a little band of gold could symbolize everything that went right in his life.


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