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"I've been watching, I've been waiting, In the shadows, For my time, I've been searching, I've been living, For tomorrows all my life"~In the Shadows, by The Rasmus

Chapter 3: Separate But Whole

Savage Rex's POV

I couldn't see anything right away, but I knew that I wasn't alone. There were others beside me, growling, clanking, and overall being very annoying. Annoying for a couple of meatloaf and chicken dinners, anyway.

Shut up!I growled at one, who instantly made to move away, yet still growled and attempted to break free from the irritating metal things we had on our feet. This I found pleasing, being the one that sent Triceratops running in a panic, only to be brought down later by my teeth. Each and every one of these others in here would become lunch as soon as we were let out.

No…You can't…


They're friends…don't…please…

I brushed aside the annoying voice like a cobweb. That other side better shut his mouth if he knew what was good for him.

And speaking of being let out, the walls holding us fell away with a burst of light, revealing a sea of frightened little dinner entrees. I snapped and roared to the herd, and a few of these pathetic creatures actually dropped right there on the spot. Most scrambled for high ground. Charming, but these prey would be too easy to snare. Not much fun if they all did that.

My attention was caught by one of these creatures in front of me, gesturing and speaking to the group. Was he the leader? Pretty sorry excuse for one, but nonetheless, my other half felt a surge of resentment once we laid eyes on the frail being.

Doesn't like him much does he?

Well, I guess that meant he wouldn't complain if I happened to eat this one.

With that vague thought in mind, I leaned my head down and prepared to snap him up like a TV dinner. Surprisingly enough, it seemed I had underestimated these meals. As soon as his left eye met mine, which was embalmed with a shiny metal object, I felt as though I was a puppet and he was the one pulling the strings. My other half fell to his tricks a second after I did, and we both found ourselves in a state of utter bliss.

Take two giant steps forward.

I instantly obeyed, taking one huge step, and then another, and I was dimly aware of the fact that I was off the platform. It didn't seem to matter at the moment.

Take two steps toward the audience.

I obeyed again. The hazy feeling enveloped all my usual keen senses, and right now I was as powerless as a hatchling. Something from my other's memory, of two whelps becoming ugly little hairballs right in front of his eyes, due to the same bauble. He was horrified, from what I could tell.

Stupid. Our kind doesn't know fear. We are fear.

Suddenly a bright light shone right into my eyes, snapping us out of the daze.

That annoying meat-bag used me!

I was not a source of cheap amusement, and I sure as heck was going to let him know it. My other side was enraged as well, and in our anger we became the monster that the other dinosaurs feared once more. The tyrannosaurs rex was back on the hunt.

In a quick movement, we snatched him up from the ground, ready to bite that annoying head right off his withered neck. We were going to make him pay when another bother came running onto the scene. Even though the creature's garbled sounds made no sense to us, my other half seemed to recognize him in a heartbeat.


I growled at the brat. He had better back off, or else he'd be short a head.

No! Leave Louie alone! My other half cried from the depths of our being as the whelp seemed to plead with me. Me! The king of the dinosaurs! He had no idea whom he was dealing with.

He turned around to pries off that ridiculous thing he had been wearing. Big mistake, welt. I lifted up a huge foot, ready to tenderize him into the dust.

Stop! Don't! Please! The other pleaded as he saw what I was about to do. In a last ditch, desperate attempt to save his precious brat, he shrieked LOUIE! MOVE!

By some miracle, the meat-bag seemed to hear him as he jumped to the side, narrowly avoiding our foot. My other released a wave of relief, but it mingled with a deep sorrow and shame.

Louie saw…he…what I…I almost….

Shut up, I growled at the shadow in the back of my mind, which seemed to take in what I had said, and then another voice came echoing in.

"Rex, that means king. Be a king, Rex. Put him down, please."

I was about to give him another go at my foot when the next voice shocked me half out of my wits.

You heard what he said. Put him down. My other half was now, stronger? Was I losing control?

I pushed at his mind in an attempt to regain control. But, surprisingly, he fought me. He pushed back in a fevered try to topple me.

Give up. You are me. Even if you are in control, I'll be here, waiting to take over. You are as much a monster as I. But even if you were to take control, you'd still be too much of a weakling to withstand me forever.

He faltered, and sadness and defeat radiated off his mind in waves. He would never escape, and I would be in control. Forever.

My other suddenly ceased the confusion. Echoing voices started to flow through our minds….

"I'm sorry about the way I acted. I was a real animal."

"Gonna have to put you in cages and chains, cause you're gonna be wild again!"

"Gee, I wish I had a friend."

I flinched as the voices started to develop into images, and they slowed down on one particular moment. My other half flinched as he laid eyes on the scene, remembering and soaking in every detail.

He looked down gently at the slumbering chimps that were Louie and Cecilia. Noting, with a small twinge of sadness, both the children's faces seemed to be in a frowning set, as though they were still under Screweyes's control.

"Don't be scared. It'll be alright. It's no more than a bad dream." He soothed, softly running a clawed hand along the excess fur, as though to will it vanished. And vanished it did.

Rex smiled as he viewed the two sleeping children, wishing that he could stay and greet them once they woke up. But a harsh voice from the mouth of the tent broke the warm moment.

"C'mon you!" Screweyes snapped, and Rex let out a heavy sigh. He wanted to stay longer, but he knew it wasn't going to happen. He was going to be a monster again, and there wasn't anything he could do. He had agreed to save Louie and Cecilia, and now there was no turning back. He just had to tell them one thing, just so that maybe, not everyone would think of him and the other dinosaurs as monsters.

"We were friends for a minute, Louie." He started to say, but was cut off by a hard lump in his throat.

He had to go now. He got up to leave, heart aching with the words that he had wanted to say.

"Rex…?" Louie mumbled in his sleep, causing the kind-hearted T-Rex to swallow his guilt and sorrow before turning to go.

"Remember me." He murmured mournfully back, before turning fully towards the exit, walking to what he knew would be the end of himself.

I snorted as the image faded. Remember? What was there to remember? We are predators. That is what we are, that is what we were, and that is what we shall always be. My other was stupid to think that we could be thought of as anything else.

Remember me…

What was he up to now?

Shut it.

No, you stop. He said boldly back. Strength radiated off of him in powerful waves. No, what was happening?! I was the stronger one, the one that should be in control. How could a mere, insignificant worm overcome one of the greatest predators the world had ever known?!

You aren't me! You don't decide anything I do anymore! I will never listen to you again! You are the monster but, I…AM…REX!!! I AM NOT YOU!!! My other roared, and, in that instant, I became the echo, and he took control. I faded into our minds with a final howl, and then felt and saw nothing more.

Normal Rex's POV

Coming back was sort of like coming up out of the water. I took a deep inhale, vaguely aware of the still quivering professor in my hands. The monster that had held the driver's seat faded into nothing, and I knew that he was gone, never to return.

Exhausted from the effort it took to get myself back, I put the professor down, where he slinked away like a rat relinquished by a housecat, and moved to a sitting position on the ground. That's about when I saw the person that had made it all possible that night. Louie, my friend, came running up to me and latched onto my nose in a warm hug.

"Way to go, Rex!" He cheered.

I watched as he and Cecilia went to the others and, one by one, brought them back from their own inner demons. That's about when Professor Neweyes came and set them free with Vorb. It was good to see them all, but a nagging feeling pulled at the back of my mind.

I remembered all the feelings and thoughts my other side had had while in control, and I couldn't help but think: We didn't hurt anybody, did we?

"Louie?" I asked, unable to hold the question any longer.

"Rex? Are you alright?" he inquired with a look of concern.

"Did I do anything bad?"

"No, you were great." He replied with a grin that returned a smile to my face, and right then and there I knew everything was going to be just fine.

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