***ALL Material in this fan fiction webisode is completely FICTIONAL.***

"Come on Eli, we'll be late!" Maggie grabbed his hand and pulled him out of a kitchen he didn't recognize. She was wearing a simple, light blue dress and nice white heals to match. She pulled him out of the kitchen, but then let go of his hand as she picked up a little boy. He was wearing jeans, tiny black shoes, and a green t-shirt. She took him and headed down the strange hallway. Eli followed her, glancing at pictures along the wall. Most of them were of the baby. Some were of all three of them, or some combination. One was Nate and Eli at a baseball game, and one of a group of people with Maggie. "Hurry up! Church starts soon!" She was down the hallway now, turning a corner. Eli followed her voice, and then the baby started crying very, very loudly.

The alarm went off in Eli's ear. He awoke with a start. He sat up in bed for a while, his chest slightly shiny with sweat. He fell back into his bed, bringing his hands to his eyes as he let out a sigh. "I am crazy."

- * - * - * - * - * -

Eli walks by Patti, but she quickly gets up from her desk to trail him. "Eli" He is in his office when she begins to talk about the millions of phone calls she has been receiving about different cases. "A Mrs. Davis called about the death of her daughter—"Patti, do you think dreams have meaning?"

"Did you dream that I smacked you upside your head for asking silly questions? Cuz then I think it has a lot of significance." She was staring at him with her dark eyes, her cell phone headset far enough away that Eli could see her lips pressed tightly. The dark lipstick didn't help much, he actually felt quite intimidated. He wouldn't let her know, however.

"It was about…" His voice suddenly quieted, even though the door was only cracked. "Maggie." He raised one eye brow, waiting to see what Patti would say. She smiled broadly, but something in her eyes told him not to take the following comment to heart. "Oh, Eli, I'm so glad you took time out of my day to update me on your fantasies." "It wasn't like that!" He interjected, but she ignored him. "Now, here is a list of phone calls I've received about more cases. I'll just leave it hear while you day dream some more." She set the pink slip of paper on his desk, and walked out of the room. Eli followed her, before remembering that he had a morning meeting to get to. "Where's my coffee?" He called after her, and she just pointed to the employee kitchen. He shook his head.

-- * - * - * - * - * -

Jordan had on a dark charcoal suite, white shirt, and yellow tie. He was wearing oddly bright colored ties these days. They looked sophisticated on him, but there was something about the color that was different than before. He was no longer all about dark blues, grays and blacks. Eli had noticed that his personality was softening, and apparently the tie colors were too. Eli sat down next to his partner near the head of the table. He still wasn't quite used to the location at these meetings. "We recently got a very big client. The Progressive Medicine Co. has decided to build a new free clinic. The government has been giving them a hard time about the location." Jordan was speaking to a half empty table. The firm still did not have the clientele to support hiring any new lawyers.

"What's the problem?" Taylor asked. Jordan replied, "Well, they are trying to build on land that has been part of Harvey College of San Francisco for some time. The college bought the land from the government."

"We don't even have a case then, the land is privately owned." One of the other lawyers, a thin gentleman with black hair commented.

Jordan looked at him before continuing. "Well, the college has agreed to the clinic if they can offer courses there. PMC has agreed to the conditions. The government, however, says that the land was intended for the college facilities, and would have charged more if the clinic was going to be built. We are suing the city of San Francisco." Jordan looked to his right, at Eli. "Care to have another go at this? Maybe this time, people will listen." Jordan's hands rested on the table, fingers intertwined.

"I can't. My case load is going to be too big for the next few weeks. Patti handed me a slip with seven potential clients on it." Jordan's lip curled down slightly. "Well, in that case, I have room for a second chair. Any takers?" He looked at Taylor, but the two were still working things out. She broke the stare and looked at the thin lawyer, who was keen on taking the case. "Right, well then, Jared will second chair. In the mean time, I'll need help looking into this case." A few of the other lawyers and interns nodded. Jordan smiled, and glanced over at Eli.

"Right, well, I'll have a few cases. If there are ones that I can pass along, I'll let you all know at the end of the week." He smiled, and the others left.

"Eli, I would have liked to team up with you on this one. You have the popularity with the city now."

"You mean the infamy? I'm going to be notorious if I sue the city again." Jordan's eyes displayed his disappointment quite clearly, but he didn't disagree with Eli. "Very well. Good luck on your case load." He smiled, and gathered the papers in front of him. Eli nodded. "You too." He picked up his mug and left.

-- * - * - * - * - * -

The pink note was still in his folder when he took a lunch break. He hadn't started calling anyone yet. Eli was preoccupied with his dream about Maggie. He needed to talk to someone. He went to visit Dr. Chen.

"Sounds like you have the hots for her." Dr. Chen said as he crossed out yet another cancelled appointment. "I do not. And did you just say 'hots'?" Eli protested.

"Come on, Eli. You've had visions and dreams about her quite a bit. You saved her fiancé. You saw the two of you together at some 'Live Brave' thing, and then you broke off her engagement because you saw him with another woman. I think God has been pretty clear on this one." Dr. Chen has a now-it-all look in his eye. Eli couldn't help but be irritated by it, and yet, he always believed him, even if he denied it to himself for a while.

"I just, I don't think it is the right time is all." "You've said you're lonely. Besides, dinner was ok. Maybe if I use the needle, it'll help you to figure out your hesitation."

Eli got in the chair, and was about to lay down when he started to hear singing.

And nobody's keeping score
I don't say hi to those guys no more
Said mama can't you feel me
Holding my breath as they knock, knock, knock on our door

Eli saw Patti singing. She was dressed in all white. Her lips had a dark brown lip stick on them, more natural looking than her usual reddish shades. Eli smiled.

You're just taking your ass to the top of that building
Throwing yourself under cars and trains
Taking the pill that you know will kill you
Under the wheels,
The same, the same….

Suddenly, he saw a girl get hit by a car. Patti was now standing over the girl's body, singing.

Johnny's gone and got himself a new man
He gets laid, every day
Johnny please please, stop pretending
This time, may just end in tears
Take care of yourself
Because you won't find 'daddy'
When you're popping those pills
Oh Johnny, is the danger just part of the thrill?

Eli snapped back. He looked stunned. "Eli, you ok?" He could hear Dr. Chen, but couldn't quite see him. He was shaking a little. "What is it?" Eli finally turned to look at him. "I just saw a girl get hit by a car. Patti was there, singing." Dr. Chen didn't have a normal witty come back. His brow scrunched a bit as he tried to think of the significance. "I don't know… what was the song?"

"It was Cars and Trains by George Michael." Dr. Chen replied more quickly this time. "Well, you said that the girl got hit by a car. That song is about suicide. Maybe you can save her, Eli. Maybe you need to find her. Somehow. Where were you?"

Eli shrugged. "I don't know, it looked like a suburb, inland, not in the city." He looked up at Chen, his eyes very solemn. "How can I save her?"

-- * - * - * - * - * -

Matt knocked on Maggie's open door. Her office at Posner and Klein was oddly small for someone in charge of an entire section of the firm. She knew the politics of pro-bono though, and didn't mind it too much. They had provided her with a homey couch, light beige leather, and a nice wooden desk. They probably thought these things were just left-overs. They didn't necessarily fit the sleek appearance of the rest of the firm. Still, Maggie enjoyed it. "Hello, Matt." The two had been spending a lot of time together. Matt was having a hard time making friends with the lawyers, or rather, going back to being friends with superficial lawyers.

"Want to grab lunch?" Maggie nodded. "Sure." The two walked out together, and took Matt's car. Maggie still hadn't upgraded. She was driving a 1997 Toyota Camry, which was not quite up to par with lawyers like Matt. They arrived at the small French café. "I love this place." Matt commented, holding the door open for Maggie.

"It's oddly quaint for a guy like you." She commented. He smiled. "Well" he shrugged, his eyes smiling, "best pastries in this town. And muffins." He smirked. Maggie laughed a bit. "I do love muffins." They ordered and sat down. Matt started explaining that the baby was completely healthy. Maggie was excited. She had been worried when she got word about the possible complications. "You seem to be growing up, Mr. Dowd." She joked. Matt shook his head. "Not quite. I'd still rather go to a baseball game then the office. That's for sure."

Matt hadn't talked about baseball since he got his favorite baseball player off. The thought suddenly made him sick, but it didn't show. "How was dinner?" Matt was oddly curious about Maggie and Eli. Part of Maggie thought it was just to make sure Eli was completely over Taylor. The other part, though, she hoped, genuinely cared about her. "Oh, it was good. Eli's brother Nate is really nice actually. So is Dr. Chen." Matt looked at Maggie with curiosity. "Dr. Chen?"

She nodded. "You met him, after Eli's first surgery didn't you? Eli told me he was there…" Matt just nodded. The conversation wasn't really going anywhere. Both were in rather complicated romantic situations. Their love was not quite requited.

"Are you going to help me on my case?" Maggie continued.

Matt shook his head. "Can't. I'm representing a pharmaceutical company." Maggie looked disappointed.

-- * - * - * - * - * -

When Eli arrives at work and gets out of the elevator, he immediately sees Maggie. "What are you doing here?" He looked confused, and a bit thrown off. Once he collected himself, he added "Although, don't get me wrong, being like old times is nice.

"I need you to take a case." She handed him the blue folder. "P&K refuses to give me more lawyers to help, and Matt can."

"You mean Dowd has turned down becoming a humanitarian, oh, and I was pulling for him." Maggie didn't seem amused. Eli pressed on. "You know you can get fired for bringing me clients?" Maggie shook her head. "She isn't my client. She's yours now." Maggie smiled. Eli felt a bit more comfortable. She leaves, almost pumping into Jordan. "Sorry, sir." Her cheeks get light pink. "It's fine." Jordan replies kindly, and Maggie leaves.

Jordan glared at Eli, making him feel oddly guilty. "Jordan?" To break the gaze, Eli looked down at the folder. He felt a bit hesitant. His case load is too large already. "Eli, do you trust her?" He saw the name at the front and skimmed the first page. "Well, Eli?" He glanced back up at Jordan. "One hundred percent."

-- * - * - * - * - * -

"Eli!" Patti yelled as Eli came out of his office, "He's been waiting for you!" Eli looked at her, confused, until she nodded her head towards the waiting area. A man, about seventeen, was in fact waiting for him. "Sorry" Eli glanced at Patti confused. "It is Johnny Ruiz." Eli walked over to the young man, and put his hand out. "Mr. Stone. Thank you for taking my case." Eli nodded. "You think you can help me then?" Eli nodded again, "I'm gonna try, Johnny."

-- * - * - * - * - * -

Eli sat next to Johnny, waiting for the other attorneys and judge to show up. "Do you think we really have a chance?" Johnny looked nervous. An elderly couple was sitting behind him, they were his grandparents. His grandfather has leathery skin from being a construction worker, then an architect. The woman next to him had graying hair. Her eyes were soft, but solemn and looked off into the distance. Eli knew that look—she had lost a loved one. More specifically, she had lost her only granddaughter. Now, her grandson, was fighting for his sister.

The door opened and Matt Dowd walked in. He almost missed a step when he saw Eli, but recovered quickly and even picked up his swagger. Walking next to him was a slick looking man around forty with bleached blond hair and bright blue eyes. If Eli didn't know any better, he would have thought the man was a model. No, he was a C.E.O. of the pharmaceutical company Eli was suing. Eli glared at him, but was not irritated. He was ready. He knew Dowd well enough, knew his competitive edge. "Matt" "Eli" The two acknowledged each other, and they all stared at the empty judge's chair.

When the judge entered, everyone stood, and then court was underway. Eli and Stone cross examined numerous witnesses, and the trial went back and forth. Everyone was waiting to see what would happen. Eli finally called Johnny up to the stand. "Johnny, can you tell us what you have experienced over the past month?"

Johnny began to tell his story, or rather, his sister's story. "Sarah was always a sweet little girl. When my parents died, I began to take care of her more, along with my grandparents. She became more quiet and withdrawn, even when she was ten. At fourteen she was said to have depression and she starting to take medication. She only got worse. She was on the medication for six months, and there were no changes for the better. After those six months, we, my grandparents and I, wanted her off them. We thought that she was still in mourning. She was only ten when they died. She couldn't process it the same. The psychiatrist only prescribed her more pills. Two months later, she killed herself."

Eli looked at Johnny, his eyes sympathetic. "Thank you, Johnny. Are you saying that the pills increased her depression?" "Yes." "And they continued to prescribe more?" "Yes. Dr. Swanson prescribed her more pills."

"Thank you." Eli returned to his seat and Dowd got up for the cross examination. "Do you think that Dr. Swanson did the right thing?" "No." "Then don't you think he should be the one up here?" Johnny paused for a moment. "Well, no. Those pills caused her to become more depressed." "Well, you think so. Dr. Swanson obviously didn't because he prescribed more. Maybe he didn't prescribe enough." Eli stood in protest. "Objection, Mr. Dowd is not a psychiatrist." "Sustained."

Matt's lip was curled up enough to be a cunning smile, but not enough to be arrogant smirking. Johnny was getting upset, and gave an outburst despite the objection. "No. That's wrong. He prescribed her pills that played into her depression!" His voice was raised. Matt looked at the judge. "Contain yourself, Mr. Ruiz." The judge glanced over at him, saying it in a stern but controlled voice. "Sorry." Johnny was withdrawn.

Matt Dowd took his seat. Eli watched Johnny get down, and felt at a loss. He wasn't sure how he could win this thing. Even if the pills had contributed, it would be hard to prove cause.

-- * - * - * - * - * -

"Plea." Eli said bluntly to Dowd in the hallway. Johnny was with his grandparents, trying to comfort them. They seemed to just want it all to be over. They were tired. Tired of court. Tired of losing their children, and then their grandchildren.

"Can't make a case, Eli?" Dowd looked content. "Come on, Matt. They need this." Eli's eyes were, in fact, pleading. Matt's smirk was gone. "I can't offer much. Mr. Jensen isn't very keen on giving his money away. One hundred thousand." Eli shook his head. "Come on, Matt. They lost their granddaughter. These pills are obviously some cause." Matt shrugged. "Sorry, Eli. Maybe I can reach a higher agreement. What would you ask?"

"Two million."

"That's a big dream for a losing case." Eli continued to stare at him, until Dowd said what he wanted to hear. "I'll talk to Mr. Jensen, see if I can do anything. I'd rather just beat you in court, though." When Matt left, Eli could have sworn that there was a little less bounce in his step.

-- * - * - * - * - * -

"I am starving." Nate had decided to take Eli out to eat, almost once a week now, like clockwork. "You know, these are starting to feel like check-ups."

"Come on, I wouldn't trick you." Nate had a broad smiling, but his eyes were skimming the menu. "I want something carne." Eli smirked. "As a doctor, shouldn't you eat better?"

"Nah. I don't have to practice what I preach… well, mostly." Eli shook his head as he glanced at the pollo portion of the menu. Enchiladas sounded good, and he hadn't been to a decent Mexican restaurant in months. Nate was the one who always managed to find good little places. He didn't have that much more time on his hands, but he and his hospital friends did seem to have their own lives. Eli was envious, and lonely. Even guys like Dowd managed to have lives outside of court. Although, Eli was surprised Matt could have anything outside of his ego.

"If you won't do a monthly exam, what about every other?" Eli met Nate's eyes with a cold stare. "Fine." Nate took a drink of his Corona, and set down the menu. He grabbed one of the chips on the table and ate it. "You know, I had a cute patient the other day… she was a clerk at some firm."

Eli shook his head. "Come on! You have to get out. Get back on the horse."

"Nate, I don't need to sleep with someone to make myself feel better. I'm fine with how things are."

"Even with Maggie? She was sweet, by the way."

"Don't get any ideas." But Nate's reaction was a bit cold. Scratch that, Eli thought it was icy. His eyes went blank, his smile vanished into unusually tight lips, and his gaze fell to his Corona bottle. "Sorry. Too soon, I guess." Nate didn't say anything still, but Eli could see that he agreed.

"Thanks for offering to buy dinner. My salary has taken a hit. I've been giving a lot of mine to the lower level associates who took a hit. That, and pro-bono doesn't pay well. Go figure." The rest of the conversation was superficial. Talking about the game the other night, discussing work a bit more. Nate was thinking about buying a new car to go with the new apartment. Eli found it all sort of ironic. He was called to be a prophet, called to give everything up, and Nate was the one with all the stuff. Of course, it only took a matter of moments before Eli remembered Beth and suddenly he felt guilty about any ill thoughts as to Nate's well being.

"That was good." Eli said after attempting to finish the last few bites of his enchilada, and failing. "Yeah, next one is on you. If these aren't check-ups, I am under no obligation to pay." Eli smirked as Nate pulled out a twenty and a ten and put them in the black leather folder where the receipt had been. "Eli…" Nate took a deep breath. "Uh oh" Eli commented before his brother continued. "I do need to ask… have you been having visions still? I mean, are they constant, and about as often as before?" Eli shrugged. "I guess. I mean, there is no way to measure them though, is there?"

"You could keep a journal." Nate thought about the one his father had, the one Mr. Chen had copied.

"Nah. I don't know if that is the best idea. What if someone else got it? They would either think I was crazy, or… if things did happen, I'd become some new media clown."

"Right. 'Prophet of San Francisco: An Insider Look at the Lawyer Eli Stone.'" Nate laughed. He always thought that Eli's visions were ludicrous, even though he had once experienced a similar thing. "Crazy, but you used to read about the X-men. The prophets didn't have it any better… worse actually."

Nate shrugged. "No journal then." And finished off his beer. Eli's mind was wandering over the different texts he had read. The story about John the Baptist's head being cut off made him a bit more suspicious of the people around him, so a journal would be problematic.

-- * - * - * - * - * -