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I could hardly believe five years had passed since we agreed to move in together.

Of course, it didn't go nearly as smoothly as we all thought it would. What the fuck were we thinking, merging two households together? We somehow thought it would just be a snap – find an agent, get a house, move in, the rest would be bliss.

How wrong we were.

First, we had to find a reasonable explanation about why two established, married couples wanted to live together. Or so we thought. We spent several nights having dinner together, hashing out the plans of what we'd tell the agents, the bankers, everyone we would encounter.

And then? We realized that it didn't matter. As long as we knew how the home was being funded, it was no one's business what the details were.

We thought we were on the road again, but as we toured neighborhoods in the limited time we were all available, we encountered something else we hadn't anticipated: neighbors.

How the hell would we explain this to them? All it took was one nosy woman asking if we were going to be having, "... non-stop sex parties and orgies, or even worse, like those religious freaks on that show Big Love." She looked at Alice and Bella, eyeing them up-and-down, as if her filter had finally kicked in and she couldn't bear to ask why their hair wasn't up in a bun and their dresses weren't down to their ankles.

That nixed both the house and our plans.

Back at the drawing board, we decided our next step was to consider custom building. I wasn't making a ton of money yet, still paying off my student loans, but it was enough. Alice was also earning a sizable income, and although Bella stayed home, Jasper more than made up for the loss of her income.

Once we contacted a builder and discussed an ideal layout, though, we discovered we were looking at around a 12 month build schedule. With Alice pregnant, that wouldn't work – there was no way we could handle merging everything together with a newborn.

Finally, after Bella and Alice had spent plenty of their own time scouring different real estate websites, we found two houses for sale next to each other. They had a walkway between them, and once we'd looked at them, we knew they were perfect. We'd each have enough room that we could spend the majority of the time together, but if we wanted or needed privacy or space, we could have that, too.

Each house had enough space for a shared home office, a bedroom for the kids to share (or be alone if we were each in our own homes), and a very large master en suite, as well as the regular rooms. The house Alice and I selected had a larger master closet and a giant jacuzzi tub, and Jasper and Bella's home had a sitting area in the en suite, and a nicer kitchen, so there were pluses and minuses to each spot. Regardless, we were able to get through escrow and moved in (with the help of movers) within a few months.

As Alice grew larger, our nights fluctuated wildly. Some nights she wanted to be near everyone and couldn't get enough, and others she asked me to sleep over at Bella and Jasper's house without her, saying she wanted to hog the bed and rest as much as she could. Near the end, she wasn't sleeping much at all. We would curl up together in bed, my back against the headrest and Alice lying awkwardly between my legs. I would rub her belly or we would just talk softly for hours. It was then that I was most thankful for my time as a resident, having gained the ability to go through long stretches of time with very little quality sleep.

When she finally gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy, I think all four adults breathed a sigh of relief. We'd talked several times about how things were going to go, both as a couple and the four of us, and knew we were each done having children. Jasper and I went for vasectomies on the same day, and Bella took excellent care of us.

Things were comfortable, mostly, easy. We had a routine and we spent most nights eating, relaxing, sleeping, and more, together. We woke up as a family and that's how our children saw us. It was sort of an insulated Utopia most of the time. There were arguments and fights, especially when one of us was stressed at work, or if one of the children was sick and Bella was taking care of them. Jasper would get jealous of the time we got to spend together if he'd been away on a work trip, so we adjusted and tried to show him just how much we'd all missed him upon his return. But mostly? Bliss.

We'd agreed to keep our separate family units intact, legally, to make things easier, but Bella and Jasper were there when Peter was born, and we spent each holiday together, each birthday, every work milestone.

So it was strange, to say the least, when we came upon our first real roadblock to being a joined unit: Kindergarten registration.

There was no way we could register all four as Ben's parents, even though we all felt like Ben's parents. Alice and I kept an authorization for treatment in our wallets, in case he was ever in need of medical attention while in our care, and he felt just as much ours as Peter did. I knew Bella and Jasper felt the same about Peter.

"Bella, it's fine. You can't have us on the paperwork. Just let it go. We're going to come up against issues like this."

Trying to be practical about it, I weighed in as I ate some fruit salad. As if sending her son off to school wasn't nerve-wracking enough, Bella had to contend with what I knew was the guilt of feeling like she wasn't including us.

"Just be sure to list us as emergency contacts, and it should be fine," I reassured, again.

"What if he says something?" she asked in a whisper.

"Says something?"

"You know, like... what if he says something about all four of us?"

As I looked at her, I could see the pain on her face. She was so confused and lost, it seemed.

Walking over to touch her shoulder, I made eye contact as I spoke. "Then we'll deal with it. We agreed long ago that it wasn't anyone's business what goes on in our house. Will there be questions? I'm sure there will be. Maybe as Ben and Peter get older, we'll have to be more discreet, or rethink things, I don't know. For now, though, we'll just take things as they come."

Burying herself in my arms, she inhaled and as I held her close, I could feel the stress and tension in her body.

"Maybe we should homeschool..." she said, her voice muffled by my sweater.

Laughing, I tilted her back up to face me. "Are you kidding? You want to homeschool the boys?" My eyebrows lifted.

"No," she laughed. "I really don't."

Bella had made plans, once both boys were in school full-time, to work for Alice. She'd been unofficially helping her for years with some administrative work, and once Peter was out of the house, she'd be going into the office each day and earning a paycheck – something she said she very much looked forward to. She'd considered going back to being a chef, but the hours wouldn't mesh with our families and she was happy being a mom first, Alice's assistant second, and a chef again someday.

Over the next few months, we took a cruise and enjoyed each other for a full 10 days. We got Benjamin ready for Kindergarten. I took fewer shifts at the hospital and enjoyed being around Alice and Bella more, and Jasper tried as hard as he could to join us. He managed about half the time, which everyone was grateful for. We all knew he had only a few more months of working at the level he had for the past few years, and he'd reach a spot in his career where he could coast a little more.

By the time August rolled around, we were all anxious. There was a palpable nervousness in the air, but excitement, too. Even Peter kept asking when Ben would be gone to school, and repeatedly asked why he couldn't go with his brother.

I don't think any of us slept more than a few hours that night, each of us wanting to make sure we were awake and ready for Ben's first day. Bella made pancakes while Alice double-checked Ben's backpack, Japer made him a lunch, and I got him dressed. Eating breakfast together was a luxury we didn't get often, but Jasper, Alice, and I had taken the day off from work to see Ben off to school, and celebrate his first day once he was home.

As the six of us walked to the school, Alice, Peter, and I held hands, and Jasper, Bella, and Ben did the same in front of us. We kept an easy pace, chatting and waving to people as we walked by, and for the first time since we'd been on tours to find a house, I wondered what the neighbors thought. Attending the neighborhood social functions was slightly tricky, but doable as long as we kept a bit of distance from each other. Plenty of families were casually social, and we were next door neighbors, so we simply kept your hands to ourselves (as usual for public). The truth was, we each parked at our own homes, and the whole neighborhood was full of busy professionals; they probably simply never gave us a second thought.

Walking into the school, Bella knew the path to the classroom from orientation day, where Ben got to meet his teacher and find his cubby for his backpack and such.

"Look, Peter! This is my spot!"

Ben dragged his brother's hand over to the desk that would be his for the year, and began to show him all of the supplies already there. Alice and I followed Bella and Jasper up to the front of the classroom to meet the teacher.

"Mrs. Newton, nice to see you again," Bella greeted. "You remember my husband, Jasper?"

Once they'd shaken hands and exchanged a smile, Jasper stepped aside. I could see from the look in his eyes that he simply wanted to get this done and over, and he wasn't about to explain a single thing to this poor woman.

"This is Edward and Alice," he introduced.

"Very nice to meet you both," Mrs. Newton said as she shook our hands. "I'm sure Ben's going to have a great year. Is that little boy yours?" she asked, pointing to Peter as she spoke.

"This is my brother, Peter."

Ben stood proud and directed Peter's small body to the front of our group. Mrs. Newton's brow furrowed momentarily, but when Jasper shrugged and smiled, she seemed to do the same. If only everything in life was that easy.

"Okay, Ben, we're gonna go now so you can get started with your day. Give Pete a hug goodbye, sweetheart."

Bella leaned to hug and kiss him, then stepped aside so he could do the same with Peter. Watching them together was sometimes amazing, and sometimes very frightening for our future. They loved each other as brothers, but were also best friends. And worst enemies.

Alice was next with a quick hug and a kiss goodbye, and then Jasper, leaving me for last. Leaving Ben in the room was exponentially harder than I'd anticipated, and I saw the girls tearing up as we did. My chest tightened and for a brief moment, I wondered if I might cry, too. Jasper and I led the line out the door into the sunny morning, and I was grateful for my sunglasses. I noticed him conspicuously lowering his shades just as quickly as I had, and I smiled.

Peter had come outside with us, running and jumping on the grass in front of the school. In just one year, he'd be joining his big brother, and our house would become quiet during the day again. I tried not to linger on thinking about how it would impact all of us, the changing and shifting of dynamics, but I allowed myself a few indulgent moments of worry.

"Come on, Petey. Let's go see Bethany," Alice called.

"Bethany?" Jasper and I asked in unison.

Alice and Bella were walking ahead of us, each of them holding one of Peter's little hands.

"I called her up and asked her to babysit for us this afternoon," Bella explained. "I thought maybe we could use some time alone together."

"I'm not a baby!" Peter shouted.

"Of course not, little guy," Jasper said. "That's just what they call 'em."

His hands reached out to tickle the boy's sides, and I held my ground the single pace behind the four of them, observing and absorbing their dynamics.

"I thought Bethany went away to college?" I asked.

"She did," Alice said. "She came home for summer break and hasn't gone back yet. We lucked out and she's here for another few days."

I confess, my mind immediately went to the dirtiest places it could. A whole afternoon with the four of us, alone? Those were very rare. Fuck.

The rest of the walk was a challenge. It was a challenge to not run. It was a challenge to not suddenly have a raging erection for all of our neighbors to see. It was a challenge to not hoot and holler with glee.

Finally, we made it back to our houses. Bella and Alice took Peter to the other house to meet Bethany, while Jasper and I went to my house. Once we were inside, we walked to the living room and sat on the couch together. Any other time, the TV would have been turned on, some random sports program maybe, and we'd sit in companionable silence as we wound down from our days and family life. This time, however, we weren't just hanging out; we both knew there was a purpose for our being together, and from the look on Jasper's face, we were both eager.

Throwing my t-shirt over my head, I looked at Jasper and nodded for him to do the same. Standing, I pulled my shorts and boxers off, watching him repeat the actions. Once we were undressed, we sat back on the couch again, Jasper straddling my lap as we kissed. It wasn't soft or easy or slow; these were hard, needy, greedy, even.

We were so lost in each other, we didn't hear the ladies come into the house. Only when I saw them in my peripheral vision did I realize we weren't alone. Because of all the time we spent together, we had several large couches, and I tried to watch carefully (while still paying attention to Jasper) as they climbed onto the couch opposite us. Over his shoulder, I could see Alice climb on top of Bella, their bodies becoming easily wrapped up together.

Jasper's hand wrapped around me and I groaned softly as the sensations of his touch, combined with what I was seeing, overwhelmed me. As he stroked his hand up and down, his lips left mine and moved to my shoulder.

"What are they doing?" he asked quietly.

Taking a minute to simply observe, I concentrated on watching them instead of what Jasper's hands and mouth were doing. I tried, anyway. Alice was turned around above Bella, both of them seemingly submerged in pleasuring each other. In that moment, I very much envied their ability to have an orgasm and just keep going.

The passion and love between Alice and Bella simply radiated off their bodies, in their expressions and actions. I felt myself grow harder, and Jasper chuckled above me, bringing my attention back to him. My hands framed his face and brought him closer again, my lips sucking his between them. Nibbling, I teased him a bit before I let go and narrated just a tiny bit.

"Alice is above Bella," I said, practically panting. "They're in a sixty-nine position."

Jasper's hands were still wrapped firmly around my length as he scooted a little closer to me. His knees were on either side of my thighs, and I ran my hands up his upper-legs to the edges of his ass, then back to his knees as we kissed. Moving my hands to the inside of his legs, I drew them up his body again, finally wrapping my hands around him.

"I can't really see them both," I said as I slowly stroked. "Bella's head is tipped back between Alice's thighs; I can just see the outline of her chin sticking out. Alice is … Well, Alice is very busy," I said with a half-laugh. "She's using both of her hands from what I can tell, and I'm pretty sure we can both hear her."

It was true; Alice was being intentionally loud, it sounded like, but none of us would complain. The chance for us to be uninhibited and as loud as we wanted didn't come often. Between licking and sucking the areas of Bella's body she could reach, Alice was humming and moaning often at Bella's touch against hers. Soon, their noises reached the level such that Jasper and I realized they were going to come.

"Turn around," I whispered.

Complying with my request, Japer turned and leaned back against me. My arms went around his body and I continued to stroke and touch him as we watched the girls bring each other to orgasm, then carefully love and touch each other after. They spent several minutes kissing, having turned the same direction again, and for a brief moment, I wondered if they'd be done for the day.

I should have known better, though; this was Ali and Bella we were talking about, and since they'd arranged the afternoon, I knew they'd want as much as they could possibly get. Once they had a few more minutes of recovery time and looked over at us, it was as if their own private bubble had burst and they realized they weren't alone.

Walking to us, they sat beside us, their hands joining both of ours in the mix of touching and pleasuring. Bella's small fingers made their way up my body to my mouth, offering me a taste of Alice, and I groaned. My hips pressed up into Jasper and my teeth sank into his shoulder.

Soon enough, Bella was pushing a condom into my hand and Alice had the lube on the other side of us. I had to laugh. "What is it about women wanting to watch two guys together?" I asked.

"It's not just two guys," Alice said. "It's the two of you. The way you touch, the way you love each other, and the way you love us."

Reorganizing ourselves on the floor, Jasper got down on his knees in front of me, facing away from me. Alice was beneath him, her body the opposite direction from his, already stroking and licking him, her hands reaching up to touch and attend to me as well. Bella spread herself before Jasper and I could feel him adjust his body to lean down into her. Her legs were bent, feet touching Alice's, and I just observed again for a moment, watching us fall together automatically, no one arguing or contesting who was where.

Finally, I rolled the condom onto myself, more for ease of clean-up than anything else, and spread lube over my body and Jasper's. Alice's positioning made things tricky, but not impossible, and soon enough, I was pressing into Jasper. My hands gripped his hips, and Alice's covered mine, a small but significant gesture.

As we all moved together, I could hear the quiet whispers shared from each of us. They built to a crescendo when Jasper's mouth and fingers made Bella come again. Hearing her, knowing what they were doing, and feeling what Jasper's body was doing to mine, pushed me closer to my own peak. Alice's hands were still moving over mine, touching and stroking me, reminding me of our intimacy even in this moment.

Soon after Bella had screamed through her release, I heard and then felt Jasper coming. Alice's hands tightened over mine, and I lost it completely a moment later. Stilling my movements, I rode out my orgasm, concentrating on the feeling of pulsing inside Jasper, and our shared pleasure.

After we'd all caught our breath and laid together snuggling on the floor for a bit, someone suggested we relax in the jacuzzi tub and have lunch after. I could hardly believe how much time had passed, but we all knew our alone time would be quickly over.

Once the water was run and the tub was full with us in it, we sat and relaxed together. Even just this simple pleasure had become a scarcity, and I made a mental note to make sure we get more time all together from that point on. I knew it happened in every relationship, but there was no reason we couldn't work to bring things back to the point they'd been when we first moved in together, when we could never get enough of each other, especially the four of us together.

Bubbles and love surrounded us in the water, and we whispered quietly, laughed uproariously, and loved so fiercely in that moment. Without it being spoken and agreed upon, none of us had brought up any real life issues; we simply laughed, reminisced, and talked about the positive things in our life.

When we'd all turned into prunes, we climbed out and put our robes on. In the kitchen, we each pitched in to make a light lunch, then sat and ate together. The playful mood returned as we fed each other, kissed, and touched more.

"How long until our time is up?" I asked, wanting to mentally plan out the rest of the freedom we had.

Alice and Bella looked at the clock, then each other. "Only about an hour," Alice said.

"Well, we can do an awful lot in an hour," Jasper said. "Let's clean up later, come on." Standing, Jasper reached out his hands to what seemed like all of us. "I want to slow down this time, I miss all of you. All of us. This."

As he spoke, he was already opening everyone's robes. Leading us all back to the bedroom, I wondered exactly what he had planned – he only had two hands and one mouth, and with limited time, there were only so many things feasible.

Tossing our robes to the floor, we followed Jasper to the bed, climbing on after him. The three of us seemed to sort of compete to give Jasper the attention he was so strongly in need of, but after a few minutes, it was just useless. I tugged at Bella and we shifted to the end of the bed, our bodies tangling together in a familiar pattern. We kissed and touched slowly, softly, our goal not to bring each other to orgasm, but just to simply absorb as much of each other and provide the greatest amount of pleasure we could.

Somehow, after a few minutes, Jasper and Alice had joined us and the tangle of limbs grew again. Speaking softly, I began to position each of us into a sort of a square – I had Jasper and myself lying underneath each of the girls, at the opposite ends of the bed. Alice and Bella were above us simply because they weighed less. I wasn't sure how long we'd be in this position, but it seemed better to be practical and err on the side of caution, plus there was less choking hazard potential this way, I realized with a light laugh.

There were legs hanging off the bed, and it wasn't ideal, but there weren't many "ideal" positions that had all four of us together. Once we were situated and comfortable, I reached my hand to the center of our square and made quick eye contact with Jasper. His hand moved out to mine, and soon, the girls joined as well. We weren't just holding hands, we were touching, grabbing, scratching, and stroking, keeping the physical connection between the four of us.

Alice was above my face, legs spread and knees bent awkwardly because of the 90 degree angle. Bella was down at my lower half. The selfish side of me wanted to get an audio recording of us , so I could listen to the sounds we made in these moments together over and over again. The noises from the four of us wove a melodic song that, even in that moment, was something I craved. I knew each of them so intimately, and they me, that I could tell what their faces would look like, what their bodies were doing, and how they were riding their waves of pleasure, based mostly on the noises.

Keeping one of my hands in the middle, I used the other to touch and stroke as much as I could reach of both Bella and Alice. They were both touching me and it didn't take long for us to each reach orgasm. As one person came, they would snuggle up and cuddle with the rest of us, until we were once again a heap of bodies.

I was grateful we had a few minutes until Ben would be done at school and real life would invade again. Sharing the pillows, we touched and talked about the rest of the day.

"Movie?" I suggested.

"Maybe," Alice said. "Pizza for dinner, for sure. Maybe popcorn. More love. God, I've missed this. It's not the same without everyone." Her voice was wistful, sad, but hopeful, too. It wasn't that we had problems, it was simply a matter of having time.

We debated pizza toppings, movie choices, and things for the boys to do before Bella's phone chirped, an alarm she'd set to make sure she wasn't late.

"Alice and I can go get Ben. We'll just take a quick shower and you two can lounge a bit before you come over, okay?" Bella said.

Jasper and I curled together, nodding at them as they walked to the shower hand-in-hand.

"What a day," Jasper said.

"I know. We're so lucky. So lucky," I repeated. "We have so much, two great women, each other, two great kids." I sighed and pulled him closer.

"I worry," he confessed. "I worry about the kids, about my career. Everything."

In that moment, I felt the weight of his words, and the weight of his worry. I wanted to take it all away for him, but I couldn't.

"I know you do. I do, too, I just try not to let it rule me. We'll be fine. It doesn't matter what happens with your job, or with mine. Kids can be nasty, but I'm sure we'll make our way through okay. Ben and Peter will be fine; they'll need therapy for all the normal issues." I laughed and rubbed his arm, trying to comfort him as best I could.

"Do you ever think it would just be easier without me?" he asked in a whisper.

My body shot up and I sat in bed, turning to face him.

"Jasper, I seriously don't ever want to hear you fucking ask or suggest that again. Are you kidding me? You can't leave me with them!" I laughed again, my hands reaching out to take his and squeeze them lightly. "I mean, can you imagine? They'd run me over and things would be imbalanced and wrong. So very wrong. You're an important part of this, just like I am, and Alice, and Bella."

Feeling the word vomit rise in my throat, I tried to comfort him as best I could without overwhelming him.

"Baby, I know you worry, but this is what we have each other for. Talk to me more. If you need a night to yourself to think, or a guy's night, we can do that. Whatever you need, we're all here for you."

That Jasper ever considered himself a throw-away part of our equation saddened and scared me. My words had been genuine; there was no "us" without him.

Alice and Bella came out of the bathroom, dried off but still nude, and got dressed as we all four talked and did more planning for the night. When they'd left, I turned to Jasper again.

"I mean it, you know."

"I know you do. Thank you."

We took our turn in the shower, casually and comfortably washing each other. There was something different between us, and although I always knew I loved Jasper, it snapped into clarity that day just how much I needed him.

Walking together to the other house, we were quiet. Our bodies were close together, but no words were needed in that moment. Of course, once we got inside and within sight of both boys, it was mayhem. Ben tackled me to the ground and Peter did similar to Jasper. As we rolled and wrestled with our boys, I exchanged a glance with Jasper – a silent, "This is what you'd be missing." The small incline of his head, followed by his loving but tight grip on my biological son told me he knew everything he needed to be reminded of.

Later that night, after the boys had been bathed and tucked into bed, we shared pizza, popcorn, and Reese's Pieces. We snuggled close on the couch, and I sent up so many thoughts and hopes into the universe. When the bottle of wine we'd opened was empty, another followed, and then part of another.

We curled up on the bed, tipsy, sated (in more ways than one), and blissfully reminded of our love for each other. Hands crossed bodies, legs rested on hips and between other legs, and it was sweaty, blissful goodness. We talked about everything: politics, money, jobs, sex, sexuality, kids... It was the perfect ending to the night.

It was also perfect because it was us. The people in this house were the only ones I needed, forever.

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