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"Bella, hurry up! We are never going to make it in time!" Alice screamed at me.

She was a little on edge. We were going to some party of Edward's and her boyfriend, Jasper, was going to be there. She hadn't seen in him almost 2 months and she couldn't wait to "reconnect" with him.

I really didn't want to go. The only people I would know were Alice and Jasper, who I probably wouldn't see at all because they would most likely be off in some bedroom somewhere. I would also know Rosalie and her boyfriend, Edward. And it was his party, so there was no way he was going to have time for me. Plus, I didn't really like Edward, he was cocky and rude and didn't care about anyone but himself. I still didn't understand why Rose loves him so much.

"I'm coming Alice, gosh! That excited already?" I laughed. Rose, who was standing by the door waiting for us, just rolled her eyes.

"No, I just want to get there before it's morning. Oh, Bella, by the way. You're Emmett McCarthy's date tonight." She said it like it was nothing. Like she had just overlooked that small detail.

"WHAT! Alice are you nuts? There is no way I'm going to that party to hang out with some jock, whose just going to get plastered!" She had this big grin on her face and I could already see that I had lost. I would be going to this party and I was going to be Emmett's date, whether I liked it or not.

"Silly Bella. He isn't going to get drunk. Edward said that he really likes you. Emmett was the one who asked me to set you guys up. I don't think that he wants to blow this." O yeah. Trust Edward! Edward was Emmett's best friend, he was also Alice's brother.

"Fine. Let's get this fuck fest started." I said sarcastically. Alice giggled and jumped up and down.

"Yeah!" she squealed. "Now lets go!" We all three walked out of the dorm and down to Alice's car, heading for doom.


By the time we got the party it was 10. It had taken us 3 hours to get there and I was already ready for bed.

We got out of the car and you could hear rap music playing from inside. The door was open so we just walked in. We must have looked pretty good because everyone turned and stared. Whether it was the jealous girls with their glares or the guys with their big cheesy grins.

Alice immediately ran to Jasper and they ran upstairs. Rose went to find Edward, so I was left alone, standing around like a idiot.

"I need a drink" I mumbled and walked to the bar and got a beer.

I was about to leave when I felt someone's breath on my neck. "So, I'm your date?" he whispered.

I turned around to see Emmett smiling. Wow. I never recognized how good looking he was, but then again, of course the quarterback for the football team would be gorgeous.

"I'm Emmett, you're Bella?" He was so sweet. Maybe Alice was right, maybe he wasn't so bad.

I just nodded. I was afraid that if I tried to talk I would ramble on or something.

"Sit?" he asked, pointing to a couch in a secluded corner. I nodded again and his smile got bigger.

We sat and drank and talked for what seemed like forever.

We were laughing and flirting when the song Candy Shop by 50 Cent started blasting through the speakers.

"Oh my gosh! I love this song!" I giggled. I was to far gone to care if people were staring at me, so I just jumped up and grabbed Emmett's hand.

I leaned forward so my lips where at his ear "Dance with me?" I asked. Pulling him, swaying my hips side to side as we made our way onto the dance floor.

I started grinding my hips, swaying them to the beat of the music. Rubbing my ass up against his cock. He moaned and I turned to smile at him.

I continued to dance. I could hear boys whistling and hollering. I smiled again. Did we really look that good?

He starting whispering the words in my ear . . . . .

I'll take you to the candy shop

I'll let you lick the lollipop

Go 'head girl don't you stop

Keep goin' til you hit the spot

Damn! His lips look so good. Maybe just one taste. I leaned in to kiss him. He kissed me back passionately.

When the song stopped, I stopped kissing, and looked up at him, seeing nothing but lust and want in his eyes.

He picked me up bridal style and just walked out of the room, carrying me upstairs. Just like that.

"I can walk you know?" I giggled. He put me down and I grabbed him by the shirt collar, kissing him. I found an empty room and guided him into it, still kissing him. I pushed him onto the bed and slowly climbed my way up his body, finally finding his lips. Kissing him too hard.

"Mmmmm. . . .sexy," he growled in my ear. He started to take off my shirt. It was cute to watch him fumble with the buttons, seeing as he was about as drunk as me.

I eventually got impatient and just ripped the thing off. When he unzipped his pants and flung them off I saw how hard he was already. I smiled, but then I started thinking.

Is this really happening? Its not like I hadn't done it before, I just hadn't done it with a guy that met Emmett's standards. He was strong and muscular. He was the star of the football team for cryin' out load. He wasn't even my type, but all the same time he was absolutely perfect.

What the hell?! We have protection, right?

After that little thought escaped my mind, I proceeded to have the hottest, drunken sex of my life.