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Chapter inspirational song: Fidelity by Regina Spektor

I glanced at the clock sitting menacingly on my bedside table. I groaned and threw the dingy duvet up and jumped up from the bed, and ran to my bathroom where I picked up a pair of discarded worn jeans and a random t-shirt. I spent only seconds glancing up into the mirror and feeling a rush of relief for the fact that I by chance decided to shower the night before. I haphazardly dressed myself and dragged a brush through my hair and scrubbed my teeth erasing the morning breath I had acquired. I found my shoes and socks and put them on and then applied the lightest of make-up to my pale face. I checked to make sure I had all the necessities, pants, shoes, and shirt and then ran out of my room and grabbed my jacket and bag before snatching up my keys and slamming my door to my little apartment behind me.

I climbed into my little junky car and started the engine, glancing once more at my three dollar heart shaped clock necklace I cursing softly at my tardiness and drove myself to work, growling, sighing and cursing to myself at every red light, bad driver, and pedestrian who chose to cross my path all the way to the little café, called Moon Penny, where I worked.

I walked into Moon Penny and stepped behind the counter just as my manager, a squat, plump little woman named Felicia, emerged from the back room.

"Bella, sweetheart, this is the third time this month that you've been late to work, I can't tolerate this, you're going to have to try harder to get here on time, or I'm going to have to let you go" Felicia said calmly, she was a fine manager, and was always sympathetic to her employees, it's not her fault I pulled double shifts last night and was exhausted. I nodded and donned my apron.

"I'm so sorry Felicia, it won't happen again, I need to buy a new alarm clock," I said quietly. She nodded and smiled slightly before walking off to greet the customers. I groaned and started wiping down the counters, and arranging the mismatched colorful coffee cups into a somewhat organized stack when I heard the bell above the door ring signaling someone entering the café. I put my rag away and started brewing a fresh pot of the house blend in the giant coffee machine. I heard someone sit down at the counter and I turned around and froze. The boy sitting at the counter was truly and wholly the most absolutely stunning person I had ever seen. His bronze hair, disheveled and bright, hung in a few messy strands in front of his face, but did not hide the startlingly brilliant emerald eyes. His mouth was pulled up in a crooked half smile, which beautifully light up his entire face. I was awe struck. I recovered after a moment and stepped up to the counter.

"I, uh, what can I get you?" I asked, stumbling over my words. His smile grew wider making the air around him shimmer. He glanced over my head for a second to look at the menu and then reconnected his eyes with mine.

"I'll take a cup of your regular house coffee" He said in the most attractive voice I'd ever had the pleasure of hearing, it was like a chorus of angels singing to the ringing of thousands of golden bells. I inhaled sharply and smiled.

"Anything else?" I asked cocking my head slightly to the side, I was pleading inwardly he'd say something, anything, just so I could hear him speak again. He grinned.

"What is your favorite kind of cookie here?" He asked in his alluring voice. I nearly forgot how to breath, and in seconds shook out of it and thought about the question I was just asked.

"Oatmeal chocolate chip" I said decidedly, and on cue my stomach growled and I mentally slapped myself for not eating breakfast. He kept smiling and I prayed he didn't notice.

"Two of those too please." I smiled and reached under the counter to grab a blue coffee cup. After setting it in front of the beautiful boy I reached for the pot of coffee and somehow managed not to burn or injure myself as I now faced the most difficult cup of coffee I'd ever had to pour. I could feel his eyes on me as I filled his cup with the steaming liquid and set the pot back on the burner and as I walked over to the baked goods display and took the two best looking cookies from the tray with the tongs and set them on a plate. I set the plate in front of him and he thanked me with his melodic voice that sent shivers through me. He slid a ten-dollar bill on the counter and I took it and returned him his change. With a final smile I turned almost reluctantly around and leaned against the back counter wanting to hide in the coffee filters, I couldn't believe this, this striking god-like creature of a boy was sitting behind me drinking coffee while my heart was fluttering madly in my chest. I was dazed beyond belief.

"By the way, my name is Edward." I heard him say, I turned around to see him staring at me, I wasn't a hundred percent sure that he had actually spoken to me. I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

"Oh, I'm Bella, it's nice to meet you" I said walking over to the counter and leaning against it slightly. He reached his slender hand out towards me and I grasped it and shook it. There was like an electric current between our hands that almost made me jump, I did, however drop my hand at once and blushed deeply.

"So, do you like the Ramones?" He asked lightly, I stared at him in confusion and he gestured towards my t-shirt. I looked down, and realized I was wearing an old faded Ramones band shirt; I hadn't actually assessed what I was wearing today.

"Actually no, this is the result of needing new clothes and only having 10 dollars on you at the time, thrift store original." I said rolling my eyes and smiling at him. He laughed. And I thought his voice was appealing. His light peal of laughter was like a caress to my ears, I was kind of dazed by it.

We talked for hours, only pausing when a customer came to the counter or more coffee needed brewing, it was a slow day today, and Felicia was bound to let me off early. Talking to Edward was like talking to an old friend, we had so much in common and there was a natural flow between us, conversation came easily. Four o'clock rolled around and Felicia walked behind the counter.

"Bella, you can go now, I'm going to close up early today." She said and I thanked her taking my apron off. I stepped from behind the counter.

"Would you like to have dinner with me?" Edward asked as I put my jacket on, I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I would love to," I said walking outside with him. I shoved my hands into my bag and retrieved my keys.

"I'll pick you up around seven, where do you live?" He asked, brandishing his own set of keys.

"Uh, Samson Apartments, it's on—"

"Revelry lane." He completed for me. I smiled.

"Yeah, you know where it is?" I asked, slightly raising an eyebrow at his astonished expression. I laughed inside, a shocked Adonis.

"Yeah, I live there." I gasped in surprise.

"Really? Where? I've never seen you there before." I said thinking, they weren't that large of apartments, and how could I have missed him?

"Apartment thirty-seven C" I gawked. "What?"

"Forty C." I said rolling my eyes, of course. The most gorgeous person on the face of the earth lives just down the hall from me and I didn't know it. He grinned broadly.

"Well, small world eh? Okay, how about six o'clock, I'll come meet you at your door and we'll go get us some nourishment." I couldn't help but grin, and I nodded and we walked to our cars.

My heart fluttered with excitement and astonishment. I had a date with someone almost too incredibly wonderful, and they lived not fifty paces away, and naturally, this person has been living under my nose for the last who knows how long and I haven't noticed. I couldn't help but be excited as I saw his car behind me, and his Ray Bans flash in the light illuminated by his wide, wide smile.

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