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So In Love That You Act Insane

Chapter 1: Let the Games Begin!

Make the best of what you've got.

That's what John Hennigan has taught me over the past few weeks. Not in those exact words, but that was the basic moral of the story.

I'd never taken the time to get to know him before this whole incident in catering. He has some interesting quirks about him. The arrogance is ever-present, but he's basically a nice guy to people he has no personal vendetta against. He's slightly on the bossy side, but honestly, I need to be bossed around sometimes. If I had listened when Matt and my dad tried to tell me not to get involved with Jeff, I wouldn't be in this unfortunately bitter state of mind.

He'd been my... replacement for Matt as of late, as terrible as that sounds. I feel like such a bitch for abandoning Matt and Amy like this to spend time with John, but... it's probably easier on them too.

They don't have to pick and choose between Jeff and I.

Because if anyone thinks I'm not pissed off after what he said in catering, they're stupid.

I mean, I still talk to them, just not as often. Not often at all. I think it will just be uncomfortable because of their ties to my former lover. With John, there's nothing like that. He and Jeff are merely acquaintances.

I haven't even spoken to my father yet since I found out about him and Sara.

But everything might change for me now.

The 2008 Draft is tonight. I'm getting selected to go over to Smackdown. So is Jeff, unfortunately. And my father is staying put on Smackdown. So I'll have to face them both I suppose at some point.

ECW is going to start traveling alongside RAW now, which pisses me off because I'm becoming so close and dependant when it comes to John. But luckily Miz and Morrison are popular enough to be involved in the both the Smackdown and RAW tapings, so I'll get to see him most weeks.

The thing with John is when he bosses me around, I actually listen, because he doesn't cave in and let me do whatever I want. He's called me spoiled on numerous occasions and has given me the nickname princess, which normally wouldn't irritate me. But the fact that he calls me that because he thinks I'm a brat annoys me.

I could hear the music playing and knew the images of everyone on the RAW and ECW rosters flashed before the music stopped and the roar of the crowd told me that my image was on the titantron. My music hit and I jumped through the curtain enthusiastically, even if that wasn't how I was feeling at this moment.

The dread of being stuck with Jeff and my father with no one to constantly lean on was too much for me to feel good.

Smackdown wasn't what it used to be when I'd been on it.

I was still a face even though those pictures of Devine and I that had leaked out on the internet got me a lot of heat, mostly from the Jeff fangirls. I had been labeled as a cheater, even though I technically hadn't cheated on Jeff. People didn't know the situation though. They just believed what they wanted to believe or made up their own reasons. But I have no idea what they're going to do with me on Smackdown.

Put me back with my dad?

God, I hope not.

Revive my romance with Jeff?

Please, no.

I just really don't want to have to deal with either of those situations. I'm going to avoid them both as long as I can.

As the show went to commercial, I went down the ramp and signed a few things, took a few pictures and slapped a few hands before I was told by a stage hand that they were going back on the air in a minute and disappeared backstage.

I took a deep breath when I was out of the crowd's view and tried to think positively, even though I've been in an extremely cynical state of mind as of late. This was my chance to start over, right? Clean slate. That's what John had pointed out last night in the hotel gym.

"You'll be okay. Things might suck right now, but you just need to get over it."

Some might say his words are harsh. But that's the only way anyone could really get through to me at this point. Unfortunately, the recent events of my crumbling life had left me feeling as though I couldn't rely on anyone I had been close to beforehand.

That's why I clung to John.

He was fresh; new. The first step in this transformation I desperately needed to go through.

I needed to find him. The dread of going to Smackdown was setting in once again as I passed a few superstars who were staying here on RAW. Superstars I was comfortable with now. Superstars who'd already gotten the whispering about me out of the way and just didn't care anymore.

But once again, I was fresh meat on Smackdown. They would all be wondering about the interactions I'd inevitably be having with Jeff and my father sure enough.

Sure, this place was just like high school.

But high school didn't have roster drafts.

I glanced in to catering to see if John was in there, but he wasn't. Amy and Matt were though. They waved me over and I blinked a few times, contemplating what I would rather do; go see John, or be confronted by the friends I'd been avoiding.

Yeah, the latter just isn't that appealing.

I gave them an apologetic look and mouthed 'later' to them before pulling my head back out the door and turning, almost colliding with another body.

An all too familiar body.

I hung my head, not even wanting to look in those green, tiger-eyes and trying to step by, but that awkward stepping the same way thing kept happening and I began getting flustered. "Sorry," I mumbled, still averting my eyes and making it clear I was going to the left.

I was cut off again.

This time I knew it had been on purpose though.

My curiosity got the better of me and my eyes flickered up to see Jeff with a crease in his brow. I let out a long breath at the first real look I'd taken at him in a while.

He looked enigmatically gorgeous, as always.

There was something strange in those eyes though. Something I couldn't quite place and made my stomach feel a little funny.

Again, I tried to pass him, but Jeff sidestepped me on both tries, standing in front of me like he was... expecting something.

I began getting frustrated. "Will you please move?!" I snapped, giving him the hardest stare I could muster.

I could feel my face get hot as I took a step back, watching the smirk lift on to Jeff's lips. What is going on? Why is he being so weird?

Instead of doing or saying something as I was anticipating, he stepped to the side, gesturing for me to pass him as if he hadn't just basically cornered me and purposely prevented me from leaving.

Giving him an odd look, I slowly passed by in the direction I had planned to go looking for John, not able to help glancing back at Jeff questionably, only to find his intense stare fixed on me as I made my way down the hall, quickly turning to face the front once I caught his eyes.

What was that all about? Why did he do that? My heart was beating a mile a minute for some reason, and I furiously knocked on the locker room I knew John's things were in.

The door opened and the Miz stood there in his ring gear, not shocked at the sight of me, but seemingly concerned by the troubled look I knew was on my face.

"I need John," I muttered, to which Mike nodded and disappeared back inside the locker room. It only took another second for the door to open again.

John made an 'oomph' sound as I collapsed into him, my arms wrapping tightly around his waist. He sighed and returned the embrace, not as tightly, leading me away form the door where a collection of eavesdroppers were peering out curiously.

"Can't you just come to Smackdown please? Talk to Vince or something?" I begged, my voice muffled by his shirt-clad shoulder.

"No I can't. Me being there all the time is just going to be another crutch. We already went over this." I sobbed at his all too true words. It would just be so much easier if he'd cave once in a while. He did soften a little when he realized I started crying. "What happened?" he asked, concerned. His hands pushed against my shoulders so he could look at my face.

I rubbed my forehead and huffed, shaking my head. "I don't know. I just ran in to Jeff and he was really weird. And I absolutely blew off Matt and Amy again..."

"What did he do?" he wondered, looking slightly surprised. Jeff had seemingly been avoiding me as well as of late. But after what had just happened, I have no idea what's going on in that mind of his.

"He just like... wouldn't let me by when I was trying to go down the hall. But he didn't say anything. I don't know if he's playing some sick game or what..."

"Did he touch you?" I shook my head, noticing the slight flare in John's expression. Jeff might be weird, but he's not forceful or abusive, which is the kind of touching I knew John was referring to.

"He would never do anything like that." John curled his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into his side.

"Well, I don't know what's up with him, but just come in here with me for now, okay? The guys won't care." Nodding, I let him bring me into the locker room which was littered with the ECW superstars that were present tonight, each one of them eyeing the two of us curiously as we occupied a couch in the corner.