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Spoilers: Witchhunt

A/N: This story really had no point I was just in a Gabby mood and just started typing. I don't know. It is a multi chapter fic, so don't worry.


Halloween is the time of year that all the crazies come out. DiNozzo has made it perfectly clear that he hates Halloween, for all obvious reasons. I don't say anything, but I second that motion. Not only do you have to deal with strange people dressed in stranger costumes, but then they have to decorate every surface of their house, yard and sometimes animals to get "into it". Whatever that means. I for one have always disliked it. Never made any sense to me why adult people would spend wads of cash on fake blood and guts. Like I said before, Halloween is the time when crazy people come out of the woodwork. No I don't like Halloween…

Until I walk in her lab and I see her costume for this year. I am seriously tempted to change my mind and declare Halloween my most favorite holiday. Because her costume this year is Marilyn Monroe and I mean it's complete with wig and dress and everything to make you go weak in the knees. She always does this. I don't know why this year is any different. Every year she dresses up for her "favorite" holiday and comes into the office to show us all her costume before she heads to whatever party she has planned for the evening. This year though, she didn't. As if she new it would be the highlight of the night. She wasn't wrong in that regard. Most definitely the highlight of the day, month and even year. And I'm not the only one that thinks that if DiNozzo and McGee's reactions are any indication.

She never misses a beat, as though it's just another day and any other case. She goes into explaining all the things that she, McGee and DiNozzo have found in regards to the kidnapped little girl and the dead skeleton on Ducky's autopsy table. I listen and then hand out my orders, expecting them to be tended to without hesitation. But when I turn around…they haven't even acknowledged that I said anything muchless was in the room. They both have that dazed look on their face like they can't get enough of her and are ready to devour her. Yep, this needs to end Now. So I decide the best tactic is to do the usual headslap and get their attention. They run of with a "Yes Boss" and "On it Boss" and don't turn around on their way out. Abby is no help, she just keeps looking at me with one of her trade mark smirks. I just can't resist.

"Not bad for a blonde" I say and her smirk grows into a grin to match mine I have to say. I can't help it she just brings it out of me.

"You know that there's no statistical evidence that proves that blondes have lower IQ's then any other hair color." She says. I'm already heading for the door, because if I stay another minute in these close quarters with her I can't be responsible for my actions. Never has a blonde been more attractive to me then she is right now. And I'm suppose to be with Hollis. So before I have time to think I say the first thing that comes to mind.

"I'll take your word for it Abbs."

This of course gets another smirk from her and then as I leave the room she says,

"There's more if you're interested, Mr. President."

I stopped dead in my tracks and for a split second try to decide if I am interested. Before I can stop myself I've turned and popped my head back through the doorway and see her looking back at me with the most seductive smirk I have ever seen on a woman. As if she knew I would come back, because whether people want to believe it or not… I am very interested and she knows it. Ever the professional she gets back on topic and I leave still not fully aware of what just happened between the two of us, but sure something has.

This could get interesting…