Guess what I'm back!

Sadly I'm not updating either of the stories already posted but this one is a bit more on the light hearted side and my doctor says I have to keep my blood pressure down so that they can operate on Monday. Hence Prowl abuse.

In the past several months I have become a closet PJ fan. Can't deny it.


Prowl tried to keep himself calm. Fritzing how over how illogical the situation was would do him no good. Who wanted to suffer a frozen logic center when accepting a position from Prime himself? He kept a blank expression as the larger red and blue mech offered him status not only as lead tactician and strategist but second in command of the Autobot forces. Why he was being offered this position? Prime was merely impressed with his work in controlling his own unit in Praxis, Prime said he saw the 'potential' that rested in the black and white mech.

In hindsight Prowl realized he should have asked what happened to the previous SIC; unfortunately like many mechs offered such a position from Prime, he was far to elated to worry. With a curt nod he accepted the offer.

Optimus watched the serious mech before him, wondering briefly if the other was pleased or annoyed, it was hard to tell.


It wasn't long at all before he found himself on a transport headed to Prime's Iacon base. Among the handful of passengers the most focus was given to a set of bots who didn't seem to understand the art of being subtle, or to appreciate personal space unless it was their own. They recounted amongst themselves a recent battle with the Decepticons, the red mech gestured wildly, punctuating each hit. The yellow mech beside him was less animated but glared at half the mechs within the transport.

Several times Prowl overheard them mention Prime and assumed they were a few new recruits to Prime's unit, like himself, shipping out to Prime's base. He was certain the pair were in for a rude awakening when they arrived. He doubted Prime, or his weapons specialist would allow mechs on base to act in such an unprofessional manner. Sadly it wasn't yet his place to correct or control the pair so he turned his attention to other matters.


The obnoxious pair beat him off the transport, over confident steps led the way as Prowl followed them down the ramp into the base hanger. The last thing the tactician expected was to see the two brightly colored mechs diving to the side and a wrench careening towards him. A solid clang echoed in the hanger as all the mechs present stilled. Several glanced at the black and white who stood stark still, as if the hit had stunned him. Several more were looking at the red and white medic at the bottom of the ramp who'd launched the assaulting tool.

The red and yellow mechs were the first to break the silence with their snickering. "Ratchet! Don't you think it's a little early to be hitting the new guy?" Sideswipe questioned.

The medic seemed a bit put off, crossing his arms in defense, "If he can't dodge that he'll never make it around here." Standing by his word his glare settled on the twins, "You two. Medbay. Now!"

Not about to provoke the medic any further the pair scampered off as ordered. Still motionless on the ramp a soft sizzling sound was the only indication of several circuits in Prowl's logic center frying.

Thus began one hell of a promotion.