A Chapter of Random Nothingness


Out of all the topics this outrageous world can offer, I only read three: general knowledge, opinions, and Seiftis. (Plus some necessary stuff like subtitles, instructions and product labels.)

Before anything else, before you react with "WTF is this!" I wanna tell you guys that I just wanted to make this section more of like an opinion-driven chapter than a story-driven one because personally, I simply ENJOY and get hooked on reading and listening to people's opinions than their stories that most books I read aren't novels but coffeetable books. I'll just put in some humor here so that you won't get easily bored. The purpose of this section is to rant and explain most things why this is this, and that is that, and how all those this and that affected the story.

Besides, the more I write this, the synopsis and the logic behind what I write, the more I realize what I'm actually writing and what I want to write.

Personal Ranting as to Why My Fic Became So

To begin with, I'm tired of watching those two characters being stricken by the heavy sombre forces of a regretful past, a shitty meaning for existence, tarnished with loneliness and regret, battered by the world's hate and woes, filled to the brim by angst and bitterness…ENOUGH ALREADY! I mean, haven't they had enough already in the course of the game? I sure had enough of it.

So I took into account: no wars, no antagonist, no suicidal notes, no inner demons, no sadness—the kind that would make you want to bury your fists in the monitor seeing the misery of the two. I guess I just love the characters too much to write them a story that would taint another scar into their existence. I wanted to write about them a story of hope…a refreshing start, one that could lead to change and one that could make them find each other in the end…one that could give them their own happily ever after in the end. I wanted it to be light, wanted it rid of every burden of pain; they deserve to be happy, so I got rid of their past, threw them a present and made their lives entwine, that they might find their future together. More than anything else, I wanted them to be together and in love in such a way that it could last a lifetime, if not an eternity.

A fairytale…one that begins with "Once Upon a Time" and ends with "And they lived happily ever after." A fairytale of change, a transition between what was then and the possibility of what could be. A plot line not imbued with blood but with little cheesy moments. A kind of plot that isn't as shallow as a puddle, but not as deep as to drown you. It is a story meant to tickle the heart, not shatter it by furious scenes and angst of attempted suicide. I wanted it light but with a little depth…that's why I chose it to be a fairytale. That's why I made two plots and woven it to one. A light humorous thought of forcing to impossible individuals to fall in love, and a fairytale between a beauty and a beast on finding true love amidst the difference of struggle in finding themselves to fit in…and to realize that they belonged to each other and deserved a happy ending. It wasn't two tarnished souls finding healing, rather, it was two dreamers who believed in hope and waiting for their fairytale ending to happen.

I guess the whole concept of this fic is that the entire Seifer and Quistis pair-up is just a whole lot of fun. The main thing about what I wrote is that everything revolved around the love story, not the development of Seifer and Quistis' individual persona nor their relationship with other characters, but the development of the relationship itself with the idea of different possibilities of how they would come to realize that they are meant for each other…hence, the different approaches of those in the bet on how to make them fall.

And lastly,

A Note on Fairytales:

= Fairytales don't backtrack – That's why I never really touched on the subject on their past except on the first chapter. All fairytale stories go with a forward flow, never jumps from present to past because when you tell a tale, you tend to tell it chronologically. That's why I never wrote anything about their childhood, nor did I make a conversation about their past. To make you recall, it was in Chapter 3 when Quistis attempted to help Seifer recall their childhood, but he closes it off with, "Nah, don't bother...I don't wanna remember."

= Fairytales are not mystery stories – The story is told to your face, not the one that makes you solve the story like a puzzle. That's why the depth isn't so much, and the plot didn't involve twisting words that gives dual meanings or mislead you into thinking otherwise. Basically you are spoon-fed with everything you need to know, any unsaid words is due to the laziness of the author to elaborate or explain…yup…I too get tired of making a lot of fuss about nothing…so don't worry, if you think I purposely left something out to make a mystery, then HA-HA, that's not a mystery…that was unspoken because I was lazy enough to write it. The only hidden meanings are those which will be explained in my per chapter synopsis.

= Fairytales are love stories – So duh! This is a love story more than anything. The biggest weighing plot is the love story, everything else i.e. action scenes, comedy, horror, etc. simply comes in bits and pieces, never overshadowing the love story. And they tend to be cheesy as well…and perhaps corny at times.

= Fairytales tend to stay in the middle ground – By that I mean, it's not exaggerated and overrated. You are not meant to be overwhelmed by the flow of emotions…so whoever cried in this fic just took it the wrong way. Hahaha! By being in the middle, you maintain that balance of being happy and sad…I mean, you don't drop dead with angst or jump to the ceiling with shock…you just either sway forward and backward—okay, that was bad analogy…but you should get my point by now.

= Fairytales are fantasies – Hence, Final Fantasy VIII! Hahaha! Corny….

= Fairytales begin with "Once Upon a Time" and ends with "And they lived happily ever after."

= Fairytales are happy stories.

=Fairytales are NOT fables (in a way)

Why Seifer and Quistis?

Because in all my years of playing games, watching movies, cartoons, anime, reading books, and simply living, they're the two characters I personally find the most interesting pair to pursue. I mean, never is there a character I found so fun to think about, imagine, make stories, draw and play around than those two. I guess it's because of their chemistry in terms of physical appearance, thoughts, attitude, past, roles in the game, everything about them I just seem to find a match. Like, DAMN! their equation beats Einstein's e=mc2! I know there had been a couple of synopsis of the whole Seiftis/Quifer idea floating around and I love reading them, but to personally reflect on my opinion as why they matter so much to me is left to the concept of perfect chemistry.

And although striking at their bitterness may sound interesting, the clichéness of it made me want to avoid it…so I went the other way around, strike their playful, more optimistic (I was looking for a little more understated word than optimistic but couldn't find one) attitude towards a hopeful life.

Character Representations

Seifer's Role as Beast:

The term beast could be used two ways, physically and mentally…in Seifer's case, it's obviously not the physical. Just like beast, his greatest downfall was his ego. He is hot tempered, incapable of controlling his emotions, tactless in words, single-minded, has command over others, demands sheer respect through taunting, full of pride and confidence, rude, overprotective, had a regretful past, felt helpless about his situation but eventually becomes Prince Charming. What pushed me to consider Seifer to become Beast is that I love the fact that they seem like this really manly hulk that no one could control, but when faced with someone who could match her tone with his, he tends to listen…just have to give the guy a piece of your mind to get the attention. I find that a really charming trait. And perhaps Seifer's Beast because the story pushes him to change for this particular lovely lady who caught his attention.

Quistis' Role as Belle:

To be quite honest, the whole Beauty and the Beast thing came to exist because of so much resemblance in terms of character. Quistis seems to be the most beautiful girl in the Garden just like Belle in her village; she doesn't exactly fit in a normal crowd; brave, intelligent, tactful, sensitive, friendly, and strong-willed; loves to read books (particularly novels) and presumably believes in the concept of fairytales since they seem hopeful for a man in shining armor to sweep her off her feet; and what is most probably most intriguing to me is that she possesses this certain panache to make a beast change. I mean, screw the rest of the fairytales! This was IT! They simply fit so much that I had to incorporate Beauty and the Beast in this fic even if it means killing the guy sitting right next to me.

Squall's Role as Fake Beast and an Ass:

Selphie made him play the role of the Beast with Seifer as the understudy…let's compare that to the game. Squall is the main character who doesn't fit his role while Seifer is downstage waiting and unsure if he ever even gets to play Squall's part at all…now let's get to my story…Squall sucks, so he is kicked off the stage and Seifer puts on his shoes and finishes it off with flying colors!

The first time I played Final Fantasy VIII which was about eight years ago, I had the biggest crush on Squall (just physically) but the older I got and the deeper understanding I had for the game made me realize just how big an ass he really is…but I guess the biggest influence why I eventually realized that he's such a dickhead is from reading so many Seiftis fics who usually thinks he is a dick. The thing is, the more I realize how much I LOVE Seifer, the more I realize how much I want to torture Squall because of the fucking fortunate but unworthy role Square gave him. Too bad I wasn't able to kick his ass in this story…but I'm wrokin' on it! (evil smirk) So yeah…fuck Squall, Seifer RULES!

Rinoa's Role as Fake Belle and Bimbette:

She was casted as Belle but is quickly overthrown at Squall's failure. But still, she ends up supporting the two by singing their theme song. So in the story, she is sidetracked, but she still does her part to help out because Rinoa is the epitome of the word 'supportive'. So she ends up singing while holding a broom! So it's an indirect way to say that she takes the misery in my story, opposite to how fortunate she was in the game. Just like Bimbette, she appears a couple of times in the story but no one really cares when she does show up. Hahaha! She's just there to be a broom and clean up after everyone's mess.

Selphie's Role as Director:

She is a hyperactive imp who likes to manipulate people into her little fantasy story. Since she likes to plan out events, she does so by throwing a pile of rocks at a single bird: gets to help Trabia, throw Squall off stage, plan a party, torture people with her hypertension, make the Garden Festival a smashing success, deviously gets several attempts to make Seifer and Quistis fall, make them to admit in front of the whole Garden and win 50,000 gil…I almost feel sorry for the poor bird covered in rubbles. Selphie has this kind of nature in her that makes me think she likes the spotlight but prefers not to be on stage…you know, just like the director…controls the flow of the play, but is never seen on stage. After all, she did come up with the bet.

Irvine's Role as Lumiere:

He's always about the ladies. But his more suave approach about the pair up and simply waiting for 'nature to take its course' makes him the ideal guy as mediator. I mean, it was he who told Quistis about her compatibility with Seifer, and it was he who also made Seifer decide on finally confessing to Quistis. I've always liked Irvine as much as I liked Lumiere. They're just the kind of characters who makes a story and doesn't get in your nerves.

Zell's Role as Cogsworth:

Actually, the two don't actually align in character except for being hot tempered. I have this idea about Zell having this great desire to win the cash, while Cogsworth as the most determined of the household items just so he can return as human. So here's the deal, both are gritty about pairing the two because of getting something in return, but their plans of desperation aren't exactly very smart. But I'm not saying Zell's this material-driven guy, just making a connection.

Xu's Role as Producer:

Producers are the most powerful people in a film, they have the power to even fire out the Director. So, why Xu? She's a bitch and is Quistis' best friend. I actually made Xu the 'producer' because it was her who initiated the idea of "A fairytale ending". Although I never really mentioned it in the fic…that's how it goes.

Edea's Role as Missus Potts:

There is a resemblance in role, though there is a GREAT contrast between them when it comes to physical features. Edea had always been a mother to Quistis pretty much how Mrs. Potts became Belle's mother-figure in the story. She doesn't necessarily insists that they're meant for each other, she's simply giving hints as to how they should act accordingly in front of each other.

The Logic Behind Each Chapter

Chapter 1: The idea of 'Once Upon A Time' meant that Fate had already sorted it out even at the beginning, everything began between them since childhood. Also, it is an introduction to Quistis' state and to give off the story's time line which is three weeks after the game ends, and 10 months from the initiation of the game.

o O o

Chapter 2: Fate is a twisted thing; she can manage to send two souls galaxies apart, but can also let those galaxies collide just to make those two souls meet. This is also a little introduction to Seifer's state, and a closure to Raijin and Fujin's roles. I also made sure that their first private encounter was to highlight two things, the scorn in Seifer and the possible fear of Quistis in Seifer, just like Belle's and Beast's first encounter. Also, I gave the idea of change with Quistis' statement: "After all that has happened, I was hoping you've changed."

o O o

Chapter 3: Every second is a twist of fate, and apparently it was in this second that Fate chose to twist for everything else to happen. This is the part where Quistis decides to fight back with the same level of tone as Seifer's…much like when Belle decided to stand up to Beast. The ending statements of this chapter kinda sums up the idea that they learned to become friends.

o O o

Chapter 4: I just LOVE the idea that everyone thinks that Seifer and Quistis is a potential target to screw up, so much that they're willing to bet on it!

o O o

Chapter 5: Well, Seifer becoming a SeeD initiates his epic into starting an adventure of romance.

o O o

Chapter 6: Being a Headmaster has its ups, he can manage to make a mission into a date! And this is also where the whole eventual idea of a fairytale ending with Beauty and the Beast as basis for its…well…bigger plot. This is where Quistis mentions of believing in hope that Seifer could change, and Seifer in turn dared her to change him. This also tells of my little hypothesis about justifying Seifer's action in the game. Actually, my initial plan was to let Seifer have the engagement ring from next chapter, and Cid challenges him to propose to her in this mission, but I don't find the logic in Squall making the first move…besides, the logic of Cid raising the bet to 50,000 gil on the next chapter makes better sense to lift Squall up his butt.

o O o

Chapter 7: Squall's an ass, so he couldn't come up with a better plan than to challenge Seifer into proposing. I mean, I couldn't think of something plausible for Squall to do than to raise a challenge heads-on. And since he's an ass, he obviously deserves to lose. But at least he was useful enough to let Seifer win a free engagement ring for Quistis. Besides, if Squall won, the story ends right here! Hahaha! The role of the engagement ring is to say it to their faces that they can't run away from Fate, win or lose, they're still meant to be together.

o O o

Chapter 8: Uhhh…I already told you about the story of this chapter. But just to recap, the whole idea is to prove that Quistis believes in fairytales as the line: "She might wake up with a kiss from the prince." were actually spoken by Quistis in the game itself, referring to Squall about kissing Rinoa. As for Rinoa, she knows both Seifer and Quistis and can fooled around with this early in the story because she was close with both characters, and because Irvine, Zell, Selphie and Xu couldn't exactly do that YET.

o O o

Chapter 9: I like the word 'bittersweet' in fact, it tops my list of favorite words because of the whole idea of combining two opposite words to make this dual-meaning word. I swore as I was making this fic, I'd use that word for one of the titles of my chapter…so I just had made it fit! This chapter basically makes Xu narrate the whole idea of Fate trying to put them together their whole lives with little or bold signs. So the 'bittersweet apathy' here is that either one of them doesn't know exactly how to react at that realization. Also, the 'apathy' is that they've been ignoring the apparent signs shown to them their whole lives.

o O o

Chapter 10: My driving force here is the word 'destiny'. This is where I bombard the idea that "Seifer Almasy and Quistis Trepe are DESTINED for each other!" and this is also where I clearly placed the idea that they were gonna see this through the end. They HAVE to, or else I'll kill them both after shattering the love potion that Xu worked so hard for.

o O o

Chapter 11: This is where a big twist in the story begins since this is the twist where the rest of the story will lead to in the end. With the initiation of the play, the deeper their bonds with the character becomes, with Seifer slowly becoming a tamed beast and Quistis slowly becoming the beauty who falls in love with the beast. This is also where I create a contrast between Seifer and Beast with the line: "A beautiful beast indeed…."

o O o

Chapter 12: This is where I put a closure to Lucifer and where Quistis begins to fall in love with the scarred beast on the hospital bed. This is also where things get cleared out between her and the perfect doctor. I guess the concept of Seifer being junctioned to a GF and turning into a monster also acquaints the idea that he is Beast.

o O o

Chapter 13: The idea is for Quistis to give mixed signals to Seifer and as to how he is coping up with the feelings she had been showing him. The idea is to confuse you people about their relationship, but nonetheless make Quistis admit that she's already in love with Seifer. At her admittance of falling in love, the story softly shifts from just a contest to win money to a much deeper aspiration of actually making the two fall for each other with Selphie's statement that she hopes to give them a happily ever after. This is also where I respond the concept on Chapter 11 and create the contrast between Belle and Quistis with the line: "A ferocious beauty…."

o O o

Chapter 14: My instructor once told me of a word, but fuck that word because I forgot what it was, that there is this something innate in nature about men having this trait about always finding this qualification in a woman, a damsel in distress, before actually considering of courting her since men cannot stand to be involved with a woman who intimidates them. They need to find this assurance that the woman is in need of a knight in shining armor because it's good for their ego. Well, I haven't actually asked any guy if it's true, but it sure makes a lot of sense. So having that fulfilment within Seifer, he considers falling in love with her. Thus I made the line: It was a cue, a moment he had been waiting for, a moment when he realized how much she really needed him. There is also a line which I included about change: She undoubtedly was somebody who could change him, and was fast turning to be somebody he could bother to change for.

o O o

Chapter 15: The idea is not to get them to bed but to show how far their love has gone that Seifer made a stand not to violate her, while her, even if Seifer had done the biggest foolishness in his life (to her) she had loved him too much that she cannot afford to lose him even if he raped her.

o O o

Chapter 16: Well, this chapter was just meant to cheesy from the first line up to the last. I mean, they're in love, they both knew it, everyone did…the only thing is to make the damn move to admit it. But I'd be hell if they admit it in this chapter and miss out the chance to make a big scene for my ending! I also made this chapter where I've shown how much Quistis has changed since I kept on mentioning it in a couple of chapters but never really made a scene to show just how much she's changed, thus, dancing and singing and playing under the rain proves that she's no longer stuck-up.

o O o

Chapter 17: It's fucking hard to empathize the feeling of being so in love when the most I experience is a crush…I have issues with the whole idea of commitment and being cheesy that I sometimes think I produce testosterone instead of estrogens and progesterone. But I guess after watching too many love stories, I got the idea. This is where the Quistis tames Seifer, and where Seifer becomes Quistis' Prince Charming…a closure to Chapter 6 and the rest is happily ever after.

Question and Answers:

What about Edea?

Scene with Quistis and Edea (After Quistis had been told about the bet.)

Quistis: "Matron?"

Edea: "Yes?"

Quistis: "You never got the turn of making your move of pairing me and Seifer up..."

Edea: "I know...it's a pity...I had a good one."

Quistis: "Ohhh? What did you have in mind?"

Edea: "A shotgun wedding."

Quistis: "..."

Why Beauty and the Beast?

It's my favorite fairytale love story.

It's a fairytale that starts with, "Once upon a time" and ends with, "And they lived happily ever after."

It makes a match. (Seifer=Beast; Quistis=Belle; Story=change and matchmaking for something in return e.g. humanity/cash)

Besides, other fairytale stories are either aren't classic or simply just won't make sense with the whole Seiftis concept. Don't believe me? Here's why:

Cinderella: It's stupid to think that Quistis becomes this domestic helper who becomes a martyr and gets abused by her wicked menopausal stepmother Edea and her hopelessly ugly bitchful stepsisters Rinoa and Selphie. Plus the idea of a Dr. Kadowaki fairy godmother who turns her mice companion into a Chocobo just sounds…er…then there's the moronic scene of her leaving her glass slippers as she runs back to her dorm before getting caught by the disciplinary committee for loitering afterhours, and Seifer finds it and orders Raijin to go around the Garden and force every SeeD and cadet to fit shoe on their humongous foot with warts. Just…ack!

Little Mermaid: I can't imagine Quistis turn into this mermaid and befriends a fat Fastitocalon and a crab-like lobster with Utada Hikaru's voice and wishes her whole life to become human only to be tricked by a wicked Sea Marlboro to give up her beautiful voice that she may enchant Seifer into bearing her forty-legged green alien-like jellyfish children. So, Quistis becomes this human and mistakes a fork for a comb. Stupid. And…the rest of it, I can't think any more stupidity for. Hahaha!

Snow White: OH MY GOD! I hate this girl from the very tips of her repulsive hair down to the very core of the nucleus of each of her dead DNA cells. I mean, SERIOUSLY! What the hell do I do with a bunch of seven midget dwarves? And don't get me started with that bad hairdo of hers! Gee…how stupid could she get for accepting a poisoned apple from a total stranger who doesn't look trustworthy one bit! I guess I got my point across…I only wish the necrophilia prince never came so she could've died all the way to burn in hell.

Sleeping Beauty: Other than the fact that Aurora's blonde and fairly beautiful in her own right…I can't let Quistis sleep for the entire duration of the story. She'd end up with a bad breath if she sleeps that long.

Aladdin: It just wouldn't work…with a flying carpet, a monkey and a genie…it's just a farfetched thought.

Rapunzel: Uhh…just no…I said NO!

Frog Prince: HAHAHAHAHA! Seifer gets to be a frog!

And the rest is bullshit.

(Expect this kind of sarcasm on my next fic as influenced by the Twisted Series of Jessica Zafra.)

Will I do a sequel for Betting for a Fairytale Ending?

I'm in the process of plotting a new Seiftis fic. A total contrast to the concept of this fic…a real topsy-turvy, a 360 degrees rotation and simply the opposite of everything I stood for in this fic. And as it turned out, the sequel is "Three Words, Eight Letters" its synopsis is on my Profile page.

What Seiftis am I up to?

As abovementioned, it's gonna stand for everything against what I wrote here. The initial idea is that it's gonna be this game…yes…another game. After owing a real rich guy something that's gonna take them a gazillion years of labour to pay up, the rich guy thinks of messing up their lives. Make the other fall in love with oneself, and the first one to admit that he/she's in love loses the game and therefore will pay up with a lifetime of slavery. Sounds fun? It will be! It's gonna be a romance/humour fic that's gonna be a little rated because I'll put no boundaries on swearing and bed scenes.

The idea came when I realize I'm turning 22 a few weeks from now, and I played FF8 when I was…12? And figured that most audiences reading Seiftis is probably around the same age and demands for a more mature rating than fairytales…so this is what my project is all about. My reference and inspiration comes from a particular lady named Jessica Zafra, my currently favorite author who writes random columns and aspires for world domination (seriously!) I've read seven of her books (Twisted Series) and had been recurrently getting influenced by the bitterness and witty-in your face humor of her write ups that my next fic will probably come in real strong in terms of emotions and mocking the hell out of the other blonde.

The title will probably be: "Three Words, Eight Letters" a subliminal line for "I love you" as it will be the forbidden word to be said. Expect this to be done sometime...soon? Hahaha!

Will I do a rerun and edit Betting for a Fairytale Ending soon?

Yep. Yup. Yes. Uh-huh…because I just wanna make this story a real good one to read. Time and time again, if I've got nothing to do, I tend to check and recheck random chapters of this fic for typographical errors and grammar. I've read some of my chapters ten times over and that's no exaggeration…I just wanna deliver this right. And if for some reason my brain comes across a good scene to add for a particular chapter, I won't hesitate to do so. I'll give the effort to keep this updated. I'll stop when I get absorbed on my next fic.

Will I do more fanart for this fic?

Most probably yes…the only thing stopping me is sheer laziness. I'll continue to post my fanarts on my deviantart account which you will find a link in my profile page. I won't stop doing Seiftis artworks because I simply love drawing them! So, I suggest if you like Seiftis fanarts, try checking my deviantart account every now and then. There are also a lot of great artworks in deviantart that's worth checking out.

How long did I make this fic?

A long time! I guess if I sum it all up from my initial fic to the rewrite…approximately 7 years! This version/rewrite though took about one and a half years to do…and still ongoing as I'm up for editing some parts and adding dialogues on others.

Is Lucifer good or bad?

Ugh…ummm…er…I don't know either. Hahahaha! Let's just compare him to Jack Sparrow.

Did Quistis ever forgive Zell?

I really don't care whether she did or didn't because that's no longer my problem…but for the sake of the "fairytale spirit" then she should forgive him before their wedding day at least to make him ring bearer.

Were the Librarian and the Fortune teller one and the same?

Nope, those were two different persons. The librarian was a bitter woman in a mid-life crisis, while the fortune teller was just a crazy old hag.

What happened to Quistis in Damsel in Distress?

Well…remember that Seifer tricked her into kissing him? Well, she got so angry that she went to the Quad for some fresh air when down came an Enloyle all the way from Esthar and dragged her to the forest…she didn't have a weapon, so she was helpless. But in the end, the monster flew away and tan-ta-ra-ran! Here comes Seifer to the rescue! Not exactly on horseback, but a real cool motorcycle! Better! I guess, in the end…nothing really happened.