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Harry's POV

I wrapped my arms around Ginny as I felt her soft, warm lips press gently against my own. I felt her return the embrace as she lightly raked her delicate fingers through my unruly hair. As I attempted to hold her closer, she broke the kiss by gently pressing her palms against my shoulders and leaning back with a mischievous grin dancing in her eyes.

She called my name.

But before my brain could formulate a response, concern flitted across her brow and she called my name again, this time with a worried edge.

I quickly opened my mouth to reassure her, but, to my horror, my vocal chords seemed to be absent. I tried again to speak, anxious because of her worried tone, but still, nothing.

She called to me once more, then again, repeatedly, her voice morphing lower and lower. Suddenly, her voice registered as the familiar, rough baritone to which I had become so familiar. It was Ron's voice, quietly calling my name. I then realized I was not with Ginny, but in the second bed set up in Ron's very small, very orange room of the Burrow.

"What do you want, Ron?" I asked through gritted teeth, my heavy eyelids refusing to open.

"I really need to talk to you about something."

"Right then. Well, I'm sure I'll be dying to hear all about it in the morning. 'Night, mate." And with that, I rolled back over, squeezing my eyes shut even more tightly than before, trying to hold onto my fading dream.

"This is important," he persisted. "Lumos."

"OI, RON!" I yelped as the room became illuminated in the light radiating from my traitor of a best friend's wand. I pulled the quilt up to cover my head.

"Sorry, mate, but I need your help. More than your help really. Your permission."

This last statement was enough to pique my curiosity, and I pulled my covers down far enough to peer up at my friend, standing earnestly, almost nervously, at the foot of my bed with a small, anxious smile on his face. Not once, not even when fighting the Dark Lord himself had I ever seen my best friend look so nervous. This realization caused me to sit abruptly upright in my bed and shoot a questioning but concerned glance in his direction.

"Yeah, anything. What's happened?"

Ron stared determinedly at the floor.

"Well, mate…Harry. The thing is, with the anniversary of the defeat of You-know-who coming up next week-" He stopped here to quickly glance up at me, and refocused his attention to the floor before continuing. "I've been thinking about what's important to me, you know?"

"I know." I paused, waiting for him to continue. When he didn't, I swung my legs off the bed and patted the area next to me, inviting him to sit down. As he was walking, I prompted, "And what exactly have you been thinking about?"

All of a sudden, he began to speak so fast that I had to concentrate to catch it all. "Even though traditionally I'm supposed ask the father- well, he's in Australia and doesn't even know he has a daughter but I just really want to do this right for her and I thought you're even more than a brother to her. You're the only one who's been true to her, her only true family…"

He broke off suddenly, staring intently at me. "Ron?" I questioned, even more curious now.

"Harry? Can I have your permission, your blessing, to marry our best friend, our Hermione?"

A wave of emotions and memories crashed over me all at once. The fist time we met Hermione in first year on the train, the look on Ron's face as he watched her dance with Krum at the Yule Ball, their first kiss before the final battle.

And in that split second, I knew there was nothing I wanted more than to see my best friends, the two people I love most in the world, to be happy. I also knew that there was nothing in the world that could ever make me more happy than to see them happy together. And the fact that Ron had come to ask my blessing, my permission, was overwhelming. That he could respect and care for my judgment so much…

I struggled to regain my composure and think of something funny to say to distract me from the tears of joy gathering behind my eyes.

"No," I spluttered, choking over my words, half laughing.

I saw Ron's face fall, and though I tried to assure him of my joke, my voice caught in my throat, causing a strangled sound to escape instead.

"Oh," he gasped. "I understand. Maybe we shouldn't…"

"No, Ron, OF COURSE I give you my blessing!" I exclaimed, not able to suppress the very wide, very sincere grin already plastered across my face.

"Really?" he breathed, not able to conceal the happiness radiating from him. Despite his apparent joy, Ron bit his lip and looked down again. "Then can I ask you one more thing? Will you– will you be my best man?"

As if it was possible, I became even more elated. I tried to keep my voice quiet, so as not to wake the rest of the house, Hermione included. "Yes, Ron. Yes, I would love to be your best man."

"Thanks, mate." He threw a grateful glance toward me then looked away again, this time at the wall by his bed. "I mean, it all depends on what she says though. You know, yes or no." Even the Dursley's would have been able to detect the fear in his voice when Ron murmured that last word.

"Cheer up, Ron. You know she will. She loves you, too."

My words seemed to reassure him, and my best friend's eyes lit up again. I looked at him. "Speaking of, when are you planning on, you know……proposing?" I watched curiously as his expression became thoughtful.

"I'm not sure. I still have to get a ring and decide how I want to do it…" He trailed of, still thoughtful. Then he looked back at me. "Thanks, Harry," Ron proclaimed, standing to his feet, now not even bothering to hide his gratitude. "I mean it, really. Your blessing means the world to me, and, honestly, I could never get married without you standing there next the me as my best man."

Ron stuck out one arm for a friendly handshake, but, allowing emotions to overwhelm me, I pulled my best friend into a hug.

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