DISCLAIMER: Using Ridley's Caleb, so I don't own anything, nor do I own Supernatural *sigh* wish I did own Jensen Ackles. Anyway…Sam is 6 and Dean is 10.


Ten year old Dean Winchester sat in a chair in the kitchen while watching his baby brother color. He smiled at Sam, amazed how the six year old could be so amazed on coloring a truck. But he was glad that his brother had something to do instead of annoying the hell out of Dean, in which the ten year old didn't really appreciate.

"Dean?" Sam asked.

"What Sammy?" Dean replied shoving some gummy bears in his mouth.

"What color is a truck?"

Dean smiled at Sam, "Well, a truck could usually be, yellow, white, black, blue, red, any color you want it to be…why do you ask?"

"Cause I wanted to draw this for Caleb as a thank you card for being the best Caleb ever"

Dean chuckled at his little brother as he ruffled his hair, "I think Damien will greatly appreciate your 'thank you' card Sammy"

Sam's eyes lit up as a huge grin broke on his face, "Really?"


"Really, Really?"

"Really" Dean whispered, getting slightly annoyed.

"Really, really, really?" The six year old continued.

"Yes Sam, really" Dean said trying not to yell at his brother.

The six year old gleamed at his big brother and turned back to he could finish coloring his picture, he had really worked hard on it and he hoped Caleb would like it. Because, since Caleb would always draw dragons for him and bring him and Dean pizza, he figured that he would draw something for him.

John came in the kitchen grabbing a quick snack before he hit the road and sat at the table with his boys as he waited for Caleb to come.

He looked over at his eldest who was stuffing his face with gummy bears, then over to his youngest who was hunched over a paper and coloring slowly.

"Hey Sammy, I don't think that picture is going to go anywhere" He joked as he grinned at his youngest.

"Sssshhh, I'm trying to concentrate!"

"Jeez, I'm sorry I disturbed you Sammy" John said trying his best not to smile.

"He's drawing a thank you card for Caleb" Dean told his father.

"Is he now?"

"Yes I am" Sam said smiling at his father, he then turned to Dean, "Dean, what is Caleb's favorite color?"

Dean smiled and thought of what to tell Sam, "Pink Sammy, Pink is his favorite color"

"Really? I thought he liked green"

"He changed his mind Sam"

"Oh, okay"

John smiled at his boys, glad to see them happy for once. He took a moment to soak in the peacefulness of his little family, cause he knew things would be hell when he was on the hunt.

"Done!" Sam shouted gleefully.

"Can I see Sam?" Dean asked smiling at his baby brother.

"Of course you can Dean!" Sam replied joyfully handing the picture to Dean.

Dean studied the picture trying, but not succeeding, to laugh. There on the paper; was a neatly colored truck, the front half pink and the back half purple with a hug smiley face on it. He saw that Sam had added on to the picture. There were three stick figures, Dean, was standing on a rock with a baseball bat, Sam was eating some grass, god heavens knew why, and the tallest figure who had a bright red hat on and who Dean assumed to be Caleb, was standing on the truck holding a pizza, in which looked like pepperoni.

"Ummm Sammy? Why are you eating grass?" Dean asked trying again, not to laugh.

"Because, I was pretending to be a moo!" Sam exclaimed.

"I see Sammy, I see" Dean said grinning as he handed the little drawing to his dad.

John grabbed the paper from Dean and had to laugh at his youngest son's imagination, "That's some work of art Sammy" He said handing the paper to Sam.

"I know it is, and I hope Caleb likes it!" Sam beamed with joy.

Just then a loud voice sounded from the doorway, "I'm here Johnny!"

"Finally!" John replied rolling his eyes at Caleb.

"Damien!" Dean said jutting his head toward Caleb.

"Deuce" Caleb responding going over to give the kid a high five, but then Sam stood in his way, "Sammy, get off the floor"

"I made you something Caleb!"

Caleb smiled, "Did ya now runt?"

"Yup here it is" Sam said handing the older man the picture, "I hope you like it, I worked VERY hard on it"

Caleb grinned and grabbed the picture, however he stopped smiling when he saw the picture, "Hey runt, what's this supposed to be?"

"It's Me, You, Dean, and your car silly, who else could it be?"

"Yeah, I see that but why the hell is my car half pink and half purple with a smiley face on it?" He asked, "And most importantly, why the hell are you eating grass for?"

"Because he's pretending to be a moo, junior" John cut in.

"What in gods name is a moo?" Caleb asked confused.

"What's the only thing that could go moo Caleb" John asked the younger man, although, Caleb still looked confused, "A cow"

"No Daddy" Sam chimed in, "Cow's aren't the only ones who can go moo!"

"Really runt? Who else can then?" Caleb asked.

"Me!! Moooooooo, see?" Sammy said with a huge grin on his face.

"Yes Sammy I see" John and Caleb replied in confusion.

John turned and grabbed his stuff and made way for the door, "Well, boys, I got to head out now" John said nodding his heads to Dean, he then turned to Caleb and said, "Don't set anything on fire"

"Awwww come on Johnny, It was ONE time!" Caleb said.

"Yeah well, that one time got me in trouble by the landlord, now just try not to make the neighbors call the cops either, please?"

"You have my word John" Caleb said as he rolled his eyes.

John shook his head in agreement as he waved goodbye to his son's and walked out the door. It was quiet for about ten minutes until Sammy began babbling.

"You really liked my picture Caleb? I'm glad you did, I worked very hard on it, but Dean and daddy kept on interrupting me by their unnecessary talking. Pastor Jim called the other day, he wanted to know how I was doing cause I was getting over a really bad cold. And then pastor Jim said, angles are watching over you Samuel, I didn't member that Samuel was my first name! I think that's cool Caleb, you think that's cool? It is cool. I'm hungry, are you guys hungry? All that drawing make me starving!" Sam stopped for a second and then started up again, "Oh my gosh! I forgot to tell you, guess what happened at school today!! Lemme tell you. So--"

Dean interrupted him, "OKAY Sammy, we get it, your hungry, just stop talking already!"

"I want grilled cheese please!" Sam piped up so the older two could hear him.

"Calm down runt, I'm getting your damn sandwich" Caleb said as he got out the pan, along with some butter, bread and cheese. After a few minutes, the dinner was done, served and eaten. And about an hour later the trio sat on the couch with Caleb in the middle watching some old cartoon.

Caleb smiled as he saw the two younger boys asleep on the each side of him, "Thank god you two are finally asleep" He whispered.

The eldest Winchester yawned sleepily, "I'm not asleep Damein."

"Yeah well, you sound tired to me" He hesitated for a second, "Come on Deuce, let's get you and runt here to your bed's, I thinks it's bedtime for all of us now."