The trio got to the library just in time before the reading had started. Sam was bouncing up and down excited to see that they were going to read his favorite book. 

"Yay! Caleb! De! They're going to read Go dog Go! It's my favorite book ever!" 

"Yeah Damien, Their going to read Go dog Go" Dean rolled his eyes at his best friend. 

"Shut up deuce," Caleb playfully smacked him in the back of the head. "C'mon you two let's go so me and deuce can get good seats, I don't want to stand up the whole time." 

"Me neither, Come on Sammy." Dean motioned for his brother to come. 

"I'm coming guys don't hurry me, jeez!" the little five year old cheered. 

Caleb smiled at Sam who was carrying a stuffed bear, "I'm bringing woo-wee bear because he wants to hear the story too"

 Dean rolled his eyes at Sam as the little boy skipped over to the car, and then he turned to Caleb, "I bet you anything he's going to try and buckle the stupid thing in."

 "Really?" Caleb mused. 

"Yeah really, Damien. He made dad buckle the bear in once and when we were driving he took the bear out and then whined because dad didn't do it good enough so dad had to do it again"

 "Why didn't Johnny just keep on driving?" Caleb furrowed his brow.

 Dean huffed in annoyance to the elder hunters questions, "Because Sam kept on crying and being annoying, duh Damien"

 Caleb smirked at Dean as he got Sam in the car, sure enough, Sam asked him to buckle in his bear.

 "Caleb! You haveta buckle in woo-wee!" Sam exclaimed to the older man. 


"Because so just in case you crash, Woo-wee won't get a boo-boo. Duh!" Sam smiled from ear to ear and thrust the bear at Caleb, "Now buckle him in please!" 

"I really don't see why you need to buckle him in Sammy, is it really necessary? Were not going to crash" 

Sam stuck him tongue out at Caleb, while Dean huffed, "If it's you driving Caleb, we'll be sure to get in a crash" 

"Deuce, shut it. I happen to be a very good and experienced driver" Caleb defended his self. 

"Yeah, that's what you think" Dean Shot back. Sam immediately busted out in laughter, "HA-HA Caleb!" "What?" "Dean thinks you suck at driving! It's so funny!" Sam couldn't stop laughing; it and right now, Caleb was rethinking about Ice Cream. He shook his head at the little boy and shut the door. And off to the library they went. - The reading thing at the library was only an hour in which Caleb and Dean were thankful for, but Sammy pouted as they walked out the door. "Sammy what's wrong?" Dean asked his brother. "I didn't want the story to be over." He huffed and crossed his arms, dropping his woo-wee bear. "Oops Sammy, I thought woo-wee bear was never supposed to be dropped." Caleb smiled; he remembered once when he accidentally dropped Sam's stuffed bear, Sam got so mad and felt the need to lecture him about it. "Oh no! Woo-wee!" Sam cried, "Look what you made me do Caleb!" "Me?! What? Oh—" "Damien, just give it a rest and lets go get the ice cream you promised" Dean picked up the bear and handed it to Sam, who made Caleb give the bear a kiss on the head. "Ice cream now please?"  "Fine runt, let's go Deuce" 


 They got their Ice creams and Caleb took them back to the motel that John had stuck his two boys in.

 Sam was a horrible mess, chocolate ice cream all over his face; he even managed to get in his hair. Even woo-wee bear had ice cream on him.

 "Hey runt, why does woo-wee have ice cream on him?"

 "Because he wanted some, duh"

 "Well you need a bath Sam, and I'll wash your bear for you"

 "Can woo-wee take a bath with me?" Sam asked. "No runt, sorry, bath time is for little boys like you not for stuffed dolls" Caleb picked up woo-wee and tucked him under his arm.

 "No! Woo-wee is a person too!" Sam yanked the doll from Caleb, "See? He has arms, and legs, and head too! Just like us!"

 "I'm sorry runt, but he's still not getting in that bathtub with you"

 "But then….how on earth is he going to get clean? He cant stay dirty forever" Dean tried to stifle his laugh on how Sam emphasized the word forever.

 "Dean will give him one for you in the washer, wont you Deuce?" 

"What? Why the hell do I have to do it?" Dean asked in disbelief. 

"Because woo-wee told me that he wanted you to do it Dean!" Sam gave a dimpled smile towards his brother.

 Dean sighed and gave in to Sam, it was either that or hear Sam cry again, "Fine, give me the damn bear Sam"

 "his name is not damn bear, his name is woo-wee!"

"Dean just go please?" Caleb pleaded with his friend, he already had enough of Sam's antics today, he just wanted the weekend to be done and over with.