Author's note: Okay, so I wasn't planning on writing another story but... the idea just wouldn't leave me alone XD. I've a slightly more mature aspect for this story, so if you're against sex before marriage, underage drinking, and slightly disturbing content then I suggest you turn away from this. Each chapter is going to be of a different person's POV. I got the idea from another story I read. I wrote this one just for fun!

Multiple pairings: Sora/Kairi, Roxas/Naminé, Riku/Xion.

Warning: This story contains sexual themes, pregnancy, drugs, and other content NOT SUITABLE for anyone under thirteen, unless you think you can handle it XD.

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Kairi was living in the shadow of her best friend. Sworn to save her virginity for marriage, she had never had a boyfriend, and incidentally, was in love with her childhood friend. A baby wasn't something she had planned on having for a long time.

Sora was the big shot who got all the girls. All except one. After going to a party and making what could be the biggest mistake of his life without even realizing, he wakes up with no memory of the night before.


Naminé was insecure; only dating one of the most popular guys in school because it made her feel better about herself. After being sexually assaulted by someone she thought she trusted she finds herself facing difficulties she's never had to before in her life.

Roxas was in love with his best friend and stuck in a horrible relationship due to his parents wishes. After confessing his feelings to his best friend he realizes that things don't always turn out the way you plan them. He figures that there's only one thing that can numb the pain he's feeling.


Xion was poor and running away from the ghosts of her past. When the one person she never wanted to see again comes back, she finds that running away from your problems is never the answer.

Riku's parents were threatening to send him away to private school. He finds himself falling head over heels for someone who may not be as secure as she seems to be.

I don't know what he's after

But he's so beautiful

Such a beautiful disaster

September 11th

"Ninety-Seven... Ninety-Eight... Ninety-Nine... One hundred! Ready or not, here I come!" Sora's voice echoed through the park. I girl giggled and ducked more into the bush I was hiding in. A pathetic and obvious hiding place, yes, but knowing Sora he would look in all of the least common places first and find Naminé or Selphie, and chances are I would be the one caught last. I heard Selphie squeal and laugh, and I immediately knew she had been caught.

"Oh Sora, you're so good at this game, I can't believe you found me first!" Selphie said. I rolled my eyes. There goes Selphie, flirting with Sora, again.

"Well what can I say." he laughed.

"Oh shoot!" I heard Naminé exclaim moments later. Just as I had predicted; I would be the last one found. Why did that always happen?

"Alright Kairi, I'm coming to get you!" Sora called out. He won't find me. I smirked. But, to my surprise, he moved branches out of the way and poked his head in the bush. "Found you."

I grinned, and took the hand he had extended towards me, and hoisted myself up out of the bush. "Oh darn." I said sarcastically.

"Come on Kairi, show some enthusiasm!" He exclaimed, spreading his arms out far, as if he were about to hug me. "Hide and seek is like art, you know."

I raised an eyebrow. "Really? Art, you say?"


"Oh, you're funny."

He shrugged. "I know."

"So, you guys." Selphie started, gesturing for us all to gather around her. We all closed in, and I think that we knew what was coming next. Selphie had that 'listen hard, because I have some juicy gossip' look on her face. "Kay, so, you guys know Hayner Roberts?"

"Of course." Sora said. "Me and Hayner are friends."

"Yeah, same." said Naminé.

"Yep, me too." I nodded.

"Oh, right." she replied dumbly. "Well, yeah, he's having a party this friday at his house. You guys in?"

"Oh yeah, Seifer was telling me about that." Naminé said. "He wanted me to go with him, so I guess I'll be there."

"Alright cool. Sora?"

"I'm going with Roxas." he said.

"Okay, cool!" she chimed. "Kairi, you'll come with me, right?"

"No, I think I'll pass." I said, casually waving my hand.

"What? You'll pass?" she gasped at me as if I were turning down a million dollars. "You always do this. Someone will throw this huge party and I'll invite you to come with me and you just say no. I have no one else to go with; all my other friends have plans!"

I wanted to say 'Glad I'm here to be your backup friend.' but I didn't. Instead, I said: "Then I guess you're going alone. We've talked about this Selph, a house party just isn't my scene."

"Well you've never been to one, so how would you know?"

"True, but--"

"No buts!" she cut me off. "You're going to the party friday, which is tomorrow, whether you like it or not, okay?"

"Okay, okay." I finally gave in. "Chill." I added, noting how annoyed and demanding she had sounded.

She smiled in triumph. "Alright cool. Don't worry about a thing Kai, these parties are fun, and nothing bad ever actually happens there. A few kids get drunk, some things get broken, but its always totally fun. I'm going to make sure that your first high school party will be the best, got it?"

"Gosh Selphie, you make me feel like I'm in grade nine again." I laughed.

"Eh, grade nine, grade eleven, what's the difference?" Sora joked. "But, being serious, these parties are the bomb. You'll have fun."

"Yeah." Naminé agreed, but sounded unsure.

"Alright, fine -- but I'm trusting you, Selphie, to make sure I don't do anything stupid without realizing it."

"Cross my heart." she promised.

So, maybe I wasn't exactly the 'party animal' type. I didn't think it really mattered. But since I'd become good friends with Selphie Joyce and Naminé Anderson, two of the most popular girls in the school, I'd been feeling a lot more pressured to act like them, dress like them, I'd even started talking like them. But before this I had never wanted to go to one of their stupid parties. I didn't drink and I wasn't sexually active; actually, Selphie didn't know this, but I was saving myself for marriage. I knew that if I told her she wouldn't approve. Naminé didn't know either, and Sora and I didn't really talk about things like that.

Sora Buchner had been my friend since I was eight years old. He'd been my crush since I was thirteen, and of course, neither Selphie or Naminé knew this. And they never would know, for a few of reasons. One: Selphie had a massive crush on him, and the two of them would probably go out sooner or later, Two: he was one of my best friends. And Three: He was one of the most popular, good looking, and admired guys at school.

Naminé was dating this guy, Seifer, who I didn't like at all. Sweet little Naminé deserved someone who loved her, and wasn't just using her, like Seifer obviously was. He wore her like she was a flashy piece of clothing, and I could tell that she didn't really like him. She wasn't superficial, she was nice, butvery insecure. I knew that she was only dating Seifer because she felt so down about herself, but I didn't know why. She was really pretty, with long blond hair and bright blue eyes, and I didn't know one person that disliked her. There must've been something else.

Selphie was my best friend, though I didn't always act like she was. She was shallow and sometimes obnoxious, and I had to admit, she was a bit of a slut, but she was always there for me when I needed to talk. Talk about things that didn't involve my crush or my virginity. Selphie was always telling me how she wanted me to hook up with one of her friends so I wouldn't be the only virgin, other than Roxas, of our group. No matter how many times I told her I was going to wait until I had an actual boyfriend (which was a lie, but it temporarily kept her off my back), she still didn't get it. Apparently someday I was going to get together with her friend and mine, Tidus, even though it was obvious we didn't think of each other as anything more than friends. Selphie could be so annoying...

And then there was Roxas Hikari. He was somewhat shy, and didn't drink alcohol or anything of the sort, just like me. We got along well, but not as well as him and Naminé. They were best friends since childhood, like me and Sora, the only difference was that Roxas was crazy about Naminé and sometimes I wondered if Sora really cared if we were friends or not. I found myself lucky to still be his friend, unlike Riku Rowe, someone Sora and I used to hang out with when we were young. We never talked anymore.

Sometimes I wondered: What was a nerd like me doing hanging out with people like them?

"Come on Kairi, lets go to my house." I trailed behind her as she walked off, as always. "My mom just bought be this new top last weekend that I've just been itching to wear. I was going to wear this pink dress, but yeah, I changed my mind."

"I'll probably just wear this." I said.

She scanned me up and down with a disgusted expression. "Its a cute casual outfit, but this is a party." I was wearing a jean shirt that reached my mid thigh, much longer than her skirts, and a pink t-shirt. "Pink looks good on you, so you can borrow my dress."

"Alright." I tried to hide the dread in my voice. One of her dresses? Oh god. I gulped, imagining how much skin I would be showing in it.


"Mom, I'm home!" I called, entering my house.

"I'm in the kitchen!" My mothers voice sounded. I walked into the kitchen, where she was cutting carrots, probably for dinner. "Have fun at the park?" she asked, not looking up from her cutting.

"Yeah... Hey mom, I was wondering--"

"No money."

"I don't need money."

"Oh, alright then. Carry on."

"I was wondering, if maybe I could, you know... go to this little get together that one of my friends is having tomorrow night." I bit my lip and waited for a reply.

"You mean a party?" my brother Cloud said, coming into the kitchen.

"A party? Kairi you hate parties." Mom said.

"I don't hate them, I just never go to them." I defended. "And its just a small thing."

"She's lying." Cloud said with a sly grin.

"Shut up Cloud. Mom?"

"I don't think so. You're too young to be going to those things." she looked up at me with the 'disappointing eye'.

"I'm in grade eleven!" I exclaimed in annoyance. Too young? I was too old to not be going to parties.

"No, Kairi you know how I feel about parties. They're nothing but--"

"Trouble, I know mom." I cut her off. "I've heard you say it a million times to Cloud. But I'm different than him. I'm responsible."

"You do have a point there..." she admitted.

"Hey!" Cloud complained, but we ignored him.

"Alright fine, you can go."

"I'm sleeping over at Selphie's afterwards."

"That little slut?" Cloud said.

"Shut up!"

"Cloud go watch TV or something." Mom ordered him, then faced me. Cloud scoffed, then left. "Okay, thats fine. But there better not be any drinking or anything of the sort."

"No, of course not." I lied. Obviously there would be drinking. It didn't mean I had to do it. "Thanks so much mom. And don't worry, I'll be just fine. Its just a small party."


"I look so hot." Selphie said, standing in front of a full body mirror. She was wearing a lime green tube top she was practically popping out of and a pair of skimpy jean short shorts that were barely covering her at all. She didn't look hot, she looked like a slut. But of course, I couldn't tell her that. "Alright, lets work on you." she walked over to her huge closet and pulled out a pink piece of fabric."Here, put this on."

"Its a cloth." I said blankly.

"No, its a dress. Now put it on, the party starts in less than an hour."

"Fine, fine." I changed into it. It was a bit baggy around my chest and hung off my hips when it was supposed to be skin tight, but other than that it fit. I was actually afraid to look in the mirror.

"That looks so great on you!" Selphie squealed, grabbing a hold of my bare shoulders and steering me in front of the mirror. My jaw literally dropped. I looked like... Selphie. All exposed and slutty, I didn't like it at all.

"Selphie, I-I can't wear this." I stuttered.

"What're you talking about? You look hot, the guys will be all over you!"

Yeah, thats what I'm afraid of...

Selphie piled on a bunch of makeup on herself and then some on me, but I only let her do a bit of eye liner and mascara. Even if I wasn't wearing a bunch of crap makeup, I still felt like I looked like a cheap whore. I sighed. The time to leave for the party was now, and as soon as we left the safety of Selphie's home I felt even more uncomfortable than before. She read my expression easily, and stopped me as we walked,

"Kairi, you look great, really." she said truthfully. I still didn't look convinced. She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Tonight is going to be fun, I promise." she grinned. "Turn that frown, upside down!"

I couldn't help but grin myself. I always found it funny when Selphie acted childish on purpose. She wasn't a bad person, really, though she seemed like one. There were times where I realized why Selphie was my best friend. "Alright, fine." I didn't think I would truly smile that night, but just then I beamed brightly, actually believing Selphie's words.

"See! There we go." we stopped and starred at Hayner's house. "Ready to have fun?" she challenged.

"Actually, yes." I said with a smile. A certain feeling came over me as I approached the house. Tonight wasn't just going to be fun, it was going to be life changing. I could feel it in my bones as I saw the crowded house and the plastic cups I knew were filled with beer, not apple juice. Suddenly I wasn't the girl who always shied away, the girl who only cared about her grades, and most importantly, the girl who never had a boyfriend.

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