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"What's this? An intervention?" Mark asked, looking at six men in his locker room.

"Kind of." Paul spoke up, causing Mark's brow's to furrow in confusion.

"What's going on?" he asked, putting his gym bag on the floor and walking to the center of the room.

"We heard Vince and Steph yelling about the tests we took before Armageddon and-" Paul said, getting cut off by Adam.

"He tested positive for crack, Mark." Adam said, getting to the point.

Mark paused for a moment, "who did?"

"Who do you think?" Paul asked.

Mark stood silent for a moment, knowing full well who. "Everyone, but you two. Out." Mark sighed, "please" he added.

Not needing another second to think about what escaped Mark's lips, the four other guys in the locker room stood up and shared glances and nods with Paul and Adam. Mark stood with his hands rested on his waist and head turned to the ground until he heard the door finally close behind him. He sighed once more and then looked at the two men in front of him.

"So? What's going on?" he asked.

Paul hesitated for a second, trying to find words that wouldn't cause Mark to blow up. "After I heard them, I went in and talked to Vince myself. It took a lot of convincing and promising, but he's willing to let this slide so long as a few things happen."

"Like what things?" Mark asked.

"He's going to be fined as well as lose his championship bonus for the next pay-per-view, he's going to be doing a lot more promoting for a while and he'll be on probation for an even longer time than that. The least of it will be the restrictions and curfew. For now, that is. But if Jeff even looks funny, Vince will change his mind. He's even punishing me for sticking up for him."

"He's really pissed off, Mark. He was ready to fire him right then and there if Paul hadn't walked-in." Adam added.

"He's also putting a whole hell of a lot of work into making sure that know one finds out about this."

Mark moved over to the small couch and sat down, "so then why did it get to everyone else who was here?"

"Vince also wants someone to tell him. He said he doesn't know what he'd do or say if he saw Jeff right now." Adam told him, moving to sit next to him on the couch, Paul following behind him with a chair.

"I don't get it. Why does everyone else know then?" Mark asked.

Paul sighed, "We were trying to think who could tell him. Wedidn't know who, so we asked the people closest to him. We want you to be the one to talk to him."

"What? No. Why me? Why not Matt?"

Adam turned to Mark, "come on, Mark. You know how they get when it comes to this stuff. Neither one of them knows how to deal with it."

"Okay. Why not you? You're the one who stuck up for him" Mark said to Paul.

"Because i'm not you, Mark."

Mark rolled his eyes, "no, Paul, come on. He's got you involved now, so he should hear it from you. You guys know how it is between us, it won't mean any more from me than it will anyone else."

"You're wrong. You love him, so he'll listen to you." Adam chimed in.

"You're right Adam, I do love him, so don't you think I've already tried to talk to him about it? You know how Jeff is. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. There are times when we're together for a few days and then like nothing, he'll be out the door in the morning and won't talk to me for a while. He can't commit to being with me and he can't commit to keeping his promises of staying clean." Mark said, lowering his head to his hands. "And now," he sighed, "he's lying to me about it. He told me the other day he hadn't touched anything in a few weeks. I'm lost when it comes to him. "

"That's what he needs to see." Adam said. "He needs to see that pain and frustration from you." Adam finished.

"What can I say now that will change his outlook on everything? There's nothing left for me to say."

Paul stood up from his chair and placed it back at the table, "then what'll it hurt to try again, big man?" he said.

"Where is he?" Mark sighed, the other two men smiled.

"With the trainer."


Making his way to the trainer's office, Mark thought of all the things he might try and say to make Jeff see what was happening and hopefully convince him that he needs to put real effort into getting clean, but he kept coming up with the same stuff he'd already said a million times before. This is the last time. I can't keep letting it go. He thought to himself, making himself chuckle. He knew there'd never be a 'last time.' If the 'last time' was a million 'last times,' he still wouldn't give up.

Mark finally got to the trainer's and poked his head inside the opened door.

"Hey." he said.

Jeff turned around from his position on the table and smiled, "hey. What are you doing here?"

Mark returned the smile and turned to the trainer, "can I interrupt you for a few minutes?"

"Yeah, i'm all done here anyway. You have a couple of bruised ribs, Jeff." he said, pulling off his gloves, "Take it easy for a while, if you have any trouble breathing or anything let me-"

"I know, doc, I know the procedure." Jeff said with a smile.

The trainer just shook his head, "I know you do and you shouldn't."

"Thanks." Mark told him as he left and closed the door behind him.

"What's up, babe?" Jeff said, sitting up on the table, slipping his t-shirt over his head.

"Don't 'babe' me, Jeff." Mark stated, arms crossed and leaning against the wall.

Jeff frowned, "what the hell is wrong with you, man?"

"No, Jeff, what the hell is wrong with you? What do you have going on up there in that head of yours? Fried one too many brain cells?"

"Man, what in the hell are you talking about, Mark?" Jeff said, getting a bit angry, but still looking relaxed as he leaned back against the wall behind him.

"Jeff, you've got yourself a real opportunity here. And you almost lost it. Almost lost everything. All for a quick high?"

Suddenly, Jeff knew exactly what Mark was talking about. "Isn't that stuff supposed to be confidential or something?"

"Yeah, but not when the guys, who helped push to make you champion, have to stick there necks out to defend you."

"They did?" Jeff said, finally offering some emotion.

"Yeah, Paul did." Mark said, taking a few steps closer to Jeff. "Vince was ready to fire you, Jeff. But they convinced him otherwise."

"Mark, I only did it because that night I was bored and just kept thinking of the match. I was getting so nervous. I needed to relax a little."

"What?" Mark asked loudly.

"I was-"

"No, Jeff, I heard you. I just can't believe that. You did it before your match?"

"I know, Mark, I just-"

"Come on, you know better than that, Jeff."

"Mark, just let me explain." Jeff said, pulling his knees up to his body.

"Explain how you're not only messing yourself up, but going out there and putting Paul and Adam in danger too?" Mark said, getting very angry and frustrated. "You could have really hurt them, Jeff."

"I know, Mark. I'm sorry." Jeff said, burying his face in his arms.

Mark sighed and turned around and started to pace a bit. From the table he heard muffled sniffles and turned back around.

"Jeff." he said softly. "Jeff." Jeff poked his head out from his arms.

"I'm sorry, Mark."

"If you're bored, find me. I'll think of something to keep you busy." Mark said, with a small smirk on his face.

Jeff smiled and let his legs down and scooted to the end of the table, head still hanging.

"Why won't you just let that stuff go?"

"Not again, Mark." Jeff groaned. "It's not easy."

"No, it's not. But it's not impossible. You haven't even really tried, Jeff."

"Well maybe I just don't want to, Mark." Jeff shouted to him.

Feeling his frustrations building once again, Mark snapped back at Jeff. "Boy, what in the world did your momma do when she was having you, to make you so damned hard headed and selfish?"

"Hey!" Jeff said, jumping down from the table and getting in front of Mark, his finger in his face. "Don't ever say a word about my mother, Mark. Ever."

Mark took a step back, "you're right, Jeff. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything about your mom, but tell me, what do you think she would say about you using that shit all the time?"

Jeff stepped back and swallowed the lump in his throat, while blinking back the tears that were threatening to spill over.

Mark felt his heart ache, he hated bringing his mother into their arguments, but it was the one thing he knew would ever make a dent in Jeff's thoughts.

"What are you doing tonight?" he asked Jeff, "how about you come over to my room, huh?"

Jeff sniffled and then looked up at Mark. "That mean you're not mad at me anymore?"

Mark laughed, "no, I'm still very much mad at you, Jeff. We're going to have a really long talk about everything."

"Gee, what an offer!" Jeff faked his excitement.

"You broke the rules, so you have to learn what your punishment is. And believe me, it's a much lesser sentence than you should have recieved. We'll discuss it tonight though, amongst other things." He walked closer to Jeff and continued, "you'll probably yell and get angry at what I say, and maybe even try to leave before i'm through, but i'll grab you hand," he said as he grabbed Jeff's hand, "wrap my arm around your waist," he said as he wrapped his arm around Jeff's waist, "and even though I know you hate when I say it, because I think, for some reason you think i'm lying, i'll tell you that I love you and that I only want to help you get clean and stay clean and that I would do absolutely anything for you and to make sure you're okay, even if it made you hate me."

Jeff shook his head, "can't believe I screwed up again."

Mark pulled Jeff closer to him and Jeff wrapped his arms around Mark.

"One of these days we'll make it right, Jeff." Mark said, placing a kiss on the top of his head.

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