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Yakumo spent most her time in the forest outside her mansion; painting whatever she felt like. The bitter-sweet fruit of solitude was still fresh in her mind after the loss of Kurenai-sensei and Naruto. Kurenai had promised to visit her soon but Yakumo knew the truth. She would be forgotten, left behind; abandoned once again because Kurenai now had her own team of Gennin to look after. So Yakumo Kurama was once again left alone by her so called 'mother'. And she and Naruto had just been getting close...

Yakumo blushed and stopped her painting for a moment. 'I shouldn't be thinking those thoughts of Naruto-kun. Wait, did I just-' Yakumo blushed scarlet even though she knew no one heard her. She was alone, painting the leaves of some local fern in the forest around her. Her fold-up wooden chair creaked as she laid her head back, arms resting behind her head. She blushed again because this was just what Naruto would do when standing up. That blond had saved her from her own demon and then stopped her from committing suicide with the very palette knife she was using to paint. She would be forever grateful.

'Admit it, you are falling for him.'

Yakumo blushed agian. Though she would never admit it to that little voice in her head, she knew she was; even though it had only been a day. Something just told her to go after him.


Naruto was told he had the next three weeks off. 'This can't be happening... it has to be a prank.' Naruto went straight to Grandma Tsunade to demand an explanation. He found her sleeping on her desk, again. Grinning, he formed the hand sign for the Shadow clone jutsu and got the clone to wake up the grumpy Hokage. As expected, her fist lashed out and dispelled the clone. Naruto then asked his questions very loudly.

Did she think he wasn't an adequate shinobi? Had he screwed up somewhere on a mission and was now paying for it? The barrage of questions Naruto was launching at Tsunade was giving her a headache. She quickly dealt with the cause of the headache and punched Naruto though a window. She then took out her secret stash of sake and drank the headache away...

Now what was he supposed to do? Pervy Sage hadn't come back yet and most of his friends were on missions. The only ones that weren't on missions were Kurenai's team since they had the same 'holiday' he had. Naruto grimaced and set out to find them.


Yakumo wasn't board, yet. So long as there were objects to paint she would never be board. But she was lonely. She was particularly craving the attention of a certain blond-haired shinobi. 'I hope he visits me. Maybe I'll really show him my home. This time without trying to kill him.' Her home was what Yakumo now called the Kurama clan's Mansion. Ya right, a clan of one person. Yakumo blinked and picked up the brush again. The painting of the fern was nearly complete and once it was she would be bored...


Shino had disappeared to look for more insects to study. Or that's at least what Shino's father had told him; so the information looked pretty accurate to Naruto. He left the Aburame clan complex and was now jumping across rooftops towards the Hyuuga complex. Before Naruto even got close he spotted Hinata training with her father Hiashi. Not wanting to disturb her training (and feeling too restless to watch) Naruto left to find Kiba.

No go there too. Kiba and Akamaru were practising their 'Dynamic Marking' technique in the forest. This involved Akamaru urinating everywhere. I mean what the hell...! No one's ever going to go near those two again.


Yakumo heard the sound of laughter and a dog barking nearby. Good, she had just finished painting the fern and if they were the pair she thought they were then she would go say hi. Yakumo stood up off her chair and her legs nearly buckled. 'Damn this weak body!' No taijutsu was possible, no teacher in ninjutsu and no one seemed to care about her genjutsu. And now she couldn't even see old friends because of her body. She felt worse than useless. The whole world had moved on, leaving her behind to pick up the pieces of her life.

"HEY, YAKUMO!" Yakumo's head turned and her usually stoic mouth broke into a radiant smile.

"Naruto; I thought you had forgotten about me!" Yakumo turned and waved, the simple act causing her to fall on her bum.

Naruto kept running to help her up. Skidding to a stop in front of her, Naruto mamaged to spray mud into her hair. "Are you alright Yakumo? Here, let me help you up," Still grinning, Naruto held out his hand. "I wonder if he even cares about me. Maybe he did that on purpose,' She looked into his eyes knew he hadn't. Seeing his smile again made Yakumo wonder how she'd ever thought such a terrible thing of Naruto. She took his offered hand and he pulled her up. Yet again her legs refused to cooperate and she fell, this time forwards and into Naruto's chest. She gasped and blushed like mad, pushing herself off of his chest, but not before spotting the similar blush on his cheeks.

"What are you doing here Naruto? Are you looking for Kiba?" She knew better then to hope that he wasn't.

"Nope; I was looking for you." He said, this time smiling with a faint blush.

Inside, Yakumo was doing a little jig. 'He cares he cares HE CARES!' Her face remained friendly but neutral, silently asking the question: Why?

Naruto grinned, blushing a little bit. "Well... we have a three week 'holiday'. All of us, Shino, Kurenai, Kiba, Hinata and myself."

Yakumo did not miss the faint edge of anger over the word 'holiday'. 'Apparently Naruto doesn't like holidays. Still, it didn't answer my question of why he is here.'

"Everyone else is training so I thought, 'what am I horrible at?' Genjutsu was the answer. And who is the prettiest, nicest Genjutsu master I have ever seen."

Yakumo sighed. He was looking for Kurenai-sensei. Yakumo knew that people thought of her as Kurenai-sensei's daughter, almost, so Naruto was here to ask her if she had seen Kurenai; not because he cared about her. It was too good a fantasy to be true anyway...

"You..." Naruto finished.

Blank. No expression. Emotionless.

'Did he just call me pretty? Prettier than even Kurenai-sensei? Oh Kami, what do I say?'

She got the biggest blush on her face and finally stammered out, "Ah... thank you for the compliment... Naruto-kun." 'Shit did I just call him Naruto-kun? Crap, maybe he didn't hear me.' "But are you sure you want me to teach you, Naruto? I mean, what about Kurenai-sensei? She would have better access to scrolls to teach you and she is a Jonin." 'No, why am I saying this? I'm craving his company, yet I'm trying to push him away.' Fortunately for Yakumo, Naruto was a very stubborn knuckle-headed ninja who never gave up pestering the people he wanted something from.

"Oh, common Yakumo; don't you want to be called Yakumo-sensei?"

Yakumo blinked. 'Yakumo-sensei?' She liked the sound of that. 'But it sounds wrong coming from someone a year older than me.'

"Tell you what Naruto-kun.You call me Yakumo-sensei if I can call you Naruto-kun; deal?"

"Deal," Naruto said before picking up Yakumo bridal style and speeding back to her Mansion, Yakumo screaming all the way.

"Naruto-kun! I need... my palette knife... and canvas! I... left them behind in the forest." Yakumo was still short of breath and she was blushing madly. She wasn't used to moving that fast. 'Or being carried by my Naruto-kun. Crap I'm starting to sound like Hinata.'

"Don't worry Yakumo-sensei. My shadow clones brought your painting things here." He wasn't even short of breath.

Yakumo bristled. 'Things!'

"Naruto Uzumaki, those things were the only friends I had when Kurenai sealed my powers and abandoned me. They are beautiful tools, and as such shall be treated with respect, just like kunai or senbon."

Naruto froze and blinked. Then blinked again. Not only had she used his last name with no kun, she also didn't add sensei after Kurenai's name. 'She must be serious.' A foxy grin crept up on his face. 'Time to kill the mood.'

"Hai, Yakumo-sensei. Please forgive my insolence. A Genin of your calibre and experience should not be underestimated." Naruto straightened his back and raised his hand in a mock salute.

Yakumo's eyebrow twitched. Once, twice. Naruto's sweat dropped.

She finally burst out laughing, her chocolate hair obscuring her face while she clutched her knees to stop herself from falling on her bum again. It was brilliant. Yakumo couldn't resist a counterattack.

"Oh - all powerful - Konoha ninja Naruto - forgive me-." She was having trouble saying the words because she was laughing so hard. "It's not like – an orange jumpsuit - wearing knucklehead – could understand art." She finally looked up, expecting Naruto to start laughing any second, but her laughter died in her throat. 'Oh no Naruto-kun; you better not be thinking that.'

"Yakumo-sensei, will you teach me an art?"


The following week passed in much the same manner. Naruto would start a conversation with a question, Yakumo would end the conversation by answering the question and then Naruto would start a new conversation by asking a question about something Yakumo had said in the previous answer. It was a complex game of cat and mouse, and Yakumo thought she was the mouse.

But it was interesting playing his game. Naruto displayed a genuine interest in Yakumo's life, often asking questions about it and seeing in which direction the conversation would go. Most of their time however was spent trying to find an art for Naruto, rather then practising any said art on Naruto's part. Yakumo taught Naruto that any form of art would help them later when they used their art to form genjutsu.

That first week passed in a blur of happiness for Yakumo. She had gone from being alone and depressed to feeling wonderfully alive; thanks to Naruto. She shared her passions, dreams and fears with Naruto without a care in the world. She told him that she aspired to become the most powerful kunoichi in the Leaf Village using nothing more than genjutsu. Naruto's talks were constantly fuelling her ambition and fanning her Will of Fire. With his constant encouragement and never-ending trust in her abilities, it came as no surprise that Yakumo became more and more attached to him. She couldn't help it.

Naruto would use the example of Rock Lee constantly in their talks, the same example Yakumo had used on Kurenai-sensei. Naruto had been shocked when Yakumo told him what Kurenai had said to her. He even displayed a rare trace of anger; saying it was far too similar to the destiny speech of Neji. Naruto promptly told Yakumo that what Kurenai said was bull, confirming her suspicions of the fact.

He then told her the story of himself, Neji and Rock Lee. How Lee was always improving himself to beat Neji, and Neji would always tell him that destiny was against him and that he was always destined to lose because he was born a loser.

When Yakumo heard this she was fuming. Lee, Kurenai-sensei and now Naruto-kun were her role models, and this pompous ass was going around crushing all their dreams. Maybe she would capture him in a very special genjutsu...

Naruto continued by telling her about Neji's speech in the Chunin exam and Naruto's speech after he had beaten him. After hearing that Naruto had beaten Neji, Yakumo demanded a blow-by-blow. Naruto was always up for bragging about his accomplishments. (In this he has no equal and only one better; Kiba)

It seems that the role of student and teacher were reversed with Yakumo and Naruto throughout that first week. Though Naruto did not learn any Genjutsu; the first week served to ease the tension and break the ice between the two near-strangers as well as the constant search for Naruto's art. Naruto was found less and less in the village, stopping only at Ichiraku Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ayame especially noticed the difference in Naruto, and not just his clothes.

After that jab about his jumpsuit, Naruto had changed his clothing into something more reasonable. Wearing a tight black t-shirt with a matching pair of black knee-high shorts; Ayame had to admit that it was a big improvement. The shorts had orange outlines around the pockets and two stripes of orange going down each side of the shorts. The t-shirt also had two orange lines going down each arm. Naruto's kunai pouch was stilled tied to his waist.

'My my, he looks very handsome.' Ayame blushed at her thoughts while she watched Naruto eat. 'He still eats ramen with gusto; at least that hasn't changed.'Ayame grinned; Naruto was on his tenth bowl already. 'Naruto just couldn't bring himself change completely. And lose all traces of orange,' Ayame giggled at that last thought. It was a definite improvement in his dress code.

After finishing his ramen Naruto paid Ayame and sprinted out of the stand. Yakumo had told him this morning that every time he left her she was scared he wouldn't come back. That she'd be left behind and forgotten; all alone again.


Naruto sped towards the Kurama mansion, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Today was day seven, the last day they would spend just talking while practising their art for fun. He'd already stopped at Ichiraku Ramen for breakfast and was now heading to the forest just outside the village. He knew Yakumo was waiting there for him, bright-eyed and grumpy as hell. A true smile crept onto Naruto's lips as he headed into the forest. He couldn't wait to see Yakumo-chan again, not that she'd allow him to call her that. But a man can hope.

When he got there he found that Yakumo wasn't in the forest. Not one to be discouraged Naruto figured she'd still be in bed in her mansion. Naruto smiled; he was going to wake her up; unpleasantly.

He arrived to see a heartwrenching sight. Yakumo was sitting on the front porch outside her mansion, head on her knees, crying silently. Naruto ran towards her, not caring that she might want to be alone. He sat down next to her and asked her what was wrong. He waited and waited for a response, never groaning, pressurising her to answer. Yakumo finally looked up and Naruto wondered where that brown haired, emotionless zombie had gone. And whether he preferred her like this, so sad and unhappy. Yakumo spoke, her voice wavering, like she was going to cry again.

"Naruto-kun; don't leave me. *SOB* I don't want to be alone anymore."

Naruto tilted his head to look at her with his sapphire eyes. "What do you mean, Yakumo-sensei? I will never leave you-"

"Don't lie to me! Naruto-kun... After the three weeks are over, you will leave. You *Sniffle* have a squad, and you need to do missions. You'll just forget about me- oh!"

Naruto pulled Yakumo into a tight hug, burying his face into her brown hair. 'Her hair smells like chocolate... I'll never leave her. My Yakumo-chan...'

Not even thinking about what he was doing, Naruto removed himself from Yakumo's hair and tilted her chin up to look at him. Her brown hair was over her eyes, the pair of yellow beads having fallen out of her hair. Her mouth, not quite quivering but still showing her unhappiness to Naruto. Her brow was creasing with worry. All Naruto knew was that he had to take her pain away. His head descended, and their lips touched. His, dry yet tender, hers, wet and unsure. None of them were prepared for Yakumo's reaction when he kissed her. Yakumo lost control and flung her small hands around Naruto's neck. When he tried to pull away, Yakumo used this action to pull herself onto Naruto's lap, never breaking the kiss that was her lifeline. He tried to protest, only for Yakumo to deepen the kiss. In the end he couldn't help it; with a young female kissing him on his lap his body began to betray him.

'No... no! This is so wrong, she's twelve!'

"Hey, old enough to kill, old enough for other things too-"

'Shut up fox no one asked you.'

Naruto hands made their way to the small of her back, pulling her into his body. Her tongue went into his mouth completely by accident, with her trying to deepen the kiss further and Naruto pulling her closer. She liked this new feeling, this pleasurable desire. Her wet tongue inside his moist mouth increased those feelings. She wanted those feelings to burn through her until the sadness and loneliness was nothing but a memory. Naruto's hands grasped her shirt and pulled her back, ending the make out session; much to her disappointment.

Naruto was having trouble resisting this young girl, but in the end he was able to pull her mouth away from his. His eyes went over her flushed cheeks, her wild hair and her bare neck... That last part of her sent Naruto over the edge. A growl came from his throat and he bit her neck hard enough to draw blood. Then he sucked on it like it was candy.

Yakumo had never felt this before. His hands were pulling at the back of her shirt, making it tight against her chest. When his teeth had sunk into her young neck, she felt over sensitive and vulnerable. There was pain, but when he began sucking on her neck the pain turned into arousal. Her small breasts were pressing against her fishnet shirt beneath her robes, nipples hardening in arousal. Naruto clawed himself back from the depths of sin, leaning over he whispered into her ear. "Yakumo-chan, I'll never leave you." He sucked on her earlobe and Yakumo gasped. He then whispered, with a trace of lust;

"Soon... you will call me sensei."

Flashback End

That incident was the first close physical contact Yakumo had experienced, besides the hug Kurenai had given her after they killed Yakumo's demon. It was her first kiss, make out and her first encounter with lust. Naruto held her all morning, whispering comforting words like 'Yakumo-chan' and 'Don't cry'. After that run-in with lust both of them agreed to act like it had never happened. Naruto promised to never leave her out of his own free will and Yakumo was content.

Now Naruto made his way through the forest, sensing before he seeing that Yakumo was painting there. Grinning, he looked over her shoulder to see what she was painting. Naruto blushed red as a tomato upon seeing the painting. It was them, Naruto biting Yakumo's neck while his hands pulled her robes back against her chest. Her eyes were wide and her mouth half open in a silent moan of ecstasy. 'Oh Kami was I really doing that to her? But that's so hot and- No Naruto, this is wrong! So wrong-'

'It feels so wrong, it must, it must be right...'

'Shut up! You're not funny!'

"So Naruto-kun; what do you think of the painting?"

Dry throat. Naruto started sweating bullets as cleared his throat; trying to think of a good answer.

"Well Yakumo-sensei, I...um, it's very...passionate." Yakumo brows knitted together at Naruto's comment; trying to hold back her laughter while appearing to be hurt by Naruto's comment.

'Oh crap I'm dead!' Naruto thought.

Yakumo couldn't hold it any longer and she burst out laughing. Naruto's expression of terror too cute!

After getting her laughter out of her system Yakumo stood up and walked around her chair. She was looking positively maleficent at Naruto.

"I hope I can paint more of these...Naruto-kun." She whipered in his ear, causing shivers to race down Naruto's spine.

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