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Yakumo smiled as she saw Itachi walking towards her. 'Finally I can be trained by a full genjutsu master. Just you wait Kurenai-sensei, I will definitely surpass you.' She subconsciously straitened in the presence of her new sensei.

He walked up to her and stared at her with his emotionless gaze. "Yakumo Kurama, it is time for you to come with me." He turned his back to her and walked away, calm and secure if his own power. His walk and poise was something Yakumo wanted to emulate one day, hopefully she too would be that confident after her training.

They walked for about two hours until they reached what appeared to be an abandoned temple. Upon closer examination, it had faded Uchiha fans painted on it. Itachi took a seat on the stone throne and faced her. "You will go through a year of Konoha ANBU training, the same amount I went through in war times. This will correct any deficiencies you have in your taijutsu, ninjutsu and kenjutsu. I will not accept any excuses."

"Hai sensei." Yakumo put on a determined face, unknowingly looking just like Naruto. Itachi smirked.

"Then let us begin."


"Welcome Naruto." Pein's Human Path greeted Naruto. They were still in the Akatsuki base in the Land of Mountains but they were in a completely different chamber. This one looked almost completely spherical and made out of dull brown clay. It was also enormous.

"A new body Pein? Well that is an interesting surprise. I don't suppose you'll tell me how you do that?"

Pein was stoic as always. "You will be trained by me in chakra control and taijutsu. You have one year to master my Human style taijutsu. Failure is not an option."

"Heh, finally a competent taijutsu teacher. That's fine with me; I always was an in your face kind of shinobi." Naruto grinned as he saw the kind of malignant grace Pein's movements had and swore to have the same grace at the end of his training.


Hinata woke up naked on a cold wooden floor. She may have been groggy but she was still a shinobi and was quickly alert and looking for her clothes. 'Byakugan!' Hinata activated her bloodline to aid in her search. She also was feeling to check if she was raped.

A negative result on both counts. But there was a note on the floor next to her. It simply read: Your clothes are north. She crumpled up the note and looked through the walls of her prison. 'I'm in the centre of a small town! And the walls around me have no door!'

In most cases this was not a problem for a shinobi like Hinata, who had mastered the Rasengan. But she was in a very populated area and a Rasengan would definitely draw attention to her nakedness. 'So I have to get myself out, move through an entire town and head north. All the while without being seen. Brilliant.' Hinata tried to do a transformation jutsu, only for it to fail. 'What's wrong with my chakra?' Hinata could definitely still use it, her Byakugan was proof of this. She held out her hand and a flawless Rasengan formed. 'What's going on? My jutsu remain the same. Except for the transformation jutsu. Wait is that a seal on my arm?' Hinata's Byakugan spotted a seal with the kanji for 'restrict' on it on her right shoulder. 'A seal that stops a single jutsu?' Suddenly her Byakugan spotted something else. Something from her worst nightmares.

'Kumo nin!'


One year later...

Experiment 37 or 37 for short, was currently in the med bay. She thought she would be able to equal Sasuke in single combat. She had improved, but what chance did a twelve-year-old have against a ninja of Sasuke's potential. Kami she hated him. She hated Orochimaru for what he did to her and Kabuto for making it happen. She had no memories of her previous life and her existence here was just one battle after another. She would be forced to fight for everything: food, water and shelter. She had lost count of the sleepless nights on the cold floor. But she was stronger; in fact she declared herself Sasuke's equal and challenged him to a duel.


"So you want to fight Sasuke-kun 37? I guess I could arrange for a spar amongst teammates." 37 didn't let Orochimaru's poisonous words get to her. She had no doubt that Sasuke would try to kill her to test his power. "Sasuke-kun, you have a sparring partner." "Hnn," was all Sasuke said as he took his stance, right hand half drawing his chokuto from its sheath. 37 drew her bone short swords, sheathed at her waist. It had taken a long time to create those swords, as her bloodline was not as strong as Kimmimaro. But she did have a wind nature chakra. Wind and earth, but she wasn't sure if the earth nature was from Kimmimaro's cells rather than her own. 'Concentrate 37.' She assumed her stance: her right arm curling horizontally across her chest with her right sword pointing exactly behind her; with left arm raised up above and slightly behind her head, before curling forwards with the blade pointing down at her opponent like a serpent.

Orochimaru saw her stance and his smile widened. 'Excellent. She may not have Kimmimaro's raw power, but she is far superior to him and Sasuke in kenjutsu. And the amount of time it took her to form those swords has paid dividends. They are long swords rather than the short swords Kimmimaro used.'

Sasuke dashed forwards, using his impressive speed and drew his chokuto in a reverse grip. 37 never lost her poise, giving her a dangerous look. As he slashed at her, aiming to disembowel her, she lowered the point of her right sword and waited. At the very last second, when Sasuke had begun his horizontal swing, her right arm moved forwards and clashed with his sword. His chokuto had been stopped to the right of his body. That along with his forwards momentum made his position very awkward. 37's left hand lashed out like a viper striking from above. Only Sasuke's Sharingan saved his head from becoming a kebab. This forced him to move his head left, further transferring his weight away from his right hand, which was holding back 37's right sword. Sasuke realized that he had less than a second before she brought down her left sword and severed his right arm. In slow motion he watched as her left blade turned vertical, no doubt to get ready to sever his right arm with a downward slash.

37 smiled coldly. 'Got you.' Sasuke made his decision. Using the power struggle between his blade and hers, her relaxed his arm and spun around like a top, using her power to speed his rotation. He raised his right leg in preparation to use a Leaf Hurricane that he had copied from Lee. That's when it all went wrong. 37's kenjutsu style was all about poise. In any of her ready stances she would stay perfectly still before counter-attacking flawlessly. By bringing her left blade down she may indeed have severed his left arm, but that would destroy her poise by almost crossing her arms and would put her left sword in front of the path of her right sword. Two big no-no's in her fighting style. Instead she bluffed. Her left arm was in a slightly awkward position due to her failed skewering and thus she rotated her wrist to put it into a more natural position. Knowing her opponent would see even that movement in the heat of battle due to the Sharingan, she stopped pushing forwards with her right arm. She wouldn't give any ground up with her right arm, but she wasn't pushing back either. And then Sasuke executed his rotation. Without the added support of 37's right arm his rotation was slowed from near instant to very fast. So fast in fact that Sasuke had managed to turn in almost a complete circle before her right blade lashed across his chest. He was able to push himself back in time, which saved him from being disemboweled. Instead he just had a deep bleeding cut across his chest. As he jumped back 37 used the momentum of her right sword to assume another ready stance, taking one step forwards with her left leg, transferring her weight to that foot. Both her arms were extended, this time with the left sword in front of her. The sword was held at just above waist height and pointed slightly down whilst it was held across her body, guarding her waist and stomach. Her right arm was behind her, but this time fully extended at just above shoulder height, with the sword almost running back along her arm. The tip was pointing right at Sasuke.

'She seems to block with one sword and stab with another, only slashing if her blocked sword finds an opening. A rather simple attack pattern. Simple, but still dangerous. And her footwork and balance are flawless. She has only taken a single step forwards during our entire exchange.'

Deciding to try a new tactic, Sasuke sprinted forwards before turning and trying to circle around her. Suddenly a mud clone formed behind her. Without making a single hand sign it blew out a Great Breakthrough jutsu. That stopped Sasuke is his tracks and forced him to stop in front of 37. 'Not good.'

But it seemed that his theory of her attack pattern held true, as she initiated with her left hand this time, but still causing the inevitable clash of their blades. Her right hand lashed out like a viper, point aiming for his exposed heart. But Sasuke predicted this even before his Sharingan saw it. The blade was only halfway though its motions when Sasuke sidestepped it. This time he turned away from the blade, now sideways to 37 with the blade in front of him. Now Sasuke applied his full strength and better stance to their clashing blades, causing 37 to waver. But this was where it once again all went to hell for Sasuke. Her descending right sword, which was two thirds of the way to stabbing empty air, was suddenly spun. Like a pencil, the sword spun just above her arm, turning in her hand until it was gripped horizontally in a normal grip. Then the stabbing motion became a slashing motion, as 37 used the spinning momentum of her blade to speed up her slashing motion. She angled it up, aiming to pass it through a part of his shoulder and behead him. It was still lacking strength, so 37 activated her Level 1 Curse Seal. Just a touch; which resulted in a small pattern appearing on the skin hidden beneath her armor. This quick boost of speed and strength carried her sword through the top part of Sasuke's shoulder and towards his neck…


Naruto panted as he sparred with Human Path, fighting him to a standstill. Their shins met each other and their fists were held by the other person's hand. Pein relaxed his stance. "Good. You have mastered my taijutsu. Now you must complete your Rasengan. This is my last challenge to you. The rest of your training is up to you."

"Hai, thank you sensei." Naruto bowed before making his way out of the indoor training ground and into the endless rain of Ame.

"Return back to headquarters after six months."

"Got it sensei."


"Good Yakumo. You have completed the one year training course for Leaf ANBU. Now I will truelly begin to train you."

"Huh?" was Yakumo's intelligent reply. Itachi sighed.

"For the next six months I will train you exclusively in Genjutsu. When your training is complete you will no longer need to paint to cast genjutsu."

"Wicked," again, Yakumo's reply tested Itachi vocabulary.


Hinata sighed tiredly as she finally laid sight on her sensei. This creepy plant man had been tormenting her for an entire year, taking her stuff and even kidnapping her before making her get out of awkward situations. But it was training. Her Byakugan now reached for twenty kilometers and she had learnt to completely repress her chakra.

"Meet us in the Land of Mountains in six months time. Your final test will be finding us."

"Why would I look for you?" Hinata was a little miffed about this entire year.

"Because we have Naruto."


37 growled as she was beaten yet again by Kabuto. She was still pissed off that Orochimaru had stopped her blade with his a year ago, saving Sasuke's life. Since then she hadn't sparred with anyone but Kabuto, who continued to wipe the floor with her.

'One day Kabuto I will kill you. And Sasuke. And especially you, Orochimaru.'


Six months later…

Naruto was walking back to the Akatsuki base in the Land of Mountains. He had one final growth spurt, hitting six feet. His clothes hadn't changed much; they were still the same Akatsuki uniform with a straw hat. But there was one major difference. What looked like a mace was mounted on his back, wrapped in yellow cloth. The yellow cloth really stood out and the mace looked like it could be wielded with one hand or two.

'Heh, I finally completed my seals training. And mastered Orochimaru's jutsu.' Naruto looked over his shoulder at his mace. 'This is art!'

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