This drabble was written in early November 2008 for Kazuko in response to wishing for a Link/Peach fic to exist out there. (So yes, this is one of those one-of-a-kind pairing fics from moi, the one who never writes pairing fics…except for special cases like this! XP ) This was inspired from the combination of that wish plus seeing a youtube video of a certain random Easter egg in one of the Zelda games. Thus much of the dialogue is verbatim of that scene, but obviously lots more was extrapolated from it. :P

The Photograph

"What's this?! A letter for me?! I'm so happy!"

Mr. Write looked overjoyed at the envelope I handed him. I didn't have any idea what was in it, but he was so anxious to open it (guess he doesn't get much mail, I wonder why...) that I was about to find out.

He held the letter in his hand and read it over as if he were enjoying a sumptuous, very expensive dessert. It wasn't until he started to put down the envelope that he noticed something else was in it. He took it out and glanced at it.

"....And look! The letter came with a photograph!"

He gleefully offered me the photo and I took a look. On the bottom was written the name Christina. It was of a cute blonde girl in a poofy pink dress with a dainty look to her...

Wait a second.

Mr. Write admired the photo amorously. "Mmm...She's so beautiful...I must give you something for your trouble...Hmm..." He looked around the room.

In the meanwhile, I was a bit put off. Why in the world would this Christina (who must have been related to the guy who gave me this) put this other photo in instead? Because I knew exactly who it was. I had too much fun with her that day escorting her about the kingdom (her plumber had to do major work on her castle after some mishap with some Bowser villain earlier) to not recognize her at a glance.

"Well, it looks like all I have is this'll that be?"

Then it occurred to me and it made sense: if this Christina really wanted Mr. Write's attention, he'd be sure to find Peach a lot prettier than her. Because I have to admit, Peach is a lot prettier than a lot of other girls I've seen. (Zelda? She seems more of a tomboy, actually...)


"What?" I blinked. "Oh, sure..."

And I wondered what the heck I was going to use a broom for.

...Oh well. I'm already carrying two dozen other things in my magic carry-all sack. (...And besides doesn't she like the plumber guy?)


Peach shook her head and sighed, watching the green-garbed young man sweep. At least it's a good excuse for him to be around~