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Thick gray clouds scattered in the coal black sky as the moon glowed magnificently at the center of the wonderful sight with the stars blinking at the earth beneath them. Konoha felt at peace, people decreased in number as they went to their homes to be finally at rest. Along the pathway that leads to the Ninja Academy, a tall figure walked alone ignoring the hoots of an owl nearby and the soft rustle of leaves. The man was deep in thought unnoticing another presence beside him.

"Meow." The sound of an animal halted him from his tracks. His eyes travelled downwards to find a small white cat staring back at him. Its fur was pure white with a tint of pink on its left ear and at the tip of its tail. Its green eyes blinked innocently, gesturing him to take it home. In turn, the man glared and muttered, "Tch. Annoying." He pushed the creature away gently and continued his way.

"Meow." He quickly looked down to find the little cat near him again. "Stubborn kitty, go away." But it didn't move instead it rubbed its fur on his right foot. He scowled at it and wondered if the cat itself was enticed by him other than his human fans. And where on earth did the cat come from? Never had he seen in his entire life a really white cat with an oddly mix of pink. Plus he never took care of creatures so why take it home?

You know, we need some company in our soon to be EMO house.

Go away.

It's slowly getting infected by your disease.

Shut. Up.

The young man was about to retort something about the cat when a flying object stopped him, he quickly dodged the sharp metal that was stuck in a tree behind him. He fished out a kunai and tried to locate the enemy's chakra. Where?

"Meow!" His gaze turned to where the animal cry came from and saw the enemy holding the creature in his hand. He stared in confusion, what can a stray cat have to make an enemy get it. Perhaps it's his pet? Or his meal for the night.

"Do not interfere young man." The enemy said, preparing to leave but with the cat struggling in his hold, it took the chance to bite him and ran as soon as he lets it go. He cursed and vanished into thin air leaving the young man in confusion.

"There's something wrong with that cat." After muttering those words, he, too disappeared to go after the enemy.

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.

The little cat clawed the wall as it desperately tried to escape the cloaked man who wanted to take it. But its attempts were nothing; the wall was made of cement and it was too high for it to jump. Slowly getting tired, it was about to find another way when the person it feared the most appeared at the end of the alley.

"Think you can outrun me?" He said darkly, making the cat hiss in response. He made his way towards the creature as it stepped back with a hiss, its green orbs flaring at the man. Extending his right arm to grab it, the cat launched itself biting his arm hard, trying to tear off his skin and its sharp nails digging deeply. The man screamed in pain, he tried to wiggle the cat off but failed and instead, he smashed his arm and the cat on the wall. A huge crack appeared, and the animal fell unconscious, receiving the hit directly. Using his left arm, he took the cat and turned to leave only to meet the fists of the person he met a while ago.

"I told you not to interfere!" he said, wiping off the blood that trickled on his mouth. He looked at the other person, studying him. His hair was in an odd style, having spikes at the back and his onyx eyes that held no emotion at all. "You're an intruder." He replied.

"I will go as soon as I get this cat."

"What is so important about that creature?"

"None of your business. Just let me finish my job and I'll leave."

The onyx-eyed male appeared behind him with a kunai ready to slice his throat. "Tell me." He hissed. The enemy didn't comply but instead fought, elbowing him but he dodged. He was sent flying on the wall by the Konoha shinobi and tied by chakra infused strings.


"There is nothing to talk about."

He was kicked on his injured arm and he groaned.


"I told you, there is nothing I will tell you." He replied with a firm voice, struggling to get free. Even if he'll be tortured, he would say nothing. And if this man continues to ask him…

"Talk or I'll kill you."

"I'd rather die." And after murmuring those words, a fire suddenly consumed him, causing him to back away and watch the man turn into ashes with a wicked grin on his face. As the fire subsided, his gaze was moved to the lying cat. He walked towards it and kneeled touching its soft white fur. He saw something flash and saw a silver metal chained around its small neck.


He cursed and was surprised to see a female figure to where the cat was lying a while ago. Where's the cat? He thought. Examining the girl, he was even more shocked to see it with cat ears and tail and it had the same tint of pink on its tail and left ear. She was wearing a white kimono designed with red floral swirls and to his inner's luck, her kimono ended up to her mid thighs showing off her smooth porcelain skin.

Holy shit she's HOT! Chimed his inner, grinning.

Fuck off.

Take home! Take home! Take home!

Didn't I tell you to fuck off?

Take her home you stupid idiot, are you going to let her stay here in the middle of the fucking night with lots of rapists lurking in the corners? Oh hell no, coz we're going to TAKE HER HOME.



As his hand gently lifted her head, he felt a warm substance. Not bothering to check what it was because it was surely blood, he hastily took her in his arms and decided to take the girl in his home to tend her injuries.

Uchiha Sasuke left the alleyway and went back to his mansion with the girl.

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