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"You sure about this?"

"Hai, Tsunade-sama. Don't worry about me; I need to help out in the Himura case."

It was a day after the big fight that damaged one fourth of forest, located at the north of Konoha. Many travellers and shinobis were surprised at the impact it had done. People living nearby had seen the bright light that consumed the whole forest on that night, and the howl of a monstrous beast that gave them fear. Even Konoha didn't miss effect of the battle, receiving bits of shaking ground.

"Does Sakura know?" the voice asked in a worried tone, it was the Hokage.

"Just hand this to her and everything will be fine."

The two females stared at the silent figure that had been asleep for twenty-four hours since she was brought back along with the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan. The Hokage felt a big relief as she saw them entering the village gates. It was like, she hasn't been breathing the whole time they were in the mission. For them to successfully accomplish the mission without getting severe injuries felt like she'd won a ninja war.

"I'm glad Sakura-hime and the others defeated Akito." She brushed her fingertips on the girl's face before turning to leave.

"Are you coming back?"

"Of course. Plus I trust the Uchiha in taking good care of her."

A snicker erupted from Tsunade's lips while taking a peek at the other figure that also occupies the same room. It was a request made by the Rookie 9 and without Naruto's constant babbling that irritated her causing her patience to quickly vanish; she would've settled separate rooms for the two. Love birds huh? She thought smiling mentally. The young Uchiha also slept for a whole day, probably still in the process of recovering his strength. She was utterly shocked when Naruto told her that Sakura revived him with her power.

"I should get going." Her crimson eyes closed as she left the room, leaving Tsunade alone watching the two people in silence.

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

Twitch. Twitch.

Uchiha Sasuke wondered why are there still annoying birds in heaven. Shouldn't it be quiet and peaceful? But why would be in heaven in the first place? Perhaps the birds are the torture in hell since he hated them very much. He moved and was shocked to feel the soft hug of the material beneath him. It was too comfortable to be placed in hell.

Heaven or hell, we are NOT dead you big dumb ass!

What are you-


Following his inner consciousness, he squinted at the beaming rays of the sun that hit his face. Blinking to clear his vision, he saw his surroundings painted in white and peach. He was lying beside a window, a small table placed beside it and that he was indeed in a bed. He tried to sit up, but the moment his muscles moved, he winced, sending him back to bed (A/N: The bed is elevated at the upper/head part! XD). He scanned his surroundings and saw a streak of pink.

"Sakura? How-"

"About time you wake up, TEME!"

That loud obnoxious voice caught his attention as he whirled his head around and saw the blond ninja smiling widely at him. He stood at the edge of his bed, an accusing finger pointed at him. The Uchiha rolled his eyes at the sight of him and ignored him causing a smack of Naruto's hand on his arm that was still in pain.

"What the FUCK was that for?" He seethed, clenching his fists under the covers. The contact sent jolts of pain throughout his whole body, a stifled laugh choking Naruto. He muttered an apology and sat on the window pane watching the completely annoyed Uchiha glaring daggers at him.

"Sorry teme. Just happy that you're finally awake after twenty-four fucking hours!" the hyper ninja exclaimed.

"Hn. How the hell am I alive?"

With his lips he pointed towards the sleeping girl as a response to his question. When he received an unsatisfied grunt, Naruto sighed and began explaining the whole scene after he 'died'. Starting from his 'lame and unromantic' confession according to the blond who was almost Amaterasu'ed by Sasuke's sharingan to Sakura's snapped emotions that destroyed Akito's incantation, hence receiving the power to revive him back…

And accomplish our second goal… -sigh- I'M SO EXCITED! I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!

"But your confession-"


"Was really helpful and I just hope you mean itTeme."

His last statement sent silence infesting the whole room. Naruto held a serious expression, staring intensely at Sasuke who looked away while in deep thought. He glanced at the still resting girl who looked peaceful, breathing evenly. He thought; does he really love her? Or the words just came out suddenly…



Hiss. Glare. Sharingan activates.

"Chill Sasuke teme!" Raising his hands in apology while smiling sheepishly, Naruto felt great seeing the Uchiha twitch in pain. Truly, it is rare for the Uchiha Sasuke to be in excessive pain after battle since it was always he who ends up crippled in bed. Such authority he has right now as another smack was tempting his hands.

"Anyway, I better get going. I have to ask Baa-chan about something. And remember; exclude your clan restoring urges if you're thinking about your love for Sakura-chan!"

He almost, almost hit a direct flame attack on Naruto's too happy face, disappearing in an instant, leaving him alone in the room again.

Well, for once I agree with the dobe. Aside from our sexual-

Shut it.

to screw her senselessly once we return to the mansion-

Will you just shut up for once?


Finally, fucking son of a bitch.

I do like Sakura-chan!

I told you to shut up-

FOR ONCE. And I did! Stop denying it you emotional dumb ass. You love her.

How the hell did you know?

Coz I… AM YOUR GODDAMN FUCKING CONSCIENCE! I AM THE EXPRESSIVE UCHIHA SASUKE! One that holds every single emotion you lock in this EMO brain of yours you mother-

I get it. Now fuck off.

Pfft .You better confess now. By the way…I still am unhappy that you didn't call me out when you KISSED, or rather FRENCH KISSED Sakura-chan! YOU CHEATER!

Hn. –smirk-

WHY YOU! I could've have made things hotter, like a moaning Sakura-chan while she's trapped between us and a tree –chuckle- while we grind our har-

The reason why I didn't have second thoughts about kissing her, horny asshole.


Her voice disturbed his thoughts, his head instantly turning to see the smiling girl who yawned. Looking at her, he noticed that her cat features were gone. He grunted in reply and closed his eyes reflecting back on his so called feelings. Well she did have an effect on him, especially when she acts strangely on him, recalling Kazehime's threat. And the way he got angry when she didn't tell him the truth, he felt extreme pain on that.

Like I've said… WE FUCKING LOVE HER! Minus the sexual urges!


He felt her weight on top of his body, which meant… nothing. He felt nothing, no freaking pain at all. He stared at the snuggling girl on top of him, giggling lightly to herself. "Sakura, did you do-"

"Hai Sasuke-kun. I heard you whine a while ago so… Sakura-chan thinks you're not fully healed yet." She looked up and smiled giddily like nothing happened at all. Everything about the gruesome battle that almost killed him and lost Sakura was forgotten. But the most important thing was that, Akito is gone.

"Neh is Sasuke-kun's mission… done?" he heard her mumble, frowning as she stared sideways changing the mood. Even without her cat ears, he can imagine them facing down whenever she experiences sadness. He scowled at this, hating it to the core and motioned to sit up. Facing her with jade orbs still not looking at his, he replied.


"Uhm… I can't stay with you anymore."


He raised an eyebrow and waited for her answer. She's leaving?


"Isn't it I only stayed at your place since you have to protect me-"


"Says who?"

Sakura blinked twice and realized she pulled into his chest, perfectly hearing his heartbeat. His hand was flat on her back, causing her to blush furiously and her own heartbeat to quicken its pace. It was really, really rare for him to show little affections, Sakura thought. Plus being always by his side… the idea made her blush increase, feels so safe. If Kaa-san is still here, I bet she'll have no second thoughts on making Sasuke my husband… kyaaah! Images of him and her being crowned as the prince and princess caused a fluttery feeling to surge inside her, Sasuke-kun suits the prince outfit… waah! Why am I even thinking about this? Her thoughts were only disturbed when he called her with a slightly irritated voice. Panicking, she quickly made an answer, noticing she hasn't answered him yet and to have some fun for a while… evil smile.

"Nyaah. I thought I'm going to sleep with Neji-kun." She nuzzled his chest, giggling when he scoffed. Sakura wondered why Sasuke has a very addictive scent, grateful that her cat senses are now gone or else she has to fight the temptation of sticking to the Uchiha until forever.



She looked up and poked his cheek, grinning cheekily when he raised an eyebrow. "Sasuke-kun's… jealous?" He caught her index finger and answered a very firm "No." But Sakura noted the vein that popped out the moment 'Neji-kun' was mentioned.

"You're a bad liar Sasuke-kun!" She exclaimed using her other hand to poke his cheek, enjoying what she was doing.

"There's nothing to be jealous of."

Uchiha Sasuke has the urge to Tsukiyomi Hyuuga Neji. He is not angry at him. We're just fucking jealous! But he knew Sakura was only playing around him, but every single time Neji comes out of her mouth it was so damn annoying. Putting that aside he should already be grateful since Hyuuga can never touch Sakura the way he does, like hugging and giving her piggy back rides. He can never touch her smooth skin. Che. No fucking way.

Is it bad to be so possessive over our freakin' mistress? I only want her to say Sasuke-kun here, Sasuke-kun there, with a bit of 'harder Sasu-'

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

"Neh Sasuke-kun… anou… can I ask you something?" She finally faced him, her blush still visible on her face.


She opened her mouth, but closed it again, feeling so nervous about the question she'll ask. Sure he was protecting her and makes sure she's always fine, but it was all part of his mission. She mentally cried, hating herself for remembering it. But it was the key that made her gain control over her power, his words saved her.

"Your question?"


She looked sideways.

"Does Sasuke-kun…"

He stared at her impatiently, wondering if Neji's name will come out again.

"Means… his…" She gulped, biting her lip nervously before staring at his onyx orbs.

"… I love you?" Her hands covered her reddened face, unable to face the result pondering if he'll just scowl and tell her it was all part of the plan; raise an eyebrow like he knows nothing at all; tell her that she was just dreaming; Gaah. Rejection is too much.

He smirked at her, seeing where this was going. He removed her hands, revealing a blushing Sakura then asked her. "Do you mean yours?"

She nodded slowly and was shocked when he gave a low chuckle, sending shivers down her spine. His face leaned towards her, his breath fanning her face with his smirk still plastered on his handsome face.

"So am I."

Giving her no chance to retort, he sealed her lips, catching her off guard at his sudden act. He pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss missing the taste of her strawberry lips. She shyly responded, tugging at his shirt as she felt her body lying on top of his with his hand securing her back while the other tangled on her hair. He licked her lip asking for an entrance which she hesitantly granted, moaning softly when she felt his tongue enter coaxing hers to play with his.

OHHH… GAWD. Such sweet delicious mouth! I wanna tongue fuck her!

Her hands reached for his raven hair still drowned in their passionate kiss, wanting more of the Uchiha. She felt his hand travel down to her back in a slow manner causing her to slip out a soft mewl in his mouth, blushing furiously in her current situation.

Too busy in their passionate make-out session, they failed to notice another presence that entered the room and gasped at the glorious sight. A very dominant Uchiha who had his hands wrapped around the girl, while he ravished her mouth fiercely whilst Sakura seemed to be the submissive one caused the intruder to blush and quickly gained her composure.


They instantly pulled apart, panting heavily as they faced the Hokage.

"H-h-hokage-s-sama!" the girl stuttered, sitting up her face darker than red. Sasuke only remained silent, blaming himself mentally for not noticing Tsunade's presence.


Shut up! It's your fault we didn't notice her!

Uh-huh! It's not my fault I was too enticed in our goddamn French kiss with her! I wonder if she can deep-

"Uchiha Sasuke!"


"Sorry if I…" she fake coughed, "interrupted your heated discussion. You may continue after I checked up on you."

The Hokage hid her evil smile unable to believe that Uchiha Sasuke is one hell of a kisser. She was damn right sure he was the one who initiated it. There is no single way, innocent Sakura would do that. She sighed in frustration, Damn. I should've brought a camera or something.

Her plan was to only give something to Sakura and check their conditions after Naruto visited her in the office telling her that Sasuke was already awake and that he still is in pain. Worried she hastily went to the hospital expecting them to behave in their own beds, not tangled in a single bed; particularly Sasuke's with Sakura on top of him as they kissed passionately with a bit of moans that really made Tsunade's innocent eyes widen. Who would've thought Sasuke has hormone rage? Well, what do you expect from a shinobi who wants to repopulate his clan?

"Seeing your earlier act tells me that you're both free to go, right Sasuke?" Her hazel eyes peered over the man who had a cold look in his face, staring at her with bored eyes.

"Hn. What exactly do you want?" He asked her bluntly.

"Hmm… to excited for the next round eh?" She was rewarded with a glare but was unfazed and pulled out something from her pocket. In her hand was a glittering pendant made of ruby, shaped like a petal of cherry blossom. Its lace was made of a silky white ribbon. Sakura stared at the object intensely; it was familiar, she'd seen it a countless times when she was a child.


Tsunade handed the necklace to the girl who seemed confused but relieved. She looked up and asked the hokage.

"How did you get this? Only Xhaina…" She stopped in mid-sentence, a smile grazing her lips as she realized one thing. "She's safe." She whispered in relief, closing the important material in her hand. It belonged to her mother, and it was supposed to be given to her once she and Akito gets married.

"Kaa-san must have given it to Xhaina-chan before we escaped…"

"She told me she won't be back for a while and that she trusts Sasuke in taking good care of you." She chuckled evilly getting the idea why Xhaina emphasized the 'good' part.

She motioned her leave, glancing at the two for the last time before walking away. The room was once again in silence as Sakura gazed at the necklace then asked for Sasuke's help to place it on hers. Even without Xhaina by her side, the thought of her alive and well was a big relief. Without her, she won't be able to overcome the loss of her parents and keep in mind that they'll always watching her from behind. Once tied, the girl faced him with a confused look recalling Tsunade's earlier statement then suddenly blurted out.

"Sasuke-kun, what does she mean by another round?"

He raised his eyebrow in amusement but slowly, his smug smirk carved into his face causing Sakura to blush madly. Looking around to make sure no one's going to interrupt them again; he whispered something hotly in her ear that made her gulp and the sound of a body hitting the mattress echoed in the room. He deserves a reward doesn't he? Taking care of a very teasing half human, half neko is a huge pain in the crotch especially when she's oblivious to her actions.

"S-sasuke-kun?" She stared nervously his onyx orbs that eyed her like a prey. And to make things worse, she was now below him, meaning, no escape. Kyaah.

"So where we Sakura?" He asked her playfully, his lips grazing on her neck ready to nip her smooth skin. He was answered by a wail from the girl that helplessly pushed him away while turning into a shade of his favorite food. Too bad she tastes better than tomatoes.

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