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A Typical Day

It was another typical day here in Africa. The sun was still in the sky giving light to the living. The sky was blue as always mimicking the color of the sea. The animals were doing their own business. Some were busy with their own problems and others just laid back and just watched clouds pass by.

However, for a certain lioness, a typical day like this would only mean a day to just hang out with her friends.

"So does anyone have a date for the party this Sunday?" Corin the gazelle started the conversation.

"I'm going with Ty," Ariana the cheetah answered cheerily. She knew her friends would know that she was referring to her boyfriend.

Corin turned to Florrie who was busy starring blankly into space, "What about you, Flo?"

Florrie was daydreaming about herself and her prince charming. He was a dashing, muscular lion. His mane was well groomed; not like most male lions. His tail curled smoothly. He has the qualities that she had wished for in a lion. They were sitting side by side together on an edge of a cliff admiring the view of the sunset. In addition, the birds flew across the skies made the scenery more beautiful. Snuggling and cuddling they were. It was the perfect moment, "Flo… Flo…Are you even listening?" Corin's voice was heard from a distant.

"What? What is it?" Florrie finally spoke.

"Do you or do you not have a date this Sunday?" Corin repeated her question.

"No, not yet. I guess I'll go solo again," Florrie replied softly. "Besides, who needs a date anyway?"

"Flo, what were you thinking about just now?" Ariana looked worried.

"I was just thinking about stuff."

"You were thinking about your perfect man again were you?" Corin read her face.

"Again? C'mon Flo, that's the tenth time this week," Ariana put her paw on her friend's shoulder, "Maybe you should start searching for a boyfriend"

Florrie shook her head in disagreement, "C'mon guys. I don't think I'm ready for a boyfriend yet."

Corin and Ariana looked at each other and hatched up an idea. They both turned to Florrie simultaneously, grabbed her by the arms and dragged her to the watering hole. "What are guys doing!?" Florrie struggled to break from their clutches.

"We're going to find you a mate so shut up and choose one," Ariana strictly answered.

"Yeah, hunk searchin'" Corin cheered.

There were numerous male lions at the watering hole. Most of them were just lying around doing nothing. Some even tried asking Florrie out but she puts a paw in front of them symbolizing rejection.

The three friends scanned the whole place. Ariana and Corin made many suggestions but Florrie constantly rejects them. Every time they point to a nice looking lion, Florrie made her comment on why not to date him. He is too big, too thin, too kinda a jerk, too tough, too uninteresting, too this and too that; those was the only words that came out of her mouth. "I give up!" yelled Ariana as she rubbed her head aching head.

"Florrie, can't you be a little less picky?" advised the gazelle.

"I'm sorry guys… They are just not my prince charming," Florrie noticed that the day was already late, the sun was just about gone, "I'll talk to you guys tomorrow okay. I need to get to dinner."

Florrie then ran towards her home feeling satisfied that the day had ended. Her friends however, were stressed out and decided that they should go home too.

"I just don't get it. What is her prince charming?" Ariana questioned, "Almost all the male lion in the preserve aren't good enough for her."

"Not all of them," Corin corrected her spotty friend, "We didn't get chance to see the next alpha-lion to be."

"You mean, Zuba?" the cheetah confirmed her friend, "Why waste time. Flo, would never date him. He is totally the opposite of her."

"You're right. And it's already late," Corin turned towards her herd, "See you tomorrow then."

"Hey, Corin," Ariana called her before she could galloped away,"Do you have a date yet?"

Corin glanced at Ariana, smiling, "Nope, but I will have one before the party starts."

Corin then galloped her way to her herd. Ariana just rolled her eyes, feeling silly at her friends, "I have a weird taste in friends"

Dinnertime had already started; Florrie ate her dinner peacefully with her parents. They were having a nice prey that her mother, Mona sought after. Florrie was thinking back on how silly was her friends just now, trying to force her to get a mate right away. "How stupid!" she thought.

Everything went fine until…

"Umm… Florrie dear," Mona stopped eating, placing the meat back on the rock claimed to be a table, "We need to talk about something…"

Florrie and her father lifted their heads. She swallowed her meal that she was chewing, "What is it, mom?"

"You're father and I… kinda had an agreement with Zolo, the alpha-lion," her mother didn't quite know what to say to her.

"Agreement? About what? Is it about me?" Florrie began questioning.

"Well, you see… Zolo wanted you to… uhh.. How can I say this…." Mona struggle to clear her throat but the pressure was too thick.

"Florrie, what you mother is tryin' to say is… well…" the father lion tried to find a good word for the upcoming news.

"What! Say it! What!" Florrie raised her voice; she stood up, hoping that it wasn't something horrible.

"We've arranged an engagement between you and his son, Zuba…" Mona declared the news straightforward, shutting her eyes tight, seeing that she didn't want to see her daughter's expression.

"Huh? W-what?" Florrie was both confused and heartbroken. Her heart skipped a beat. She never thought that her parents would do something like this. An engagement? Of all things, why it had to be this. Of all lionesses, why it had to be her. "I refuse to accept this!" she yelled in her heart. "I refuse to accept this!"

"How can you do this to me? Mom, dad how could you!" Florrie threw her meat on the ground.

"Florrie, honey you have to understand…" Mona tried to reason with her.

"What to understand. You never understand me," Florrie scampered out of the cave, not looking back at her parents. Tears began leaking out of her eyes, making a trail of teardrops.

Mona was expecting the outcome. Her heart told her to comfort her but her body wanted to leave her alone. Her husband continued eating, acting like nothing had happened. The cave was quiet, quiet enough to hear the gentle breeze whistles. By that time, a depressing roar was heard from outside the cave but it wasn't Florrie's. For a typical day, it wasn't that typical.

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