Momma didn't want you.

Shane didn't want you.

The record company didn't want you.

Your "friends" didn't want you.

They all hated you.

But who cares?



You wouldn't know the difference.

To you, love is hate and hate is love.

Honey, you have never felt love in your life.

Maybe that's the reason for the glass in your hand.

Maybe that's the reason the press love you.

That's right. Someone loves you.

As long as you can give them a story.

And do you give them a story?

Your damn right you do.

Maybe if you had been more like Mitchie.

More like Caitlyn.

More like anyone but you.

Pretty glittery. Pretty sparkly.

That's more like you.

Pretty cruel. Pretty bitchy.

Exactly like you.

Did you ever think being like that would make you friends?

You're delusional.

Maybe that's why you're stumbling into that alleyway with "Rod"

Whoever Rod is.

The tabloids will get a kick out of this tomorrow.

Paris Hilton, eat your heart out.

You drink your way home.

Stumbling. No friends to straighten you up.

And there they are! Your friends!

You want to apologize to them for being such a bitch.

For always making their lives so difficult.

Always giving them a story.

They see you and rush over.

You pose.

Yes. Yes.

It's all about you.

And when you collapse in front of the paparazzi from your liver collapsing.

Yes, it will be all about you.

And when you're laid in a hole in the ground

And the only people there to say goodbye are the people you met at Camp Rock

Five years ago

Because they had enough compassion to feel sorry for you

Yes, it will all be about you.

And when you're described as a "fallen star"

Used as an example to kids of something they never want to become.

When you watch your mother, who never loved you

Sobbing on the second anniversary of your death

Because she finally accepted it

And blamed it on herself.

And when Jason never smiles anymore because he lost the love of his life.

And when Caitlyn can't record music anymore because she remembers all the times she saved you

And blames herself for leaving you to your own devices

And when Mitchie sobs because if you had Shane, you might have been okay.

And Shane hates you because you made Mitchie cry.

And Nate picks up a bottle and finds out what it's like to have your kind of fun.

Yes, then it will all be about you.