The Wizard's Triad



Disclaimer: I own nothing of The Harry Potter stories series or events, other than this idea I had. Events directly following the final battle in DH. Thanks to Ralph S. & Threadweaver for the beta!

The battle was over. The survivors were being tended to those that were alive or mourning the dead. At the center of all the mayhem was the one who won, Harry Potter.

Harry looked disheveled and almost catatonic and was holding an equally exhausted and injured Luna Lovegood, who was holding her right arm broken due to a stray curse. Leaning on his back was Hermione Granger, with Ron Wesley's head on her lap unconscious but breathing, absentmindedly brushing his hair with her hand both mixed with blood and dirt. All three were staring out into space taking comfort in their close proximity, coming to terms with what they had experienced.

They were at the center of an ever widening circle of carnage. The dark lord himself now a desiccated corpse a few feet away with a final look of astonishment. The last look he would ever have. Around him in a haphazard arch were his vaulted inner circle, all dead and in various forms of dismemberment, showing their final last minute of existence, almost all with the same astonished look of their former master. Around them in an ever widening circle were the casualties from both sides. Dead and dying, scarred, mutilated, and scarred for life.

'Lupin... Tonks... Moody... even Snape, all dead.' was all that ran through the head of a very guilt-ridden and exhausted Harry Potter. As he surveyed the carnage... he sighed to himself "It's my fault, my responsibility."

Then, he felt Luna moving in his arms looking with her deep blue-gray eyes. "No, it's not you, nor anyone else's fault but Voldemort! Remember that Harry James." Luna, the mystic one of his friends, with her gray eyes, was piercing his thoughts and mind. Knowing she always said the truth especially to him. She seemed to always know what he was thinking as if she could read his mind. 'Maybe she can!' He thought.

"She's right Harry. Tom Riddle is the one person who's at fault here, not you." Harry closed his eyes taking into his mind what both girls said as Hermione continued. "When he killed Moaning Myrtle fifty years ago, to this final battle he was the one solely responsible not only for those who died, but for your life and your pain. Please take what we said to heart Harry as you know how rarely Luna and I agree on something." Hermione said behind him using her other hand to rub his back, while he felt Luna nodding as she snuggled into his shoulder.

Harry Sighed. "Oh alright you two I'll try not go all depressive and angst ridden on you." Hermione patted his back as Luna swung her good arm around his, trapping both his hands between them. But he didn't care he had his friends around him and he finally relaxed. He still wondered about Ginny, but he saw down the rising ground they were on that Neville was with her, and from what he saw, she was in good hands. As they settled down for a well earned rest several Aurors came up to them and within a few hours they settled themselves in conjured beds in what was left of the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

Those critically injured had been sent to St. Mungos, while the rest were housed at the Great hall, now a temporary clinic with Madam Pomphrey heading the staff sent there. The lesser injured as were the shell-shocked and their surviving relatives took up most of the space there.

Later that night,

An invisible shadow stole through the battlegrounds towards the forbidden forest. The person thinking no one could see him in his Father's invisibility cloak was on a mission, to scatter the Deathly Hallows, and for him to get away from all that had happened. A single girl high in the Ravenclaw tower saw him. How no one knew but herself, yet she took this all in and then made her way down to follow at a distance. She had a few things to give to him and to her other best friend.

Luna Lovegood keeping a tight hold of her healing arm now in a tight sling followed a path only she could see. The path of her friend and someone she cared more for each day. As she skipped along as though she didn't have a care in the world, she stopped suddenly looking around her attentively. She then walked steadily to the trunk of a rather large tree and yanked off the invisibility cloak Harry Potter was wearing. "There you are. I have been looking for you."

Harry Potter was at the same time, angry, befuddled, and confused. 'How the hell did she do that'?

"Well Harry, I have been able to know where you are because I gave you something a year ago that kept me apprised of your movements." Luna answered in her normally flighty tone. "Oh, and it helps me know what you're thinking too." She smiled and giggled.

Harry thought for a while as Luna stood there silently allowing him to come to a realization; "The Butter beer cap! That's how!"

"Very perceptive my dear Potter! Yes and it has many uses too…" As Luna continued Harry thought back to the incident that had him acquired the said cap!


As they made their way to Professor Slughorn's Party Harry was nervous and fidgeting, while Luna was taking in her surroundings with an airy look.

Then she took Harry's hand, and right before they made it to the entrance, she pulled him aside and then looked up at him with a wispy smile.

"Harry… I have something for you."

"Oh Luna its ok you didn't have to get me anything…"

But he stopped as she smiled and shook hear had slowly.

"No, Harry it isn't for this festivity." She then pulled a small envelope with something within it seemingly poking out from under its surface.

She took it and put it into Harry's hands. "This is to be opened when you defeat Voldemort."

Harry was speechless. He looked at his friend perplexed then asked. "Wha…how do you know I'll win Luna?"

She smiled and then unexpectedly hugged the still surprised boy who reacted stiffly at first then relaxed. She looked up at him still smiling and said, "Oh Harry I know you'll win, Just promise me you'll read the letter in this, and let me know if you'll accept what it says."

She then moved away from the still surprised boy, and took his arm then gave him her normally airy look waiting for him to react.

After a few moments he slipped the envelope into a hidden pocket in his dress robes, nodded and smiled at his blonde haired friend. "Ok Luna I promise."

The then made their way back to the Entrance to the party.

End Flashback

"So you read my letter, yet you're here and not back with us?" Luna was now sitting on her feet eye level with a now humble Harry. So… you just threw away…" Luna stopped at Harry's halting hand. He then took out from one of his cloaks pockets that same letter. A little crumpled and with a few easily viewed wet spots.

"I read it at least a dozen times while Ron, Hermione and I were on our mission, and I remembered your offer, but I forgot it during this battle so can you forgive me. I had wanted to talk to you about this and now with your revelations about the butter beer cap. Well I know you can at least help me with this now."

Luna took that in and simply asked; "Aren't you angry with me, keeping an eye on your even from here. Weren't you disappointed with me when I was taken…?"

"No Luna." He then moved and took hold of her shoulders and squeezed them, carefully as to not injure her arm any more. "I also knew where you and everyone else were though your way was a bit specific." He smiled a tired smile at her now brightened face.

She nodded and then explained to a now attentive Harry that the Butter beer cap had a locating, and mood reading charm, as well as port key built in.

"A port-key … to where? Your house was a shambles after the Death eaters went through it?" Harry looked at her confused.

"Well, Harry as the Weasley's we have a large plot of land at Ottery-St. Catchpole, and we have a summer cottage at the far end of our property. The port key would take you there to recuperate and plan out what you want to do next." Ever the Ravenclaw Harry just smiled again at his friend and seemingly more as he thought.

She smiled back and nodded then pulled out her wand, "I'll have Winky get your things and I have contracted her to help us this summer." Harry looked a bit off then understood. He nodded then she added, "I'll have to follow you in a bit, got to give Hermione her cap too."

"Wait, why does Hermione need a cap?" Luna looked a bit solemn, and then she looked intently into his eyes.

Luna sighed, "Remember the time when Ronald left you two, he spent that time at his brother's home."

"Yeah I remember quite well, Hermione was crying a lot and I felt like we were all alone." Harry recalled all of it and a sense of dread slowly sunk into him.

"Well, as you know several of our classmates and their families were lost in DE attacks and so a few were also staying there at Bill Weasley's home." Harry nodded for her to continue. "Well Ronald got closer to someone there … that's all I can say for now Harry, just please be there for her as I will. Can you do that for Hermione, and for me?" Luna took his hands both of them still dirty and squeezed while she continued to look deeply into his eyes. He reluctantly nodded already figuring out what Ron might have done under the influence of the locket and his seemingly unstopped jealousy. 'Oh Gods what could he have done that could affect Hermione? OH NO!'

"Luna, are you saying that…" A horrible thought came into his mind, with Ronald's mindset as it was when he left he could have…!

"Harry, please just be there for her, as he best friend." Luna was now crying, Clutching his hands a rare sight and Harry did was he could taking her into his arms and rubbing her back as she did the same for him. After a few moments she reluctantly broke their embrace and got up pulling him up as well. She didn't want to tell him how she felt yet, that was for a later time. For now she indicated with her hand to give her the butter beer cap and with a swirl of wand moment it glowed for a fraction of a second. She handed it to him they both nodded then right before she tapped the cap she stood up on her toes and kissed him full on the lips. A rather bewildered Harry Potter disappeared when Luna shoved the cap into his hand and tapped it.

After a few moments to collect herself mentally, Luna brushed off the dirt from her hands and legs and headed for the great hall with her second delivery that night.

Later, she met up with Hermione who was sitting next to Ronald's bed. His parents were at the foot of the bed looking worried. "Did he tell her, or have you?"

A startled pair of Weasley parents looked at the odd Ravenclaw. "Luna dear don't do that we nearly had our souls flow out when you startled us." Said a jittery Molly Weasley, but Luna's intense look cleared away anything else they could have said. Both Weasley elders looked sad and a bit guilty, and then Molly spoke.

"He's still unconscious and we… we haven't has the chance to tell her." Luna Sadly nodded then made her way to Hermione. She bent down to her friend and asked.

"Can I have a quick word with you Hermione?"

She was startled a bit much like the Weasleys yet knew that Luna needed to talk to her. She nodded and said, "Yeah I could use the loo. Plus I need a quick break anyway." As the girls left the Weasley's looked intently at Luna, she merely shook her head as she took Hermione's hand and headed to the nearest girls bathroom.

After both had done their business Luna gave Hermione the butter beer cap with the stipulation that;

First, Harry would already be at the location the cap's port key destination, next Hermione should only activate it outside the Hogwart's & the Borrow's wards, then Hermione should be with Harry by tomorrow to help Luna with his various issues.

To say Hermione was not pleased was an understatement. Who was this girl taking Harry away and then telling her she would be needed soon?

"Luna why have you taken Harry away, why …who do you think... and why would Harry talk to you and not me..." and she went on for about 5 minutesas Luna listened to the tirade with her patented dreamy look. As Hermione wound up her speech, "... besides I… The Weasley's and I are his only family,

"First I found Harry in the Forbidden Forest just a half-an-hour ago, and not here, he was miserable and blaming himself for everything, I need you to help me clear his mind of these ludicrous thoughts and I feel the both of us are the best people to do this, or are you going to let the babbling borekings get you to start another rant."

A speechless Hermione processed what Luna said and after a few moments she got to about a few inches of the smaller girls face and said, "I'll believe you Luna just because you have never lied to me or Harry, yes even with those outlandish stories of Mystical animals we can't see. But I will be using the port key by tomorrow so we three can talk, Fair enough?" Luna nodded then handed Hermione the Butter Beer cap turned port-key and then hugged her. She then turned and left the girl's loo out to the entrance to Hogwarts and as Hermione saw Luna skipped down to the school gates before she turned waved at her and she disappeared.

Shaking her head, she said to herself, 'That girl will drive me to drink' Hermione thought as she made her way back to the castle, The Weasley's and Ronald. What she didn't know was how her world already a mess with oblivated parents in Australia, to having no real home, will be turn on its ear again when she got to the Borrow!

Over the next few weeks many funerals and celebrations brought much of the cataclysmic events to a relatively quiet close. But events within the coming weeks would have long lasting effects not only on those affected but in the Wizarding world.

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