The Wizard's Triad



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From Chapter 4:

"Oh my dears, I wish none of you had to go through this," Molly thought as with a few more flicks of her wand their sheets were cleaned and they were magically washed as they slept. Mrs. Weasley looked at the clock and turned to leave swishing her wand one last time, leaving a chilled pitcher of water and three tall glasses. She reminded herself to check up on them in the morning as she had four more rooms to check for other victims. As she left she said a small prayer to whatever gods might be out there for the three asleep in the room. As the door clicked shut Harry unconsciously pulled Hermione and Luna closer as they both sighed contently.

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Chapter 5: Reality, Recovery, and New Bedfellows!

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Monday Morning, 2 days after the Will reading:

As Harry Potter slowly awakened from a rather long sleep, at least from his point of view he saw two fuzzy shapes. One, a bushy brown fluffy shape on his right was familiar to him and he quickly deduced that it was his best friend, Hermione Granger. He smiled and turned to the other, nebulous blondish shape, and he kept his smile as he figured out that it was his other best friend, Luna Lovegood. He decided to look up expecting a hospital ceiling or more likely Hogwarts Infirmary. As many times as he had been in that part of Hogwarts, he knew what that particular ceiling looked like.

But, he instead saw the canopy of a bed he was familiar with; at least he had been familiar with it a few years ago. While he looked around some more Harry remembered where he was: in Sirius Black's master bedroom at Number 12 Grimmauld Place in London. Then he realized that last thing he remembered was the wake for Severus Snape had taken place at the Black family townhouse.

As he scanned his memories he felt himself being pulled up into a sitting position and the brownish haired shape handed him a familiar pair of glasses. As he put them on he realized three things:

He was naked from the waist up as the sheet and beddings slipped down to reveal his torso,

He looked right and saw Hermione similarly dressed, or undressed as the view showed,

He looked left and found out Luna was dressed the same as he and Hermione.

As he contemplated this the two girls kept a constant watch on their male bedmate, both of whom anticipated his reaction. It only took about eight more seconds for Harry Potter to react!

He tried to jump out of bed where both girls literally tackled him down while he started to yell several things from "Let me go," to "I'm sorry," to the one that made both of them cringe: "I raped you two, so please let me kill the bastard". It took both girls hugging him firmly and replying to him that he didn't rape them, that it was not his fault, that they cared for him along with other loving and heartfelt comments for him to finally calm down enough for the girls to get him to promise not to apparate away, hurt himself, or hurt whoever could have done this to them.

It took close to five more minutes for the girls to explain that they had woken up a few minutes earlier and had found a note of parchment with several lines of instructions, and that they would all be expected in the ballroom adjacent to the dining room by nine that morning. After a quick time checking charm from Luna they agreed to take turns using the bathroom with Harry being first. They had about thirty minutes left before the meeting.

Right after Luna came out dressed as her companions; Molly Weasley entered their shared room. "Oh good,it's nice to see you three up." She smiled and hugged all three.

"Now remember to be downstairs in ten minutes. We'll be able to tell you what happened while you have your breakfast." She smiled and headed for the door.

"Mrs. Weasley, were we the only ones affected?" Hermione asked, seemingly realizing what might be happening. The Weasley matriarch shook her head sadly.

"No, several others were also affected, and they are here too,so you will see them soon." She raised her hand in a calming gesture. "You all will be told at breakfast.NowI need to visitthe othersand get them ready forthings as well." She smiled again as a way to tell them she was there to help them. They nodded and thanked her while she responded in kind. Then she left the room. It took them to just before the time was due for them to head down to adjust and come to accept that they would have to find out with everyone else just what was going on. With some apprehension they all sighed together, and with tight smiles they took each other's hands and headed down to Grimmauld Place's first floor.

Scene Two:

As they arrived downstairs the trio sat down and waited for the rest who were affected like they were. Soon they saw Molly come down wave and then continue to the Kitchen to make sure breakfast was being made. They assumed Kreacher and Winky would be on there, as well as those house elves associated with those who were at the wake. Hermione made the logical assumption that those who were at the wake were similarly affected as they were.

Molly Weasley then told them that she was left in charge of them all with other Order members and healers from St. Mungo's checking in throughout the weekend. Madame Pomphrey had flooed over throughout the weekend to check on all of them. They asked Mrs. Weasley to thank her and began to talk about what might happen now.

As Harry, Hermione and Luna discussed their circumstances, they heard, and then saw the rest come down the stairs. First was the familiar face of Neville Longbottom with Ginny Weasley, and Pansy Parkinson following the Scion of House Longbottom.

Next, their former enemy now reluctant ally, Draco Malfoy, with Tracy Davis and Daphne Greengrass following the Blond Headed leader of Malfoy and Prince Houses.

Following them was Narcissa Black, her sister Andromeda Tonks-Black, and a smiling Charlie Weasley. It seemed that the adults were taking this better then the teens were.

Finally, Ron came down with Hannah Abbott, and Susan Bones-Weasley. Ron looked like a doomed man walking that last mile to an execution! 'Poor git,' Harry thought as Ron shambled to the first of the last three seats available at the long table located in the Black Ballroom.

As Molly and the assembled elves served breakfast, most of the 'trios' talked amongst themselves;though the younger sets kept looking at the adult trio as it seemed they didn't seem to have a care in the world. Two of the males teens in particular were looking at them with what seemed repressed anger. Ron and Draco's glares would have driven off dragons, if any were there. It took the combined efforts of the both girls of each trio to calm them down.

As this was happening, three Adults entered the Ballroom turned Dining room. Of the three, one is Madame Pomphrey. The second was revealed to be a male healer owing to his light green functional robes, and the St. Mungo's crest on the upper right chest. The third was female, with a dark purple robe, with the crest of a potions Mistress. As those at the table waited Madame Pomphrey finally spoke.

"I hope you have finished the lovely breakfast courtesy of Molly Weasley and the various house elves. I suggest a kind word from you all to them for their efforts." All nodded as she then continued. "I should also introduce these two with me. First to my right is Healer Bagshot, the Lead healer of Spell damage at St. Mungo's." The tall blond man simply nodded and kept quiet as Madame Pomphery Continued.

"To my left is Potion's Mistress Lancelot, who came up with how the cure worked and developed the antidote that was given to you Sunday night." The middle aged raven and gray haired woman smiled and also nodded to the now grateful group sitting on the dining room table.

Then all three took turns explaining what they had found out during the weekend. How it was Snape who had not only affected those at the will reading, but those magicals roughly aged fifteen to about fifty, though to a much lesser degree. As the size of Snape's curse came to the front, Most of the older and retired Healers had to step in as they were the first group that had recovered from it. Then Potion's Mistress Lancelot added:

"As you all know all of you have been affected by a complicated yet brilliant magical curse that used a spell, combined with a charmed object, and a potion to affect you all." The main effect of this was to break down your inhibitions, and to focus your attentions and affections on the one, or in your cases the ones who you cared for the most." Most at the table had an idea of what happened, but not how specific a curse Snape had invented. He tailored this for them, But why? Most had that question in their minds as Madame Lancelot continued.

"This was done by Potion's Master Snape and as you were waking up the Goblin's delivered another pensive. We think this will answer why he did this." As she finished Molly came in while behind her floated the familiar pensive from Friday's will reading. A few of those at the table quickly got up thinking they might get cursed again, until Madame Pomphrey held her hand up and materialized a whistle and blew it! That stopped all where they were. "We checked this and it is not cursed. Remember the parchment was cursed not the pensive!" She harrumphed and those who had moved away from the table slowly sat back down, most taking the hands of their mates.

As they now calmed down those at the table listened to the three adults then stood back as Molly tapped the pensive to begin Snape's explanation.

"As I see all of you are back and here to hear my reasons why I cursed the lot of you." As he surveyed the angry looks he was given, Pensive Snape continued. " I did this for the future of the Wizarding World in Britain. As we have a lack of male Wizards and as I purposely asked all of you to my will reading I not only picked those who obviously needed to be there, I also picked those who in my opinion are the future of the British Wizarding society. I also did it because most of those who died were pure or half bloods and the fact is that we need muggle-borns to save this world. I tailored this not only for you to procreate the next generation of Magicals but to encourage more magicals being born in the non-magical world." Everyone now understood what Snape had done. He knew a world under Voldemort would have been the end of their society, either through deaths within their society or the muggles wiping them out as Tom's ambitions would have doomed them all.

"I also added in a feature so that most of you will have twins, thereby continuing those houses on the verge of extinction. Of course most of you would continue to procreate but I wanted a large number in this initial generation to improve the odds for a repopulation of our society sooner rather than later. Given how the Non-magicals, or Muggle will eventually react we have little time left until they discover our magical societies around the world."

"So you did this to repopulate the magical society and not as a way of revenge?" asked a confused Draco Malfoy.

The Pensive Snape gave a smirking look at his godson."I did this to save us. Revenge, bigotry, hatred and apathy have so far paired down this society from more than two hundred thousand at the beginning of the twentieth century to less than thirty thousand now. With almost two-thirds witches, so a two to one ratio means wizards will have to marry two witches at least for the next two generations for us to get back to our former numbers."

As the pensive Snape waited all at the table were simply speechless as they ingested what the former Headmaster and Potion's master had said. It took only a minute until someone said;

"So I might be pregnant?"Asked a now frightened Pansy Parkinson as she echoed what all the witches at the table wanted answered.

The answer came from Healer Bagshot. "To answer that we will need to see you all for a general check up. I will take the wizards, Madame's Pomphery and Lancelot will take the witches. If you might be pregnant you will show magical signs now and be confirmed Friday at St. Mungo's!"

Poppy and Healer Bagshot divide them up and each examined them. They wanted to make sure that all of them were clear of the curse. As Healer Bagshot led the wizards to the sitting room which was now converted to an examination and waiting room. The males were all clear of the charm and were cleared to go and wait for their respective same went for Poppy and the females. They took the family living room on the other side of the house. After an hour, Madame Pomphrey declares them fit though a bit dehydrated, and all the women and girls were directed to meet her at St. Mungos that Friday for early pregnancy tests! All did have the initial magical indicators of embryo implantation. That gave off a magical signature of a connection to the mother's magical core to start the growing process of a magical baby's core.

After all were examined they made appointments for Friday and those who didn't live at Grimmauld Place flooed back to their respective homes.

Discussions among The new Trios

Neville, Ginny and Pansy returned after the revelations at Grimmauld Place. They stayed standing rigidly as they took a few moments to digest what they now knew. Suddenly Ginny flew into Neville's arms and sobs erupted from her, while Pansy, still self conscious, stood away from the couple as she quietly cried as well. She was quite suddenly taken in my two arms into the middle of a familial knot as Neville quietly held the two closest people he knew while he was trying to figure out how to tell his Gran of the new developments. Meanwhile at the entrance to the living room Augusta was watching admiring as her Grandson was comforting her future daughter-in-laws; well that was if she had any say on the matter. The Longbottom Dame had just arrived from her baby-sitting Teddy Lupin. She would make Neville squirm a bit, but she had the house elves start on the nursery just in case.

Back at Grimmauld Place thanks to Harry's generosity, Ron with Susan, Hannah and Molly were staying while The Borrow is being rebuilt. While Susan wasn't affected by the pregnancy charm, Hannah had to wait and see what happened at St. Mungo's. She still did not really believe in the chance of her being pregnant. Ron was beside himself, knowing he would be not only the father of Susan's baby, but now probably that of Hannah's as well. Molly also was there thinking of her boys and Ginny. No doubt her little girl had done what the others had, as she had seen enough evidence in their room over the weekend. Still, Molly was happy as Neville would not allow anything to happen to her baby girl or Pansy given his noble ways. No, she was more worried for Ron and Charlie. Ron now probably had two girls he'd have to support while Charlie was in a web of trouble as he has bedded not only Narcissa Malfoy, but of all people, her sister Andromeda Tonks as well. With one a widow and the other's marriage soon to be annulled as she figured Narcissa would not stay with Lucius now, Charlie was in a stew of trouble unless Molly could talk to the Black sisters.

Charlie was slotted to continue the Prewitt line since Ron would ensure the Weasley line carried on. They didn't have to worry about having to continue the Malfoy line simply because Draco would, while Teddy kept both the Tonks lines and the Lupin lines going. This of course was all contingent on the idea that Lucius divorced Narcissa, or Harry as Lord Black gave her an annulment, otherwise Charlie might have to duel Lucius! Throw in the fact that she hadn't heard from George, Percy, Bill or Fleur and she had plenty to worry over! She went to send several owls out as she had to gather her family together and plan the rest of this week and to prepare for Friday. She finally Flooed Arthur who was stuck at the Ministry since all this started.

Charlie, Narcissa, and Andromeda arrived at the Tonks residence, as Narcissa wanted to plan out her discussion with her son first. Charlie sent an owl to his father to inform him of all the developments as the Black sisters'checked on Teddy and relieved Augusta Longbottom, who was looking after the baby with the help of her house elf. After Augusta left the three sat down and discussed their situation. They agreed that if she was pregnant Narcissa's child would be the Prince heir if Draco didn't fulfill his promise to Snape. Andy would carry on the Prewitt heir as Bill did for the Weasley's. They also agree that both Charlie and Andromeda would accompany Narcissa to her talk with Draco.

Draco, Daphne and Tracy arrived at Malfoy Manor. Part of it was being rebuilt as there had been a skirmish during that final week of the second war. The upper bedrooms, lower kitchen and sitting room had all been damaged by that battle. So the trio headed for the sitting room to wait for Narcissa and also taking a few minutes to think about their predicament. Both girls were knowledgeable of the pureblood beliefs as Daphne was a pureblood and Tracy a full-blood. Yet over the last three days it definitely hadn't been on their plans to find a proper husband. Yes, both were attracted to Draco, especially after they were rescued in the Slytherin Common room by Auror's led by Draco during the final battle.

Yes, they wanted to be courted and each wanted to have a marriage contract set up by their families. But first the war and then Severus Snape's plans seemingly had broadsided them all. Still they did like each other and their 'activities' this past weekend had gone a long ways towards cementing a relationship between the three of them. So, the girls waited quietly while Draco thought to himself. Though Draco had never been known as a subtle schemer (he tended to act first before he thought things through), even he saw that he had not only an opportunity to continue the Malfoy line but take the Prince line and bring more political power to himself and his family as well. Plus he did like both girls. For one of the first times in his life, he took the time to think things through and realized that since they were each other's best friend, there would probably be fewer conflicts between them if he did marry both. As he was thinking of this, Narcissa, Andromeda, little Teddy, and Charlie Weasley flooed in. All thoughts of Tracy and Daphne went to another compartment of his mind as he got up to greet his mother and her 'mates'. He tried to consider what both his father and his Godfather would do while he made an effort to push his anger away.

The last to leave Grimmauld Place were Harry, Hermione, and Luna, who flooed to their cottage. Harry walked out the door towards the pier jutting out to the large pond beside the cottage. The girls quietly followed a step behind. As he came to the end of the pier, he sat down while allowing enough room for each girl to sit on either side of him. With a look, Hermione was on his right, Luna on his left, and they sat for a good fifteen minutes in silence as all three contemplated their shared situation.

"Harry?" Luna finally asked as Harry turned to her. "Are you all right?" There was a long sigh from the powerful wizard as both girls each took a hand to convey their caring to him.

"If you had asked me a week ago it would have been different than now. Then, I had just killed my lifelong tormentor and I was very depressed at how many died due to that wanker. But now… I have this huge anger towards a man who I have hated for most of my life. Yet, I had thought he redeemed himself to me at the end of his life with the memories he gave us, and sacrifices he had made. Now I have to reconcile that with this! And that it had to entangle the two of you made it worse."

"What do you mean worse, don't you care for us Har…"

Harry cut Hermione off. "No, of course not, you two are the People I care for most in the world. What I am furious about is the fact that yet again another 'adult' has manipulated not just me but others to get their way of things!"

"Well then we'll have to be the ones who are in charge of our lives so we can avoid such. Isn't that right?" Luna asked lightly in her quiet flighty voice. Both of her companions turned to her and after a few moments of thought nodded their acceptance.

Hermione added, "You have to remember that we will always be with you Harry. There are some who will try to take advantage of you, especially those who know more than you do now. With Luna and me, we can give you varying views and more choices. Plus if we are pregnant we are a family and family helps family!"

Luna added, "With that said, it looks like we'll have to delay our trip by at least one week. Plus I think we need this extra week to talk and plan out what we want to do: not just going back to Hogwarts but what are we going to do as in career and where we will live."

As Harry was trying to keep up with the girls nodding his head left then right as each girl spoke he was about to speak when Luna said, "Yes, Harry it's we, and you are not going anywhere without us, got it… or the Afalims will rot your joints out!"

Then both girls in turn gave him a searing kiss, got up and walked back to the cottage to fix lunch leaving a flummoxed wizard to think about what was said and try to clear the fog from his addled brain! 'Boy can those girls kiss!' rattled around his mind

3 days later, in a interrogation Room in Azkaban Prison:

Lucius Malfoy, the once powerful and arrogant head of the Malfoy family was brought in to see before him a chair in front of a square table. Behind was sitting a familiar figure in a bright Pink cardigan. And sadly no, it wasn't the Queen as even she wouldn't wear that shade of pink! He shuddered at the thought. Behind her were two others he recognized: Jugson, and to his left Selwyn. Both he knew as death eaters who had gotten away from the final battle and were in hiding. Though right at this moment they were behind Dolores Umbridge whom he thought was also either dead or on the run.

Before he could think any more, Umbridge spoke. "Hem hem." She smiled that smile. "Lord Malfoy, I am glad you are still lucid and in good standing here."

"Well given that the Dementor's are no more it is a less gloomy existence here. What do you want from me Madame?" Lucius answered, waiting for more.

"Well let's get to it then. I would like you to sign over your guardianship of one Draco Malfoy to me. You see, I am going to all heads of house that have heirs and children under the age of majority, as an incident has occurred this past weekend that has facilitated a large change in the status of all children from fifteen to eighteen years of age."Umbridge seemed like she had swallowed a gob of Ice cream!

And what pray tell was that incident?" The former Head of Malfoy asked.

"Well your son as well as many others succumbed to the Snape curse which made those from fifteen to fifty-five act like rutting centaurs, and as there will be an issue of blood status as well and parental rights we want to see how this can be used to further the pureblood agenda. I'm sure you would be supportive of this as we already have your son and perspective brides set to be married before the progeny appear, so to speak."He knew Umbridge was power hungry and had no scruples yet he thought this plan of hers was doomed to failure. He wanted no part of it.

"And why would I sign my rights not only as his father but as head of House Malfoy to you and whomever is also on this plot of yours?"He answered.

"Why you say? Well there are two reasons: first, you want to get out of this filthy place and second, you want your current wife to renounce your house and marry of all beings a Weasley?" What a sight, seeing Umbridge turn almost purple in a pink cardigan outfit.

Lucius of course knew of everything that had happened and had agreed with Narcissa who had visited a day before to allow Draco to assume head of house and marry his two brides while Lucius stayed in prison for a five year sentence. He was to finish his sentence and while he would no longer be the head of Malfoy House, he would be a key advisor to Draco, as well as Daphne and Tracy as their families had been killed off as well. Having a say in four Houses was tempting enough to patiently sit through five years. If nothing else, no-one could say that Lucius Malfoy was not a patient wizard!

Now while he wasn't happy with the arrangement Narcissa had made with Charlie Weasley, and her sister Andromeda there was little he could realistically do about it. But considering the fact that he didn't love Narcissa anymore and could have affairs as he saw fit since he was no longer the head of the Malfoy House."Still… a Weasley?'

"I think not Madame! Now please! I need to go back to my cell and contemplate a book on what I have known about the Wizarding world. You might want to read it, as it will be very, explanatory!" He smiled and turned to leave. He fell on the next step as a killing curse hit him square on his back.

"Jugson use his hand and use the signing copy charm so we can be out of here." The former Death Eater did that then applied the glamour which he and Selwyn wore into the Prison. Since the Dementor's left it was taking time to set up new procedures and safe guards at the prison. Anti-glamour charms had not been scheduled to be applied until Friday so he and Selwyn got in without a problem.

"What do we say about him?" Selwyn pointed to Lucius's body on the floor.

"Say he tried to strangle me and you two as my witnesses saw that I had no choice but to use the killing curse!" She then stood and walked to the other side of the table just in front of the body."Selwyn, give me that cursed knife." Dolores then stood above Malfoy's body and threw the knife into the table in the right angle to show it had come from the direction Lucius was laying.

"Self defense the muggles call it. Yes that will do!" Dolores commented.

As they left they forgot another tool the new Aurors Department will take from the Non-magical law enforcement, Fingerprinting! Even a glamour charm doesn't hide fingerprints!


Chapter 6: A time of change