Adventurer's Gate
by chaos_eternus

Note: I do not own nor do I claim ownership of characters and / or concepts from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anarchy Online or Stargate SG-1

This is a continuation of Adventurer Xander

Org: Sunnydale Scooby's

Team 1: Stargate Command

Xander Harris, Adventurer

Daniel Osbourne, Adventurer

Jenny Calendar, Nanotechnician

Willow Rosenburg, Metaphyscist

Buffy Summers, Martial Artist

Tara Maclay, Doctor

( Dawn Summer, Fixer

Joyce Summers, Bureaucrat )

Team 2: Sunnydale

Rupert Giles, Bureaucrat

Faith Lehane, Enforcer

Riley Finn, Soldier

Cordelia Chase, Doctor

Chapter 1: Bad Days

Apothis was having a bad day.

Sad bad day started when a roving patrol reported that the Jaffa supposed to be guarding the Stargate were missing. Not dead, just missing. An uncommon occurrence, but certainly an irritation the Jaffa wouldn't live to regret once he got a hold of them.

Just an irritation…

The sounds of staff fire was worrying, and taking his guards with him he had been swift to investigate, only to find an empty clearing, no bodies, just the normal scuffed grass and damaged trees that spoke a fight.

The damage to the trees was interesting, he knew enough to recognise bullet holes when he saw them and that meant the Tau'ri was almost certainly involved, damned unholy creatures that they were… but yet, there weren't enough bullet holes. In fact, there were damned few; it was as if just one gun had been firing and very sparingly at that. He might have thought that others had been firing just very accurately but the patterns of blood splatter indicated melee weapons were used, which wasn't the Tau'ri style at all.

The frozen tree was something of a giveaway too.

It wasn't even as if it was a cold world, in fact, it was hot enough that the smell of sweat from his Jaffa was getting to be quite disgusting and despite not wanting to do anything to make his Jaffa's existence's less miserable, he had been forced to turn up the ships environmental control for his sake.

Tempting as it was, he couldn't waste Jaffa just because the smell of their sweat was putting him off after all.

And yet…

A frozen tree.

He could quite honestly say he had never quite seen the like before, a tree that was frozen and almost appeared to have been frozen from the inside out.

The bullets suggested Tau'ri… but the melee weapons and whatever technology that had turned a tree into an ice block indicated otherwise. He had of course doubled the guard then, there was somebody on his world now that was a threat after all, but he also ordered them captured. He wanted to know how to turn trees to ice and whether it worked on beings or not.

Naturally, it hadn't worked out that way.

Jaffa still as statues in the forests, surrounded by a strange green glow, Jaffa missing, Jaffa turning their guns on their fellows in the middle of fight.

His Jaffa being attacked by beasts, strange beasts with two heads and a large, canine like body and huge cats with large twin fangs. Strange beasts that despite not having any hands were obviously capable of planning and guile and as such, had to be considered as sentient and as potentially dangerous as any slave.

More dangerous, as they displayed the will to attack their betters.

But their tricks… he wanted to know more of the unknowns so had called upon reinforcements in order to capture them. Reinforcements that fared no better then the Jaffa already present… then the missing Jaffa began to show up, the patrols finding the final dumping places of their bodies.

Then, the attack on his Ha'tak. The Ha'shak actually dared attack his ship!

Worse yet, they dared to succeed in whittling down his Jaffa one by one, some stopped dead, strangely unable to move, a familiar green glow surrounding them and unable to move, were avoided by the strange attackers. Many died; a small few turned and fled.

Then, he caught was he thought was a break, the beasts transformed back into slave forms, revealing what he had hoped was their true nature. He had hurried with his most elite Guard to capture then, hopefully before whatever strange mastery they performed to change their forms took hold again, only to find himself rooted, unable to move as he run through the door.

Hadn't stopped him trying to attack with his Zat'n'ktel and hand device, hadn't stopped the strange feeling of sleepiness and slowness that made every move of the hand, every shot he took seem to take an age as he fought, still rooted in place.

Hadn't stopped the blackness overtaking him as the butt of a recognisably Tau'ri 'pistol' collided with his head.

Hadn't' stopped him noticing the strange lack of the familiar and reassuring screaming of his host once he woke up once more.

O'Neill grinned, not bothering to even try to hide the glint in his eye as he watched the shape in the glass coffer, thrash and squirm in the confined space.

" Damn fine work."


O'Neill nodded, shoving his hands deep into his pockets, "the host going to recover?"

"Doctor Frasier and Miss Maclay both think his mind is too far gone. Understandable really…" Daniel paused, the sighed, "I get the impression they don't expect his body to last much longer either."

That brought a frown to the Colonel's face but it was an understanding, grimly sympathetic frown, "right…"

He glanced at the furious form of Apothis once more, and then musingly asked, "So, do you think they'd let us borrow any of their toys?"

"Perhaps we should ask." Teal'c noted, a glint of anticipation appearing in the corner of his eyes.

"Actually…" Daniel started, grabbing both of their attentions, "I think Sam already has."

O'Neill and Teal'c shared a look and Daniel swiftly found himself alone in the room. Rolling his eyes, he turned to follow, ignoring the soldier who darted into the room as soon as he left. Not noticing the half hidden but all too familiar and reviled face of Colonel Maybourne, NID.