Adventurer's Gate
by chaos_eternus

Chapter 5: Meanwhile, in Sunnydale…

He was trying not to pant. It shouldn't really be that difficult, he was a vampire after all and the dead didn't need to breathe. Problem was, his head might know that but at the moment, his head didn't have the casting vote.

His body 'knew' he had been running hard, 'knew' that he should have burned up a lot of oxygen therefore needed to breathe hard to replace it. Instinct was beating his mind. Right now that could get him killed, but however much he tried to tell his lungs to stop it, they just wouldn't.

This was a real pity, because right now he had a slayer on his case and not just any slayer, but the Slayer Faith. Hell, either of the two current slayers would be bad, both were rumoured to have strange magic's at their disposal but Faith…

Faith was rumoured to be a half-breed, half-human, half giant.

Utter nonsense of course, the giants had been driven into hiding years ago and most had left this plane of existence as soon as they realized that guns made them easy to kill. No there was no way she could be half-giant.

Next time, he would remember to ask the most important question of all; why do the other demons think she's half-giant?

He felt a shiver down the back of his spine, and dived forward, the gravestone behind him shattering under the force of the solid iron rebar that had just been swung into it.

Gulping heavily, more then mildly shocked, he dived to the side, just narrowly missing being hit by the backswing. Taking a chance, he dived forwards, sliding between the legs of the slayer before swiftly getting to his feet and running.

The shriek of furious surprise from behind him just made him run faster. Grinning slightly at the possibility that he might just be able to get away, he ran towards a crypt he knew had a hidden access to the sewers.

He could hear the slayer closing behind him, but if he could make it to the crypt, he should be able to block the door just long enough for him to get into the sewers and away.

He would only need about thirty seconds…

He dived into the open door of the crypt then stopped abruptly, gulping as a large barrel appeared in front of his eyes. He traced it upwards with his eyes, gazing into the amused but unwelcoming eyes at the other end.

The soldier, the fucking dark soldier.

He closed his eyes, trying to leap underneath the gun as complete coldness appeared in the eyes in front of him.

"Dark Soldier?" Riley mused as Faith stomped into the room, a brilliant haze appearing around her for just a moment as she cancelled her essence nano, dropping back to her normal, less giant like size, "I think I like that."

Grunting, she glared at the pile of ashes for a moment, "that rat! He called me a bloody half-breed! Half giant of all the…"

Noting the expression on Faiths face, Riley hid a smile as he followed the ranting Slayer from the crypt. He had no idea at all why anyone would think she was half-giant. None whatsoever.

And look, wasn't that an avian pig over there?

Still, now all he had to do was to get Faith to go clothes shopping and forget to cancel the nanos. He would have to make sure he had a discrete camera handy though, after all, her face when she realized what she had done should be a picture. Doubly so if he could get her into the outsize shop first….

Cordelia was amused.

She was also a little surprised, "Now that I didn't expect to see."

"Well," Giles replied, unrepentant, "it is a bureaucrat assistant. I know in the game they mostly end up being used to fight but that's due to the limitations of the game not the robots themselves."

"Chill out," she replied shaking her head, "I know your pet can kick arse and take names, even cover your rear whenever you get concussed which is every time you get into a fight…"

Frowning, Giles glanced up from his book to glare at her, "not quite every time…"

"No," came the swift rejoinder, "last time you survived the fight only to get concussed on the way home."

Smiling as the Englishman turned back to his book, Cordelia mentally noted that one up in the win column, "but either way, it's some serious work avoidance. Giles, I'm proud of you!"

That got a reaction, "it's not work avoidance at all!"

"You teach your pet robot the Dewey decimal system and you don't call that work avoidance?" she smirked, "didn't want to have to restack all the shelves yourself?"

"I wouldn't have had to if somebody hadn't thrown a vampire right into the back of the selves," Giles replied quietly, not looking up from his book, "through the windows, the hallway…"

"That bastard was peeking at me in the shower," Cordelia raged, infuriated.

"Which is reason to kill it," came the reply, "not spend twenty-odd minutes using its body to tear the house down."

"Yes, because Buffy has never done exactly the same thing," she noted sarcastically.

"Not indoors no," Giles replied, "outdoors she quite frequently 'plays' as it were. Indoors, she does at least try to be quick."

"Still," Cordelia sulked, "he should not have been peeking."

"Perhaps not," he hid a quick grin, "but I checked where he had been hiding. Quite a cosy nest he had there."

She froze then quietly stated, "I'm going to raise him from the grave just so I can kill his arse again."

"Good luck with that, alas I'm afraid your research might have to wait however until the library is reorganised. I'm afraid there's still a bit of a mess…"

"Alright," she threw up her arms, "you win, I'll help clear up, enough hints already."

Shrugging, Giles glanced up from his book, "I'm afraid I must ask you not to do that. You after all can not be taught the Dewey decimal system…"

Cordelia choked with rage and hiding a grin, Giles turned back to his book, mentally chalked up point set and match.