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"Sakura, go change your skirt" said Sasuke. I swear, he pisses me off so much yet I obeyed. Sasuke is my guardian, his parents and my parents were really close friends so when they died in an accident he promised to take care of me. He's 25 and I'm 17, I'm in grade 11. One more year and I'm out of school. So happy. Sasuke is like this really smart guy so he finished university by the age of 20, he inherited his father's business.

"What's wrong with it?" Really I saw nothing wrong with it.

"It's too short" he said. I stamped my foot all the way to my room. Childish but whatever. I heard him sigh.

I took out jeans. Great, now this shirt doesn't match, I walked into my walk-in closet. Great thing about living with Sasuke is that I never have to worry about money. He's like super-rich so we live in this huge mansion. Well, Sasuke's not the only one with money. My parents left me quite a lot in their will; problem is it doesn't belong to me until I turn 18 so Sasuke takes care of my money. I sighed, just 10 more months 'till I'm 18. Now that I was changed I went out to wait for my chauffer, Sasuke had already left for work.

I arrived at school, my school is a uniform school but there were those rare days when they allowed us to come in regular clothes. That's why I wanted to wear my new skirt.

My best friend Ino waved at me, I waved back. This girl has really changed much, she used to like Sasuke….until she met Shikamaru, one of Sasuke's friends. Both he and Sasuke went to the same college, and they both graduated early. I guess Shikamaru had a thing for younger girls 'cause they're going out. Shikamaru is 2 years younger than Sasuke.

"Hey, I'm coming over to your house this evening to spend the weekend there. Would Sasuke mind?" she told me.

"Like his answer would stop you" I snorted. She grinned. It was great having Ino on the weekends because that's when Sasuke's fiancée, Karin, would come over. She is so annoying; I remember the first time we met.

I was reading a book out on the front lawn near the gate when this red-haired woman comes up to me and says:


"Call your master over; tell him his fiancée is here."

I looked at her like she was crazy, probably was. She stood there impatiently.

"Well, get going". I was about to yell at her when Sasuke came. Lucky her, if he wasn't here on time I would've punched her in the gut.

"Sorry Karin to keep you waiting. This isn't a maid" he said gesturing to me "she lives here." Karin looked scared; she eyed me carefully and then turned her back on me. I rolled my eyes and tuck my tongue out. Sasuke went back to get his coat while Karin waited for him, beside me might I add.

"So, how long have you been living here?" she asked.

"Since I was 13" I replied, trying to get back to my book. She came closer to me and then glared.

"Stay away from him, I don't care that you live here. We are to be married, and I don't want you messing it up. I would prefer if you were way older than him so you wouldn't be a temptation." She would've kept ranting but Sasuke had come back. I smirked at her, It wasn't like that with Sasuke, but I would love to see her jealous knowing that someone younger, more beautiful was living with Sasuke, my room just across his.

End of flashback

I came back to reality, school had gone very fast and I was going home. Ino had gone home to get her things and was coming over later tonight. I gagged when I saw Karin's car in the driveway. The guard opened the gate for us and we went in. I already had my plan worked out, I did this every time she came over. I would wear some of my clothes that were a bit reviling. Sasuke would never say anything 'cause he didn't mind me wearing clothes like that at home, only in the streets. But I enjoyed it when Karin would glare at me, obviously jealous. I would give her my most sincere smile.

I had already changed into my strategy clothes and was heading down the stared to bother Karin when Sasuke stopped me.

"I know what you're up to." I froze, did he know about my plan?

"I don't know what you're talking about" I said trying to hide the panic in my voice. He smirked and said:

"You're trying to seduce the gardener, I say go for it, he's about your age. Nice kid, I noticed 'cause you only dress like this on the weekends….when he's over." I sighed in relief; he was way off but whatever.

"Well, you're wrong. I dress like these because it's comfortable but if it makes you happy I'll go change." I said as I headed to my room, I heard him chuckle quietly behind me.

Ok, so that plan failed, it worked for a good 3 weekends. I'll just have to come up with something else. I got it.

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