Saved by the... Hair?

"Well, don't look at me," Donna said. "Do something!"

The Doctor stared blankly at her. "What?"

"Get moving!"

"What?!"He blinked.

Exasperated, she reached over, grabbed his tie and yanked it. That got his attention. She loosened her grip and told him again, "Come on!"

"It's not my fault," he muttered. "It can't be. I-"

She had no time to soothe his conscience. She barely had time to deal with her own. She pulled at him again and finally, he moved with her. They began to run, leaving behind them the mess of the nest they had destroyed - and somewhere, not far off, the parents.

"They won't care who's at fault when they find their nest. They'll kill anyone nearby."

"How do you know that?" he called back to her.

"They're parents," she said.

"Oh. Right." He slowed a moment and nodded to himself, and she had to clip him over the ear to get him moving again.

They arrived back at the lake the TARDIS was parked by as an angry swarm of pidgows beat their wings furiously and dived down, aiming sharp glinting beaks at bare, vulnerable heads.

"Donna! Are you all-" His words were cut off by the squeal of a bird and his own strangled cry of pain as it swooped him. Considering how large the creature was, it came as a surprise to all concerned that there was still some of the Doctor left behind.

"Good thing you have so much hair," she teased, as some more birds swooped her. "Shoo!" she said, waving the birds away. They flew about, furiously, a frenzy of feathers.

"To the TARDIS. Quickly."

Donna nodded and pushed on, glad that the Doctor was finally stepping up.

Together, they stood by the door as the Doctor fiddled with a key.

"Isn't there a faster way to-?"



A bird hit the door and slowly slid down it, til it reached the floor and lay there in a heap.


Another one.

"Faster would be better!" Donna insisted.

"I'm getting there. We're nearly in. We're-"


He pushed the door and the next few birds zoomed in. He hurried in after them and allowed Donna in as well before he slammed the door shut on the rest of the birds. He and Donna shared a concerned look.

"How do we get these ones out again?" Donna wondered.

The Doctor grinned. "Oh, that's fine. I'll have the TARDIS create a new room for them. I always wanted a pet." At that precise moment, a bird shot across the room and landed on his head. It shifted from one foot to the other and then settled down into his hair.

"See? We'll get along just-" The bird pecked his head. "Ow!"

"I'm sure you'll be very happy together," Donna said dryly.

Another peck. "Ow. Yes, we will."