Janet's POV

"Oh Colonel O'Neill, what have you done to yourself this time?" I muttered as my medical team carried him through the Gate. I called out orders as we transport him to the infirmary, hoping I can save him this time. SG-1 spends more time in my infirmary than any other team; you'd think they'd get tired of that and find a way not to visit me. Fortunately Daniel was walking on his own, so my team can care for him while I work on the Colonel.

After three long hours of surgery, I think Colonel O'Neill will be just fine. His team has taken their normal vigil at his bedside. It's always a heartwarming sight to see how close they are, and the care they take of each other. Teal'c is doing his kelno'reem over to the back of the room. Fortunately today he didn't try to light any candles in here. That was a bad scene when the fire sprinklers went off last time. I had to evacuate the entire wing, and then it took days to clean everything up and get it back in working order. If looks could have killed, Siler would have definitely caused Teal'c harm.

Daniel is actually lying in bed reading one of his books. I was extremely relieved that his arm was only a minor injury, but with him, I like to keep a cautious eye out, so I'm glad he's here. I'm not sure who spends more time here as a patient, Daniel or Jack. But Daniel is always an easier patient. Not the best patient mind you, but much better than Jack O'Neill ever is.

Sam is sitting in a chair with her laptop on the bedside table. I have no idea what she is working on but it seems important. Knowing her its work related instead of playing an online game. Every time the Colonel shifts, she looks up with worry in her eyes. She's always been concerned, but something is different this time. It's almost like she's taking care of a lover and not a commanding officer. They couldn't be together? Or could they be? Well that's an interesting twist and something I have to investigate.

"Welcome back Colonel, you're going to be all right. We were able to get the bullets out, although you're going to be here for a while. Don't try to move, you have a lot of tubes hooked up to you," I inform him as I check his vitals. "You were one very sick man when they brought you in, but you'll make a full recovery and no permanent damage was done."

Sam gave him some ice chips and sat back down when he began to fall asleep again. Then he reached out for her hand and now they're still holding hands. Well it's definitely time to see who won the pool. It was only a matter of time until they figured out they're meant to be together. Daniel and Teal'c both looked over and smiled at Jack and Sam's hand holding. I don't think they know that I saw it.

Well, it's official. Jack and Sam are a couple. What was my last bet in the pool?