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If you think the video's gross,I really don't care.I just did it out of extreme boredom. Well, hope you the story anyway!


the scene: one year after season 1 has ended.

Chris is at his bachelor pad in California, thinking up ideas to torture the former campers.

Chris: there's got to be some way to torture them...that's it! I have an idea! time to start sending some emails to some campers!

the email to the girls says: Dear former campers on total drama island, you are invited to win $1000!!!! you just have to do a topless photo shoot at camp Wawanakwa, that's all!!! no challenges or anything. come at....(date, time, and other crap)

the email to the guys says: Dear former campers on total drama island, come to camp Wawanakwa for a little surprise on (date, time, and other crap)

scene: the campers have received the emails......

Gwen: yeah, whatever ,I'll do it. at least I'll get some cash off of it.

Eva:$1000? just for a few shirtless pictures? why, it would give me a good chance to get revenge on heather if she goes...

Leshawna: I'll do it for 1k,i guess..

Katie: Sadie, look at this email I got from Chris!!

Sadie: That is so gross! but I'd do it for 1000 bucks!

Katie: really? I wouldn't!

Sadie: I have an idea! I'll do the photo shoot, you can come with me, I'll split the money with you!

Katie: eeeee!!! I love your ideas! let's go for it!

Bridgette: not even for 1000$. (clicks delete button)

Lindsay: Topless? money? I am so in!!!

Courtney, on the phone with Duncan: And did I tell you about this email I got from Chris? he wants us girls to do a topless photo shoot! he needs to see a therapist.

Duncan: you don't wanna do it?

Courtney: of course not!

Duncan: are you sure? I mean,1000$ is a lot of money!

Courtney: not really, and you are sick. there's no way I'm doing that!

Duncan: please?

Courtney: NO!

Beth:(Stares blankly at computer screen and looks at her boobs) thanks.

Izzy: Totally!

Heather: Chris just wants to see what I've got, I know it. but for 1000? why not?

After reading the email, the guys all thought it was a trick. none of them showed up.

the scene: camp Wawanakwa. all of the girls who said they'd show up, showed up.

Chris: Welcome back! are we ready?

Lindsay: wait! what're the bleachers for?

Chris: they were supposed to be for the guys to sit in and watch the photo shoot. but none of them showed up.

Leshawna: you're sick.

Gwen: And you're the host of a kids show?

Heather: you seriously need mental help.

Chris: let's move on here, people! First up, Sadie!

Sadie:(takes off top)

Katie: good luck!

Chris(takes out camera) that's good! (takes pictures) show some more enthusiasm! there we go. that should be good.

Sadie:(puts top back on) that wasn't so bad!

Katie: see?

Chris: Come up to the stage ,Eva ,and show your stuff!

Eva: just to let you know, I'm only doing this for the cash. (walks up to Chris and whispers):can I prank heather after this?

Chris: sure! that would add some drama.

Eva:(takes off top reluctantly)let's get this over with.

Chris:(takes pictures)um, you wanna smile? it would make these shots look better.

Eva: Take the freakin pictures!!!!

Chris: ok, jeez.(takes pictures)

~in the meantime~

Courtney's phone rings.

Courtney: hello?

Duncan: hey, princess.

Courtney: hey Duncan. what's up?

Duncan: Camp is only a half hour's boat ride away from your house, you know, you still have time to-

Courtney: for the last time, NO!

~now, back to camp~

Chris: great job, Eva!

Eva:(puts top back on) whatever.

Chris: Izzy! come on up!

Gwen: Izzy saw a bear in the woods and went after it right before you started taking pictures of Sadie.

Chris: and nobody said anything?

Leshawna: Who would want that physco back?

Lindsay: Lizzy scares me!

Heather: That girl is a threat to our lives.

Chris: well, whatever. Gwen! your turn!

Gwen: I'm kinda starting to have second thoughts about this.

Chris: well, I hope you can swim because your ride just le-

Gwen: STOP!! too much deja vu!!!! I'll go, I'll go! (takes off top)

Chris:(takes pictures) your skin naturally that white?

Gwen: shut up or I'll get Eva to beat your ass!

Chris: wow...feisty campers. You're up heather!

Gwen(puts top back on)

Heather: I've been waiting for this! (takes off top and makes slutty poses)

Eva:(whispers something to Gwen)

Gwen: you might be psycho, but you are so good with revenge! I'll do it!

Chris:(takes pictures) see, now THAT'S what I call modeling! you could go for playboy!

Heather: whatever, I'm just here for money. Hey...where'd my top go? I left right by this rock!

Gwen and Eva:(laughs)

Heather: ugh! you will pay for this!

Chris: (stares at heather's boobs)

Heather: (slaps Chris in the face)

Everyone: (laughing crazily)

Gwen: ah, I love this day.

Chris: um, ouch! Do not slap this beautiful work of art!

Leshawna: beautiful? Riiiiiiight.

Everyone: (laughs)

Chris: we're getting a little out of control here! You're up, Leshawna!

Leshawna: hey, except for Heather, we're all girls here right? I'm not nervous about this at all.(takes off top)

Chris: (takes pictures) see, these pics come out a lot better when you guys aren't shy! Great job, leshawna. And now, last but definitely not least, Lindsay! Let's do this!

Lindsay (takes off top and shorts…)

Chris: …whoa. Didn't see that coming. As stunning as that is, this only a topless photo shoot. Shorts on, please.

Lindsay: Fine, take out all the fun. (puts shorts on and then makes whore-like poses)

Chris: (takes pictures) uh-huh, that's what I'm talkin about! Awesome job, Lindsay!

Lindsay: thanks! (puts top on)

Chris: Well, that's everybody! (takes out camera memory card and puts it into his laptop)

Gwen: Chris? What're you doing with that?

Chris: heh, heh.

Leshawna: don't tell me…

Heather: you wouldn't dare to…

Chris: all, right guys! It's YOUR turn to vote! Vote for who you think looks best without a top! After 10 votes, whoever has the most votes will win the $1000!!!

Katie: I thought you said we all would get $1000!

Everyone: YEAH!

Chris: uh, did I forget that detail? (sarcastically) so sorry! Just the winner.

Gwen: and what're you doing with that laptop?

Chris: I just uploaded your pictures to the internet! How else would people be able to vote?

Eva: (grabs Chris by his shirt ) I don't like liars!!!

Chris: uh, remember guys! Vote!



You can actually vote by leaving a comment on my video of who you choose. I'll update the story once I get 10 votes. Thanx 4 reading!