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Hinata Hyuuga, a shy girl who recently got together with Naruto Uzumaki, a loud and boisterous boy at Konoha High School. Many people wonder how they got together. They were complete opposites. Hinata, always scared, she hardly ask anyone out. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't like anyone. Naruto was the daring one and looking on the up side despite getting into trouble. He, to Hinata, was a perfect role model. He could take on his fears easily and stand up for himself. However, Hinata always had her best friend, Kiba Inuzuka to stand up for her. Despite of this, she was quite pretty and manage not to freak out on one test which ,somehow, made Naruto admire her. It wasn't long before Naruto asked her out and the two became a couple. Kiba decided to tease her about it.

"So, have you reach second base yet?" Kiba asked smirking. Hinata looked at him confused.

"Umm, what are bases?" Hinata asked, being naïve as she was.

" Well, in a relationship, there are bases. Let me break it down.

First Base- Boy and Girl become a couple

Second Base-First kiss

Third Base-Sexual tension starts to build up.

Fourth Base-Screw 'sex before marriage is not good' the couple screw each other's brains out.

Fifth Base-THEN, you get married.

Sixth Base-The girl gets pregnant

Seventh Base-The boy beats up the girl and divorce

Eighth Base-The baby is born, since it was traumatized from the divorce and the beating of the husband, its word is "Fuck you!"

"" Hinata replied blushing. "No, we haven't reach second base."

"It isn't true love then. Kisses should usually start in the next week as soon as the couple gets together." Kiba said lazily. "Consider yourself screwed for getting together with someone who doesn't even want to kiss you."

Hinata was shocked. Gullible as she was, she trudged silently toward Naruto who was currently arguing with Sasuke again.

"Hey, Hinata. What's up?" Naruto greeted as he waved at her. Hinata waved back meekly and gave a weak smile. Naruto knew something was up.

"So, what's kicking you?" Naruto asked.

"It's just that do you really like me?" Hinata asked in doubt.

"What the…Of course I do!" Naruto said clearly offended.

"Then why won't you….kiss me?" Hinata asked sadly. Naruto looked taken back. He sent a glare into Kiba's direction who was busily whistling innocently.

"Because, you're the type of girl who wants to go slow. That means you're not a whore. I don't want someone who is a whore. Who is a whore? Take Sakura for example. I used to like her before I notice what a slut she was every time when she wants to impress Sasuke." Naruto answered cheerfully.

"Naruto, you idiot! I heard that!" cried out a pink-haired girl.

"So you do like me then?" Hinata asked blushing profusely. Naruto merely took Hinata into his arms and hugged her. Hinata knew his answer and hugged him back. This emitted many squeals of girls, excluding Sakura, and an arrogant yet triumphant smirk from Kiba. The two probably were deep in love already since Naruto didn't even notice the soda can that Sakura chucked at his head out of anger.


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