Maelstrom the Pokegirl Master


Naruto x Harem


Post Fourth War Naruto


Author's Note


Its been a long time, but I am finally coming back to this and other stories. So everyone get hyped. XD


Story Start


Life did exist after death for those who were gifted. It also was for those bestowed with gifts or curses. In that case Uzumaki Naruto had fit that criteria. He wasn't sure how many decades or centuries had passed during his journey, but his mind felt the weariness of of an existence beyond one's lifetime.

This world, this strange new world he found himself in was ripe with opportunities he had grown to enjoy. Naruto had remembered when he first awoken one morning and found himself in the bed of a small cabin. It looked abandoned if the condition of the wood and smell was any indication. He looked around to see a girl walked through the door. She was a beautiful young woman about age fifteen or sixteen. Her skirt looked fair, maybe a hint of creaminess. She was about 5'6 or 5'7 in height. She was wearing a black tank top that contained her sizable bust. She was also wearing a pink miniskirt that hung casually off her long legs. Her eyes were a darker shade of blue then his, along with her hair which she kept worn under a white cap. She also wore black knee-high shocks and pink boots.

''I see you're awake that's good. Do you remember what happened?''

''Not much. I'm kind of drawing a blank."

''Well you were lucky that my Foxxsea found you floating down a river.''

Naruto raised an eyebrow. ''A river? You have my thanks then.''

The girl smiled, ''My name is Dawn by the way? What's yours?''

''My name is Naruto Uzumaki." He introduced himself. "...sorry but you said your Foxxsea found me earlier?'' he was curious as he had never heard of such a thing.

''Yeah my Pokegirl?'' she answered as the expression in his eyes showed off he had no idea what he was talking about. ''You must have hit your head.''

He had to play along if he wanted any information. "My mind feels a bit hazy. Could you explain to me what Pokegirls are?"

''I'll start from the beginning then. It all started with this master of technology and magic called Sukebe. The infamous man was not only a mage, scientist, but also a pervert created an army of powerful female weapons and slaves call Pokegirls. He caused an event which has been named Sukebe's revenge killing millions, leaving near all the female sterile, and other horrible things. Now we get to what a Pokegirl is. A pokegirl is a female creature with special powers, an impressive libido, and a natural psychology to submit to a "master." Some were human females who have undergone Threshold and transformed. All pokegirls have some sort of special ability, if not looks, that separate them from normal females. They were originally created by Sukebe as super-soldiers. Though during the course of the war it was discovered that people could make Pokegirls loyal to them giving birth to tamers.''


''The Pokegirls owner or partner, depends how you look at them. You capture them then train and tame them for various things like combat or everyday life. Because of their libido they need to be tamed or engage in sex in order to prevent them from becoming feral. When Pokegirls become feral they become very animalistic to the point of becoming wild beasts.'' Dawn went on to explain how the world was united by the war, the famous San Bay battle where energy weapons were first created and the beginning of tamer forces and how tamers still exist today to tame feral pokegirls."

"Wow." An army of super sexy soldiers. This was quite the world he ended up in. "Where do I sign up to be a tamer?"

''You certainly became interested quick.'' she responded, her expression being amused.

''From the sound of things this is a dangerous world and I'm guessing you need to be a tamer in order to defend yourself."

''Well you have to come to a lab and upload your data. You're going to need a license, Pokedox, some pokeballs and a few other things.'' Dawn had led him to a lab a few miles east of their location.

It took a few hours for Naruto to set up everything. He needed to set up birth records, schooling, family, medical history, all which had to be falsified, but for the most part was truthful. Not like anyone in this world could you it against him. Naruto was then handed a black Pokedex and checked his information.

Name: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

Age: 18 (It was his physical age more or less)

Date of birth 10/10/ 292 AS

Height: 5'11

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Next of Kin: N/A

SLD: 17500

Experience: Rookie

Tamer license: y

Master license : n

Researcher license: n

Breeder license: n

Alpha: N/a

PG2: N/a

PG3: N/a

PG4: N/a

PG5: N/a

PG6: N/a

Naruto frowned as he went over the information. He was going to have to make a few changes so everyone and anyone couldn't basically discover his future harem with a mere scan and try to take advantage. After being set up Naruto decided to take Dawn aside and explained to her some key concepts about who he really was. He hoped the girl wouldn't freak out. She was pretty cute and he hate to have to kill her.

Naruto walked out of the path with Dawn along side him. ''So? Where are you heading from here?'' She asked as he shrugged.

''I don't know...I don't know a thing about this world.''

''Then...maybe you could travel with me,'' She said hopefully. ''It's gets a little lonely sometimes.''

''You have Pokegirls right?'

''Just one...I've only been a tamer a little over two months now. I'll show you,'' She took one of her Pokeballs out of her backpack and pushed the button in the front causing it to enlarge. ''Come on out...Foxxsea,'' She said giving a twirl and tossing the ball.

The light on Naruto's pokedex started beeping. He opened it and scanned the Pokegirl.

FOXXSEA, the Water Fox Pokegirl
Type: Near Human - Animorphic (vulpine)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: calm and relaxing influence, antithesis to the Vixxen
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Quick Attack, Scratch, Bubbles, Water Gun, Water Barrier, Cry, Disable (Lv. 30), Teleport (Lv. 40)
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Minor Psychic Capabilities, Hydrokinesis, Constant Aura of Calm
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kitsune (Water Stone)

It is certain that a Tamer that trains and Tames a Kitsune regularly will see definite improvement in her capabilities and overall strength. However, most Tamers aren't patient enough and want a big bang as fast as possible. This normally means the Tamer would acquire a Fire Stone as soon as possible to Evolve the Kitsune into a more powerful form. However, not everyone wants a Pokégirl that are after and ready for Taming anytime, anywhere, under any conditions with anyone at the drop of the hat. For those Tamer, there is hope. With the use of a Water Stone, an incredible change comes over the Kitsune and she evolves into a much calmer and surprisingly less horny vulpine pokégirl: Foxxsea.

The Foxxsea is indeed a rare evolutionary path of the Kitsune, what with the Vixxen being considered the default evolutionary path, not to mention that the majority of Tamers prefer the flash and raw power that comes with owning a Fire-type Pokégirl. Still, even without as large a fan-following, the presence of a Foxxsea is nothing to sneeze at.

While she is not a Psychic-type, a Foxxsea has an unusually high intelligence and E.S.P. ratings, allowing her to tap into a number of Psychic-type techniques as she grows in levels of power, allowing her to support her solid repertoire of water-based techniques. And even better, these psychic powers even strengthen her primary element as the first thing that develops is Hydrokinesis, allowing the Foxxsea access to a nearly limitless amount of water anywhere on the planet.

One of the most important psychic capabilities of the breed is that the Foxxsea has a calming effect on her Tamer thanks to the constantly generated technique Aura of Calm. Thanks to this psychic rapport, a Foxxsea can allow her Tamer to never be surprised or incapacitated by fear or anger. This also allows her to calm more easily agitated and excitable Pokégirls, including their sister species of Vixxen.

When it comes to the looks of a Foxxsea, one should understand that the build is very similar to a Vixxen. 4'10" to 5'8" in height, bust ranging from a large B-Cup to a solid C-Cup, and a large fluffy and incredibly soft tail. However, unlike the Vixxen, the coloration of the Foxxsea is either blue or sea-green, with the fringes of her hair giving the coloration and effect of looking like white sea-foam. Eye color correlates to the color of her fur, albeit a shade or two darker.

When it comes to Taming, one shouldn't be surprised that it is often a gentle experience. Where the Vixxen can handle sex any which way possible with great enthusiasm, a Foxxsea initiates Taming in a more reserved, yet definitely intimate way. No one that has Tamed a Foxxsea can say anything bad about the experience, and some say they've even found it surprisingly refreshing. The Aura of Calm is a definite blessing in this case and neither the Tamer nor the vulpine Pokégirl are pushed hard during their time Taming together, finding themselves just going with the flow.

There has yet to be a single recorded case of a girl going through Threshold to become a Foxxsea. It would seem that the more common branches of vulpine Pokégirls, the Vulvixx, Kitsune, and Vixxen will remain dominant for quite some time until more Foxxsea are bred and bare children via natural sexual reproduction than through parthenogenesis.

A word of warning for Tamers and Pet Owners that decide to keep a Foxxsea. It is suggested to keep them away from any alcoholic beverages. As for what happens when they drink some... you really, REALLY do not want to know.

''Impressive,'' He whistled as Dawn scratched the back of her head and grinned sheepishly. ''Well I put a lot of time and experience into her when she was a Kitsune,'' She said a she gazed at the 5'3 Foxx-sea proudly. The light blue skinned Foxx-sea yawned.

''Mistress? Do you require my services?''

''Not at the moment Seava...I just wanted to introduce you to our new companion. He just became a tamer and he's going to be traveling with us,'' She said as the Foxxsea turned to Naruto.

''Hello Tamer, I am Seava the Foxxsea.''

''Hey there, my name is Naruto. Looking forward to see what you can do. Hopefully I get my own pokegirl soon.''


''Uum ok.''

''Ok Seava...that's can return now,'' Dawn said recalling her Seava back to the ball. ''Well let's head on to the next town shall we?''

''Right...after you?'' He said following after the girl. This was going to be an interesting journey.

Today was the day that Naruto would acquire his first Pokegirl. He and Dawn had set camp and turned in early so they would get a good night's rest. After that they packed up their camping gear and made way through the forest. They had traveled 27 Kilometers into the forest before taking a break at a makeshift camp site, obviously made by a previous traveler. After collecting some branches and leaves Naruto ignited a small fire, placing a barrier of rocks around it.

Dawn had returned with a kettle of water and set it on the fire to heat so they could brew tea. They then went over their rations. They had enough food for three days before they would restock. There was enough fresh water in their canteens for four days as well.

''So Dawn...I'm curious...why did you become a tamer?'' Naruto asked, breaking the silence.

''Because of my mother is a well known tamer and I wanted to follow in her foot steps. I also wanted to travel and see the world. Unless your a training or a military personal it isn't exactly safe traveling alone.''

''I's strange don't you think?'' He asked as the girl adorned a quizzical look.

''What's strange?''

''That we've traveled this far in and we've yet to encounter another tamer or even a feral pokegirl. I don't like this...''

''Maybe we should look around then,'' Dawn said as she summoned her Foxxsea from the Pokeball. ''Me and Seava will search both to the east and south of our position for the third of a kilometer and well leave the west and north up to you. That sound ok?''

''Right...we'll meet back in an hour then,'' Naruto said as he went to the west. Naruto took careful notice of any signs of disturbed land. He didn't notice any humanoid footprints. When it came to Pokegirls he was unsure of all the tracks to discern from. Some of the tracks looked fresh. Maybe they belong to wild animals? Naruto continued until he came across a cliff side. He focused chakra into his eyes and looked towards the bottom noticing what looked like the shredded remains of a backpack. Something definitely wasn't right. He noticed movement and trailed down the mountain.

He then noticed what was curled around what looked like human remains was a Pokegirl. He took out his Pokedex.

KITSUNE, the Mischievous Fox Pok girl
Type: Anthropomorphic (vulpine)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: domesticated Pokegirl
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, mouse Pokegirls, bird Pokegirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokegirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle, Psychic Illusion, Ember
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x4) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4)
Evolves: Vixxen (Fire Stone), Foxxsea (Water Stone), Hoarfoxx (Water Stone and arctic conditions), Nogitsune (personal dishonor; loss of tail), Psivyx (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: Vulvixx (normal or Fox E-Medal)
A Pokegirl based on the pre-Sukebe animal known as a fox, this Pokegirl was designed to create confusion in the ranks of the human armies. One of the first of the mass-produced breeds due to her relatively simple genetic code, the Kitsune was distinctive for the bushy tail that is about two feet long and the vulpine-like muzzle on their faces. However, numerous accounts are known of the Kitsune assuming human forms with their Illusion and Psychic Illusion techniques to bring confusion to most any human command structure.

There has been some confusion in the centuries since, as the Vulvixx was discovered. The Vulvixx, a Fire-type, evolves into the Kitsune, which is a Normal-type, and then evolves in one of many directions (although, admittedly, most include a fire-type in the evolutions). Research remains ongoing into this particular phenomenon, but it's widely considered to be a genetic quirk, and nothing else.

The Kitsune, or fox Pokegirl, is a common form for girls undergoing Threshold to evolve to. Like the Eva, it has multiple evolutionary tracks but is not high powered in its base form. Kitsunes are highly mischievous and delight in innocently causing trouble (no malicious intent), such as taking pictures of embarrassing situations and posting or selling them, inciting romantic triangles from both sides, enjoying the good life and stiffing total strangers with the bill, etc. It's this particular trait that kept them from being targeted widely by anti-Pokegirl organizations, as even they realize and understand a good joke when they see one (or can at least find a use for the Kitsune, one way or the other). They also make great pets, as most Kitsune are rather intelligent and are proficient in the kitchen and at household chores, though do well with children also. Just be sure to keep an eye on them so they don't teach the children how to play pranks on their parents.

Despite not being a fire-type, the Kitsune does have access to an array of elemental techniques to assist in their mischief. Not especially great in either sex battles or standard battles, the Kitsune are often evolved quickly when found in a combat harem. These Pokegirls have a slight quirk, however: despite their mischievous nature, every Kitsune chooses their own rules and code to live by- whether it be as simple as never allowing her tamer to be harmed, to never harming a child. If their rule, or code, is broken by a certain measure (by choice or accident), this often triggers the evolution into a Nogitsune, which all Kitsune dread with a passion. Kitsune get along well with Trixies and other Pokegirls that enjoy playing jokes on others, and it is not recommended to have two or more pranksters in a single harem as they will constantly attempt to outdo one another.
(Note: Name is taken from Japanese fox-spirit which are highly mischievous.)

''Hey there...''

The Pokegirl flinched as she looked up at him with tear stained eyes. Naruto accessed the body and placed the time of death about three to five days ago. He then looked at the Kitsune who looked quite thin. It was obvious the Pokegirl was distraught and in pain. Someone had killed her master and she basically had given up on life.

''It's ok...I want hurt you...'' He said reaching out to the guarded Pokegirl. She closed her eyes and flinch as his hand stroke her head. The Vulpine's bushy two foot tail wrapped around her torso. Naruto was able to relax and calm down the Pokegirl. Soothing her enough to where she fell asleep he brought her back to the camp site.

"I'm sorry Naruto but I didn't see any other Pokegirl around." Dawn said a she and Foxxsea returned to the site. ''Where did she come from?''

''I found this Kitsune by human remains. Someone killed her master,'' He stated as Dawn gasped in horror.

''Oh you poor thing...Naruto, what do you plan on doing?''

''I'm going to take her with me...when she wakes up I'm going to offer her to be my Pokegirl.''

''I see...whoever did this...''

''Could still be close by. That's what I was able to figure from the body so we need to be careful. For now on if either of us heads anywhere the other follows.''

''R-Right...I suppose we should start cooking now...'' Dawn said, taking out some of the remainder of the food.

Naruto softly brushed the cheek of the sleeping Kitsune. Whoever was responsible was going to pay.


Chapter End


I hope you guys liked my chapter one revision. Sorry it took so long to update. I'm think I'm finally getting the feel of doing a Pokegirl story. Let me know what you guys think? I know you have all been waiting forever for me to really write this story, but I feel by this point my writing has gotten much better. Let me know whatcha think?

Also this story is still seperate from the Unleashed series and also takes place in a parallel world. In this world takes place in the far future of not only Naruto's world, but many others which will feature the reincarnation of many characters. More will be elaborated on at a later date.


List of possible girls. Please give your suggestions.

Vampire: Moka
Succubus: Kurumu (Original)
Yuki-Onna: Mizore
Witch: Ruby
Bunnygirl evolved into ? :Usagi Tsukino
Ronin: Motoko Ayonama
Samurai: Tsuroko
A-Bra to Alaka-wham: Jean Grey
Shadowcat: Kitty Pryde
Sayjin: Pan
Tomboy to Pirouette: Akane








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