There's so much I want to say here, but can't because I feel so horribly overwhelmed.

There are so many of you who deserve my thanks, and so many of you whom I will never get the chance to thank. There are just too many things to say that can never be said, and for that I grieve.

In short, though, I have to thank you all so well for the accomplishment that is this story. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I really can't tell you how much all of you people mean to me, from all peoples, Chinese to American to Canadian to Asian; I love you all, and the great magnitude of that statement will never be truly understood by you guys. Thank you so much. I have only a few more things to say:

Firstly, this fiction is over. As of the moment when I post this acknowledgement page, I plan never to alter, rewrite, or substitute anything for any of this text. I don't give my word that I will hold myself to that, but know on your first hand that Gregor and the Cutter Lair is completed.

Secondly, I am completely open to talk of a sequel. Soon I will put up a poll on my profile to see if I should write one, and it will be totally up to you guys with the decision. Whatever you decide I will abide by, but be warned that the next installment would not be immediately begun, and, like the twists of this one, not all of it would be to your liking. I will, however, tell you that I do have the whole thing planned out already in the case of a yes answer.

Thirdly, I plan to take a week off, just because I'm selfish. Once that is over, however, I have begun plans to write a City of Ember fic called The Warrior in White. The full summary of this will be up on my profile within the week, and I plan to begin this story immediately following that. If I had the nerve to ask you wonderful people for anything more, I would ask you to follow that fic as well, but since I owe you so much and not the vice versa I will instead beg you to, and hope you don't hate me for the plot.

In a quick note as well, I would like to make a most serious statement, and ask that each and every one of you take this as such: recently in particularly I believe that the TUC section of this site has lost the essence of what we could call great fanfiction. Where stories were once revered for excellent plot lines and twists they are now dominated by insane continuums and mindless sex. Please, my friends, never forget what the Underland Chronicles were written with and for, and preserve that mindset. Anything else is a grave insult upon Suzanne Collins and her work.

In my last note of this exhausting fiction, I would like to take the longest and happiest of moments to thank a great number of people who mean the world and beyond to me. I would never have been able to do this without you:

Thanks to Seraphania/Citizen of Fantasy at Heart, who persuaded me to go past Chapter 3 and made it worthwhile to do so later, even after she stopped writing herself.

Thanks to shadowblade546, who explicitly hated the Viceroy and pushed himself to inform me of it on every possible occasion.

Thanks to tcat75, who stuck beside me even when turns came around that he didn't expect, all the way from chapter 1 to the end.

Thanks to november21, whom I believe will be placing this on her favorites list once this is complete, and who reviewed throughout nearly every chapter.

Thanks to Castaway5, T.R. Miles, and stephanie, for being there with reviews when there were none.

Thanks to Citizen of Fantasy at Heart/Seraphania, Guy13511, ImagineKat, dyingimmortal, Shadowblade546/ApalcalypticBunny42, Luny Lovegud, preyontheweak, gregorXluxa, Fitz Marksicle, Prophe, If I Had My Way -i would rule-, EbonyClaw, dji435, laxgoal31, urbanrhapz, Devil's Sunrise, Sad little smile, wwlego, Castaway5, Icesong85, GodlyFan227, SakuHira, The One Called Demetra, CrAnKiTuP, Sarcastic Ninja, deathsinger, StunningSpellRocks2345, Anti-Fuhrur, ripreds pup, Death-Gus, MrsDarcy14, operaghost517, BluePenguin42, Dooter-Space-Shooter, solegamer117, greensun30, Weezalicious, Surreptitiously Anonymous, KBXXROX, ripred95, badbeast57, Mad Reminant, Darkrider013, iwasthere68, and smackgod9, who all placed this story on their favorites list sometime along its journey.

Thanks to tcat75, EbonyClaw, Citizen of Fantasy at Heart/Seraphania, Guy13511, Shadowblade546/ApalcalypticBunny42, dyingimmortal, doomerbob, november21, Luny Lovegud, Fitz Marksicle, laxgoal31, Devil's Sunrise, Sad little smile, wwlego, Castaway5, GodlyFan227, Rgplmr, The One Called Demetra, CrAnKiTuP, CynicalSyndrome, anti-Fuhrur, ripreds pup, solegamer117, MrsDarcy14, greensun30, Spunker325, Timballisto, Surreptitiously Anonymous, KBXXROX, ripred95, badbeast57, and saacool gregor and percy rocks, who all ventured to receive alerts whenever I made the mistake of updating.

A great and melodramatic thanks to all of my fellow Underland Chronicle authors, for writing and loving and caring and everything they have all done for themselves, you all, and me.

And finally, the most humongous and behemothly gigantic gratitude festival of love out to all of you who have ever reviewed my incredibly oblong story: tcat75, xthe beastx, Alot like Gregor, Seraphania/Citizen of Fantasy at Heart, Sum Vi3t Kid, Guy13511, alec-alumina, pomplamouse, Shadowblade546/ApalcalypticBunny42, Castaway5, deathsinger, stephanie, dyingimmortal, awsomeperson, november21, xxxxBlackTearsForeverxxxx, Luny Lovegud, Ailat, Fitz Marksicle, Unnamed17, EbonyClaw, jackstheman9, dji435, If I Had My Way -i would rule-, laxgoal31, urbanrhapz, EdgeStrife, your servant, wwlego, Rgplmr, sarah, The One Called Demetra, GodlyFan227, CrAnKiTuP, Sarcastic Ninja, justa-critic, T.R. Miles, UPDATE PLZZZZZ, ImagineKat, anti-Fuhrur, Nicole, abipolarwaffle, solegamer117, anon, mitchell, CarrieCullen14, operaghost517, greensun30, co1113, blackjack99, Robert, ali, Surreptitiously Anonymous, saacool gregor and percy rocks, Timballisto, SharinganTobi, zz1323, mmmlander, godzilla man360, Dark Rider013, Chase, Weezalicious, KBXXROX, Death-Gus, HCOBEAST, OneReaderAmongMany, ExoGriDBaseball7, very good ΩΠψΨΥΣ΅◎△□◇○ , collinsboy, RICE7, aldejaibra, Josh, iwasthere68, and smackgod9.

When I started this, I never imagined I would get past Chapter 3 and 100 hits. Now my mind can't even comprehend how far I've come, and all because of you brilliant, enigmatic, wonderful, amazing, radiant, dazzling, confusing, ecstatic, courageous, tolerant, beautiful, terrific, loving, robust, surprising, magnificent, glorious, perfect people out there, who for some reason believed in me and Gregor throughout all of these horrible adventures.

To the ends of the earth, and beyond, my outstanding companions.

Thank you all, and good night.

Chaotically and brilliantly yours,

Collier World