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The place was almost empty, but Yugi didn't care. It's not like he really wanted to be in a buzzing place at the moment anyway. He was happy for the silence.

Sitting down in one of the stools, the third year college student ordered what he wanted, paid the man and took generous sips.

It had been two years since what happened. Yet he could still not shake it off, even with all of the therapy he was getting. His best friend Jou was supporting in every way, but it wasn't enough to get him out.

So he decided to drown every thing out with a couple of beers every now and then. He wouldn't hammer himself though, well, unless he was feeling unusually down. Thankfully he wasn't tonight.

Taking another gulp of his drink, Yugi's ears suddenly perked when he heard someone sit beside him and start talking to the lonely bartender. He unexpectedly was thrown into the small conversation.

"Hey, kid, you like football?" asked the bartender, and Yugi fidgeted as two pairs of eyes set on him.

Turning ever so slightly, he searched out the bartender in front of him, smiling a bit. "A little, not so much to go nuts over it though," he answered.

The portly man shook his head; obviously he couldn't find anyone with the same interest. He waved his hand and headed into the back to do whatever, leaving Yugi and the man next to him alone.

"You're not a football fan either then," the man said with a wry smile. "I'm Atemu." He held out his hand for Yugi to shake.

Yugi blinked, trying to figure out what just happened. Inwardly shaking his head, he put on a fake smile, and took the hand. "Yugi."

Atemu took his hand firmly, shaking it for five seconds. "Nice to meet you, Yugi," he said, his smile widening. "What are you doing here? The place is nearly empty."

Shrugging, Yugi answered back, "Probably the same reason you're here."

Atemu chuckled unexpectedly, making Yugi jump a little in his seat. "Yeah."

They both stayed silent, and Yugi took the opportunity to take the stranger in. Amazingly, they looked like they could be long lost brothers. Their hair was basically the same except for a couple of the blonde streaks, and Yugi could tell that Atemu was only a couple inches above him.

The man was wearing casual clothes, nothing too special. Just some slacks and a jacket; just like him.

"So..." Atemu began. "What exactly are you doing here anyway?"

Yeah, like he'd open everything up to this guy. "Just having a couple drinks," Yugi answered rather flatly, fingering his glass on the counter.

The other seemed to understand that he didn't want to really say what it was, and Yugi was surprised to see the other express that. "How about you?"

Atemu leaned back against air answering, "Like you said before, same reason you are."

Why the heck was he talking to this guy anyway? Yugi wondered. This guy was some stranger that had nothing to do with his life, and could in no way understand it even if it were explained to him. Yugi wanted to leave. But then again, he didn't.

There was something about this guy that made him feel a little better. He couldn't place it; was it the way he talked? Body language? Maybe it was all in his head. All he knew was that somewhere deep inside, Yugi immediately felt that he could trust the other with his life.

"Do you want another drink?" Atemu interrupted his thoughts again, startling him a little.

Shaking his head, Yugi said, "I lied. I only came out for one drink tonight."

Nodding at the confession, Atemu let his elbow rest on the counter beside him. Although they hadn't talked much about anything, he could feel that Yugi would be interesting to talk to overall.

Two hours later, and Yugi was laughing all over himself. No, he hadn't lied again, but Atemu was telling the most hilarious jokes. Yugi couldn't help himself as he doubled over in laughter, his gut clenching so hard it was starting to hurt.

Hands came around him, and Yugi didn't mind them as they helped him back up, soothingly rubbing against his aching abdomen, trying to loosen the muscles up.

Wiping the tears from his eyes, Yugi thanked the man. Atemu wasn't half as bad as he first suspected. The two had immediately become friends.

So far, Yugi had learned that the other was a graduating college student this year, being only twenty-four years of age; one year older than Yugi. Unfortunately though, they didn't go to the same college.

Unlike him, Atemu had said that he was going out to be a reporter of some sort. He had told Atemu that he was hoping to be a successful artist.

Heaving a sigh, Yugi leaned back against the counter, trying to collect his thoughts back. He had also figured out that Atemu was able to read him very well, understanding everything he had to say. Not that he had said anything yet though.

Suddenly, a hand was on his thigh and Yugi flinched, but not noticeable enough for Atemu. "You know, you're very pretty."

He blushed despite himself, trying not to let Atemu see. He knew that the other wasn't drunk or anything, so that meant Atemu meant every word of that statement. "No, I'm not."

Confusion washed over Atemu at the harsh words. "Yes you are, to me you are," he tried. Man, had he fallen hard over this kid. He let his hand sink down to Yugi's knee, and this time he noticed a shake.

Taking his hand off the other carefully, Atemu tried to see what was wrong. Yugi was fine just two minutes ago; did he say something to upset the other?

"You shouldn't lie to people," Yugi suddenly said, and Atemu stood up astonished at the statement. How could this beauty of all things say that he was not pretty? He wasn't lying.

He knew from the start that Yugi was shaky about something, and Atemu wanted to find out. He wouldn't force it out, but he was willing to wait for anything. Carefully, he cupped the other's face, tilting Yugi's head up so that they met eye to eye.

"You are the most beautiful person I've ever met. How could you say such a thing?" he said gently, looking for some kind of answer in the other's amethyst eyes.

Yugi was quiet for a long time, trying to think of an answer as to why he had said what he said. He stared up into confused crimson eyes. "I don't know...I just..." He let his eyes slip close as he slid off the stool.

Unconsciously, he let himself go up onto tiptoes as he hesitantly pressed his lips against Atemu's. He hadn't felt this way about another in... no, he just trusted Atemu. He hadn't been able to trust in a long time.

Yugi became a little eager once he felt Atemu comply and press back, silently massaging his lips with his tongue, asking for entrance. Yugi let his mouth fall open as the two engaged, fighting over dominance.

Pulling back, Yugi panted. Atemu was the first to speak, although he too was out of breath.

"Do you..." the taller started, "Want to come back...to my place?"

He didn't mean to hesitate, but he had to think it through for a second. If he complied, who knows what would happen, but just from spending two hours with Atemu, Yugi knew he could fully trust the other. He wanted to keep that trust for as long as possible.

"I trust you."

Yugi rolled over groggily, wondering where he was as he wiped the sleep from his eyes. This definitely wasn't his room. Rolling back over, he was suddenly reminded of where he was exactly when he spotted Atemu.

Sitting up in the bed, Yugi realized he was naked and he quickly searched out for his scattered clothes. Pulling them back on as noiselessly as possible, Yugi tried to think of why he did such a stupid thing.

What the heck did he do? He knew he wasn't drunk, so what happened? Yugi raked his brain as he pulled his shoes on, but he couldn't find a good enough reason as to why he did what he did last night.

Then it came to him. That stupid trust thing! Why did he trust this guy? They only knew each other for two hours tops, and Yugi let himself be led back to this guy's apartment. How low could he get?

Finding everything that he had brought, Yugi glanced back at the bed where Atemu was still peacefully sleeping. Biting his lip, Yugi was painfully reminded that he had fallen for the other, and that was what made him go into that whole trust thing.


Shaking his head, he headed out of the apartment, and back home.

A couple hours later, Atemu awoke with a start as his alarm clock noisily rang out. He sighed as he felt the other side of the bed empty.

He didn't get it. He had thought that Yugi trusted him. He even said it before they ended back up here. But then he remembered how he was trying to figure out what was going on before he and Yugi became close.

Getting out of bed, he found some boxers and sweats and he pulled them on. It was too bad that he only got Yugi's first name and nothing else. He wanted to know if he did anything wrong. He wanted to help the other out with whatever caused him to run away.

Shuffling around his bed, he suddenly became aware of a jacket sticking out from under his bed. Pulling it out, he realized that it was Yugi's. He quickly searched for anything that would enable him to return it, and he became excited when he found a small card with Yugi's name on it, address and all.

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