This is sorta of a sequel to the one-shot "I love you my son"

"AHHHH " Kushina screamed as nurses and doctors surrounded her waiting for her to deliver the baby.

" Just one more push Ma'am" one of the nurses said and then turned back to monitoring her heart rate.

A loud ear-piercing scream echoed through the white washed hallways of the building but was soon replaced by a baby's cry.

"Congratulations Mrs. Uzumaki you have a healthy baby boy!" the head doctor pronounced handing the now cleaned and wrapped bundle to her,

Kushina panted her face was covered in sweat but she smiled her arms wrapping around the tiny bundle.

Bright blue orbs and tuff of sun colored hair that were so much like his father's were visible through the fluffy white blanket he was wrapped in he stared at the person holding him and it clicked somewhere in his little mind that this was his mommy, The baby gurgled happily as his mother gently tickled him under his chin.

" He was right" Kushina said as her heart rate suddenly dropped.

"DOCTOR WE"RE LOSING HER!!" one of the nurses shouted as another quickly took the infant from her arms.

"Mrs Uzumaki hold on!!" the doctor yelled but Kushina didn't hear him all she saw was her tiny baby being held in the nurse's arms the last thing she saw as her life faded away was an vision of a 12yr old boy with spikey blonde hair and cerulean blue orbs surrounded by many other students laughing at " I don't care what you say!! I 'm going to become Hokage one day Believe IT!!" the boy announced "Naruto sit down!!" a brown haired teacher with a scar across his nose hollered the boy grumbled as he took his seat the other students continuing to laugh. "Naruto my baby boy" Kushina whispered with her last breath as a flatlining beep filled the silent hospital room.