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~Morning, Princess~


Mentions events that only occur in the manga

That night, Eve slept better than she had in a long time. She probably could have slept in until the sun set again, then slept through the next night too.

But she woke up at the crack of dawn, embarrassed and blushing madly, trying to escape from Train's arms without waking him up. Eve had always thought he would be a heavy sleeper, but apparently she had been wrong, and she realized her misassumption when his arms only tightened around her. He cracked open one eye lazily, and Eve saw a question in the golden orb.

"I'm going to make breakfast before Sven wakes up," she mumbled, thanking God she managed to keep herself from stuttering. But her tone still had a hint of breathlessness in it, and Eve thought the words tumbled from her lips a little too quickly.

Train noticed and grinned in amusement, letting her go before turning over in the bed and burrowing back into his blankets. Eve rushed to the door, not even brave enough to glance back at his sleeping form.

She was absolutely horrified. He was her rival, right?

…Right? Right?

She really didn't know anymore.


A few weeks passed. Sven was none the wiser and Train acted no differently. And for the most part, neither did she. But sometimes she'd blush when he got a little too close, or when he stared at her a little too long.

It was so irritating.

Still, she was sure that as long as she put as much time as possible between her and the "sleep-deprived incident", everything would return to normal. She just had to keep it as far as possible from her mind and make sure there were no repeats. Easy.

And then the nightmares returned.

They started again after she met Durham, the gunman for the Apostles of the Stars. Sure, Train had beat him for her, but whenever she closed her eyes she saw him, his gun cocked and aimed at her chest, ready to blow her heart to bits.

After Sven and Train left, the thoughts lurking behind her eyelids only grew darker, to the point where she was almost afraid to blink. Staying with Annette, she hadn't slept at all.

Yet when she finally returned to traveling with her partners, she didn't take Train up on his still-standing offer, not at first. The knowledge that Sven was sleeping in the next room over would be enough to keep her fears at bay, she told herself.

She was wrong. The night, when she finally managed to fall asleep, the nightmare that haunted her was so terrifying that she had run through the hideout to Train's room within seconds, flinging his door open before her rationality was able to catch up to her.

The loud bang of his door hitting the wall woke Train up immediately and he sat up swiftly, squinting at the silhouette in the doorway. It only took him a spilt second to realize who had woken him. Eve stood, fidgeting with the edge of her nightgown, hesitant and embarrassed, afraid he would turn her away.

Train opened his arms wide, welcoming her with an understanding smile. Every bit of self-consciousness Eve had melted away, leaving her with a warm feeling as she snuggled into the safety of his hold, secure in the knowledge that no more bad dreams would plague her that night.

The next morning, she actually slept in a bit. It was just after sunrise when she wiggled free, walking to the door. She even looked back at Train when she reached the doorway. He propped himself up on an elbow, his hair tangled and his night clothes ruffled, a question in his groggy gaze.

"I'm going to the library," she told him. Liar, she thought to herself. The library's not open yet.

If Train knew that he didn't show it. He just smiled and nodded, laying back down, looking like he was prepared to stay in bed until at least noon. Much to Eve's revulsion, the thought of staying with him in bed until midday left a twinge of longing in her heart, making her fingers twitch with the desire to hold him.

She was so disturbed that she ran out the door of their hideout without grabbing a jacket, telling Sven, or even changing out of her pajamas. She walked briskly down the sidewalk, reaching the library before she realized that she had just walked through the city barefoot on a cold, late autumn day, hours before anything in town would open.

Her face was redder than the falling leaves the whole way back to the house.


As much as she tried to stay away from Train's room, sometimes Eve couldn't deny herself the safety his presence provided. When the nights were too long or her dreams too frightening, she'd sneak back under Train's covers, refusing to close her eyes until he enveloped her in his embrace, like a stubborn child who couldn't sleep without their favorite doll. It was so surreal; by day they were rivals, maybe friends at the most, but at night they'd hold each other like lovers.

It became something of a weakness for her. And Train made it all too easy, never turning her away or even teasing her for being so dependant. She noticed that he rarely went out at night anymore. Was that for her sake? She wasn't sure.

At first they were silent before they both turned themselves over to their dreams, but as her nightly visits became more frequent, they started to have conversations. Nothing big, just small talk, but Eve liked it. During the day they were always with Sven or chasing after some bounty, so they rarely got the chance to talk to each other one on one. At night he focused his full attention on her, and she found herself enjoying that a little more than she liked to admit.

When morning came, however, she rushed out with an excuse that only got less believable each time. And each time, she'd see the same question in Train's golden eyes.


The night after Creed's defeat, they immediately tried to take Train to a hospital, but he stubbornly refused. Nothing they said even came close to convincing him, and he walked to his room with a smug swagger when they finally gave up.

Eve waited for Sven to head for his own room before following Train. This time, she didn't wait for a nightmare. She needed him now.

As they settled into their usual positions, Eve could've sworn she heard Train let out a sigh of relief as he tucked her into his arms. She had to admit she felt a little like doing so herself. She couldn't stop thinking about it…that man as he blew himself up for Creed, Kevin getting shot in front of her, Doctor's eyes as he started to cut away her dress…

She shivered and Train held her tighter, slipping a hand under her chin and tilting her eyes up to meet his.

"You're safe now," he whispered. His eyes were serious, determined, and filled with an emotion she couldn't quite name. All her fears flew from her instantly.

"I know," she replied. Train smiled his usual carefree grin, but Eve could still see the strange emotion in his eyes. What was it?

She decided not to think about it. It didn't matter, not really. Train was right. She was safe.

She settled into his arms, yawning, drifting off to sleep…

…and then, all too quickly, morning came.

Eve wasn't sure what she should do. Her first instinct was to jump out of bed and run out the door, but…she stared at Train, his face still and tranquil as he slept. He looked so tired. He was riddled with cuts and bruises, and Eve knew he was heavily injured, despite what he told her and Sven.

Hesitantly, she brought a hand up to trace his face. Usually, even the slightest touch could wake him, but Train's breathing remained deep and steady, an obvious sign that he was still dozing. Eve let her hand linger on his forehead, checking for a temperature. She was relieved to find his skin cool, meaning none of his wounds were infected.

Absently, Eve lightly ran her fingertips over his eyelids, marveling at his features. Even she couldn't deny that Train was good-looking, though she'd never admit it out loud. Eve brushed his cheek.

Eve froze as Train's breathing became shallow. He had woken up. She tried to pull back quickly, but Train's hand wrapped around hers, holding it in place on his cheek. Eve couldn't help but be in awe of the way his giant hand completely covered her tiny one, amazed even through the panic of being caught caressing his cheek.

His yellow eyes, mere inches from her own pink orbs, opened and squinted at her blearily. It took him a moment to figure out what was going on, and when he finally did his face broke out into his famous grin.

"Morning, Princess," he greeted. His gaze shifted to the clock beside his bed before he turned his attention back to her. "Nine? That's pretty late for you," he commented, raising an eyebrow. "I'm shocked you haven't run out on me yet. Not that I'm complaining."

Eve forced her expression to remain stoic despite the blush spreading across her cheeks. Train's grin just widened.

Humiliated, Eve tried to tug her hand from his grasp, ready to flee from the mortifying situation. But Train's expression turned serious immediately, and he refused to let her go.

That same question, the very one he asked her with his gaze every time she left his room appeared again…but it wasn't just a simple inquiry anymore. His stare was pleading. It was smoldering, burning into her, making her really stop to think.

Will you stay? his eyes asked.

Eve realized, quite suddenly…she really, really, really wanted to give him the answer he was looking for.

A genuine smile stretched across his face when he received his answer. He took her back into his arms, tighter than any other time, rubbing his cheek against the top of her head euphorically. Eve felt almost dizzy with pleasure, his every movement sending electricity though her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling as if a giant wall between them had crashed down.

She whispered the two words over and over as she nuzzled into his chest, repeating them until they both fell back asleep. The answer both of them had been waiting for.

"I'll stay."





Sven was extremely damn irritated.

At first, he had been happy that Eve got more sleep, even if it meant he didn't see her until noon. He didn't know why she suddenly decided she liked sleeping half the day away, but past experiences had proven that he was terrible at understanding his surrogate daughter. As much as the father in him hated to admit it, that was definitely Train's forte.

So when he mentioned Eve's unexplainable new habit to Train, Sven was more than a little perplexed when the young man burst into loud guffaws of laughter.

Sven was suspicious, but he shrugged it off as Train being an idiot. However, he didn't fail to notice the way every night, without fail, Eve bid him goodnight only minutes after Train did. Or how they seemed to get out of bed at the same time. Or how they stood a little closer to each other, blushed a little more in each other's presence…

And then the final nail in the coffin was put in place.

Eve started taking naps.

"Eve, you just got up an hour ago!" Sven exclaimed as the young blonde headed for her room. "Aren't naps more Train's thing? …Where is he, anyway?"

"I believe he is napping, also," was Eve's monotone reply. And then she rounded a corner and disappeared down the hall, leaving Sven with his suspicions and burning curiosity.

Intrigued by Eve's strange behavior, Sven decided to follow her. He waited a few minutes, then jumped out of his chair and walked quickly down the hall until he came to the first door: Eve's room.

Pushing open her door, he was shocked to find it empty. The bed was made neatly, as if she hadn't slept in it for days. Sven scratched his head as he closed the door. Where else could she be?

Realization dropped to his stomach like a weight as he glanced at the door next to Eve's. Oh no. Oh hell no.

Sven ran the last few steps to Train's room as fast as he could, throwing open the door with as much force as he could muster, ready to start screaming and break apart whatever obscene sin they were committing. But then he had to catch the door before it hit the wall, because they were…sleeping. Peacefully.

Sven gaped at the scene before him. Train was lying on his back, one arm curled around Eve's shoulders. Eve was on her side, her head buried in the crook of Train's neck, her small arm thrown across his chest. And they were – much to Sven's relief – fully dressed.

Sven stared at them, everything clicking into place. He would have loved to know how this strange ritual started. His fatherly instinct told him to beat Train to a pulp, but it didn't look like they were doing anything indecent.

No, he wouldn't let them know he had caught on, but maybe he'd hint at it, make them sweat a little. Then again, he'd have to tell them sometime, so maybe they'd move their naps to the living room, or have them in the car. Then he'd at least get to see his partners every once in awhile without sneaking into Train's bedroom.

And he'd be absolutely, positively sure they never did anything more than hold each other. One step over that line and he'd kill Train.

Sven smiled and exited the room, possible ways to murder the black cat slowly and painfully whirling around his head.


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