So, this is another little one-shot I came up with after watching "Everything Changes". Yeah, pathetic I know but there really isn't much else for me to do right now. Besides, I might as well put this new lap top to use

Summary: Ianto's musings after skimming through Gwen's notes.

Spoilers: Everything Changes and allusions to Cyberwoman.

Rating: K (Yeah, that's right. A Torchwood fic that's rated K)

Disclaimer: Nothing from Torchwood is mine unfortunately—I'm just borrowing the characters for now. I asked for Ianto for Christmas, but apparently Santa can't pull of miracles like little kids are lead to believe.

Title: Invisible

It had always felt as though he were invisible. Just the office boy in the tourist shop who cleaned up the messes and made the coffee.

This just proved it.

Every detail that woman could remember about Torchwood typed out—albeit rather poorly—onto a word document and there was absolutely nothing about him.

He didn't really understand why it was so—disappointing; but a part of him wanted to march straight over to her flat and demand what was so forgettable about him.

He entertained the possibility that her interaction with him had been much briefer than everyone else. She couldn't even remember Tosh's last name, or whether or not Suzie was second in command. But nonetheless, it was strange how it always worked.

He deleted the document from her personal computer and then set off to the basement, glad no one was there to interrogate him. It was a hard thing to keep from them, but it was what had to be done. No one ever questioned him about it, and no one ever knew.

Everyone always forgot about the Tea Boy.

Oddly enough, he could live with that.

Well? What do you guys think?