Yes, this is another one shot by yours truly. And yes, it's still from "Everything Changes".

Summary: Funny, it's not the first time he's said that to her. At least, she thinks it isn't.

Spoilers: Everything Changes and Fragments. Oh, and "The Unquiet Dead" if you're a Doctor Who fan.

Rating: K+ (me and my potty mouth)

Disclaimer: Torchwood isn't mine. If it was *spoiler* Tosh and Owen would still be alive…

Title: That is So Welsh


"That is so Welsh," Jack sighed.

"What is?" Gwyneth asked.

"I show you something fantastic, and you find fault," he shook his head, walking off. Gwyneth rolled her eyes and walked after him, brushing past the people on the street.

"All I'm saying is that if this Doctor friend of yours doesn't want to draw attention to himself, then why does he travel around in a blue box. Won't people passing by notice it? Won't they get curious? Ask questions?"

"Not all people are as perceptive as you," Jack smirked. "Most humans, what do they do when they see something strange in the road?"

"They walk past it."

"Exactly," Jack nodded.


Gwen snapped out of her trance, looking back at the invisible lift before running to catch up with Captain Harkness. These strange visions she was getting were giving her the chills. It was like she was remembering things—but they weren't her memories. The time period was wrong—each scene she saw was from the past. The girl looked like her, had the same name, spoke the same; and yet, there was something about her so different. And the man. The only thing different from him and the current Jack Harkness was the attire. Other than that they were the same cheeky bastard in her opinion. Although she wasn't sure she had known him long enough to make a judgment like that.

Brushing it off, Gwen fell in step with the Captain, wondering where exactly it was he was taking her.

Yeah, that's right. I'm one of those who thinks Gwen really should be Gwyneth from Doctor Who.