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"Rasengan!" Normal speech.
'Rasengan!' Normal thoughts.
"Rasengan!" Demon speech.
'Rasengan!' Demon thoughts.

Naruto of the Clow
Ch02 Without a Shadow of a doubt

It was the morning after the battle with FLY and Kerberos was currently hovering over the sleeping for of Sakura attempting to wake her up "Sakura. Sakura!"

Sakura seamed to be oblivious to this however and rolled over in her sleep with a content look on her face before murmuring out "I can't eat anymore…"

"Who was it that set the alarm for seven?" Kerberos said as he shook his head "Weren't you going to get up early?"

Sakura's eyes blinked open slightly hearing Kerberos' voice 'Osaka accent? Nobody in my family has that accent…' Slowly Sakura pulled herself into a sitting position and looked over towards her TV "The TV… isn't on… That means…" Her eyes then opened slightly wider before she looked up to find Kerberos staring down at her with a creepy smile on his face. Seeing this Sakura jumped back slightly in shock causing Kerberos to do the same before they both let a surprised cry. Sakura looked back up at Kerberos and blinked a few times "A plush toy?"

Kerberos just shook his head at this "You're still not awake… Come on, get a grip!" He finished up while lightly hitting Sakura over her head causing a sweat drop to appear on the back of her head while her eyes seamed to turn into swirls.

Sakura seamed to snap out of it however as she looked back up at Kerberos "That's right! The guardian of the Clow Cards!"

"You're finally awake." Kerberos then puffed his chest out "I'm Kerberos, the Beast of the Seal!"

'That's right…' Sakura thought to herself 'Among the books I found in the basement was a book of Clow Cards… I'm not sure what they are, but they were apparently magical cards…' She then started thinking back at what happened the previous day 'I scattered them all over the place… and I released Naruto-kun from the book.' She then blinked a few times remembering this "Ah, Naruto-kun!" Sakura then jumped off of her bed and rushed over towards her closet before pulling the door open while calling out "Morning Naruto-kun, time to get up." However all she saw was a few sheets set up as a makeshift bed "Hoe… Naruto-kun?"

"Naruto left with Kichi in the early morning… said he wanted to check out the city." Hearing this Sakura turned around to face Kerberos before he continued "He told me to tell you he'll meat up with you later." Sakura just looked down at the floor hearing this before the amount of light entering the room seamed to intensify. Looking back up Sakura saw Kerberos pulling the curtains back before he called "Well, it's a great morning, Cardcaptor Sakura!"

"I've been saying, I just CAN'T be the Cardcaptor!"

Kerberos just let out a chuckle hearing this as the Clow Book seamed to float off the desk before stopping in front of Kerberos "Humble, so humble…" He then opened the book up to reveal the FLY card to Sakura, which now had her name written at the bottom "See? You got the FLY card back, too! See? See?"

"Although I got in a mess to get it back!" Sakura said turning her head away "Besides… it's not like I did it on my own, Naruto-kun was the one doing all the fighting."

Kerberos just tilted his head to the side "Naruto believes you can do it."

Before anything else could be said however there was a call of "Breakfast!" from downstairs. Hearing this Sakura just called out "Hai!" before quickly getting changed into her school uniform and heading down to the dinning room. Once she made it into the room she saw Toya in the kitchen and called out a greeting "Ohaiyo, Onii-chan."

Hearing this Toya turned his attention towards Sakura "You came down after I only called once! Is it gonna rain today?"

"I had someone waking me up today!" Sakura called back out while slamming her hands down on the table. Toya just gave her a confused look hearing this before Sakura realised what she had just said and started waving her hand in the air "Oh, I mean the alarm clock." She finished up with a nervous laugh. Toya just shrugged at this before going back to what he was doing, causing Sakura to let out a sigh of relief. Sakura then walked over to a framed photo of her mother before also greeting her "Ohaiyo, Okaa-san."

It was at that point that Fujitaka walked into the room "Ohaiyo gozaimasu."

"Ohaiyo, Otou-san." Sakura called out while smiling up at him.

"Ohaiyo." Came Toya's reply.

Fujitaka then looked down at the food that Toya had set out around the table "Mm, it looks delicious as usual today."

"Well, it's better than the kaiju's." Toya said before Sakura stamped down on his foot, causing a pained expression to appear on Toya's face.

Fujitaka looked over at Toya seeing this before Sakura called out "Well, Otou-san, we should eat! Let's eat!"

Once Sakura was done eating she stood up from the desk and picked up the plate and rice bowl "Thanks, I've had enough!"

She then rushed to put the dishes in the kitchen while Fujitaka called out "You really are in a hurry today!"

Hearing this Sakura turned her attention towards him "I'm in charge of cleaning the classroom this morning!" Sakura then grabbed a couple of crackers before rushing back up to her room while Toya just muttered out "Kaiju…"

Hearing Sakura running back up the Kerberos lifted his head up before seeing Sakura rush in and close the door behind her. Seeing this he stood up and called out "Welcome back!"

"Here's a souvenir!" Sakura said, walking over to Kerberos and handing him the crackers.

Kerberos just took the crackers with a loud "Woohoo!" before he sat back down and started eating them.

Sakura grabbed her hat from the lamp and placed it on her head before examining it in the nightstand mirror "Well, I'm gonna go now!"

Hearing this Kerberos looked up from his crackers "First Naruto, now you… Kids nowadays are so busy."

"Both my Onii-chan and Otou-san will be leaving for school soon… so you can turn on the TV in my room after a while."

Kerberos just tilted his head in confusion hearing this "Your Otou-san's still a student?"

"He's a collage professor!" Sakura called out while digging through her draws "You can't leave the room when there are people in the house. Everyone would be too surprised!" Sakura finished by turning around. Kerberos just gave out a chick "Hai!" before Sakura noticed the time on her clock "It's this late already!? I gotta hurry!" She then grabbed her bag and rushed back out of her room, not noticing the Kerberos was no longer in sight.

Naruto stood on top of the roof as he watched Sakura rush out of the house as she called back to Toya and Fujitaka "I'm leaving!" Naruto just let out a small chuckle as he watched her race off down the street before Gamakichi burst out of the backpack he was wearing and landed on his shoulder "Are you sure about this Aniki!?"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders "Well I'm gonna be living in this time period, so I'm gonna need to fit in… Besides it can't be any worse then it was back in Konoha, right?"

"I guess that true." Gamakichi said while letting out a sigh "But don't you think you should have told Sakura about this?"

Naruto shook his head while letting out another chuckle "Nagh… why ruin the surprise!"

Gamakichi just let out another sigh "If you say so."

"Right… Now…" Naruto started as he looked over at Gamakichi "Get back in the bag! Last thing we need is someone seeing. Somehow I doubt people would understand about suddenly seeing a talking frog."

"Yeah, yeah…" Gamakichi muttered as he moved back into the bag before somehow managing to zip it up from the inside. Naruto let out another chuckle at this before he jumped off the roof and started walking down the same path that Sakura gone down not noticing the pair of narrowed eyes watching him go.

As Sakura continued down the path she suddenly said out loud to herself "I'll just take a small detour!" Turning round another corner Sakura soon came to a stop just outside of the front garden of a house "I'm here at Yukito's house…" She then looked over the hedge seeing if Yukito was around before her eyes seamed to droop slightly "I'm sure he isn't around…"

"What is it?" Yukito said as he stepped out from behind a bush, startling Sakura.

"You're here?"

"Ohaiyo, Sakura-chan." Yukito called out as he walked over towards her.

"O-Ohaiyo, gozaimasu."

"You're up early!"

"I'm in charge of cleaning the classroom…"

"That's so good of you. Oh I know." Yukito said as he moved over to the bush before plucking some of the pink flowers from it and handing them out towards Sakura "Do you want to have this for the classroom?"

"Is it all right?" Yukito just nodded at this before handing them to Sakura, who just looked down at them before a large smile appeared on her face and she looked back up at Yukito "Thank you very much!"

"Be carful, and see you later!"

Sakura started heading back down the street while facing Yukito and waving goodbye while calling out "Thank you very much!" Skating backwards she nearly tripped up before managing to catch herself and heading back around the corner "See you later!" As Sakura continued down the path she looked down at the flowers in her hands "This is such a good day!"

Once Sakura made it to the school she rushed up to room 4-2 before sliding the door open to reveal an empty classroom "Wow, I'm first!" She then walked over to her desk before setting her bag on it before stretching her arms out.

Hearing the door open Sakura turns her attention towards it to see Tomoyo walk in "You're here early, Sakura-chan."

Tomoyo started walking towards Sakura just as Sakura called out "Ohaiyo. You're early too."

"Ohaiyo, gozaimasu."

"Are you in charge of something too, Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked.

"No, I am not. I just wanted to show you something, Sakura-chan."

"Hoe?" Sakura sat back down at her desk before Tomoyo pulled out a video camera and placed it in front of her "A video?"

"I was able to film something extremely amusing last now." Said Tomoyo as pressed the play button on the video camera revealing the image of last nights moon just as something that appeared to be Sakura, Naruto, Kerberos and Gamakichi flying in front of it, on Sakura's staff, before the image cut out.

Seeing this Sakura had a shocked look on her face "What was that…?"

Tomoyo just hit another button on the camera "This is an enlargement."

The image played again only this time it was zoomed in to reveal that what was flying in front of the moon was defiantly Sakura and Naruto on her staff, along with Gamakichi on Naruto's head and Kerberos Flying next to them. Sakura's eyes widened seeing this before she jumped back out of her chair "HOE!!!"

Hearing Sakura's scream Kerberos came flying out of Sakura's bag "What's wrong, Sakura!?" Sakura looked shocked to see Kerberos there as he started looking around the area "A Clow Card? Where? I'll take it on! Come on!" Kerberos shouted out as he raised his fists into the air before he seamed to calm down.

Tomoyo looked over at the camera, more specifically the image of Kerberos on the screen, before looking back over at Kerberos and blinked a few times "My, a striking resemblance." Before anyone could say anything else the door opened again. Hearing this Sakura grabbed Kerberos and stuffed him back into her bag, ignoring his muffled cries, before anyone else could see him.

As their classmates started entering the room Sakura and Tomoyo returned to their seats while Sakura let out a sigh. As more of them entered the room Sakura could hear some of them talking about a rumour of an apparently new student "Hoe?"

Hearing this Tomoyo leaned over towards Sakura "Have you heard anything about this new student, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura just shook her head at this "No, I haven't heard anything about it."

It was a few minutes later when the rest of their classmates took their seats and their sensei walked into the room with a quick "Ohaiyo, gozaimasu."

"Ohaiyo, gozaimasu!" The class all called back together.

Once their sensei reach the desk at the front of the class she turned her attention towards the class "All right class, before we begin today we will be introducing your new classmate." She then turned her attention in the direction of the door "You can come in now!"

"Hai!" Hearing this voice call out from behind the door Sakura sat up straight, recognising the voice "Hoe?" She then turned her full attention towards the door to reveal Naruto walking into the room wearing the standard uniform. Seeing this Sakura's eyes widened "H-HOE!?!?"

Hearing this everyone turned their attention towards Sakura who started to let out a nervous chuckle before their sensei called out "Is there a problem, Kinomoto-san?"

"N-No, sensei! Gomen." Sakura called back while slumping back down into her seat.

Their sensei then turned her attention back towards Naruto "Why don't you introduce yourself to the class."

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders at this "Alright."

He then walked up to the front of the class while Tomoyo brought her hand up to her chin while saying to herself "My, another striking resemblance." Hearing this Sakura just looks over at her with a nervous smile and a sweat drop on the back of her head.

Once Naruto made it to the front of the class he turned to face the class and raised his hand up in a greeting manner "Yo!" He then let his hand drop back down to his side before continuing "I'm Uzumaki Naruto. I just recently moved to the area. I'm into marshal arts, and you know, the usual stuff." Naruto finished up with another shrug of his shoulders "Um, well… any questions?" he asked slightly nervous.

No sooner did he say this then the class burst out into mummers "Is that your natural hair colour?"

"Uh, yeah." Naruto said as a sweat drop appeared on the back of his head.

"Are those some sort of tribal marks on your cheeks?"

"Huh?" Blinking a few times the sweat drop seamed to double in size before he let out a nervous chuckle and rubbed the back of his head "Uh, their just birth marks."

It was at that point that their sensei spoke up "Okay, I think that's enough for now." She then turned her attention towards Naruto "Uzumaki-san, you can tack the seat in front of Kinomoto-san."

Naruto just nodded at this "Hai!" He then walked up to the desk before sitting down. Once he was sat in his seat he turned around to face Sakura giving her his foxy smile "Ohaiyo, Sakura-chan… Uh, surprise?" He said quietly while letting out a nervous chuckle at the end.

Once class came to an end everyone started putting their things away before Sakura grabbed Naruto by the wrist and pulled him out of the room, closely followed by Tomoyo. Once they all made it to behind the building Sakura placed her bag on a pink blanket and sat down on it along with Naruto and Tomoyo. Kerberos then came flying out of Sakura's bag again before floating back down and leaning against it while letting out a sigh "That was painful…"

Sakura just seamed to ignore him for them moment however, focusing on Naruto "What are you doing here, Naruto-kun!?"

Naruto just rubbed the back of his head "Well, I just figured that if I'm gonna be living around here then I might as well try to fit in."

"I thought you might be a little hesitant after what happened with the academy back at Konoha." Sakura said with a slight sad smile.

Naruto just looked to the side with a slight pout "That was like what a thousand years ago."

Sakura let out a nervous laugh while looking over towards Tomoyo who tilted her head to the side "A thousand years?"

Naruto's eyes widened at this point realising what he just said before Kerberos flew up next to Naruto "That's right, Naruto here…" He said while patting Naruto on the head, causing his eyes to narrow slightly "is a super ninja who spent the last thousand years sealed inside the Clow book."

Naruto's eye started twitching as Kerberos was still patting him on the head before he swiped him away with the back of his hand "Stop that."

Sakura just smiled at the two of them before turning her attention towards Kerberos "Why did you tag along anyway!?"

"Well, I just wanted to get a glimpse of how the Cardcaptor usually spends her day."

Sakura let out a sigh while Naruto shook his head before Tomoyo asked "If you don't mind, would you like to introduce us?"

Sakura looked back up at Tomoyo before looking at Kerberos "He says his name is Kerberos…" Sakura trailed off before Tomoyo spoke up.

"He sure looks different from his name."

Naruto let out a small chuckle hearing this while Sakura smiled at them while saying "He's more of a 'Kero-chan'."


Kerberos seamed to take offence at this before shouting out "Don't call me like I'm some frog! I'm Kerberos, the beast of the…" That was as far as he got however as an orange blur appeared out of Naruto's bag tackling Kerberos to the ground.

Naruto, Sakura and Tomoyo looked down at the orange blur that tackled Kerberos to find it to be Gamakichi with an annoyed look on his face "And just WHAT is wrong with being a frog!?"

A sweat drop appeared on Sakura's head at this while Naruto just slapped his palm into his face "Kichi…" He then dragged it off his face while looking down at Gamakichi "I thought I told you to stay in the bag."

Gamakichi just hopped off Kerberos before looking up at Naruto "What, nobody's around." He looked around noticing Sakura and also Tomoyo before introducing himself "Yo! I'm the great and powerful Gamakichi!"

Tomoyo just looked down at him "Gamakichi."

Sakura looked over at her with a smile "Yeah, but we just call him…" Naruto and Sakura just shared a look before both calling out "Kichi-chan!" before the both of them started laughing to themselves while Gamakichi's eye started twitching before he just hung his head "We get no respect."

Kerberos just floated next to him with his head also held low "Tell me about it, and I'm the guardian of the Clow Cards!"

Hearing this Tomoyo turned her attention towards Kerberos "Clow Cards…"

Hearing this Kerberos seamed to perk up and went into an explanation about the Clow Cards to Tomoyo. Already having heard all this Naruto and Sakura tuned him out and started eating their lunches while Gamakichi pulled a bag of potato chips out of Naruto's bag. As they were finishing their lunches Kerberos seamed to be finishing up his explanation "And so, Sakura became Cardcaptor Sakura!"

Tomoyo started clapping as Kerberos finished his story "That's wonderful!" she then turned away from the other before saying "The Cardcaptor and the ancient ninja that protects the city from the catastrophes of the Clow Cards! That is so awesome!" Sakura's eyes just widened hearing this while Naruto started to choke on the last of his lunch.


"I can't do something that important!" Sakura said as she waved her hand in front of her face before turning to face Naruto "Right, Naruto-kun?" However a sweat drop appeared on the back of her head at the sight of him.

Naruto had his knees hugged close to his chest while looking down at the ground while moving his finger around on the ground in eight patterns before muttering out to himself "I'm not ancient…"

Sakura's sweat drop just seamed to double in size at this point before she let out a sigh and turned back around only to find Tomoyo right up in her face "No, you can do it, Sakura-chan! If you don't mind, can you show me how you use your magic?"

Sakura seamed to be taken back by this before Kerberos jumped up "Yeah, yeah, show'er!" he then turned towards Naruto "You too, show'er that blue energy ball thingy!"

Naruto seamed to snap back to reality hearing this before blinking a few time "Uh, do you mean the Rasengan?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's the one, c'mon, show'er!" Kerberos called out pumping his fist into.

Sakura just blinked a few times hearing this "B-But… he can't use the Rasengan here, its way too destructive!"

Kerberos seamed to deflate hearing this before picking himself back up and turning towards Sakura "Well you still show'er yours right! C'mon, nobody's watching. Do a flashy little one!"

Sakura looked over at Naruto only to see him shrug his shoulders before Gamakichi started jumping up and down "C'mon, Sakura, just show her!"

Sakura just sighed at this before walking out onto the grass and pulling out 'key' before holding it out in the palm of her hand "The Key which hides powers of the Dark!" The 'key' was then encased in a sphere of bright light while the same glowing golden circle appeared around Sakura "Show your true form before me! I, Sakura, command you under our contract! RELEASE!" A flash of light suddenly appeared before dying down to reveal Sakura's staff in her hand.

Sakura let out a relieved sigh before Tomoyo called out "You are able to use magic with this staff?"

"Yeah, although I need a card," Sakura said turning around to face her.

"Like this!" Kerberos called out as he pulled the FLY card out of Sakura's bag.

Sakura seamed taken back by this "W-When did you…"

"So, do you have a trademark pose yet?" Tomoyo said, appearing next to Sakura.

Sakura just had a confused look on her face at this "W-Why?"

Tomoyo turned away with apparently stars in her eyes "Trademark poses and spells are the basic parts of being a magic girl!" Sakura's eyes just turned into swirls hearing this before Tomoyo looked over at Naruto "As well as being a super ninja!"

Naruto seamed slightly taken back by this "Uh, I don't think…"

"She's got a point!" Gamakichi called out, interrupting Naruto "Remember Jiraiya's pose!"

Naruto just got a disturbed look on his face as the image of Jiraiya standing atop the orange toad, Gama, appeared in his mind, causing his eye to twitch "There is no way I'm gonna use ero-senin's pose… Just thinking about it creeps me out!" He finished with a shudder.

The next morning Sakura was rollerblading to school with Naruto jogging along next to her, however they came to a stop when they at the entrance then they saw a large group of students blocking the way. Seeing this Naruto raised an eyebrow "What's, uh… going on?"

Sakura just shrugged at this "Don't know. Come on!" She said as she headed towards the crowd. Seeing some of her friend in the crowd, Chiharu, Rika and Naoko, Sakura moved over towards them with Naruto close behind "What's wrong?"

"Oh, Sakura-chan!"


The three of them then pushed Sakura past the crowd so that she could see "Hoe?" In front of her was a pile of desks and gym equipment stacked together "W-What is this?"

"I don't know. It was like this when I arrived this morning."

It was at this point that Naruto walked up beside Sakura and looked up at the 'tower' of desk and equipment "How do you even accomplish something like this? There's no way it would be stable enough to climb up it, let alone get the carry the desks up to the top of it."

Sakura just took a look over at Naruto before looking back up at the 'tower'. "You're right, but then…" She said, leaving her sentence hanging in the air.

Naruto folded his arms over his chest before tilting his head to the side "You don't think it could be a… you know?" He said while looking around at everyone around them.

"Hoe?" Sakura gave Naruto a confused look before her eyes widened slightly, realising he was talking about the Clow Cards "Maybe…" she said while placing her hand on her chin before calling out a startled "HOE!"

This seamed to shock Naruto slightly, causing him to jump "What!? Sakura-chan, what is it?"

"If all the desks are out here then what about the class room?" Sakura asked

Naruto just blinked a few times "Huh?" before his eyes widened "Oh right… That can't be good!"

With that said they rushed into the locker room for Sakura to change out of her skates before rushing to the classroom. Once they made it up to the room they slide the door open to find the desks and chairs staked up just like they were outside. "Hoe?" Sakura called out looking up at the pile "Who pulled a prank like this…?"

Naruto just looked up at it before letting out a sigh "We're the ones who are gonna have to clean this up, aren't we?"

Sakura hung her head hearing this before the two of them moved to start cleaning up. After a few seconds most of the other students walked into the room, along with Tomoyo. Seeing her walk into the room Sakura turned around to greet her "Ohaiyo, Tomoyo-chan."

"Ohaiyo gozaimasu." Tomoyo called back before walking up to Sakura "We seam to have a rather large predicament. Something that can do this…" She finished up by placing a on her chin before Naruto jumped down from one of the desks.

"You'd need something like the Kage Bunshin No Jutsu, to do something like this."

Noticing Naruto landing beside them Tomoyo turned around to greet him "Ohaiyo, Naruto."

"Ohaiyo, Tomoyo." Naruto greeted her in return before he noticed Sakura looking over at him "Huh, something wrong, Sakura-chan?"

"Kage Bunshin, huh?"

Naruto just blinked a few times "Huh…? Hey don't look at me…" He said as his eye widened realising what Sakura was saying.

"I remember you were quite the prankster back in the academy at Konoha." Sakura said back with a small smile.

"Hey, that was a… a long time ago." Naruto called back catching himself before he said the wrong thing "And besides you know I gave up my prankster days." He finished up while crossing his arms over his chest while giving a slight pout, causing Sakura to give a quite giggle at the look on his face.

Before Naruto and Sakura could continue Tomoyo turned towards Sakura "Perhaps this is a Clow Card's doing?"

Sakura just nodded at this "Yeah, Naruto-kun and I thought about that. We should probably check with Kero-chan after school."

Later that day Sakura, Tomoyo and Naruto, with Gamakichi on top of his head, were sitting around Kero in Sakura's room waiting for Kero's thoughts about what happened at the school "That's done by a Clow Card, all right!" He called out while standing on the cabinet with his arms folded over his chest.

"Just as I thought!" Tomoyo said, clapping her hand to together while Sakura and Naruto were drinking their orange juice.

Sakura lowed her glass before saying "It was such a hassle to straighten things up!"

Naruto just nodded his head in agreement "Yeah, to bad everyone else was. Then we could have just had my Kage Bunshin do all the work." Hearing this Sakura's eyes widened before she let out a sigh and hung her head.

"Just our luck."

Tomoyo looked over at Sakura with a reassuring smile "But as a result we didn't have any classes today."

Hearing this Sakura lifted her head with a slightly strained smile while a sweat drop appeared on the back of her head "I-I was happy about that, but…" All three of them then turned their attention towards Kero before Sakura continued "But which Clow Card would make a complete mess of our school?"

Kero took a thinking pose before saying "Well, I don't know. In any case… Sakura! It's time for the Cardcaptor!"

"W-Why!?" Sakura said back as Kero floated in front of her face.

"If it's a Clow Card's doing, you have to capture it!" Kero responded.

"I've been saying, that's impossible!" Sakura said trying to convince Kero.

"Oh come on, Sakura-chan, you did just fine last time!" Naruto called out to her as placed his glass back on the plate "And besides, you know I'll be there to protect you out all the way!" He fisted by pumping his fist into the air before Kichi spoke up.

"Yeah, come on, Sakura, you can't loose with the ancient ninja on your side."

Hearing this Naruto had a taken back look to his face before his right eye started twitching and he yelled out "I'm not ancient!"

Tomoyo then turned her attention towards Naruto "But you're from a thousand years in the past." Hearing this Naruto just looked at her with a shocked expression before letting out a sigh and hanging his head.

Seeing his opportunity Kero flew up while pumping his fist into the air "All right, we're gonna go to the school tonight!"

Naruto held up his hand with his head still held down while half-heartedly saying "Yeah."

Sakura however seamed taken back by this "Tonight!?" She then furiously shook her head while crossing her arms in an X from "Not at night!"

"Why's that?" Kero asked curiously.

Sakura just started shivering at this "B-B-B-B-Because… the school at night…" The image of a shapeless ghost chasing Sakura down a corridor appeared before Sakura started shouted out "No, no, no! I will NOT!" as anime style tears started poring down her face.

Hearing this Naruto seamed to freeze before shakily raising his head "G-G-Ghosts?"

Sakura just nodded her head furiously before Kichi let out a sigh "Don't tell me YOU'RE afraid of ghosts."

Naruto just looked down at his fingers as he poked them together, much like Hinata used to "You mean as in evil spirits seeking vengeance for an untimely death?" He said just before his own his own set of anime tears appeared "Not to mention the Shinigami, just waiting to devour our souls!" The image of a bloodied, ghostly ninja with glowing red eyes stalking Naruto appeared before the ghostly ninja disappeared replaced with the image of the purple skinned, white mained form of the Shinigami, with a dagger held in its mouth. The image of Naruto seamed to turn his head towards the form of the Shinigami before his eyes widened.

This just seamed to freak Sakura out further before both she and Naruto both lathed onto each other with anime styled tears poring down both of their faces before yelling out together "NO WAY…! We're not going!"

Kero and Kichi both let out a sigh hearing this.



From his new spot on the ground Kichi shook his head before yelling up at Naruto "Get a grip…!" He then let out a sigh before continuing "For Kami's sake, you're a ninja!"

Naruto just looked down at Kichi "SO!? Ojii-san and the Yondaime were the strongest ninja of their time, and THEY had their souls devoured by the Shinigami!"

"Well… that's true I guess." Kichi said after blinking a few times "But… that was only because they both used the Shiki-fujin."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at this "Oh, you mean the Shiki-fujin that's currently on my stomach!"

"Oh, come on…" Kichi started with a sigh "It's not like the Shinigami is gonna actively search you out."

Naruto just turned his head away from him while looking out of the corners of his eyes "Yeah, but it might if we're in a ghost infested area while its collecting the wondering souls of the ghosts that refuse to pass over… like a haunted school yard." Naruto finished muttering the last part under his breath.

Hearing this Gamakichi turned his head to the side with half lidded, narrowed eyes before saying quietly to himself "Well, I guess that your fear of ghosts…" He then let out a tiered sigh before looking back up at Naruto and Sakura "Well then… I guess you can at least have your souls devoured together." He said with a shrug.

Naruto's and Sakura's head just spun around towards Kichi hearing this with wide eyes "NANI!!!" They both yelled out together as their grip on each other tightened and their anime tears returned full force.

It was at this point that Kero flew over in front of Kichi waving his fists in the air while yelling out "You're not helping!!!" Kichi just looked up at him, uninterested, before spurting out a small stream of water that him Kero in the face. Caught by surprise Kero jumped back slightly while wiping the water off his face before sending a glare at Kichi, only to see him facing away from him. Letting out a sigh Kero turned back towards Naruto and Sakura before flying back up to them with his arms folded over his chest "Come on you two, there are some cards that are active only at night."

"But it is true that the school at night can be a dangerous place!" Tomoyo said, finally speaking up.

Hearing this Naruto and Sakura broke away from each other before looking over at Tomoyo with grateful smiles, thinking that they wouldn't have to go now "Tomoyo!"

Kichi let out a snort while muttering to himself "Bet it wouldn't be so dangerous with a ninja around." However both Naruto and Sakura heard this and both shot him glares that practically screamed 'Shut Up!' Seeing this, a sweat drop appeared on the back of Kichi's head.

Tomoyo didn't seam to take notice at this however "So, I will come along with you! I must record your bravery onto video!"

Hearing this both Naruto's and Sakura's heads snapped up in the direction of Tomoyo, disbelief and shock clearly written on their faces.

"B-But, you just…" Naruto started before Sakura asked.


"Because that's my hobby!" Tomoyo called out, clapping her hands together.

Hearing this Naruto and Sakura just hung their heads until a few seconds later when Naruto lifted his head back up and let out a forced laugh "Well, let me know how it goes."

"Hoe?" Sakura's head shot up towards Naruto's direction hearing this "Nu, uh…" she called out while shaking her head furiously before grabbing Naruto's arm with both hand and tugging him towards her, causing him to turn his head in her direction "You're coming too! Besides, didn't you just say you'd protect me?" Sakura finished with teary eyes.

Naruto let out a nervous chuckle at this which ended in a defeated sigh as he hung his head "I did say that… didn't I?" Sakura just gave a quick nod at this as she smiled up at him.

Kero then flew up to Tomoyo "All right, the five of us are gonna attack the school tonight!"

"If that is the case, there is a bigger need…" Tomoyo started before looking over at Naruto and Sakura "for us to come up with trademark poses!"

"Yeah! We'll start training now!" Kero called out while pumping his fist into the air.

Naruto and Sakura just looked between Kero and Tomoyo with sweat drops on the back of their heads while Kichi let out a tiered sigh before muttering out to himself "Am I the only normal one around here?"

Later that night Sakura, now in a long sleeved yellow top and white shorts, and Naruto, now wearing a pair of black jeans and an orange T-shirt, along with Kero and Kichi were waiting for Tomoyo in front of the school gates. Naruto walked up to the gate and looked between the bars before a shiver ran down his spine, causing him to turn his back to the gate while crossing his arms over his chest "I still don't like this."

Kichi just let out a sigh hearing this "Come on, Aniki, when the fight begins you'll forget all about having your soul devoured."

Naruto's eye started twitching hearing this "Great way to put it…" Naruto said before turning his head to the side "But this place is still giving me the creeps."

It was at that point that a couple of crows let out a loud squawk before flying out of a nearby tree and over the group, startling Sakura "HOE!!!" She screamed out before grabbing a hold of Naruto's arm, hugging it close to herself "I-I'm scared…"

Naruto just turned his attention towards her "Hey, come on, Sakura-chan, everything will be fine, right? What could go wrong?"

"Besides getting your souls sucked out…" Kichi said as he turned his head to the side.

Kero just flew over in front of Kichi hearing this before yelling out "Quit it already…!"

Before Kero could continue the group heard what sounded like a car before turning to the direction to see a pair of head light heading down the street until a black car with a van behind it came into view before stopping in front of them. One of the back doors of the car then opened before Tomoyo stepped out, wearing a long sleeved pink dress. Tomoyo waked up to them before asking "Did I keep you waiting?"

"No, we just got here." Sakura said, shaking her head.

It was then that four women stepped out of the car and van, wearing black suits, making them look like some sort of government officials. Naruto and Sakura just blinked a few times while they walked up to Tomoyo, all standing in a line "Allow me to introduce you. These are the family bodyguards." Tomoyo said introducing them.

The four bodyguards then bowed slightly towards Sakura and Naruto, which Sakura quickly mimicked while a sweat drop appeared on the back of Naruto's before he held his hand up "Uh… hi."

The four bodyguards then stood back up before the first one faced Tomoyo "Then, Miss…"

Tomoyo nodded at this "Hai. Please pick me up when I call you."

The four bodyguards then got back into the car and drove off. Naruto just watched the retreating car while blinking rapidly "Well, that was different."

Sakura turned her attention towards Tomoyo "Hoe. Amazing! Amazing!! There aren't many grade-schoolers that have bodyguards!"

Tomoyo looked over at Sakura with a large smile "Grade-schoolers that can use magic and have an ancient ninja for a friend are even more rare."

Hearing this Naruto just hung his head while muttering to himself "I'm not ancient…"

A sweat drop appeared on Sakura's head at this point before she looked back over at Tomoyo "I guess so…"

"Anyway, please come this way!" Tomoyo said, grabbing Sakura's hand and dragging her around to the back of the van. Naruto just let out a sigh seeing this and followed them around, as Tomoyo opened the back of the van.

Looking inside Sakura's eyes widened at the amount of different costumes that were stored within "W-What is this?"

Tomoyo quickly appeared behind Sakura "Now, now, you should change!"

"N-Nani?" called back hearing this.

"You're going to go capture a Clow Card now, right, Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked, receiving a nod from Sakura "When you are doing special things you must wear special clothes!"

Naruto just sweat dropped hearing this before Kero burst out of Sakura's bag "I totally agree! If you don't go after them in clothes suitable for a Cardcaptor you might loose the mental battle against the card!"

Hearing this, Kichi burst out of Naruto's bag before jumping up onto his head "Loosing the mental battle, are you kidding me with that!"

Kero just narrowed his eyes at Kichi before crossing his arms over his chest "Says the cape wearing toad."

Kichi just turned his head away from Kero hearing this before Naruto spoke up "I think you lost this round, Kichi."

"Shut up!"

Tomoyo seamed to ignore this however as she appeared before Kero and tacking a hold of his hands "I'm happy that you understand how I feel!"

Kero and Tomoyo then looked over at Sakura before Kero spoke up "So, Sakura, go change!"

Tomoyo nodded her head in agreement "I also have hats for each outfit! Now, now, please go inside!" She finished up pushing Sakura into the back of the van.

Kero was about to fly in as well before Naruto grabbed a hold of his tale causing Kero to give out a pained cry "Nani!?!?" He then turned around to find Naruto with a hold of his tail before he started thrashing his arms around "Hey, what gives!?"

Naruto just shook his head at this "Not you, Kero." Tomoyo just gave a nod at this before closing the doors behind her.

Kero just turned around and crossed his arms "Man, this is so unfair. I wanna see too."

Kichi just turned his head to the side hearing this "Tch, perv…"

Kero spun around hearing this before he started yelling "What was that!?"

"You heard me."

Naruto just let out a sigh, before leaning against the side of the van "Here we go again…"

A few minutes later Tomoyo and Sakura came back out of the van with Sakura now wearing a pair of long black socks along with red and white sneakers and a pair of white gloves. She had on a black gymnast styled under suit with a white over coat covering it, along with a long red with a large bow in the front and a matching red hat. A small blush appeared on Naruto's face as he saw her before Tomoyo pulled out her video camera and started filming her "You look lovely, Sakura-chan!"

"This is so embarrassing!" Sakura cried out.

"You look fine…" Naruto said before turning his head away "It suits you."

Sakura just blinked a few times before Tomoyo looked aver at Naruto and another smile appeared on her face "Okay, now it's your turn, Naruto."

Naruto's eyes widened hearing this "N-Nani!?"

"I brought you a costume to wear as well."


Before Naruto could say anything else however Kero flew up next to him "Yeah, come on, Naruto. You need a powerful outfit to bring out the full glory of your Rasengan!"

Naruto and Sakura just sweat dropped hearing this as Tomoyo appeared behind Naruto, pushing him towards the back of the van while Naruto looked over his shoulder at Kero "What do you mean 'the full glory of my Rasengan'? Is that the only reason you wanted me to show it to Tomoyo, so you could see it again?"

"Of cause not!" Kero called back just before Tomoyo pushed Naruto inside the van and closed the doors behind him.

Sakura just narrowed her eyes at Kero "It was wasn't it?"

Kero just sheepishly rubbed the back of his head "What, it was a cool move."

Kichi just shook his head at this, from his new position on the floor "Why am I not surprised."

After a while of waiting for Naruto, Kero got fed up of waiting "What's tacking him so long!" He then flew over to the back of the van before beating on the door "Hey, Naruto, hurry up already!"

"I'm not coming out!" Came Naruto's response.

"Hoe?" Sakura tilted her head to the side before walking up to the door "Come on, Naruto-kun, it can't be that bad."

Naruto slowly opened the door before stepping out, causing Sakura's eyes to widen. Naruto was now wearing an orange sleeveless suit that ended just above the knee with a large zipper that ran up the centre of it, with a black belt around the waist. (AN/ Think of what Sora wore in the first Kingdom Hearts game only orange instead of red, with a black belt instead of blue.) Over the orange suit he had on a red long sleeved overcoat, which was left open except for a metal buckle around his neck. The overcoat reached down to just below his knees and had a slit around the back running up to his waist, giving it the appearance of two tails. Finally he had on a pair of black soaks along with red and black sneakers. Looking down at himself Naruto let out a sigh "I look ridiculous…"

Naruto then narrowed his eyes as he looked over at Kichi, hearing him snickering to himself. Before he could say anything however Tomoyo walked up behind him "You forgot to put the hood up." She then lifted the hood up and placed it over his head. It was at this point that Kichi broke into uncontrollable laughter, as the hood seamed to come to a point at the back of Naruto's head.

Naruto's face soon turned as red as his coat hearing Kichi laughing his head off. He then turned his back to the rest of the group and crouched down towards the ground before moving his finger around in an 8 form on the ground. The light seamed to dim around him before what looked like a spotlight shone down on him. Sakura just seeing this "Come on, Naruto-kun, they're not that bad." Sakura said as her eye seamed to twitch slightly.

Naruto just turned his head towards her revealing anime tears flowing down his cheeks "Easy for you to say, Sakura-chan, at least yours makes you look cute." He said before turning his head back around, missing the rather large blush that appeared on Sakura.

At this point Kero flew over Naruto and Sakura "Nothing to feel ridiculous about." He said while nodding to himself.

"That's what you say…" Kichi muttered to himself before Kero threw him a glare.

Before Kero could comment on this however Tomoyo lowered her camera "That's right! I have something for you as well, Kero!"

Hearing this Kero turned away from Kichi towards Tomoyo "For me?"

Tomoyo took out a large red bow with a shiny black centre before tying around Kero's neck "You match Sakura-chan's outfit. Very cute."

Naruto and Sakura just stared at the two of them with disbelief written on their faces while Kichi just let out a sigh and shook his head. "Y-You really think so?" Kero asked rubbing the back of his head.

Sakura let out a sigh "There is no tension in them at all…"

"Yeah, but that's probably a good thing, Sakura-chan." Naruto said with a reassuring smile.

Sakura just nodded her head at this "True." Sakura and Naruto then heard something clatter and turned around only to find the empty court yard. Seeing this Sakura looked over at Naruto to see him looking around with slightly narrowed eyes "Y-You heard that too, right, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded his head at this "Yeah, but what was it?"

Hearing this Kero looked over at them "Something wrong?" Something seamed to fill the air causing Sakura to take a few steps back behind Naruto while he pulled out a kunai, from the pouch tied to the back of his belt, before lowing into a battle ready crouch. Kero's eyes just seamed to narrow at the feeling in the air "This is the presence of a Clow Card."

"Yeah, but it doesn't do us much good unless we know which one it is." Kichi called out as jumped up on top of Tomoyo's head.

They then heard something that sounded like something was broken off something else. Looking back to the front of the school they saw the school statue fly around from the back of the building. Seeing this Naruto just raised an eyebrow before a shocked look appeared on his face as the Statue was about to crash into them. Naruto dived to the left rolling back into his crouch while Sakura and Tomoyo just ran to the same spot with Kero flying there. Looking at the statue that was now lodged in the ground Naruto just raised an eyebrow at it before standing back up "What is this, the flying rock card?"

The statue then took back off into the sky startling Sakura as she grabbed onto Naruto's arm "It's floating… It's floating!"

Naruto just nodded his head dumbly at this still looking up at the statue with a sweat drop "It really is the flying rock card…"

Tomoyo then pointed towards the ground in front of them "Sakura-chan, Naruto!! That…"

When they looked over to where Tomoyo was pointing they could see the shadow of the statue but there was also another shadow holding it up. Seeing this Sakura's eyes widened "There's nobody there, but a shadow…" She trailed off as Naruto tilted his head to the side.

"Okay… The Nara card, then?" They watched as the shadow bent down slightly before throwing the shadow of the statue at them, causing the actual shadow to be thrown at them. Seeing this Naruto's eyes widened "Oh, crap!!" Sakura then buried her head into Naruto's shoulder before he picked her up bridal style and jumped to the left, while the other went right before the statue hit the ground. Naruto fell into a roll landing in a crouch still holding Sakura close to him before letting out a sigh "That was close."

From his position Kero looked over at the shadow before calling over to Naruto and Sakura, as Naruto let go of Sakura and the both of them stood back up "That's…" Hundreds of shadows then started coming out of the building before Kero finished calling out "…all the doings of the SHADOW card!"

Naruto let out an annoyed sigh hearing this "So it's basically the Clow Card version of Shikamaru…" His eyes then hardened before looking over at Kichi "Kichi! Take Tomoyo somewhere safe and make sure nothing happens!"

Sakura looked over at Kero before also saying "You too, Kero-chan! Stay with Tomoyo-chan!"

Kichi nodded his head "Go run and hide, you got it!"

Kero just let out a sigh hearing this before looking over to Naruto and Sakura "Leave it to me!" Hearing this Sakura and Naruto shared a quick nod before running off towards SHADOW.

Sakura and Naruto soon came to a stop as the shadows appeared all around them before Sakura pulled out key "The key which hides powers of the Dark! Show your true form before me! I Sakura, command you under our contract! RELEASE!" As she called out her spell the key turned into her staff before she threw the WINDY card to the ground. The shadows all started to merge together and rise up from the ground, appearing as what looked like waves of shadow. Seeing this Naruto pulled his kunai out again and took another battle stance while Sakura slammed her staff down on the WINDY card "Wind, become a binding chain! WINDY!" The WINDY card seamed to turn into golden ribbons before flying up and rapping around the tendrils. However the shadows only broke apart before reforming, rendering WINDY useless.

The tops of the shadow tendrils started shooting off heading towards Naruto and Sakura. After dodging the first few attacks from SHADOW, Naruto crouched down while picking Sakura up again before jumping off the ground. Channelling chakra into his feet the same way he would as if walking on water Naruto jumped from shadow tendril to shadow tendril while avoiding SHADOW's attacks. Seeing this from his new position in the surrounding bushes with Tomoyo and Kichi, Kero called out to Sakura "Use the FLY card, and escape them for now!"

As Naruto jumped from another tendril, Sakura called out "FLY!" and her staff suddenly grew wings. Letting go of her, Naruto back flipped through the air, away from SHADOW, and landed on the side of the school's main building, while Sakura jumped onto her staff and flew up into the air, above SHADOW.

Tomoyo pointed her camera from Naruto to Sakura while Kero crossed his arms over his chest "It looks like the SHADOW card has collected the shadows of every student in this school. It's impossible for them to fight that many shadows."

Kichi looked over at Kero hearing this before he yelled out "No one can outnumber Aniki!" He then looked out over towards Naruto, who was crouching on the side of the building "Come on, Aniki, don't tell me you're gonna lose to a shadow!"

Hearing this Naruto shot a glare at Kichi "Don't count me out yet, Kichi. I haven't even started to fight yet!" Hearing Sakura shout out his name in alarm Naruto turned his attention towards SHADOW only to find a tendril shooting out after him. Jumping into the air, just before the tendril clashed into the building, Naruto flipped through the air while pulling out his kunai. Landing back on the ground Naruto took off towards SHADOW avoiding and slashing through the tendrils that shot out at him. As Naruto neared SHADOW he started spinning the kunai on his finger before having to spin around on the spot and slash through a tendril that had shot over his head before curling around in an attempt to nail him in the back. Another tendril then shot out in a whipping motion forcing Naruto to back flip out of the way to avoid it.

SHADOW seamed to turn its attention towards Sakura after that shooting out a large tendril into the sky. Sakura seamed to avoid the tendrils first few attempts to attack her before it seamed to grab a hold of her staff. "W-Wait, let go of me!" Sakura called out attempting to brake free from SHADOW.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto called out before narrowing his eyes at SHADOW and wrapping an explosive tag around his kunai.

Sakura continued to brake free from SHADOW's grip as it started to pull her in "H-Help!" It was then that she heard a call of "Boom!" from Naruto before there was an explosion in the tendril causing the top half of it to dissipate, releasing its hold of Sakura. Looking down towards the ground she sent a grateful smile to Naruto "Naruto-kun!"

Naruto gave her a reassuring smile in return before turning his attention back towards SHADOW just as it sent another tendril at him, causing him to jump back while pulling a large group of shuriken and throwing them into the air. He then ran through hand seals before calling out "Kage Shuriken No Jutsu!" The shuriken then multiplied until there was at least one hundred shuriken floating in the air before shooting off towards SHADOW. The mass of shuriken shredded through SHADOW turning it into a formless black cloud. Landing back on the ground Naruto let out a relieved sigh "Well that wasn't so hard." However his eyes soon widened as the formless cloud started to swirl around before sinking and spreading out through the floor. He watched as the black mass on the ground spread out around him before separating into hundreds of smaller ones all around him.

The hundreds of shadows all seamed to rise up out of the ground creating black humanoid looking creatures with large clawed hands and a pair of large antenna attached to their heads that ran down to their waists. (AN/ Think the Neo Shadow from Kingdom Hearts 2.) Seeing this Naruto's eyes widened "What the hell?" Looking around, Naruto found himself completely surrounded by these shadow creatures "This could be a problem…" He then brought his hands together into the altered cross Ohitsuji (Ram) seal and called out "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" In a puff of smoke two Naruto Bunshins appeared beside the real Naruto before the two Bunshins brought their right hands up into a half Ohitsuji (Ram) seal before they called out "Henge!"

As a large cloud of smoke covered Naruto from view two of the shadow creatures rushed forwards, in an attempt to attack Naruto. However as they reached the smoke cloud two large spinning Fuuma Shuriken suddenly appeared, spinning around the smoke, before cleaving the two shadow creatures in half. The two shadow creature then burst apart before the smoke cloud died down before revealing Naruto crouching down with his arms extended holding on to a pair of spinning Fuuma Shuriken.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as the shadow creatures seamed to be analyzing him. Suddenly one of them took of after him from behind, only to have Naruto spin around and cut though it with one of his shuriken. This was followed by another leaping into the air behind him that also met its end as Naruto raised his free arm behind him, carving through it. One by one the shadow creature charged at Naruto, only to meat their demise on one of his shuriken. It was then that two of the creatures decided to attack together, jumping into the air attempting to impale Naruto with their claws. Seeing this Naruto jumped to the side before slashing through the first one with his left shuriken and bringing down his right one cleaving off the seconds head. The creatures then seamed to attack Naruto on mass as he was constantly jumping back and forth slicing through them as he went. After a few seconds of this he looked up to see a group of the creatures had jumped into the air above him, read to strike. Seeing this he back flipped out of the way as the creatures landed on the ground. He then jumped up into the air as the creatures followed after him.

Watching from the sidelines Kichi spoke up "Okay… at this rate I don't think even Aniki will be able to fend them all off."

"Is there anyway around this?" Tomoyo asked without looking away from her camera.

Kero brought his hand up into a thinking manner before saying "The student's shadows would disappear if there was a light shinning on them. After that, it's just the main body of the SHADOW… so we'd be done if we bind that with magic… But it's night right now."

Tomoyo turned away from her camera hearing this and smiled at Kero "Leave things like that to me."

After a few seconds Kichi looked back over towards Naruto yelling out "Aniki, we've got an idea. Just keep 'em busy!"

As Naruto jumped up into the air with the shadow creatures following him, he spun around carving through them, while hearing Kichi yell out to him. As more of the creatures jumped up after him Naruto continued to slash through them "What does it look like I'm doing!" Naruto yelled out before spinning around in midair carving through another three around him and finishing up by throwing one of the shuriken up into the air. The shuriken flew through the air carving through four of the creatures that had just appeared above Naruto before it turned around, like a boomerang, returning to Naruto before he managed to catch it while flipping in midair and landing back on the ground. Looking out at the area in front of him it appeared that the army of shadow creatures hadn't decreased in the slightest. Seeing this Naruto let out a frustrated sigh "There's no end to these things!" Naruto's line of sight then trailed up to the school building before a small smirk appeared on his face and he whispered out to himself "That'll work…"

Sakura watched from her staff as Naruto charged forwards whispering to herself "Naruto-kun." Soon she watched him charging through the hoard of shadow creatures, heading towards the main school building, wile slashing through any of the creatures that got in his way 'Come on, Naruto-kun, you can do it.'

Naruto continued to carve through the mass of creatures until he reached the school building, however instead of stopping Naruto continued running straight up the side of the building, still slicing through any shadow creature that appeared out of the windows that got in his way. Once he neared the top of the building Naruto pushed of the building before flipping in the air and launching his two Fuuma Shuriken through the air, carving through the few creatures that had attempted to jump up to him before they embedded themselves into the ground. A small smirk appeared on Naruto's face at this point before he once again brought his hands into the cross form of the Ohitsuji (Ram) seal and called out "Taju Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" Multiple puffs of smoke appeared before dying down, revealing over one hundred Kage Bunshins covering the sky. A large grin then appeared on Naruto's face "All right guys let 'em fly!" He called out as he and his Bunshins all pulled out a group of shuriken before flinging them down towards the group of shadow creatures and running through hand seals. A large group call of "KAGE SHURIKEN NO JUTSU!!!" was then heard as the hundreds of shuriken multiplied into thousands before slicing through all the shadow creatures, turning them all into dark clouds.

All the Bunshins of the shuriken then went up in puffs of smoke only revealing the ones the original Naruto had thrown. As the smoke died down Naruto and his Bunshins all landed on back on the ground before all of his Bunshins went up in a group cloud of smoke. A large grin appeared on Naruto's face, now that the shadow creatures had been eliminated. However his grin soon disappeared as the clouds of darkness started swirling around, blowing the smoke away. The swirling darkness then sunk back into the ground again before it all started converging together again. Naruto just watched at the shadows swirled, joining together in front of him before a large black clawed hand and arm bust out from the shadow and slammed down on the ground in front of Naruto causing the earth to shake and Naruto to fall down to the ground "N-Nani!?!?"

There seamed to be a strain on the hand, as if it was attempting to pull itself up. Naruto then watched as a large black head appeared out of the shadow that looked like it was formed from a mass of vines. The head was quickly followed by another arm as it continued to pull itself out of the shadow. Once it was completely revealed Naruto looked at the large humanoid creature that SHADOW had become. (AN/ Think Dark Side from Kingdom Hearts only without the large heart shaped hole.) Naruto just stared up at SHADOW with wide eyes "Oh, come on…!" Naruto called out disbelievingly as he stood up. SHADOW raised its arm into the air before bringing it back down. Seeing this, Naruto's eyes just widened further before he jumped to the side, narrowly avoiding SHADOWS strike. Naruto looked over at the dust cloud created by SHADOW's strike as SHADOW was now completely covered in the dust cloud. "H-Holly…" Before he could finish his sentence however SHADOW's fist came flying out of the dust cloud heading towards Naruto. "Damn!" Naruto called right before he was backhanded by SHADOW.

Sakura watched as SHADOW's fist slammed into Naruto, sending him bouncing head over heals along the ground. As he came to a stop by his two Fuuma Shuriken he just lay on the ground. Fearing the worst Sakura yelled out in a panic "NARUTO-KUN!!" Naruto slowly got back up to his feet, cradling his jaw slightly with a pained grunt. Seeing this Sakura let out a sigh of relief before calling out "Naruto-kun, are you okay?"

Naruto just nodded his head "Yeah… Just stay away from its fist!" Despite the situation Sakura let a small smile appear on her face. Shaking his head slightly in an attempt to clear in Naruto shot a glare at SHADOW before he held his hands out towards the two Fuuma Shuriken. The Fuuma Shuriken went up in to puffs of smoke before revealing the two original Naruto Bunshins. Balls of chakra then appeared in Naruto's outstretched hands before the two Bunshins started spinning the chakra around. Once the techniques were ready Naruto and his two Bunshins took off towards the giant form of SHADOW. Seeing Naruto rushing towards itself, SHADOW raised its left hand into the air before slamming it down onto the ground, barely missing Naruto, however his two Bunshins went up in puffs of smoke blocking Naruto and SHADOW's hand from view.

Naruto then came flying out of the smoke screen, heading up towards SHADOW, with a Rasengan in each hand. Seeing this SHADOW pulled its right fist back before throwing it out towards Naruto who raised the Rasengan in his left hand to meat SHADOW's fist. SHADOW's fist and Naruto's Rasengan seamed to push against each other before SHADOW's hand exploded in a swirl of darkness. Naruto continued up past SHADOW's arm aiming his second Rasengan at its chest "Eat this!" As Naruto thrust the Rasengan in his right hand towards SHADOW, a hole in SHADOW's chest opened up were Naruto's Rasengan, causing Naruto's eyes at widen as his arm passed right through the hole "Nani!?!?" Naruto called out as the hole in SHADOW's chest closed up around his arm "Hey, Let. Me. Go!"

Sakura watched as SHADOW seamed to loose its giant form and turn into more of a dome. However she wasn't really focusing on this as she watched Naruto being sucked inside the shadow dome. Seeing as he was fully absorbed into the mass of SHADOW she yelled out "NARUTO-KUN!"

However her expression soon changed from worried shock to confusion as the dome seamed be bulging in random places, similarly to the ways the water balloons had during Naruto's training for the Rasengan. The Shadow dome then seamed to explode as she heard Naruto give a yell of "RASENGAN!!" Pants of a shapeless shadow mass were swirling around Naruto along with wisps of red chakra. Naruto's eyes had changed from their usual blue to slitted blood red. His right arm was stretched outwards and the rest of SHADOW seamed to be swirling around Naruto's hand and funnelling upwards into the sky, like some sort of tornado of darkness. A glowing blue light could be seen from Naruto's Rasengan before it shot off from his hand and half way up the funnel before exploding outwards, destroying the shadow funnel.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, the Kyuubi's demonic chakra still swirling around him, as he watched the formless mass of SHADOW reform back into the same giant shadow creature. Seeing this, a dark smirk appeared on Naruto's face "So we're gonna do this again, are we? Huh, works for me." Naruto then charged towards SHADOW as Sakura watched with a concerned look on her face, seeing the Kyuubi's demonic chakra around him. Seeing the incoming SHADOW pulled his right fist back ready to slam it into Naruto. Seeing this Naruto let out a chuckle as he pulled back his own fist before both he and SHADOW threw their fist at each other. As Naruto's fist connected SHADOW's much larger one large sparks of blue electricity started flying of them. Despite the size difference the two seamed to be evenly matched until there was a large explosion forcing SHADOW to fall back onto its back and Naruto to skid back across the ground.

As SHADOW pulled itself back up to its feet it just stared at the smoking stump that was its hand. Naruto on the other hand dropped down to one knee as the Kyuubi's chakra seamed to disperse and his eyes turned back to their usual blue. Letting out a few tiered deep breaths Naruto looked over at SHADOW as it examined its stump of a hand before looking back down at his own hand that was currently busted up and leaving a small pool of blood on the floor. Seeing this Naruto just shook his head before looking back ahead "What… just happened?"

Before anything else could be done all the light around the school suddenly turned on causing SHADOW to disappear and fro a human sized from that seamed to be covered in a cloak to suddenly appear in its place. Seeing this Naruto let out a slight chuckle "So that was their plan… nice." SHADOW seamed to turn its attention towards Naruto, sending what looked like a glare at him before firing a tendril of shadows out of the sleeve of its cloak. Seeing this Naruto rolled to the side ignoring the pain in his hand. Bringing his hands up in an attempt to form a hand seal Naruto winced in pain 'Damn I won't be able to form any hand seal at this rate!'

Once the lights came on Tomoyo, Kichi and Kero appeared by the window and called out towards Sakura while waving their hands. Seeing this Sakura flew over to them "The giant shadow creature disappeared."

Kero just nodded at this "Everything but the main body disappears when you shin light on it."

"It's impossible to make the sun rise, but even I can turn on the lights!" Tomoyo added.

"Arigato, Tomoyo-chan." Sakura said, thanking her.

It was at this point that Kichi spoke up "Hey, where's Aniki?"

Hearing this Sakura's eyes widened "Ah, Naruto-kun!"

"He's over there!" Kero called pointing down to the ground "He's fighting the main body!"

The group then looked over down to see Naruto dodge another assault from SHADOW. Naruto pulled out a few smoke bombs out from pouch before throwing them at SHADOW. A few seconds later SHADOW emerged from the smoke screen and started to look around for Naruto only to find him missing. It was then that Naruto called out "Gotcha!" as he jumped out of the smock from behind SHADOW and latched on to it in a full nelson, wincing from the pain in his hand again. He then looked up at Sakura, as SHADOW started thrashing around trying to shake him off "Sakura-chan, quick!"

Sakura just nodded at this "All right!" She then took off towards Naruto and SHADOW "Hold on, Naruto-kun!" As Sakura got within range she pulled out the WINDY card again and threw it in front of herself again before hitting it with her staff again while calling out her chant "Wind, become a binding chain! WINDY!" WINDY then flew out of the card and flew straight at SHADOW. At the last second Naruto jumped off the back of SHADOW, landing back on the ground, while WINDY wrapped itself around SHADOW. Sakura then raised her staff into the air "Return to the guise that you were meant to be in! CLOW CARD!" She then slammed her staff down as the glowing blue form of a card appeared again before SHADOW was sucked inside. Once it was sucked inside it turned into the SHADOW card before dropping onto the ground.

Seeing this Kero called out "They did it! Nothing less from Cardcaptor Sakura!"

Tomoyo nodded her head at this "And not forgetting the ancient ninja!"

Hearing this Naruto lifted his head off the ground from where he was lying "I'm not ancient!" Naruto then proceeded to get back up to his feet while rubbing his wrist "Well, I'm glad that's over."

Hearing this Sakura turned her attention towards Naruto, with a large smile on her face until she noticed the condition his hand was in and ran up to him with a now worried expression "Naruto-kun! Your hand, are you okay!"

Naruto just blinked a few times while rubbing the back of his head with his left hand "What, this…" he indicated to his right hand "it's nothing, Sakura-chan, don't worry about."

Sakura just looked down at his hand "But this looks really bad. Come on, we're getting you home then we're bandaging that up." She finished as Kero and the others appeared causing Naruto to let out a sigh.

The next morning Naruto and Sakura were walking through the halls, looking for Tomoyo. Sakura cast a quick look at his bandaged hand. Seeing this Naruto just let out a sigh "Don't worry about it, Sakura-chan. I just have to be more carful about using Kyuubi's chakra around the Clow Cards." On the way back to Sakura's Kero had explained that the explosion was caused from the energies of the Kyuubi and the Clow Cards clashing against each other, as their energies were like polar opposites of each other.

Sakura let out a sigh hearing this while looking down at the ground "I know, but I should of…"

She didn't get to finish as Naruto cut in with a reassuring smile "Hey come on, it's not like we knew about it or anything. Its nobodies fault. Anyway, better to find out now then later, right?"

Sakura just looked up at him and returned the smile "Right!" It was at that point that Sakura noticed Chiharu and called out to her "Oh, Chiharu-chan, did you see, Tomoyo-chan?"

Chiharu nodded while pointing down the hall "I saw her go into the A/V room."

Naruto and Sakura gave her their thanks before continuing down the hall to the A/V room. Sliding the door open Sakura held a small pink bag out while calling "Tomoyo-chan… Thanks for everything last night. I brought this as a thank-you…"

Her expression then changed to one of shock. Seeing this Naruto walked up to her "What's up, Sakura-chan…?" However Naruto took a similar expression as he saw what was playing on the screen. There was Sakura flying on her staff before cutting to an image of Naruto jumping into the air slashing through the smaller shadow creatures.

Tomoyo just sat at the desk watching the feedback "I'm glad that this film came out so well…"

Sakura and Naruto both sweat dropped at this before walking up to Tomoyo before Sakura spoke up "You were even filming that?"

"Of cause." Tomoyo called back, never turning away from the screen "I cannot miss even one second of your bravery, Sakura-chan, Naruto!" At this point she stood up out of her seat and faced the two of them "From now on, please call me any time you're going to go capture cards!" Sakura seamed slightly taken back by this, however Tomoyo just continued "We must record the wonderful job of the Cardcaptor and the ancient ninja on film!"

"T-Tomoyo-chan." Sakura said with a sweat drop.

Tomoyo turned around slightly at this point before continuing "And furthermore! Leave it to me for all of the costumes! Next time I'll add more frills, and even a ribbon…!"

Sakura seamed taken back by this "I-I don't know, what do you think, Naruto-kun…?" Sakura started to ask but cut herself off with a sweat drop at the sight of Naruto.

Naruto had his head bowed down while muttering sadly to himself "I'm not ancient…"

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