DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything. Really, I'm a minor! :(

A short drabble that popped into my head when I was asking my friend Riah for prompts.

I was thinking 10/Rose, but it could be whatever couple you like. :)

Dedication: Riah! :) Here's a french potato. No, take it. No, really!


"Fireflies," he corrected.

"Yes, but fireflies are bugs," she said with fake disdain.

They laughed, looked at the stars and the fireflies flashing and flying like miniature stars.

The bugs were all around the pair. They'd found themselves in a darkening meadow after a long hike.

"Yes, they are beautiful, aren't they?"

"Yeah." she smiled softly.

He caught one in his hand, held it up to her eyes. Both her eyes and the firefly sparkled, bright, shining, and…

"Beautiful," she repeated simply. You could hear the smile in her voice.

He looked into her eyes again and smiled.


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