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This is what happens when I see all the angst/drama/badfic out there. Sorry, folks, but if you are going to write fanfiction, be serious about it. Don't act like it is something you can throw around. Angst should be well based! Otherwise I go (even) CRAZIER!

Oh, and no offense to anyone who is any of these stereotypes.

Dedication: All those wonderful angst stories that fueled this.

"We meet again, Doctor!" The Master smiled evilly.

"Doctor, who is he?" Rose asked the Doctor.

"I'm the Master!" he leered.

"But, you're dead! I saw you, you died." Martha spoke up.

"Yeah, but my ring? Anyone notice it? I stored myself in there -- a bit obvious, don't you think?? And now I'm back! Isn't that great?!"

"Whatever." the Doctor mumbled, holding up a "W" sign with his fingers.

"Hey! That's my job!" Jack protested.

Donna was the only person that noticed the difference.

"Whatever you did to him, reverse it!" Donna yelled.


"Doctor! Snap out of it! The Master opened a parallel universe, returned Donna's memory, found Jenny, and all you can say is Whatever??"

"Martha, Whatever. Fine?"

"What did you do to Dad!?"

The Master grinned evilly once again. He held up a round device with different notches on it.

"This is my…stereotype-inator!"

(Cue cricket noises)

"I turn the knob, and he changes stereotypes!"







The Master frowned.

"Valley girl!" he said, adjusting the settings.

"Like OH MY GOSH!!! I like totally LOVE your shoes, Rose! Like where did you get them??!?!?!?!?!"

A quiet moment passed.

"Hey, can I see that??"


"And this one is emo," the Master added to his new friends.

"Okay!" Donna said enthusiastically, setting it on Emo.

"He's not any different, though," Rose said quietly.

"Master, you HAVE to stop!! It's gone, Gallifrey is gone, and Rose, I'm sorry but you have to go back to the parallel world, and Donna, your gonna die, and --"

Jenny frowned.

"I don't think it's working. He's like that all the time!"


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