" Ah, Sasu-chan, you have a visitor," Itachi's voice met my ears from behind my closed bedroom door. I rolled my eyes and grunted my response.

I hated it when he called me that.

I sat my pen down and pushed my chair away from my desk, thinking idly who it could have been. I wasn't expecting anyone this afternoon, and I had already made it a point to tell the Dobe to stay away for the night; resulting in him pouting at me the rest of the school day. All I wanted was one night to myself to relax and catch up on some remarkably diffucult math homework. A sigh escaped my lips; Itachi better not have let another fan-girl in just to spite me. It wouldn't have been the first time it happened.

A soft knock came from my bedroom door, followed by the knob turning and a figure stepping inside. My eyes widened at the sight of who it was, utter shock and the reality of the situation blended together in the back of my mind. My eyes scanned my bedroom hurridly, noting my disheavaled bed and pile of dirty clothes on my game chair. Soda cans sat scattered on the edge of my desk, my television crackled in the backround with a pair of my boxers thrown casually next to it. I turned my attention back to my visitor and intantly wished i had cleaned up a little.

"Hi Sasuke-kun," she smiled politely. I watched as her eyes swam around my room apprehensively before they landed on me.

My throat felt dry and cracked. I had to swallow many times to find my voice. She watched me with her brilliant green eyes; her gaze never wavering.

"Sakura, what're you doing here?" I croaked, uneaslily trying to scoot my chair back towards my t.v.

She sat at the edge of my bed, paying no mind to the crumpled blankets under her, and removing her bag from her shoulder. While she dug around in her bag I took the chance and swiped the pair of boxers from my T.v stand and shoved them under my desk.

"I hope you don't mind," she began, flipping pages in her math book, " I got your adress from Naruto."

I made a mental note to punch Naruto tomorrow while she continued.

"I finished my work early and figured I'd lend some of my knowledge," she grinned at me, my heart stuttered momentarily.

I tore my eyes away from her smile but found myself studying the rest of her. She seemed to glow, happiness radiated from her. She lightly bounced on my bed while reading off problems too me; I listened intently, letting her sweet voice pull me into a dream world. I could see myself walking hand in hand with her, laughing, losing myself in the persence of her beauty. I enjoyed her company, every little thing she did captivatd me. Her striking green eyes, tosseled pink locks, and skin so pale and perfectly smooth; she is the definition of perfection in my eyes. I'd protect her from the evil's in this world, keep her beauty and innocents safe from prying eyes.

It's funny how just a few weeks ago she was just a figment of my imagination, a re-accuring dream that i ached to live. She could be the one, the girl that I was meant to be with. Maybe my dreams were signs, telling me that we were meant to be together. As long as I have lived I have never met a girl that I was willing to share what liitle feelings I had with. This could be it, the turning point in my life...But she is...No! I stopped that thought before it could grow. There are no buts, I will do anything to make her mine. I just had to think of how.

"...ke-kun...Sasuke-kun! Are you listening?" her voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"huh?" I met her eyes and cleared my throat, "yeah, sorry".

She giggled and sat her book down, "we can take a little break if you're already zoning out on me".

I shrugged, tossing my notebook on my desk. 'C'mon Uchiha! You can get any girl you want, work your magic!'

Putting on my most charming smile I turned to her, leaning back slightly in my chair. 'That's it! You've got this!' Sakura arched one pink brow but said nothing about my new behavior. I opened my mouth to say something charming and witty, or stupid and embarrassing, but she beat me to it.

"Are you dating that Karin girl?"

I just about fell out of my computer chair, sputtering I shook my head,

"Hell no! What makes you think that?" I asked.

Sakura laughs and my earlier anger begins to fade witht the sound of it. I begin to smile but then catch myself and glare daggers at the giggling girl.

"I'm just kidding Sasuke-kun," she gives a little sigh and then picks up her book once more, "I've only been back for a little while, but I know that you're lonely." She frowns slightly, and it takes all my willpower to keep me seated. I badly want to get up and kiss that downward curve away from her perfect lips.

Her eyes slightly lift to meet mine and my heart quickens as it does with every look she gives me, her lips curve upward,

"I want you to be happy."

My heart has officially taken flight and left the building, I can feel it soaring through the skies beyone my house; my body on the other hand, is rooted firnly in place. Here is your chance Uchiha! Tell her what you want!

I open my mouth to do just that, but all I can manage is a grunt and a cold look. What is wrong with you!? I'm beating myself up on the inside, my brain is screaming profanities at me while my heart nose-dives to the Earth and lands in a broken heap. She looks a little let down, but I don't let myself think about what that means.

"So, how do we do problem number 14?"