Drabble Challenge Word: Lashes (or Lashing, Lashes, Lashed, etc.)

Word Count: 100 on the nose. Boo-ya!

Summary: EO CHALLENGE – Lashes. Teenaged!Dean in peril. Contains brief descriptions of physical torture. Need I say more?

The new convert was a beauty: wide green eyes and the face of an angel.

And a foul mouth that only the devil himself could appreciate.

"My Dad's gonna come," the boy said. "He's gonna come and kick all your fuckin' asses."

He was stubborn. Disobedient. He cursed them all the time.

Brother Abraham gave him fifty lashes on his bare back. It was for his own good.

The gag came next.

His new name was Matthew. They starved him, beat him every day.

They kidnapped him Sunday night.

Brother Abraham and the others were dead by Wednesday morning.