I decided to try a different type of story. All human, Bells/Jazzy Baby. You don't like: don't read.


It all started with the hair.

The day that I decided the long, so long I could sit on them, caramel colored locks had to go. As I sat in the hard, metal and plastic chair in the salon, the stylist asking me if I was sure, I realized: I had never been surer of anything.

"Some girls go into shock after cutting off this much hair. If you want, maybe you could come in every few days, and I'll cut it off inch by inch."

I was tired of being the mousy girl in the oversize sweaters, with the chunky glasses, and secondhand clothes. The girl who lacked confidence so badly, that I wore my P.E. uniform under my clothes so that no one had to see me changing.

But that girl was dead. And in her place, there will be another girl when my junior year starts.

A girl who, because her body had finally decided it was time to undergo puberty, halfway through her 16th year of existence, would be confident, and not as self-conscious. I would be that girl.

"I'm sure."


This was it-the first day of junior year. My hair, cut to a few inches above the bottom of my ribs, had been dyed a deep brown, a burgundy. I had flat ironed any trace of wave out, and I was wearing clothes that I had bought using the money I had been saving up to buy a new car with. But, when Mrs. Marley, the woman I babysat for, got a divorce, she gave me her ex-husband's car; she had wanted no reminder of him.

I had a new closet of clothes from stores in various malls in Seattle, and a new attitude to go along with them. I had dropped the first syllable of my name (Isa) and was ready to go.

As my car pealed into the parking lot of Forks Senior High School, Home of the Spartans, people stopped to stare. I gracefully slid out of my car, closing the door. I flicked my white Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses down to cover my eyes: it was a rare sunny day. As I walked, my hips swayed, showing off my pink rah-rah miniskirt, and I unbuttoned my pink cardigan, calling emphasis to my tight, white tank. I was taking quick, confident steps in black Jimmy Choo sling-back pumps.

One of the boys who hung out with the jock crowd, Michael Newton walked up to me.

"Hello…new meat. My name is-"

"Shut up, Michael."

"You know me? And that's Mike, to you, toots. Well, it seems that word of the good people travels fast."

"Mike, I've gone to this school for the past two years. If you haven't noticed me in that period of time, why should I give you a second thought now?"

Great! I managed to say that without blushing!

"Oh, really? And just who might you be?"

"I guess you'll figure that out during one of the periods."

I walked off, trying to get to my locker, so I could put away my purse. This year, I would not use a backpack. If I had anything I needed to carry like books, I would hold them; either that, or some boy would carry them for me, trying to get into my good graces. Anything else would have to fit in my white Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor canvas Speedy 30 handbag.

I walked into first period, picking a seat towards the back of the room. I daintily crossed my ankles, and sat back in my chair to people watch. Jasper Whitlock entered the room, and sat in the desk beside mine. He leaned over the bar on the side to talk to me.

"Hey there, little lady." I'd never noticed it before, but he had a very adorable accent.

"Hey, Jasper."


"Congratulations, you're the first person to actually know who I am."

"I looked at you enough last year, that a haircut, dye job, and new clothes will make that big a difference."

I almost blushed when he said that he looked at me, but I fought it back.

"Oh, really? Did I have a secret stalker?"

"I have to admit: even in your sweatpants and bagging sweatshirts there was something fascinating about you."

The bell rang, and the class began to quiet down. I shot him a wink and a smile (Crest Whitening Strips were my crack over the summer) and leaned back in my chair.

From my peripheral vision I saw him take a deep breath, and his eyes looked up. I saw him mouth something, still looking up.

Thank you, God.

Ha ha. That's funny. I tossed my hair over my shoulder, and began to do my assignment, when a note flew through the air, and landed directly in front of me. I opened it, and looked at what it said.

'Will you eat lunch with me?

Circle One:

Yes No Maybe'

I looked around the room to my left, where the note had come from. Jasper was sitting there in his seat, seeming very interested in his assignment.

I rolled my eyes, and wrote back.

'What, are we in the third grade?' I circled 'yes' without giving it a second thought, and tossed the note back to him. He 'casually' unfolded the note, and let out a breath I wasn't aware he was holding in. He shook his head, and pushed his blonde hair out of his eyes. I suddenly couldn't wait for lunch.


"Bella, this is Rosalie and her boyfriend Emmett, who's sister Alice is dating my best friend Edward."

"Hey guys."

"Who's the new one?" Emmett gestured at me with a piece of chicken.

"Isabella Swan."

"Bella," I corrected him in the same patronizing tone you use towards a toddler.

"You mean that chubby kid in the sweaters that you never shut up about?"

"I was not chubby!"

"I didn't always talk about her!"

We looked at each other and began to laugh.


We laughed again because we had said that, too, at the same time. We then began laughing because we couldn't stop. I saw Edward watching me, until Alice pulling sharply on his arm pulled him back into reality.

"Come on, Edward. You need to get to biology, and I need to get to English."

"Hey, Edward," he looked up at me very quickly.


"You have biology next? I do too."

"Cool. Come on. Even if we sprint, we'll be late."

We ran towards the west wing. Arriving there, we went in, just as the pardoning bell was ringing.

"Well, seeing as you two are the last ones in, you two get to share that table in the back."

We sat down, as the class stared at us.

Edward passed me a piece of paper.

'Do you like Jasper?

Circle One

Yes No Maybe'

Hello…flashbacks to first period.

'What are we, third graders?' 'Yes' I circled, again.

Edward scribbled a little more on the paper, slid it back to me.

'How much?'

I smiled to myself, and put my burgundy hair over my shoulder. I drew a little cartoon of a girl in a mini skirt holding her arms wide.

'This much'.

I watched his shoulders shake as he laughed, and I grabbed the note that he was sending back.

'He likes you too, you know.'

Ha ha. Right… and I am the Queen of England! He must've seen me roll my eyes, because he stole the note back.

'He does. I'm willing to bet you money that he asks you out sometime this week.'


'How much, pretty boy?

'Fifty dollars'

Wow. Maybe he was sure.

'Whatever. And plus why would someone like Jasper Whitlock like someone like me?'

I was just about to hand it to him, when the bell rang. I stuffed the slip of paper into my Louis Vuitton purse, and leave.

I had all of my classes except for biology with Jasper. After school, instead of heading straight home, Jasper and I sat in my car and talked. I gave him a ride home, his friends long since abandoned him. When I got home, I lay down on my bed, and looked up at the ceiling. I reached into my purse to pull out the note where Edward had told me that Jasper liked me back, but when my hand entered the compartment, there was nothing there but a ball of lint, a few sticks of gum, a granola bar, my phone, and my keys.

No sign of the bright yellow paper.


When I walked into first period that day, I was shocked that, not to see Isabella, but in her place, someone totally different.

Not that that was a bad thing.

During lunch we couldn't stop laughing: most of the grade must think that we are complete psychos.

After school, we sat in her car, and talked for hours. My friends had left, and I asked her if she could give me a ride. Secretly, I was happy that she was able to get to my house without instruction.

I was in my room, when my mother came in.

"Jasper, Edward is here to see you."


Edward came in my room, a dopey grin on his face. Anything that gave Edward a dopey grin had to be shocking.

" 'Sup?"

"I was passing notes with Bella during biology, and it turns out she likes you as much as you like her."

Wait, what?

Edward held out a slip of neon yellow paper, and handed it to me. Without seeing what words were written, I could see Edward's tight, square-ish letters, and Bella's loose, loopy letters, part cursive, part print.

'Do you like Jasper?

Circle One

Yes No Maybe'

Bella had circled 'yes', just like she had this morning.

'What are we, third graders?'

Maybe she recycles her comebacks.

'How much?'

'This much'.

Bella had drawn a little caricature drawing of herself, and her arms were held apart very wide.

'He likes you too, you know.'

Bella didn't respond to that.

'He does. I'm willing to bet you money that he asks you out sometime this week.'

'How much, pretty boy?'

'Fifty dollars'

'Whatever. And plus why would someone like Jasper Whitlock like someone like me?'

Edward hadn't written anything else on it, so I assumed that the bell had rang. I looked at Edward, disbelief in my eyes. His dopey grin stretched wider.

"Did she really say these things?"

"Yeah. What do you plan to do about it?"

"I think I might take her out on Friday."


"I'm not sure. You're the chick magnet, you tell me."

"You could have a casual dinner in Port Angeles, but that could be intense if the only distractions are the menu and the quality of food and service. But dude, watch how she treats the restaurant staff, and check out her table manners. She can't be a jerk, if she wants to keep you. But you have to think of something to talk about for an hour or two. Sometimes it may be hard, especially on the first date."

Dinner. That could work.

"What else."

"Oh, jeez. A movie? Movies or the theater are limiting. Cuz, like, there's no talking during performances; you won't learn much about her. And she might freak out because you pick a lame movie. Or, you let her pick, and she picks some freaky chick flick. Gross."

As I pondered what Edward had said, he told me that he had to go to Alice's house. I waved him off distractedly, and went back to thinking. The minute I heard his car start, I pulled out my phone, and texted Bella.

What are you doing on Friday? -J

A few minutes later, a reply came back.

Going on a date with you =]! –B

I smiled. She is so full of attitude, and on anyone else I would hate it, but I loved it on her.

Good answer. I'll pick you up at 6? –J


Almost immediately, she sent me another text.

I need to get my beauty sleep-I'll see you tomorrow! –B

I rolled my eyes at her.

You don't need beauty sleep: you're perfect just how you are. –J

Always the charmer. Good night, Jazzy –B

Finally, a nickname I didn't hate! It's about time!

Good night, Bells. –J

I was so glad that Bella and I were friends this year. When I first came to this school, and people told me that Bella wasn't popular, I was shocked! I mean, come on! Back in Texas, she would've been one of the most popular girls, based on popularity, not looks. But here, most people still thought that she was a new girl, because almost no one cared enough to pay attention to her before. I just hoped that someday there would come a time where I could call Bella, 'my girl'.

But, she deserves better than me. Chances are, that day would never come. A girl like Bella doesn't deserve a poor Texan with next to nothing for his name. I couldn't hold a job; I didn't have the patience or time. Since moving here last year, I had had 7 jobs. A cashier, a cook, a waiter, a shoe salesman, a job at a day care center, another at the senior citizen home, and one at the record store. The longest I had a job here was a month.

But Bella…she had been babysitting every weekend since she was twelve, and had a weekday job at Newton's Outfitters. Bella almost never b ought things that she didn't need to survive, so who knows how much money she had saved up.

She needed better

But, until she found him, she has me.

I hope she never finds him.

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