A/N: This is just a oneshot that I felt like writing. It is Izayoi and Inutaisho's first meeting. Inutaisho only has Sounga because the Tessaiga and Tenseiga were made in order to protect Izayoi, who he just met in the story. Without further ado, please, enjoy.


A soft breeze rustled the blooming trees and caressed Izayoi's long raven hair. A faint smile graced her lips as she turned her face into the wind and closed her eyes, enjoying the cool sensation of the air running along her cheekbone. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes once more, returning to gathering the pastel pink cherry blossoms. The day was warm and sunny, the perfect day for venturing outside, and so Lady Izayoi had slipped out of the palace, evading her father's guardsmen, in order to pick the beautiful flowers.

"Such a beautiful lady should not be out by herself," said a deep voice behind her. Startled, Izayoi turned to face the intruder, her long hair whirling around her before settling down gently. Her honey-brown eyes took in the stranger who had interrupted her peaceful pastime. He was a demon, tall and handsome. His eyes were a striking gold, and his hair, which was pulled back in a high ponytail, was a shiny silver-white. A jagged purple mark painted each cheek, and heavy studded armor covered most of his body. He had a long furry cloak that split into two tails at the ends, she noticed; but the most curious thing about him, to her, was the sword he carried. It was long, with an ancient bone handle inlaid with a large pink-purple orb.

"It is good, then, that you are here," she replied with a smile. He took a step towards her in a menacing manner.

"And what would you do if I were to harm you? I assure you, I am very capable of killing you with my bare hands…" he threatened, but Izayoi did not falter.

"If you wished me harm, my Lord, then you would have inflicted it long ago," she answered confidently. To this the demon smirked and backed off, acknowledging her assumption as correct. "May I know your name, strange youkai?" she asked.

"You may. It is Inutaisho," he replied. She smiled, and to him it seemed as if her smile brightened the world. "May I also have the pleasure of knowing your name, beautiful lady?" Izayoi's smile turned impish.

"I don't think so, Inutaisho-san. I wish to remain anonymous." Her eyes sparkled, and he smirked.

"Then I will simply have to call you 'my Lady', if you do not object…"

"I do not."

"Very well, my Lady. What are you doing so far out in the forest without an escort?" he asked, curious as to why she was out in the middle of nowhere, and yet unafraid.

"I am picking the sakura blossoms." Her voice was like snow, soft and quiet, but beautiful. The breeze brushed by them again, pulling at their hair delicately.

"To what end?" he asked, curious. Humans confused him sometimes, but this one… this mysterious lady… she entranced him. She laughed, and it sounded like the happy babbling of a woodland brook.

"To no end but my own pleasure!" she laughed. He was confused.

"You have no reason?" he inquired, incredulous.

"Why must there be a reason?" she questioned back. He left it at that. Why did there have to be a reason, indeed? His eyes landed on her long, thick tresses, and he had the sudden urge to run his deadly claws through them and see what they felt like. Inutaisho approached her slowly, and her breath caught in her throat. Reaching up with one hand, he ran her ebony hair through his fingers, marveling at how it felt like cool silk. Their eyes locked and she became lost in his amber depths. Inutaisho reached down and plucked a solitary cherry blossom from her basket and placed it behind her ear. He turned to leave when her sweet voice stopped him.

"Why did you do that?" she asked, shocked and confused.

"Why must there be a reason?" he echoed, and then he was gone. A smile touched her lips as she brought her hand up to the flower in her hair. He had been so gentle, and his hands had been so warm. Her smile widened as she resumed gathering the sakura flowers. Why must there be a reason, indeed.

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